Chapter 1377 The Valley Master

Everything within three thousand miles had been destroyed. The grand and luxurious buildings had been turned to rubble.

Up in the air was a huge star whose light enveloped this space. That was Pill Valley’s grand formation. It had sealed the location of the battle to avoid the entirety of Pill Valley being destroyed.

Yet, this powerful formation still wasn’t enough to stop the Alldevil monster’s rampage. Bursts of energy still erupted out of its control, destroying the surroundings.

Through layers and layers of mist, Long Chen managed to see hundreds of figures in the air, all of them wielding chains. They were currently fighting all-out against the Alldevil monster.

The battle was incredibly intense. He saw dozens of Life Star experts that were illusory bodies. That meant their physical bodies had already been destroyed and they could only fight with their Yuan Spirits.

“They really are vicious,” muttered Long Chen inside. For dozens of Life Star experts to have been reduced to their Yuan Spirits, it seemed likely that quite a few people had already died.

However, Pill Valley’s power was truly shocking. No wonder it was said that no one dared to go against them. Just this number of Life Star experts was enough to dominate the continent.

“The eighteen divine guards of the Flame Divine Palace have arrived!”

Suddenly, eighteen figures appeared, and each of them emitted violent auras. Blazing flames surged out of them.

“Those are true experts!” Long Chen’s heart shook. These eighteen people were still Life Star experts, but their auras were much, much stronger than ordinary Life Star experts. They were true flame cultivators.

“You’re finally here!” The Elders sighed in relief.

The eighteen of them immediately surrounded the Alldevil monster while forming identical hand seals. Their energy formed a huge flame ring around it.

The flame ring shrank, binding the Alldevil monster. Following that, more and more flame rings appeared. A total of eighteen of them materialized and bound the monster.

It was instantly suppressed. The berserk energy raging in the air finally stabilized.

“Why did it take you so long?! Were you planning on waiting until Pill Valley was annihilated?!” roared one of the Grand Elders.

“Sorry, we rushed over as soon as we received the alarm, but…” said one of the eighteen experts.

These eighteen experts still had to restrain themselves in front of the Grand Elders. In the end, alchemists were more important to Pill Valley than flame cultivators.

“Don’t make excuses. Hurry and seal this monster!” roared the Grand Elder. He then suddenly recalled something and hastily said, “Quick, go call back that person who went to alert the valley master! The valley master is still in seclusion. Hopefully, you’ll make it in time!”

These eighteen experts were most likely at the peak of the Life Star realm. Their combat power was probably on the same level as Boss Bao and the others, shocking Long Chen.

No wonder they were called the eighteen divine guards. However, what made him speechless was that these eighteen people seemed to behave like sheep in front of that Elder. What happened to their dignity? They should raise their blade and cut him as a warning! That made Long Chen feel disappointed.

“Did Lord Brahma not leave behind a single decent descendant? Since that’s the case, you can all die!”

The Alldevil monster let out a roar, and golden scales suddenly appeared on his body. A pillar of light soared into the sky, blowing apart the grand formation.

“Not good!” Everyone’s expressions changed. The eighteen divine guards formed hand seals, and a sea of runes appeared around them, pouring toward the flame rings.

Everyone else hastily unleashed their chains, binding the monster.


Blood Qi surged into the sky as the Alldevil monster entered a berserk state. A powerful qi wave blew back the experts surrounding him.

Those experts who only possessed Yuan Spirits were directly killed by this single attack.

“Lord Brahma, I didn’t think your descendants would be so weak. You shameless bastard, today I’ll kill them all to tell you that there’s always a price for deceiving the Alldevil race!”

The Alldevil monster suddenly took a step. The ground split apart, and a huge wave spread. The wave of earth contained an indomitable power.



It was too late. Any expert struck by the earth wave was instantly blown to smithereens.

“Fuck, am I this unlucky? I’ll lose my life just by watching the battle?” Long Chen’s face turned green. He had only just come when this monster went berserk and unleashed such a destructive attack.

This attack was incomparable to the attack it had used to slay the disciples in the Heaven Dragon Flame Region. For even Life Star experts to be annihilated instantly, he didn’t have any chance of survival if struck.

“Brother pot, you’re closer to me than a blood brother! Hurry and protect me! Other than you, no one else will help me!” Long Chen took out the pot and placed it in front of him. He muttered a prayer. This kind of power was something not even the Blazing Dragon Cauldron could block.

However, the pot didn’t make any movements, completely ignoring Long Chen. He cursed inside.

Just as the earth wave was rapidly spreading and about to destroy all of Pill Valley, a large hand descended from the sky. Ripples spread, and time seemed to freeze. That terrifying earth wave came to a stop and dissipated.

“You actually escaped from the Heaven Dragon Flame Region?” An astonished voice rang out. A man stood in the air, his hands clasped behind his back.

The man had shoulder-length hair and appeared to be in his thirties. His features were sharp and distinct. He was an imposing and handsome man. Immortal qi swirled around him, and it was as though he was bathed in divine light.

“Valley master!”

All the despairing experts were ecstatic to see this man. He was the one with the greatest authority in Pill Valley, the valley master Yu Xiaoyun! He was an overlord figure even within the entire Martial Heaven Continent.

“This is Yu Qingxuan’s father? No wonder he could give birth to such a beautiful daughter. As expected, only good bamboo can give birth to good bamboo shoots!” Despite being extremely disgusted with Pill Valley, Long Chen had to admit that this Yu Xiaoyun possessed an expert’s air. Regretfully, he was fated to be Long Chen’s enemy.

Yu Xiaoyun nodded and looked at the Alldevil monster. “It’s impossible for you to break out of the seal on your own. I suppose someone found the seal and released you, correct?”

“Hahaha, a decent person has finally come out. You have the same blazing blood flowing through your veins as Lord Brahma. This scent is very familiar. I can finally kill a true descendant of Lord Brahma, hahaha!” The Alldevil monster laughed.

After laughing, it suddenly opened its mouth, and a sphere of light shot through the air, instantly appearing in front of Yu Xiaoyun.

Yu Xiaoyun’s expression was calm. He extended a hand, and immortal light flowed over it. With a single palm, he blew apart the same attack that had killed hundreds of Life Star experts. There wasn’t even the slightest ripple in the process.

Seeing him easily resolve the monster’s attack, the surviving Life Star experts looked at him reverently.

“You’re worthy of being Lord Brahma’s descendant. Then I’ll let you experience my Alldevil race’s innate divine abilities!”

The monster’s scales suddenly lit up, and its tail raised. A golden light formed on the tip of its tail. When that light appeared, the world began to shake uneasily.

“We’ve long since experienced the divine abilities of your Alldevil race, and we’re not interested. This place is too small, so I’m sorry to tell you that I’m going to attack now.”

Yu Xiaoyun formed hand seals, and two pillars of light soared in the distance. A divine aura filled the world.

“That place is… the statues of their gods…” Long Chen’s expression changed.

“Be suppressed!” Yu Xiaoyun coldly spat out two words. Those two rays of divine light coiled together and formed a huge net that bound the Alldevil monster.

“You bastards Lord Brahma and Fallen Daynight! Traitors like you who betray their masters and ancestors definitely won’t have a good ending…” The Alldevil monster was unable to resist at all. The divine net bound it and rapidly shrank.


Eventually, its body exploded under the pressure of the net. Its blood filled the air.

Yu Xiaoyun took out two bottles. Powerful suction force absorbed the blood and runes that flew out.

“The Alldevil race is very powerful. These two bottles contain its essence blood and soul essence respectfully. They’re priceless treasures, so send them to the Thousand Treasure Pavilion.” Yu Xiaoyun tossed the two bottles to a Grand Elder.

“It’s regretful that the Heaven Dragon Flame Region is essentially ruined now. We’ll have to make our distribution of Earth Flames more stringent. Alright, I’ll leave the rest to you.” Yu Xiaoyun turned to leave.


Just at this moment, a clear cry rang out, and a figure rushed over and threw herself into his embrace.

It was the beautiful Pill Fairy. She tightly hugged her father.

“You’ve grown up. I wasn’t able to be a good father to you!” Yu Xiaoyun’s imposing face now revealed a rare loving expression, as well as self-blame.

“It’s been three years, so of course I’ve grown up. Father, have you finally come out of seclusion?” asked the Pill Fairy eagerly.

“No, not yet. This is just a clone, and it needs to merge back with my main body quickly, or it’ll affect my progress. Qingxuan, I’m sorry. After cultivating for so long, I wasn’t able to accompany you as you grew,” apologized Yu Xiaoyun.

“Father, I’m fine. I have many friends who accompany me, and I’m not lonely. Go back into seclusion. I look forward to seeing you succeed!” Yu Qingxuan smiled. But the disappointment in her eyes couldn’t be hidden.

Yu Xiaoyun sighed. He turned and left, leaving behind the Pill Fairy in the air.

Although there were many experts below, Yu Qingxuan still felt she was alone. In her loneliness, for some reason, a face with a mischievous smile appeared in her mind.

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