Chapter 1376 Plundering Everything

“Long San, you…!”

The Elder was shocked. He had attacked a superior! He would be gravely punished.

“There’s no time to explain! To save Protector Zhuo, I, Long San, will take on all the responsibility for this,” promised Long Chen righteously.

The Elder praised, “Good, to care so deeply about relationship, it’s no wonder Protector Zhuo views you so highly and a Grand Elder would take you as their final apprentice. They both must view your moral character highly.”

Exactly, his moral character was truly impeccable. He even admired himself for this quality of his.

“Elder, help me open the door, quick!” urged Long Chen. The rumbling outside was growing more and more intense. The Alldevil monster was clearly in a bitter battle.

This was Pill Valley, a place with countless formations and experts. Although that monster was terrifying, Pill Valley wasn’t so worthless. He didn’t have a good opinion of the monster’s chances.

The stone gate slowly opened. The Elder said, “Those medicines are located-”

“I know where they are. Don’t worry about it!”

Long Chen rushed on through. After a large corridor, he saw a huge underground space.

This space was thousands of miles long and was brimming with shelves filled with jade bottles. These jade bottles were spatial storage items. Inside were matured medicinal ingredients.

Each shelf explained the name, tier, age, quality, and other information about the medicines stored in it. That made it convenient for disciples to take them out.

“Blazing Dragon Cauldron, get to work!”

He directly tossed the shelves into the primal chaos space, not even looking at what he was taking in. His goal was simply to take everything.

On his own, he was too slow. The Blazing Dragon Cauldron had its own space and could draw in objects.

There were far too many precious medicines here. Long Chen couldn’t even get them all. The Blazing Dragon Cauldron appeared, and it began to suck in the shelves. They shrank as they entered the cauldron, and it was even faster at gathering them than Long Chen.

In truth, these shelves had formations protecting them. Let alone taking a whole shelf, even taking ten different medicines would cause an alarm.

However, Long Chen was benefitting from the Alldevil monster. Its rampage had destroyed the formations protecting the Thousand Treasure Pavilion. That was why there was no alarm.

These medicines were split into different regions, and the ones below the ninth tier were so worthless that Long Chen didn’t even have time to get them.

The Thousand Treasure Pavilion was split into two areas. One was the place to store medicinal ingredients, and the other stored medicinal pills. After plundering the medicinal ingredients, he turned to the medicinal pills.

This region wasn’t very large. There were only a hundred shelves. Because pills were small, a single bottle could store over a thousand of them, and each shelf had tens of thousands of bottles on it. If these medicinal pills were taken out, they would form a mountain.

“There’s still something behind this door?” Just as Long Chen took all the shelves, he saw a stone door behind where they had been. It was protected by runes, but those runes were now dim.

Long Chen split the stone door with a fiery-red sword. Without a formation protecting it, this stone door was extremely weak in front of an Ancestral item.

Long Chen praised Qu Dajiang’s Ancestral item. It really wasn’t bad. After it had been suppressed by the Blazing Dragon Cauldron, he had placed a slave mark on it and could use it.

The stone door split apart, revealing a room inside. It wasn’t a very large room, but the walls were covered in small cases. These cases had runes revolving around them, and they twinkled like stars.

“This is the Star Condensing Pill Formation!” Long Chen was shocked. He looked up, and as expected, there was an image of a starry sky above. But this image was very dim. Clearly, it wasn’t working any longer.

Long Chen opened one of the cases, and a small monkey shot out. Its body rapidly grew to become a three-meter furious golden monkey.

It immediately attacked Long Chen. When Long Chen met its punch with his own fist, he was knocked back half a step. He hadn’t expected it to be so powerful.

It had to be known that he had now reached the Jade Core realm, and ordinary Jade Core experts wouldn’t be able to even endure a single punch from him.

The monkey roared furiously and attacked once more. Long Chen snorted and used the power of his 108,000 stars. This time, his punch blew apart the monkey.

After a burst of golden light faded, it revealed a small medicinal pill rolling on the ground. Long Chen picked it up. “Tenth tier pill - Tyrannical Bone Marrow Cleansing Pill?”

His Pill Sovereign memories floated up. He could only recall how to refine this pill but not how to use it.

In the Eastern Wasteland, Long Chen had known very little about alchemy. He had learned that the alchemist ranks were Pill Apprentice, Pill Adept, Pill Master, Pill King, Pill Emperor, Pill Ancestor, Pill Venerate, Pill Saint, and Pill Sovereign. Pill Sovereign was supposed to correlate with the ninth tier. In other words, the peak was supposed to be the ninth rank.

However, after arriving in Pill Valley, he had learned that this knowledge had been nothing more than the sayings of the secular world. The truth was that no one dared to call themselves anything greater than a Pill Ancestor.

This related to the secrets of the Pill Dao. Nowadays, the alchemy ranks came to a stop at the Pill Ancestor level. No one dared to call themselves a Pill Saint, let alone a Pill Sovereign. It was like the alchemy path had been severed.

Within Pill Valley, he had found ancient texts that had mentioned the rank of Pill Sovereign. Those texts were very vague, but they seemed to be saying that Pill Sovereigns were on the same level as those great martial Sovereigns of the past.

However, there were no details. He had gone through all the ancient texts he could read, but hadn’t found anything else.

After learning the second volume of the Nirvana Scripture, many things that hadn’t been there before had appeared in Long Chen’s mind. However, right now, he couldn’t go through all of them.

He found that only when he advanced to a certain level would some pill formulas appear in his mind. And it just so happened that those new pill formulas would be the ones that he needed the most at the time.

Even he himself didn’t know how far the path of an alchemist could go. So seeing a tenth tier pill shocked him.

This was a tenth tier pill, and it had been nourished for who knew how many years under the formation. Its medicinal energy had reached a shocking level, and it had even given birth to a spirit that possessed great power.

“I’ve struck gold!”

Long Chen recovered from his shock and immediately took away all the cases on the wall. Now it was about time to go. If he took too long, that Elder would get suspicious.

He immediately ran out and then handed over two kinds of medicines. “I won’t make things hard on you. See, they are the two that I took.”

The Elder checked them and confirmed that they were the ones Long Chen had mentioned. They were medicines that could save someone whose soul was about to disperse.

“How could I not trust you? Hurry up and go save Protector Zhuo!”

Long Chen nodded. “Many thanks. Once Protector Zhuo heals, I will definitely tell him about your contribution. Goodbye!”

Long Chen left, and the Elder was delighted. If Protector Zhuo remembered him, he would be assigned to a much better spot than this place.

He didn’t know that he had just caused a huge calamity.

When Long Chen left the Thousand Treasure Pavilion, he sensed the spatial fluctuations were growing more and more intense. In the distance, terrifying runes were flying. There was a formation forming a barrier there now, and the space inside was completely chaotic, making it impossible to see what was going on.

He jumped to the top of a pavilion and looked around. He saw that several wide new ‘streets’ had appeared in Pill Valley.

Those were the masterpieces of the Alldevil monster. Now Pill Valley looked like the mane of a beautiful lion that had randomly had parts of its hair clipped away. It looked extremely ugly.

All of Pill Valley was empty now. The disciples were hiding, and even Soul Transformation experts were gone. In a battle of this level, only Life Star experts were qualified to participate.

“Let’s see if I can get some more profit.”

Long Chen truly wanted to see just who was stronger, Pill Valley or the Alldevil monster.

In any case, he was the only one to come out of the Heaven Dragon Flame Region, and no one here knew what had happened. He wasn’t worried about being exposed.

He also found that while the pot ignored him, it would still come out to help him at a critical time. The Alldevil monster had almost killed him when it had unleashed its aura, and it was the pot that had come out to protect him. That meant the pot was actually loyal. That gave him quite a bit of confidence.

Most importantly, Long Chen wanted to know just what enmity the Alldevil monster had with Lord Brahma. It seemed to have been used by him. What kind of secret did this relate to?

He was also very curious about the Nirvana Scripture. Based on its name, it seemed to be a divine technique created by Lord Brahma. But why was it that when he saw his statue, he was so disgusted?

Long Chen slowly approached the battle. Immediately, astral winds buffeted him, almost blowing him away.

“Damn, it’s even stronger than I thought!”

Long Chen could only push his way forward slowly until he found a good place to watch. This seemed to be the base of a building. The building had been blown away, but there was still a stone pillar remaining to hide behind. The astral winds were like blades cutting his skin, causing him to clench his teeth in pain.

Once a burst of wind passed, Long Chen stealthily stuck out his head. He couldn’t help sucking in a cold gasp of air.

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