Chapter 1375 Have At It, Little Monster!

“That’s easy!”

The monster’s abdomen suddenly expanded like a balloon. It opened its mouth, and a violent whistling noise spread in every direction.

Space exploded wherever the sound went. It rapidly spread beyond the horizon and continued to the end of the world. But Long Chen was outside the scope of the attack.

Suddenly, the entire Heaven Dragon Flame Region rocked violently like it had been knocked out of balance. Long Chen jumped in shock. He hadn’t expected this monster to be so terrifying.

Just a single one of its attacks covered the entire Heaven Dragon Flame Region. Let alone ordinary disciples, even if Qu Dajiang and the others were alive, they wouldn’t be able to resist such power.

To think that he had tried to run from such a monster before. That plan was clearly unrealistic now. This monster’s power surpassed his current understanding.

“Alright, the only human left here is you. Let me warn you, you better not trick me, or I’ll immediately kill you!” threatened the monster.

Long Chen was a bit dumbfounded. It seemed this monster’s intelligence wasn’t very high, or it would have threatened him with something more terrifying than death.

“Don’t worry, we share the same enemy. Your enemies are my enemies. Tricking you doesn’t benefit me at all. Helping you is helping me.”

In truth, Long Chen hadn’t wanted to kill so many people. He had only done this to win the monster’s trust. Although it hadn’t said anything to that effect, Long Chen could sense that its wariness against him had dropped from the beginning.

“Alright then. Bring me to Lord Brahma’s descendants. I’ll kill them all. That bastard Lord Brahma used us like fools. This enmity must be avenged!” That monster raged with fury whenever it mentioned Lord Brahma.

Long Chen truly wanted to know what secrets there were between it and Lord Brahma. But his intuition told him that this fellow was too wary of humans, and if he rashly asked about it, it would backfire.

“Let’s go. I’ll bring you to the exit. I hope you didn’t destroy it.” Long Chen began to fly off.

“You’re too slow. Get on my shoulder and point which direction it is!” shouted the monster.

Long Chen could only fly onto the monster’s shoulder helplessly. Only once he landed on it did he truly sense how terrifying it was.

Just a single one of its hairs was many times thicker than his waist. How had something this giant even noticed someone as small as him?


Long Chen pointed a direction. The monster’s tail swung, and it took a single step, rushing off. It was truly fast like lightning. It was even faster than the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow.

In less than an incense stick’s time, they crossed a distance that would take Long Chen several days. Fortunately, the transportation formation was still present. Its protective runes hadn’t crumbled.

“This transportation formation seems to be a bit small…” said Long Chen.

The transportation formation was three thousand meters and was classified as a giant one. But it wasn’t even enough to fit the monster’s foot.

Runes suddenly covered the monster’s body, and it rapidly shrank down until it was only three hundred meters tall. It then stepped onto the formation.

Long Chen took out a jade plate and placed it on the center of the transportation formation’s altar. Its runes activated and space twisted. When Long Chen’s eyesight recovered, he found that he had appeared at the original transportation location.

However, at this time, there was no longer anyone present. That was because there were still several days until the month was up. Normally, the disciples would stay in the Heaven Dragon Flame Region for the whole one month limit. They would only come out on the final day, so there was no one waiting to greet them.

“Lord Brahma, you bastard, this is the price for playing tricks on the Alldevil race!”


The monster’s body suddenly grew larger again, and a terrifying aura spread. Violent power brewed, about to burst out, causing Long Chen’s expression to change.

“This bastard’s going to kill me!” Long Chen felt like his whole body was about to tear in the face of the monster’s aura.

Just at this moment, the black pot took the initiative to appear beside him. Black runes spread from it, covering Long Chen.


The monster’s aura erupted, blowing Long Chen away. He smashed through a dozen buildings, only stabilizing hundreds of miles away.

“As expected, the devil race’s monsters are all bastards! Just wait!”

Long Chen cursed inside. Borrowing the broken buildings as a screen, he slipped away.

Just at this moment, a huge formation appeared in the sky. 

Countless alarms began to blare. One powerful aura after another rose as experts were drawn over.

“What scoundrel dares to run amok in Pill Valley?!”

A Life Star expert was the first to rush over. But as soon as it saw the huge monster, he immediately turned pale.


As soon as he appeared, the devil monster’s tail whipped over, killing him. Its attack also destroyed the buildings it passed through.

Dozens of Life Star experts appeared, but the devil monster blew them apart with a single attack from its claw. In front of it, these Life Star experts were unable to bear even a single blow.

The Alldevil race monster’s abdomen suddenly expanded. Long Chen saw it from a distance and jumped in fright. It was about to unleash that move again!

“Don’t do it! I still have stuff to do!” Long Chen couldn’t help but curse inside. If it used this move here, all of Pill Valley would be destroyed. Long Chen didn’t care about Pill Valley, but he still had things he wanted to plunder first.

“What evildoer dares to be impudent in Pill Valley? Brahma Formation - Activate!”

At this moment, an ancient and majestic voice rang out. The runes on the countless buildings in Pill Valley lit up, wrapping around the Alldevil monster.


The monster let out its attack, but it struck the formation’s barrier and was canceled out.

“Divine Flame Chains - Seal!”

A large group of experts suddenly arrived. When Long Chen saw them, he jumped again. They were all Life Star experts, and there were hundreds of them! Some of these people had extremely condensed auras and were clearly much stronger than ordinary Life Star experts. They should be at the late Life Star realm or even the peak.

These people immediately formed a formation. A flame chain appeared in each one of their hands, and they tightly bound the Alldevil monster.

“Foolish human race, you’ll pay a price for your foolishness. No one can play tricks on my Alldevil race!”

The monster let out a furious roar, and its body shook. The runes on its body began to shine with a blinding light.


The chains binding it were blown apart. Those Life Star experts coughed up blood and flew back.

“Watch out!”

An expert cried out, but it was too late. The Alldevil monster’s mouth opened, and a huge sphere shot out.

BOOM! Anything in front of that sphere was blown to bits, whether it was a human or a building.

This was different from its previous whistle attack. That had been a wide-area attack that was easily blocked. But this sphere’s power was condensed, and it tore through the formation’s restrictions.

A huge line of destruction appeared in Pill Valley. The grand Pill Valley had been cut in two.

“Hurry and alert the Flame Divine Hall’s Elders to get the hell out of seclusion! We won’t be able to last much longer! Also, alert the valley master to come!” cried someone.

“Good, work hard. I look favorably upon you!”

More and more experts were rushing over, but they still weren’t able to stop the Alldevil monster. Long Chen immediately rushed off. He went straight toward the Thousand Treasure Pavilion. 

Within Pill Valley, there were two important locations for medicinal ingredients. One was the Thousand Treasure Field, and the other was the Thousand Treasure Pavilion. The Thousand Treasure Field was a medicinal field, while the Thousand Treasure Pavilion was where those medicines were stored.

Some medicines would be sealed when they reached a certain age in Pill Valley. They could then be directly taken when an alchemist needed them.

The Thousand Treasure Pavilion was Pill Valley’s largest precious medicine storage house. Long Chen urgently needed to go there, because he was hoping to find the ingredients for the Divine Gate Star.

The world was constantly shaking, and terrifying explosions would occasionally erupt. Clearly, the Alldevil monster was too terrifying. Even this many experts with their supreme grand formation were unable to suppress it. With each passing moment, Pill Valley was being destroyed.

“Long San, what are you running around for? The alarm’s ringing! Hurry up and get to the underground shelter!”

Long Chen had only just arrived at the Thousand Treasure Pavilion when a Life Star Elder shouted at him. He was just an Elder of the outer circle and didn’t know the true plan, so he thought Long Chen really was on his side.

This Elder was part of the radical faction, and because of his post here, he couldn’t participate in the battle outside.

There was also another Elder present. After all, the Thousand Treasure Pavilion was an extremely important location and needed guards.

There were originally other disciples present, but after the alarm, those disciples had all fled to the shelter. After all, for those disciples, the slightest shockwave would kill them. They would only cause trouble, so they were sent away.

“Something major happened. The monster outside injured Protector Zhuo. His upper head was destroyed, and he urgently needs the Yin Yang Soul Replenishing Elixir and the Undying Lotus Heart Grass to protect his soul. I came to get him the medicines!” Long Chen acted extremely panicked and in a rush.

“Really? Hurry then!” Hearing that Elder Zhuo had been injured, he immediately moved to open the storage house for Long Chen.

“Hold it! Those two precious medicines are extremely high tier and require an order from the Grand Elders to obtain.” The other Elder stopped them. He was from the conservative faction and was inflexible.

“Fuck off!”

Long Chen furiously slapped him across the face. That Elder collapsed on the ground, unconscious.

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