Chapter 1373 The Blazing Dragon Cauldron’s Power

A fiery-red sword appeared, cutting apart heaven and earth as it slashed toward Long Chen. It was a terrifying Ancestral item.

“An Ancestral item? I have one too.”

Long Chen sneered, and a cauldron appeared in his hand. He used the Blazing Dragon Cauldron to block the sword.


The collision of Ancestral items caused space to crumble and heaven and earth to be ripped apart. Long Chen and Qu Dajiang were both blown back.

“That’s… that’s the Eastern Xuan Region’s core treasure, the Blazing Dragon Cauldron!”

Qu Dajiang’s expression changed as he thought of how one of Pill Tower’s Ancestral items had been snatched away by Long Chen. He immediately recognized the Blazing Dragon Cauldron now, and he turned green with fright.

Although his sword was also an Ancestral item, its age did not surpass a few centuries. The time it had been nourished for was very short. Although it could unleash some of an Ancestral item’s power, there was still quite a distance between it and true Ancestral items.

An Ancestral item. It was a weapon transmitted down through generations and nourished for many, many years.

As for the Blazing Dragon Cauldron, it was a true Ancestral item that had been passed down for tens of thousands of years and had been nourished by generation after generation of Tower Masters. Its item-spirit had already gained intelligence, and it was incredibly powerful. Compared to it, his sword was like a newborn baby.

The Blazing Dragon Cauldron suddenly began to shine, and the sword was sucked inside it. It seemed it wanted to refine it.

“Bastard, return my sword!” Qu Dajiang’s eyes immediately reddened. That sword was incredibly precious to him. He had been nourishing it for a long time, and it was now very adapted to his soul. He had gained the item-spirit’s recognition, or he wouldn’t have been able to unleash its power.

The Blazing Dragon Cauldron was shuddering as the sword did its utmost to escape. It wanted to fly out, but it wasn’t a match for the Blazing Dragon Cauldron. If Qu Dajiang didn’t save it, it would be crippled.

Qu Dajiang charged forward to attack, but he was blocked by Long Chen.

“Don’t worry, the Blazing Dragon Cauldron won’t kill it. I couldn’t bear to do such a thing,” comforted Long Chen.

Of course, he couldn’t bear to do such a thing. That was an Ancestral item, an absolute treasure. He definitely wouldn’t let the Blazing Dragon Cauldron destroy it. But he would need to give it a lesson.

“Bastard, you are forcing me!” Qu Dajiang seemed to go insane. He suddenly formed strange hand seals. “Divine Brahma, hear your disciple’s prayer. Bestow me divine power! Disciple is willing to use his life to open the gate to gods. Unleash divine punishment to kill this person in front of me!”

Following Qu Dajiang’s crazy roar, Long Chen suddenly felt the world change. It lost all its color.

As for Qu Dajiang, he rapidly aged, his life energy rapidly fading. In the distance, Dan Yanxue, Kan Dongze, and Jiang Zijun seemed to be struggling.

However, their souls were connected to Qu Dajiang, and the prayer was complete. They couldn’t resist. That strange energy caused them to rapidly age as well.

In just a breath’s time, the four of them aged to the point that they looked to be in the fifties. The beautiful Dan Yanxue had turned into an old woman covered in wrinkles.

A lotus rapidly appeared in Qu Dajiang’s hand. It grew, and wherever it went, the world crumbled. The entire Heaven Dragon Flame Region began to quiver.

Long Chen’s expression finally changed. This was definitely a terrifying move. He had never felt this kind of energy before, but he could sense that it had the power to annihilate him.

He didn’t dare to tarry. Forming hand seals, chanting quickly filled the air, chanting that sounded like gods were murmuring.

“Huo Long, prepare yourself. Our fight starts now!”

Long Chen clasped his right elbow with his left hand. A golden sphere rapidly began to grow in his hand.

With the Nirvana Scripture activated, boundless flame energy poured over from throughout the Heaven Dragon Flame Region, rushing toward him like hundreds of streams.

The flame sphere rapidly grew. One meter… ten meters… a hundred meters…

The flame runes pouring over were all absorbed by the golden sphere. The golden sphere eventually reached three thousand meters.

At that point, it didn’t look like a ball of flames, but a golden star.

Space was crumbling all around it. The world was chaotic. There was no longer any order in this world.

“Just die. All your struggles are useless! Divine punishment - Lord Brahma’s Fury!”

The lotus in Qu Dajiang’s hand shot forward, leaving behind a line of black, crumbled space. 

Qu Dajiang had gone completely insane. That Magma Body technique he used was a self-destructive move with quite a few side effects.

Merging the power of four people also had great side effects. However, since they were split across four people, it was a bit better. After half a year, they should all be recovered, but losing half a year of their golden cultivation time was still a large price to pay.

Seeing that they had still been unable to capture Long Chen, Qu Dajiang had finally used his final trump card. He had used his Ancestral item, a secret trump card he didn’t want anyone to know about.

However, not only had it failed, but it had also been taken away by the Blazing Dragon Cauldron. That had made him crazy, and as a result, he used this sacrificial art.

Using his own longevity and essence blood, he offered sacrifice to his god, summoning divine power to eliminate Long Chen.

Dan Yanxue, Kan Dongze, and Jiang Zijun were forced to suffer with him.

In this kind of situation where they were under the control of Qu Dajiang, their longevity was also stripped away. The three of them were infuriated, especially Dan Yanxue.

The huge lotus possessed endless destructive power as it shot at Long Chen. He could smell the scent of death approaching. 

His 108,000 stars all blazed with power, while Huo Long unleashed all its energy. The golden sphere in his hand grew larger and larger as all his power poured into it.

“Star Fall!”

The sphere in Long Chen’s hand shot toward the huge lotus.

When Star Fall collided with the lotus, time seemed to stand still. When they clashed, they came to a pause. In the end, they merged into one, and right after, blinding light exploded, light more intense than the sun. 


The sky was smashed to pieces. It was like the world had been destroyed.

“Iron pot, if you still don’t help me, I really will die! I won’t let you off even as a ghost!”

Seeing the shockwaves coming, Long Chen could only take out the iron pot and roar at it.

Long Chen saw that space was crumbling. If struck, he would definitely die.

At this time, the Blazing Dragon Cauldron was focused on sealing the sword and couldn’t help him. He couldn’t only place his hopes on the iron pot.

He had known that the iron pot was an absolute treasure from the start. It was just very stingy and refused to help him. Now he was warning it that if it continued being such a lazy scumbag, he would die.

He didn’t know if it was because it heard his call, but the rust at the bottom of the pot floated off and formed layers of light, creating a powerful defense.

BOOM! The terrifying shockwaves struck the barrier. It was instantly blown to bits, causing Long Chen to turn green.

“Fuck, was this a scam?! I thought you were badass!” Long Chen tightly grasped the handles of the pot and hid behind it. He prepared himself to be blown apart. At the very least, he would lose a layer of flesh.

However, what pleasantly surprised him was that the shockwaves merely blew by like the wind when they reached him. They didn’t injure him at all.

“The fuck? The iron pot is mighty”! Long Chen almost hugged the pot and kissed it. But seeing the black bottom of it, he abandoned that thought. He put it away and looked into the distance.

This terrifying attack had completely blown away the lava. The sea of lava below him was temporarily empty.

Even the huge landmass in the distance was covered in wild cracks.

He had just managed to take a look when a wave of the displaced lava returned and crashed against each other, blowing into the air.

The sound of crashing waves continued for a while. Four figures were blown out of the lava.

Originally, Qu Dajiang had been protected by divine energy after unleashing the lotus. But now that divine energy had faded, and the four of them had exited their special combined state.

“Qu Dajiang, you damn bastard, I’ll definitely kill you!”

A crazy shriek suddenly rang out as an old woman, who was Dan Yanxue, charged out.

Everyone wanted beauty, especially women, and especially beautiful women. To have her beauty stolen made Dan Yanxue go insane.

Of course, Kan Dongze and Jiang Zijun were also infuriated. They had lost the majority of their longevity, and they had no idea if they could restore it. They even formed an urge to kill Qu Dajiang.

At this time, Qu Dajiang was covered in blood. His skin was gone, and his manifestation had faded. He had no energy left to heal. He was filled with hatred.

“Long Chen, you’ve won. But don’t worry, you’ll still die. I’ll slowly savor how you die!” Qu Dajiang had no choice but to admit his defeat. He, someone at the third Heavenstage of Jade Core, had joined hands with three experts at the second Heavenstage, but had still lost to Long Chen, someone who had just reached the Jade Core realm. Furthermore, their defeat was extremely miserable.

“Is that so? I don’t think so!”

Long Chen put away the Blazing Dragon Cauldron that had completely suppressed the sword. He slashed a golden flame blade at the four of them.

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