Chapter 1372 Celestial Spirit Flame Sharing Art

If Long Chen had a suitable weapon, Qu Dajiang would probably be a dead man by now.

Looking at the fragments of his King item, Long Chen couldn’t help but miss Blooddrinker.

As soon as he had started storing up power, he had felt that this King item had reached its limit, and so he hadn’t been able to accumulate enough power before unleashing this move. As a result, his King item shattered, causing his attack’s power to drop again. Even so, the fifth form of Split the Heavens still shocked Long Chen.

Split the Heavens was truly worthy of being the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s core divine technique. Just using it once used up half his spiritual yuan. Considering how much spiritual yuan he had, it was clear how terrifying this move was.

If it hadn’t been for his weapon, a full-strength attack using up over half his spiritual yuan was not something Qu Dajiang would have been able to block. This was a move that Long Chen couldn’t use twice in one fight.

With his experience using the fifth form of Split the Heavens, Long Chen could understand how the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect had managed to be the head of the three great sects. Just with the nine forms of Split the Heavens, they had been able to dominate the land.

After a brief moment of shock, Long Chen shot after Qu Dajiang. Of these people, only Qu Dajiang was a real expert. The rest were just alchemists he didn’t need to worry about.

Qu Dajiang was furious as well as unwilling. He was unable to accept this loss.

He was a rank nine Celestial and had become a flame cultivator in the Xiantian realm. It wasn’t that his alchemy talent hadn’t been good enough, but that he was fundamentally a person who liked to fight.

Starting from the Xiantian realm, he had never tasted defeat against someone in the same realm. He had once taken a stroll to various sects to exchange pointers with their experts.

He had also been sent to assist the fight in a land of devils. He had killed countless devils, increasing his fame.

However, now he had lost to someone who wasn’t even a Celestial, and he still couldn’t understand how he had lost. Seeing Long Chen coming at him, Qu Dajiang knew he didn’t have the power to block him any longer. Taking a deep breath, wings suddenly appeared on his back, and he vanished, reappearing beside Dan Yanxue, Kan Dongze, and Jiang Zijun.

Long Chen was startled. As expected, Qu Dajiang was truly powerful. His movement technique could escape the lock of his divine sense.

However, he also noticed that Qu Dajiang’s aura had dropped another level after using it. Long Chen turned to face the four of them. He wanted to know just what trump cards they still had left.

“I want to kill Long Chen. Will you help me?” asked Qu Dajiang.

“No problem. We have to kill Long Chen, or we’ll all be heavily punished.” Dan Yanxue immediately agreed.

The situation had progressed to an extremely strange point. Their original plan was already ruined.

Long San was Long Chen. For Long Chen to randomly kill people in the Heaven Dragon Flame Region, there was no way to push all the responsibility onto Jiang Zijun. Zhuo Tianxiang also wouldn’t be able to escape this responsibility.

The only thing that would suppress the aftermath of this matter was to kill Long Chen before anything.

When the time came, they and Zhuo Tianxiang would definitely be punished. But as long as Long Chen was killed, there would be room to discuss things. The worst case was that they would simply refuse to accept the responsibility, and with something as complicated as this, it was true that it was difficult to truly blame one party. By spreading the blame and smoothing things over, things could be settled.

That was why Long Chen had to die. But for Dan Yanxue, Kan Dongze, and Jiang Zijun to kill Long Chen, it was clearly impossible. Qu Dajiang was their only hope.

“I agree. Long Chen is the enemy of Pill Valley. We’ll fully support you,” said Kan Dongze.

“Brother Qu, we know what to do. Fight all-out, but I still hope you can leave him with one breath left. I want to play this bastard to death.” Jiang Zijun smiled sinisterly.

“Alright then. I’ve made my preparations. You should prepare as well.”

Qu Dajiang took a deep breath. His forehead suddenly split open and blood poured out. That was his purest Spirit Blood.

His Spirit Blood condensed into a rune that spread through his body. From a distance, it looked like his body had cracked all over.

In truth, the lines of blood covering him were also composed of countless runes. At this time, Dan Yanxue, Kan Dongze, and Jiang Zijun also formed hand seals, and blood poured out of their foreheads.

Flame energy erupted from all around the three of them. Their bodies became illusory, and three streams of energy shot toward Qu Dajiang.

An explosive sound came from Qu Dajiang’s body. He let out a shriek as if experiencing some kind of torment.

His skin suddenly exploded, revealing his flesh beneath it. They could see his muscles, veins, and arteries. His bulging muscles shrank; he instantly became skinny. It was like a fatty had suddenly gotten into shape. Except his skin was still gone, and he appeared extremely frightening.


Qu Dajiang’s body was covered by flame runes, which formed his new skin. He now looked like a flame monster. Flower circles had appeared in his pupils, and his aura had reached a shocking level.

“Long Chen, you can die happily. This is Pill Valley’s secret art, the Celestial Spirit Flame Sharing Art. I’ve gathered all their energy, and Death is your only end!” Qu Dajiang’s voice was now extremely strange. It was like several people were speaking with him, and one of those people was a woman.

Qu Dajiang seemed like a completely different person. His aura was violent and mixed. Flames continuously surged out of him like he was an unstable volcano.

Long Chen looked at the distant Dan Yanxue, Kan Dongze, and Jiang Zijun. Their eyes were closed, and their auras had vanished. They had used some secret technique to transfer all their energy to Qu Dajiang.

A sword appeared in his hand, and he threw it at Jiang Zijun.

Shockingly, the sword went straight through his body without harming him. It was like the current Jiang Zijun was nothing more than an illusion.

“Hahaha, it’s useless. If the Celestial Spirit Flame Sharing Art had such a fatal weakness, how could it be one of Pill Valley’s secret arts? I don’t mind telling you this: this art uses Heavenly Dao energy as the guide and Spiritual Strength as the bridge. The power of their souls, Earth Flames, and spiritual yuan is all mine. As for the three of them, they are protected by Heavenly Dao energy and are between reality and illusion. Your attacks are useless against them,” sneered Qu Dajiang.

This secret art was something Pill Valley did not transmit. Only rank nine Celestials were allowed to learn it, and during that process, they were harshly warned not to transmit it.

Furthermore, they were only allowed to use this kind of secret art when there was danger to their lives. If they used it randomly, they would also be heavily punished.

Pill Valley’s disciples rarely exchanged blows with others, and their lives were essentially never in danger. That was why the outside world had essentially never heard of such a technique.

“It really is not bad.” Long Chen nodded. He had to admit that this technique was very powerful. It allowed the four of them to share all their power.

Yet, he shook his head. “However, it seems you’re bragging a bit too hard. Yes, they’ve shared their energy with you. But how much of that can you use? Their souls, Earth Flames, and spiritual yuan are all different. Now that you’ve mixed it all together, it looks very frightening, but just how much power can you really use?”

“Hmph, what do you understand? Although I can’t perfectly merge all their power, I can use it to increase the power of my physical body. My power has now reached an unprecedented height. Power is what I specialize in, and now I’ll let you see what absolute power is!”

Qu Dajiang shot toward Long Chen, causing the void to explode.

Sensing this huge power coming toward him, Long Chen smiled coldly. “Then let me see what this absolute power is.”

BOOM! Blinding light exploded like a sun.

Their fists had collided, and they were now bleeding profusely. They were evenly matched.

“This is just a start. I’ll teach you what despair is!” Qu Dajiang roared, and the nine flowers behind his back revolved. Heaven and earth’s energy was rapidly sucked away by him. In that instant, he seemed to become the ruler of this world.

Qu Dajiang’s power had been boosted to an inconceivable level with Dan Yanxue, Kan Dongze, and Jiang Zijun’s support. He shot at Long Chen.

However, Long Chen was still fearless. His divine ring shook and his 108,000 stars revolved. His green scales blossomed with light, and he also attacked.


The two of them fought using the most primitive method, competing purely in power. Long Chen’s scales burst apart, and he began to bleed from the impacts, but Qu Dajiang’s flame skin was constantly exploding and spurting out blood as well. Their eyes were scarlet as they fought a violent battle, both sides trying to suppress the other in power.

After continuous fierce exchanges, they were both covered in blood. But Qu Dajiang was shocked to find that even with his current power, he was unable to defeat Long Chen. He was startled and infuriated, almost going mad.

“Bastard, die!”

Qu Dajiang suddenly let out a furious roar, and a fiery-red sword appeared. Its ancient runes lit up as it mercilessly slashed at Long Chen.

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