Chapter 1370 Magma Body

Heaven and earth rumbled. Qu Dajiang, Jiang Zijun, Dan Yanxue, and Kan Dongze’s expressions changed. They had never seen anyone trigger such a terrifying reaction just by relying on the power of their physical body.

The most shocking thing to the four of them was that this single punch from Long Chen covered all four of them. An invisible energy was locking them down.

“Long San, you’re too arrogant!”

Kan Dongze roared. A flame blade appeared in his hand, and it turned blood-colored as he activated his Spirit Blood.

Dan Yanxue and Jiang Zijun also immediately activated their Spirit Blood. They attacked Long Chen with their flame weapons.

“Did you not know? When have I, Master Long San, ever been not arrogant?”

Long Chen’s fist smashed the four of them, colliding with their four flame weapons. Their weapons shook, but they managed to block his attack.

However, after blocking him, the four of them were not delighted. Instead, they were deeply shocked, because they were in a deadlock. In other words, his current power was equal with their combined power.

“It seems if I don’t bring out some real power, I won’t be able to do anything to you all!” sighed Long Chen.

Qu Dajiang, Jiang Zijun, Dan Yanxue, and Kan Dongze’s expressions immediately became unsightly. Based on his words, he really did think he could kill them! That was the greatest insult to them.

However, their fury was quickly replaced with shock and alarm.

Long Chen’s five-colored divine ring suddenly began to revolve, causing the void to tremble uneasily. Energy from the world was forcibly extracted by the divine ring, and Long Chen’s power explosively grew. Their flame weapons were blown apart.

The four of them were blown back by his immense power. Long Chen’s figure flashed, and he arrived in front of Jiang Zijun in an instant, his hand clamping down on his throat.

Jiang Zijun was horrified. The other three were all blown away and couldn’t help him. He was facing Long Chen on his own right now, which was something he didn’t dare to do. He immediately activated some kind of movement art, seemingly teleporting away.

Although he was fast, how could he compare to Long Chen who had killed his way out of countless battlefields? Long Chen knew what he wanted to do as soon as he tried it, and he immediately grabbed Jiang Zijun’s arm, forcibly tearing it off.

Jiang Zijun face twisted in pain. As an alchemist who didn’t have to worry about fighting, he had never suffered such a painful injury. He almost screamed.

“Hurry up and use Heavenly Dao energy to heal your arm. This Long San’s extremely strange. Be careful!” warned Qu Dajiang gravely. He was the only real fighter amongst them, and he could see just how strong Long San was. Even so, his eyes didn’t contain the slightest fear and were filled with battle intent instead.

“Long San, you truly are powerful. But having only just advanced to the Jade Core realm, it seems your arrogance has nothing backing it. In the end, you still won’t be able to walk out of the Heaven Dragon Flame Region alive,” said Qu Dajiang.

Long Chen slowly took off the spatial ring on the arm he had torn off of Jiang Zijun. Without even looking inside it, he knew there would be countless treasures. He first tossed it into the primal chaos space.

“I really doubt your words. Just where does your confidence stem from?” asked Long Chen indifferently as he tossed aside the arm.

“From myself. I fought for ten bloody years, dominating the entrance to the devil world, and I have killed countless experts of the devil race. I’m not nearly as simple as you,” said Qu Dajiang. He walked in front of the other three, facing Long Chen alone.

“Fighting for ten bloody years? That makes me think of my own experiences. From when I started rising in the Eastern Wasteland, it hasn’t been ten years. It’s only been over eight years. During these years, I seem to recall fighting quite a few battles. Your words make me think of a few memories.” Long Chen smiled faintly.

“What…? You… you’re not Long San! That divine ring… you’re Long Chen!” cried out Jiang Zijun suddenly.

Qu Dajiang, Dan Yanxue, and Kan Dongze came to a sudden comprehension. No wonder they had felt this divine ring to be so similar. They remembered hearing about this technique.

With Jiang Zijun’s reminder, they instantly thought of a demonic genius in the Eastern Xuan region. He wasn’t a Celestial, but he could still fight evenly against one.

The show of Long Chen fighting one of the Corrupt path’s rank nine Celestials, Gui Yan, had spread and shaken the entire world.

His divine ring had become his signature technique. However, now it was five colors, not four. It seemed to have changed somewhat, so they hadn’t immediately recalled it.

As soon as Long San said that he came from the Eastern Wasteland, they immediately thought of him. Long Chen had offended Pill Valley egregiously, especially the radical faction.

“Hahaha, good, very good, Long Chen! I never imagined you would be so brazen as to waltz your way into Pill Valley! I admire your guts!” laughed Qu Dajiang.

“Thank you. In truth, I also very much admire you.” Long Chen nodded and clasped his hands beyond his back in a leisurely manner. It was like he didn’t care about the four people in front of him at all.

The truth was that he really wasn’t panicked over this. Huo Long had already devoured the sealed Heaven Incinerating Flame.

This was different from the previous Earth Flames it had devoured. Those had been Earth Flame Spirit Beasts that had resisted intensely.

However, the Heaven Incinerating Flame had already been sealed and wasn’t resisting at all. It obediently let Huo Long devour it.

It was just that the power difference between Huo Long and the Heaven Incinerating Flame was too great. It could only devour its energy bit by bit, turning its energy into its own.

The more time that passed, the greater Huo Long’s power was. Long Chen didn’t mind spending some more time on this.

“Hahaha, you really are brazen! Then let me experience just how much skill you have to stand on the same level as rank nine Celestials!” Qu Dajiang laughed. A rune suddenly appeared on his forehead, and it quickly spread to cover his entire body.

That rune seemed to take root in his body. His already bulging muscles grew to another level, and his body hardened, looking like rock.

The space around Qu Dajiang began to wildly twist, and Jiang Zijun, Dan Yanxue, and Kan Dongze were all forced to retreat. Just by being near him, they had felt like they would be flattened. That energy seemed to want to crush their bodies.

“Haha, do you see? This is the Magma Body that only flame cultivators with the strongest physical bodies can train in! This secret art is incredibly powerful, and the only drawback is that it puts a great strain on the body when it’s used. That strain can’t even be immediately healed by Heavenly Dao energy, so it requires me to rest for three months after I use it. However, for you, Long Chen, using my Magma Body is definitely worth it. Hopefully, you won’t disappoint me, or I really will make you live a life worse than death!”

Qu Dajiang grew so large that his voice became raspy and no longer sounded human. He now looked like a monster full of explosive power.

“I hear you also excel in power. Bring out your battle armor. In your current state, you’re not a match for me. I don’t want to waste my time,” said Qu Dajiang.

“Alright, then I’ll test your secret technique for myself. It just so happens that I also don’t like wasting time.”

“Five Star Battle Armor!” Long Chen let out a cry inside, and five stars appeared in his eyes. Although the star corresponding to the Divine Gate Star was dim, it was still present. When it appeared, five stars vaguely appeared within the divine ring.

The divine ring began to revolve faster and faster, until it reached such a speed that it didn’t even look like it was revolving.

Heaven and earth lost their light. It was like the world had lost its weight. Fist-sized balls of lava suddenly floated out of the sea of lava beneath them. It was as though heaven and earth had inverted and a rain of lava was going up.

The divine ring suddenly blossomed with light, and a sacred aura spread. In front of the divine ring, everyone else felt an urge to prostrate themselves.

Jiang Zijun, Dan Yanxue, and Kan Dongze all turned pale, never having seen such a terrifying technique. Even Qu Dajiang who was in his strongest state was shocked.

Suddenly, the rising balls of lava exploded in the air. Long Chen’s aura climbed to a peak and stopped rising.

“This is your strongest state? It seems there wasn’t much change. It’d be best if you weren’t just trying to pull a trick, or your death will be very miserable.”

Qu Dajiang was somewhat suspicious, because Long Chen’s aura might be shocking, but the fluctuations of his physical body didn’t seem to have changed that much.

Qu Dajiang bent ever so slightly, and an explosive sound rang out as he shot toward Long Chen.

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