Chapter 1369 Master Long Will Kindly Accept Your Offering!

The golden phoenix was tightly bound in blood-colored chains. They were the Spirit Blood seals that Qu Dajiang, Jiang Zijun, Dan Yanxue, and Kan Dongze had summoned.

After several days of work, the four of them had finally exhausted the golden phoenix. The most important factor was that Earth Flame Spirit Beasts were too dumb. Despite clearly having weakened, it didn’t flee and continued to fight. As a result, it had allowed itself to be captured.

Their Spiritual Strength was currently erasing the final bit of energy the golden phoenix had.

Eventually, the chains suddenly tightened. The seal was complete.

“Hahaha, success!” 

The four of them were all ecstatic to have sealed the golden phoenix without any mishaps.

“Everyone, you’ve worked hard. Let me express my sincere gratitude for your outstanding contribution. Since we’re all friends, I’ll kindly accept it!”

A figure suddenly appeared beside the golden phoenix and put it away. He had a grateful expression and cupped his fists in thanks toward the four of them.

“Long San?!”

Their expressions all changed. They had already told all their subordinates not to come here no matter what happened.

That was because the four of them didn’t want Pill Valley to learn about the matter of the Heaven Incinerating Flame. According to Pill Valley’s rules, any disciple who obtained a top ten Earth Flame would have to offer it to Pill Valley, and Pill Valley would give them a corresponding reward.

Earth Flames below the top ten would belong to the disciples, but the top ten Earth Flames were too powerful. Even Pill Valley cared about them. As for the Heaven Incinerating Flame, it was ranked third. If they gave it to Pill Valley, there was no chance of them getting something as good.

Even if Pill Valley gave them treasures, there was no way they could match the value of the Heaven Incinerating Flame. So the four of them had intended to keep this matter secret. After all, everyone was selfish.

That was why no one had appeared in this region despite them fighting for so long. The four of them were sure no one would be so brazen as to come here and snatch the Earth Flame from them, so they hadn’t made any preparations.

“Courting death!” Seeing Long Chen put the golden phoenix away, the four of them were enraged. Qu Dajiang was the first to attack. Flames erupted from him as he attacked Long Chen. He unleashed a punch that was clearly intent on killing him.

“I’ve been courting death for a long time. But can you actually help me court death?”

Long Chen smiled coldly. He didn’t unleash his aura. He just sent out a single punch.

Flames erupted. Qu Dajiang’s arm broke in several places and he was blown back.

“Do you think you could suppress me like when I was still in the Foundation Forging realm?” Long Chen sneered. His gaze was like two sharp blades sweeping over the four of them. He was no longer his old self and was filled with explosive power. Just now, his punch had been nothing more than a test.

“You... you advanced to the Jade Core realm?”

The four of their expressions changed. Dan Yanxue and Kan Dongze’s expressions were especially ugly.

“Do you regret abandoning me so easily? Did you feel like I wouldn’t have much value as a chess piece? Perhaps if you had used me better, I could have even helped you get rid of Jiang Zijun. Is that what you’re thinking?” said Long Chen indifferently as he looked at Dan Yanxue and Kan Dongze. He naturally knew what they were thinking.

“Nonsense! Long San, you’ve already become bedeviled. Our subordinates were simply ordered to capture you, not kill you. Put down your butcher’s blade and come peacefully. That’s your only option to live. As long as you don’t resist, there’ll still be room for negotiating. Although you killed many people, Pill Valley won’t kill someone as talented as you. Don’t misunderstand,” explained Kan Dongze.

“Hahaha…” Long Chen couldn’t help but laugh. Even at this time, he was able to say such lies that not even a child would believe. They were really insulting his intelligence.

Long Chen couldn’t be bothered to expose him. The main thing was that he didn’t want to waste words. There was no need for such a thing now.

“Attack together! Kill him!” Jiang Zijun roared furiously. Heavenly Dao energy circulated, and a flame spear condensed in his hand. He shot at Long Chen.

Although they had all exhausted a great deal of soul energy and spiritual yuan to seal the golden phoenix, the truth was that most of the effort had come from Qu Dajiang.

After the first day, they had found their rhythm and learned to cooperate. Their rate of exhaustion had fallen, while the golden phoenix had weakened. By the end, their spiritual yuan had mostly recovered.

“Watch out!” Seeing Jiang Zijun charge forward on his own, Qu Dajiang let out a startled cry. Of the four of them, he was the strongest. Only he knew just how terrifying the current Long Chen was. He immediately shot after Long Chen as well.

BANG! Jiang Zijun’s spear was blown apart by Long Chen. In front of Long Chen, that flame spear was as weak as a child’s plaything.

Jiang Zijun had never imagined that Long Chen would have grown to such a terrifying level. With his flame spear broken, he was open to attack. Long Chen’s hand was already raised in the air.


Long Chen’s hand viciously slapped across Jiang Zijun’s face. A thick, automatic flame barrier appeared over Jiang Zijun’s face to block it, but it was blown apart by Long Chen’s slap.

Half of Jiang Zijun’s face caved in, and he shot back like a shooting star, crashing into the lava. A huge pillar of lava soared into the sky and then descended as a rain of lava.

Qu Dajiang’s fist arrived in front of Long Chen right after he had slapped Jiang Zijun. His nine flowers revolved behind him. This time, he was using his real power.


Long Chen met Qu Dajiang’s punch with his own, and flame runes flew in every direction. It was like a firework had gone off.

Long Chen and Qu Dajiang’s fists were still locked as they floated in the air, their eyes cold as their auras continuously rose.

A small vortex appeared where their fists were colliding. It gradually grew larger and larger.

Jiang Zijun came out of the lava, his face pale and horrified. Just now, Long Chen’s slap had almost killed him.

He knew that if it hadn’t been for his flame armor and Qu Dajiang’s reinforcement, he would have died. If Long San hadn’t needed to reserve a bit of energy to handle Qu Dajiang, that slap would have destroyed his head.

Now seeing Long San fighting equally against Qu Dajiang, he was even more horrified.

Dan Yanxue and Kan Dongze were also stupefied. They had never imagined that Long San was so powerful. After just advancing to the Jade Core realm, he possessed the power to fight against Qu Dajiang. It had to be known that Qu Dajiang was an extremely terrifying flame cultivator.


Qu Dajiang’s fist began to emit a blazing light as his power became violent. All his muscles bulged and his robes exploded, revealing his copper skin.

Qu Dajiang was originally a large man. With his muscles bulging like this, he looked like a monster.

“In terms of power, no one is a match for me in the same realm! You might be strong, but there’s an uncrossable gap between us!” said Qu Dajiang coldly. With the increase in size, his voice also became heavier.

At first, Jiang Zijun had been horrified to see Long San being a match for Qu Dajiang. But now seeing Qu Dajiang reveal such immense power, he instead became excited and cheered him on. “Brother Qu, don’t kill him too fast! Don’t forget, he killed your brother. We have to make him live a life worse than death!”

Dan Yanxue and Kan Dongze’s expressions changed slightly, and they exchanged a glance. They nodded.

They definitely wouldn’t allow Long San to live. Only once he was dead could they push the blame to Jiang Zijun. Otherwise, if the truth was learned, the ones to die would be them.

They had made their plans. Once Long San was subdued, they would immediately kill him to cover up the truth.

“Sorry, I can’t accept your words. In terms of power, within the same realm, the only one who might be able to surpass me is one of my brothers. Other than him, I haven’t met anyone who could match me. Your confidence is based on nothing,” sneered Long Chen.

Suddenly, an explosive sound came from Long Chen’s body as his 108,000 stars began to revolve, forming an unending cycle of energy that poured through his body. His aura erupted.


Azure ripples appeared in the space around Long Chen’s fist. That was the result of space being compressed by the immense power.

“This… this is impossible!”


Long Chen’s energy suddenly erupted like a volcano. Qu Dajiang was suddenly blown back by an immense power. He almost coughed up blood.

Long Chen continued to stand in the air. Ripples continued to spread from his body. They began to spread further and further, shaking the sky and lava.

“It really is nice to be full of power.” Long Chen clenched his fists. Feeling this inexhaustible energy surging within him, his eyes blazed.

“Sorry, I’ll be using you all as whetstones today.” Long Chen shot toward the four of them.

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