Chapter 1368 Divine Crystal Formation

The golden phoenix was immersed in flames as it fought in the sky. It was fighting four people.

Those four people were Qu Dajiang, Jiang Zijun, Dan Yanxue, and Kan Dongze. They had all summoned their Heavenly Dao manifestations, and their nine Grand Dao flowers revolved. Flame blades flew about as they fought.

The four of them didn’t dare to face the golden phoenix head-on. Each time they exchanged blows, their flame blades would ignite, and they would have no choice but to throw them away and condense a new one.

They were most afraid of fighting the golden phoenix in close range. Once they were struck by it, the runes around them would be incinerated.

The flame runes they had summoned around them were their core runes. If they were ignited, they would have to abandon them, and that would harm their foundations. But if they didn’t abandon them, they would be incinerated as well.

However, as rank nine Celestials, their Spiritual Strength was extremely powerful. Flame arrows shot out at the golden phoenix.

The four of them had long since planned out their strategy and were working together well. When the golden phoenix attacked one of them, the other three would launch all-out attacks. They would try to bind it with flame chains.

Those flame chains would only last a breath’s time before being incinerated, but that won breathing room for the one being attacked, and they would be able to escape the golden phoenix’s attack.

Of the four of them, it was clear that Qu Dajiang was the main force. Whenever anyone was in danger, he would use a powerful attack to stop the golden phoenix.

The other three were alchemists, and although their Spiritual Strength was powerful and they possessed powerful flames, they were still alchemists. They were not as adept as a flame cultivator in fighting.

“Put in some more effort! It’s been three days, and its power is starting to fall! If we last a bit longer, we’ll be able to seal it,” cried Qu Dajiang excitedly.

The Heaven Incinerating Flame was something all flame cultivators longed for. There was not a single flame cultivator capable of resisting its attraction.

This Heaven Incinerating Flame in particular had just been born, and it was the best time to subdue it. They definitely couldn’t miss this chance.

“Don’t forget our agreement! Once it’s sealed, we’ll each extract twenty percent of its flame energy,” said Dan Yanxue coldly.

In order to obtain the Heaven Incinerating Flame, Qu Dajiang had had no choice but to find helpers. On his own, there was no way to handle it. Last time, he had almost been killed by it.

So, he gathered Dan Yanxue, Kan Dongze, and Jiang Zijun. They had agreed that once they obtained it, he would extract forty percent of its power, and the remaining sixty percent would be split between the three of them.

Of course, Earth Flames couldn’t simply be divided like this. Once the golden phoenix was sealed, it would become an Earth Flame seed. This was a complete seed, and it could grow stronger in the future.

However, once it was split up, it couldn’t grow any stronger. In other words, its power would never surpass the current power of the phoenix.

In truth, that aggrieved Qu Dajiang greatly, but there was no way around it. If he didn’t split it with them, the three of them wouldn’t help. In the end, obtaining just a part of the Heaven Incinerating Flame was better than nothing.

“Hmph, do you think brother Qu is as petty as you?” sneered Jiang Zijun.

“Jiang Zijun, are you worried you haven’t caused enough trouble? Because you chased down Long San, you made him despair and start a crazy slaughter of innocents. Not only did he kill your people, but even our people who went to help them were killed. It’s clear he knows that he has no hope of living, so he wants to bring down as many people as possible with him before his death! With your stupidity, do you have any right to mock others?” retorted Dan Yanxue viciously.

“Bullshit! That Long San is in your faction, and his matters are your responsibility!” raged Jiang Zijun.

“Don’t joke. When Long San was in our faction, although he was brazen, he treated the people around him decently and was easy to get along with. But after entering the Heaven Dragon Flame Region, he became a murderous devil. There’s no way you can avoid this responsibility,” sneered Dan Yanxue.

Long Chen smiled coldly as he hid. She was truly skilled at assigning blame. Jiang Zijun had already fallen for Dan Yanxue’s trap.

“You-!” Jiang Zijun was enraged, clearly refusing to accept this blame.

“Alright, stop talking. We’re still busy. First, seal the phoenix, and then we’ll kill Long San. Long San’s already crazy and kills anyone on sight. We have to kill him, or we won’t be able to give an explanation to everyone,” interjected Qu Dajiang.

In truth, right now, Jiang Zijun only knew that over ten of his disciples had died. He had no idea that this number was just a tenth of his real casualties. That was why he was just angry and didn’t feel fear yet.

Dan Yanxue and Kan Dongze were skilled actors and also acted like victims. Even Qu Dajiang had fallen for their act.

However, Qu Dajiang wasn’t interested in anything other than the phoenix right now. If he obtained it, his power would rise to a terrifying level.

The three of them immediately stopped arguing and focused on the phoenix. The Heaven Incinerating Flame was just too precious.

Although it was wild and wasn’t suitable for refining pills, its flame seed could be exchanged for unimaginable wealth. Even a rank nine Celestial would be moved.

“Hehe, work hard. I look favorably upon you!”

Long Chen laughed inside. He directed Huo Long to go down, and he quickly found a huge cave.

Seeing the countless Divine Flame Crystals again, Long Chen wasn’t able to control himself.

He entered and saw that the cave was very long. It had to be over a hundred miles, and that made things hard on him. Gathering the crystals one by one would be too slow.

He wanted to absorb the entire cave, but it was too big. This size was absolutely impossible for him to absorb.

“Huo Long, Blazing Dragon Cauldron, it’ll be up to you. These are your rations, so you think of a way.”

Long Chen shouted into the primal chaos space. The Blazing Dragon Cauldron flew out, while Huo Long explosively grew. It bit off Divine Flame Crystals from the wall, sending them to the Blazing Dragon Cauldron, which had also expanded. Once it was packed with Divine Flame Crystals, it returned to the primal chaos space and tossed tens of thousands of them to the ground before flying back out. Huo Long, who was waiting, continued tossing Divine Flame Crystals to it.

This cycle didn’t require Long Chen to waste any effort. As Long Chen advanced, it was like a group of locusts flying through a grain field. The Divine Flame Crystals on the walls were swept clean.

A mountain of Divine Flame Crystals quickly appeared in the primal chaos space thanks to Huo Long and the Blazing Dragon Cauldron’s efforts. When they worked together, their speed shocked even Long Chen.

He quickly reached the end of the cave, and it suddenly opened into an empty space like a plaza. Seeing what was inside, he jumped in shock.

This entire space was full of Divine Flame Crystals. Each one of them was as large as a human and was in the shape of multi-faceted diamonds. Divine light and faint immortal spiritual qi came from them. When he saw these crystals, he felt like he had been transported to an immortal flame world.

“These are true divine crystals!”

Long Chen’s eyes almost popped out. These crystals possessed immortal spiritual qi within them and were completely different from the ordinary Divine Flame Crystals.

Long Chen was in the midst of reaching out to gather them when he realized something was off. These crystals were arranged in a pattern.

“It seems to be a formation.” He quickly saw through some clues. These crystals filled this space, but they were different from the Divine Flame Crystals that had simply been lining the walls of the cave outside.

Long Chen looked carefully. There were thirty-six thousand of these divine crystals, and they were arranged in a set distance from each other. Although he couldn’t tell what formation this was, he knew this wasn’t natural.

“Who cares? The formation has nothing to do with me. In any case, Pill Valley’s things are my things.”

Long Chen forcibly pulled one out of the wall. It revealed a hole behind, and there was an ancient rune in it as well. That rune rapidly dimmed, but nothing else happened.

“Hehe, looks like it’s a formation that’s been crippled for a long time. Then Master Long San won’t stand on courtesy.”

Long Chen had been a bit worried. According to reason, he shouldn’t touch these crystals in case something happened and he was killed by the formation.

However, he trusted the senses of the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, and he didn’t sense any danger. If he didn’t take them, it would mean that his See A Treasure And Can’t Walk Away Disease had been cured.

Seeing that there was no problem with the first one, Long Chen quickened his pace. He had Huo Long come out to act as the transport, and the thirty-six thousand divine crystals were quickly transported to the primal chaos space.

Long Chen checked the entire cave to see if he had gotten everything. Seeing that there was nothing else, he finally left.

He didn’t know that after he left, the dim runes in the thirty-six thousand notches began to fall. Then cracks began to appear…

Long Chen summoned Huo Long and slowly swam to the surface. Once he was close to the surface, he heard explosive ringing.

Chains were flying in the air. Qu Dajiang, Jiang Zijun, Dan Yanxue, and Kan Dongze all had blood-colored runes on their foreheads. They had actually managed to seal it.

“Should I help them out? Or should I help them out? How about I help them out? Ah, I’ll just randomly pick one of those three options.” An evil smile appeared on Long Chen’s face.

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