Chapter 1367 Target: Heaven Incinerating Flame

Huo Long’s body shrank to just a few dozen meters as it swam through the lava. This made it much more difficult for others to find them.

In truth, the entire Heaven Dragon Flame Region didn’t have a proper landmass. All it had were floating islands.

So by going through the lava, it was possible to reach any location. As they traveled, Huo Long constantly grew stronger, because its split bodies were all called back.

Back then, it had sent out eight split bodies. One had detonated to hold back Qu Dajiang, and of the remaining seven, only six returned. Most likely, the last one had been destroyed by some powerful Earth Flame Spirit Beast.

With six split bodies returning, Huo Long’s power grew explosively. After merging temporarily, Huo Long once more sent out eight split bodies. But this time, the split bodies were sent to the primal chaos space to each absorb a Divine Flame Crystal. Absorbing the Divine Flame Crystals would rapidly increase its power.

It had to be known that Huo Long possessed its own life and spirit now. The flames that were absorbed by it could impart their unique abilities to it. It was like a person learning different techniques.

The primal chaos space had grown by ten times with his advancement to the Jade Core realm. It was three million miles wide, practically becoming a minor world.

However, other than a medicinal field, the rest of it was barren.

Long Chen was too lazy to plant the Iron Spruce Oaks again. Even at the peak of the Foundation Forging realm, the life energy they had been able to offer him was almost negligible.

Now he had advanced to the Jade Core realm. During the tribulation, the Iron Spruce Oaks had only been able to heal a single injury. They weren’t even as strong as his own natural recovery ability.

As for the withered Iron Spruce Oaks, they had been incinerated by the Divine Flame Crystals. That was why the primal chaos space was mostly empty.

On the edges of the primal chaos space were the chains filled with thunderforce. Lei Long was currently latched onto them, absorbing their energy. These were the chains that had fallen off the Divine Gate.

They had been piled into a huge mountain. Lei Long was continuously absorbing their energy.

The Blazing Dragon Cauldron was not far, its whole body shining. There was a Divine Flame Crystal being refined inside it, and its power was nourishing it.

There were eight flame dragons in the vicinity, each of them holding a Divine Flame Crystal. Their efficiency was eight times greater than before.

It was unknown whether it was because of Huo Long’s influence, but Lei Long suddenly flew out of its pile and coiled around one of the flame dragons. It was like they were communicating.

Just a moment later, Lei Long returned to its rations and actually summoned its own split bodies. Furthermore, Lei Long summoned over a hundred of them in one go, and it began to crazily absorb thunderforce. It seemed Lei Long had mimicked Huo Long’s skill.

Lei Long, Huo Long, and the Blazing Dragon Cauldron were all rapidly growing stronger. As for Long Chen, he was inside Huo Long’s body, looking within himself to see the changes within his body.

The tribulation had covered him in injuries, but his physical body was so powerful that his self-recovery ability was also extremely strong. Furthermore, he had protected his vitals, so in just one day, his body had essentially recovered.

Although it couldn’t compare to the divine life elixir, this recovery speed was still shocking. Looking within himself, he saw 108,000 stars slowly circulating in his body. An endless stream of energy spread throughout his body. It was like a huge formation cycling power perfectly in an unending loop.

The stars formed their own self-sufficient system. If they became strong enough, Long Chen wouldn’t even have to absorb energy from the outside world. He could replenish his own energy from the stars. Of course, that wasn’t possible right now.

These stars all seemed unfinished. They had the form of a star, but they weren’t fully condensed. And yet, the amount of power they already possessed made Long Chen’s heart pound.

Previously, he hadn’t even been able to use his power because it had been so immense. But now that he could use this even more terrifying energy, Long Chen felt even greater reverence for the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art.

Before undergoing the tribulation, the amount of energy he had been able to use had been very limited. But now that his 108,000 stars were free of the immortal platforms, he no longer felt anything stopping him from using their power.

As his body recovered, he felt like he might explode from how powerful he felt. It felt like his power simply wanted to erupt.

This was also the feeling many cultivators felt after advancing. Because they weren’t able to control their new power, their aura leaked out.

At that time, a cultivator’s power might have multiplied, but because they weren’t used to this new power and were unable to control themselves, their actual combat power would be very limited. That was why Long Chen needed to adapt to his new power first.

His body had gone through a complete transformation. It was like he had been reborn.

He slowly circulated his energy through his body. This was a fundamental step for getting accustomed to his power, and he couldn’t skip it.

As his mind focused in his mind-sea, he saw a huge gate, with a vortex spinning. At the center of the vortex was an extremely, extremely small spot. He knew that was the core of the Divine Gate Star. It was its embryonic form.

Divine light shot out of it. Long Chen sensed that it had gathered the energy of the FengFu, Alioth, Life Star, and Enlightenment Palace Stars, as if it was the leader of those four stars. The four stars were in the midst of undergoing some unknown transformation.

“The Divine Gate Pill is a ninth tier medicinal pill that requires one hundred and seventy-three medicinal ingredients. Good, I’m not missing that many. Yes, I’m only missing one hundred and seventy of them! Fuck!” Long Chen was speechless.

It seemed that he was being scammed over and over again. The Divine Gate Pill was a ninth tier medicinal pill, and he didn’t even have that many ninth tier medicinal ingredients. The numerous eighth tier and below medicinal ingredients that he did have were all useless.

Amongst ninth tier medicinal ingredients, he had tried to plan ahead and had gathered a few must-have ones. He had over a hundred of them. But now only three were actually useful here, and none of them were main ingredients.

“Looks like I’ll need to think of a way to get those medicinal ingredients. I wonder if I can get some from Pill Valley.” Long Chen was a bit apprehensive.

In the current situation, as soon as he left the Heaven Dragon Flame Region, he would be immediately killed due to the blame of killing so many genius disciples falling on his shoulders.

“Huo Long, slow down a bit.” Long Chen suddenly sensed two figures rushing from above together.

He had Huo Long follow them. Those two weren’t going too fast, and they had no idea that in the sea of lava below them, there was a flame dragon swimming around.

“Senior apprentice-brother Guo, we haven’t found suitable Earth Flames yet, but the alliance master wanted us to give up and find Long San. Don’t you think that’s a bit unreasonable?” grumbled one of those disciples.

The disciple called senior apprentice-brother Guo said, “What can we do? We can’t go against the orders from higher-up. Even if we don’t find anything this time, we’ll have another chance. But if we offend the alliance master, we’ll probably be kicked out of the Divine Pill Hall. It’s not worth it to be disobedient.”

Long Chen was startled. So the two of them were actually searching for him. He stealthily sent his divine sense up and saw that they were disciples of the Divine Spear Alliance, and they were Jade Core experts.

“Just what happened to Long San? Did he go crazy? He actually killed over a hundred disciples of the Divine Shield Alliance. Not even Dan Yanxue and Kan Dongze dare to protect him any longer, and they sent out the order to kill him on sight. If he’s going to die, why couldn’t he just die without causing a fuss? We don’t even have time to search for Earth Flames because of him.”

Over a hundred disciples killed? Long Chen sneered inside. It seemed Dan Yanxue and Kan Dongze were even more vicious than he had realized. They had killed so many of the Divine Shield Alliance’s disciples.

This would truly be a fearsome injury to the core of the Divine Shield Alliance. Without enough alchemists, the Divine Spear Alliance would become the main force of Pill Valley in the future.

Whether it was in the present or the future, this vicious move of the Divine Spear Alliance had completely turned things around. It definitely got the most use out of the chess piece known as Long San.

All those people were killed by Long San, and now that the Divine Spear Alliance discovered this scourge, they would immediately abandon their prejudices and join hands with the Divine Shield Alliance to kill him. They would appear righteous while also managing to kill him to cover the truth.

If his guess wasn’t wrong, those people who had disguised themselves as Long San and killed other disciples would all be quietly eliminated by Dan Yanxue and Kan Dongze. That way, once Long San was dead, there would be no one to testify against their version of stories.

When an investigation was carried out, Dan Yanxue would point their investigation toward that idiot Jiang Zijun. Before entering the Heaven Dragon Flame Region, Jiang Zijun had clearly expressed how he wanted to kill Long San.

What had happened was that Long San had been chased down by Jiang Zijun. And driven by revenge, he had decided that since he couldn’t beat Jiang Zijun, he had launched an indiscriminate slaughter to vent. When the time came, all those people who had died would be said to be killed by him, while the responsibility would be pushed onto Jiang Zijun. It wasn’t a bad plan.

Continuing to hear them talking, he realized that they were just complaining, and he lost interest. He had Huo Long speed up, as he wanted to go see that golden phoenix again.

He had long since been attracted to the Heaven Incinerating Flame. That was the existence ranked third on the Earth Flame Ranking, and it only existed in legend.

The golden phoenix was still young, and this was the best time to subdue it. Once it matured, then let alone a Jade Core disciple, even a Life Star expert would have to scram upon seeing it.

A landmass quickly appeared ahead. It floated atop the lava. As he wove around some small islands, he quickly found the spiritual imprints he had left behind.

However, when he approached this region, he sensed powerful auras clashing from ahead. Powerful undercurrents were raging in the lava.

“Oh? People are fighting the golden phoenix?” Long Chen was startled. He had Huo Long find a concealed spot, while he stealthily stuck his head out of the lava. Seeing the situation, he was delighted. The heavens were finally making things up to him.

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