Chapter 1365 Condensing the Divine Gate Star

The fifth star’s pill formula had truly appeared in his mind. But what shocked Long Chen was that the fifth star wasn’t condensed with medicinal pills.

The fifth star was named the Divine Gate Star. His first four stars were located at his hands and feet. But the fifth star was located in his head.

When Long Chen realized where it was located, his face turned green. Whether it was the Fengfu, Alioth, Life Fate, or Enlightenment Palace Star, when they had been condensed, a huge amount of energy had erupted. Last time, when he had condensed the Enlightenment Palace Star, the violent energy had shattered a mountain.

The fifth star was located in his head. Hence, Long Chen wondered if his head would explode when he condensed the star.

If these memories didn’t come from the Nirvana Scripture, he would really suspect that someone was conning him. This was no different than suicide.

The Divine Gate Star was located in the position of the Niwan. If you drew a line connecting the ears and another line from where the eyebrows met to the back of the head, the place they connected was the Niwan.

This place had many names. The Niwan, the mind-sea, the divine palace, the soul depository. There were all kinds of names, but they all referred to this place.

In the cultivation world, it was said that even before a fetus formed, its Niwan was born. Even before a baby formed, its Niwan existed.

The Niwan represented the soul. First came the soul, then came the body.

So naturally, when people’s heads were heavily injured, their souls would dissipate, causing them to die in both mind and soul. It was due to the collapse of the Niwan.

Unless a person’s Spiritual Strength was extremely powerful, below the Soul Transformation realm, a cultivator whose Niwan was destroyed would definitely die.

This was an extremely important place and also an extremely weak place. But this was where he was supposed to condense the Divine Gate Star. Even with Long Chen’s guts, he sucked in a cold breath.

In his memories, there was also the Divine Gate Pill, which was a ninth tier medicinal pill. It required over a hundred ninth tier medicinal ingredients. But right now, he didn’t look at it, because he didn’t need it.

The embryonic form of the Divine Gate Star was not condensed through medicinal pills, but by opening the Divine Gate. Once the Divine Gate was opened, the Divine Gate Star would automatically appear.

The Divine Gate was located in his mind-sea. If he wanted to open it, he needed the power of lightning tribulation. In other words, he needed to open the Divine Gate during his lightning tribulation.

“This time, I’m really dead. I wanted to first condense the fifth star before undergoing tribulation. But now I need to undergo tribulation to condense the fifth star.” Long Chen wanted to cry.

His current body was unable to handle his own power. If he underwent his tribulation now, then once he broke his immortal platforms to form cores, his body would instantly explode. 

“There definitely has to be some secret to this. The Nine Star Hegemon Body Art has never failed me before. Since I can’t figure it out, I just won’t think about it.”

Long Chen took a deep breath. In the end, he trusted that the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art wouldn’t kill him. There was nothing else he could do. He could only go all-out.

He thought for a moment and looked at the map. In the end, he chose an extremely secluded place for his tribulation.

According to the Pill Fairy, this region had no Earth Flames and no resources. It was just a sea of lava.

“Whether I’m a serpent or a dragon will be decided now.”

Long Chen stood in the air, a sea of lava below him. Within this world of flames, he clenched his teeth and formed hand seals. His mind-sea suddenly grew turbulent, its energy raging.


According to the technique in his new memories, he formed seven strange hand seals. His mind-sea rumbled. Gradually, a huge gate appeared.

The divine gate was in his mind-sea, but in his mind’s eye, it was boundless, and there was no way to see the end of it. In front of it, he was like an ant- no, he was nothing more than a speck of dust.

Long Chen had never sensed this huge gate in his mind-sea before. It was a grand, heavenly gate. Golden runes revolved around it, forming millions of chains that bound the gate. The gate was sealed tightly, enough to cause despair.

“This is the Divine Gate? The Divine Gate… a gate for becoming a god?”

Long Chen was filled with shock, but also excitement and battle intent.

The sky suddenly darkened. The moment the Divine Gate appeared in his mind-sea, the scarlet sky of the Heaven Dragon Flame Region turned dark. Heavenly pressure crashed down on Long Chen.

“Hahaha, so that’s what it was!”

Long Chen suddenly laughed, his voice louder than the thunder of the tribulation.

The moment the Divine Gate appeared, energy spread from the Divine Gate through his entire body.

His body was like a riverbed that had been dry for ten thousand years and was finally receiving nourishment. It greedily devoured this energy, and his body rapidly strengthened.

The heavenly tribulation had only just appeared when lightning beasts began to fall from the sky, charging at Long Chen like a tide. Just the first wave of the tribulation was so terrifying.


Suddenly, the void split open. A huge gate appeared in the Heaven Dragon Flame Region.

It was the Divine Gate in his mind-sea, and it had manifested itself in the outside world. Crashing against the tribulation clouds, it destroyed the lightning beasts, turning them into runes.

Long Chen could only stare in shock. Was this his tribulation, or the Divine Gate’s tribulation?

The Divine Gate shattered the tribulation runes as soon as it appeared, and it seemed that the heavens had become infuriated. The tribulation clouds condensed once more, and on an even greater scale at that.

However, the Divine Gate unleashed another wave of energy, once more destroying the tribulation clouds.

Even Long Chen was struck dumb. It had destroyed the tribulation clouds. What kind of power was this?

When the tribulation clouds condensed once more, the entire world was being crushed by heavenly pressure. The tribulation surged from above, while down below, the sound of the crashing lava roared.

Despite this apocalyptic scene, the Divine Gate was indifferent. It stood firm amongst the clouds. Lightning figures could be seen crashing against it.

The heavens were enraged, wanting to completely annihilate this existence that dared to provoke its dignity. An endless stream of lightning beasts attacked the Divine Gate.

There were dragons, phoenixes, elephants, apes. Each one of them was huge and ferociously attacking it.

Long Chen was completely stupefied. He was supposed to be undergoing tribulation, but it seemed that he didn’t need to do anything. He just had to watch as the lightning beasts crashed against the Divine Gate.

These huge lightning beasts were like ants in front of the Divine Gate. But there was an endless stream of them.

Long Chen noticed that as the lightning beasts attacked, the chains binding the Divine Gate gradually grew fainter.

“So that’s what it was! Borrowing the power of tribulation lightning to open the Divine Gate! Hahaha, this is definitely history’s easiest tribulation. My luck has finally taken a turn for the better!” Long Chen laughed excitedly. He was feeling blessed.

Long Chen looked at the Divine Gate in the outside world and the one in his mind-sea. He confirmed that they were really one and the same.

As the chains on the outside world’s Divine Gate grew fainter, the bindings of the one in his mind-sea also weakened.

Suddenly, one of the chains shattered.

That chain was nothing more than one of millions of chains. It fell from the Divine Gate, as large as a mountain.

“Mine!” Long Chen rushed over and grabbed the chain. He directly pulled it into the primal chaos space. “So, it actually has a solid substance!”

This huge chain was filled with pure thunderforce. Lei Long immediately flew out and bit down on it, absorbing its energy.

Suddenly, explosive sounds rang out as countless chains fell. Long Chen was delighted. Those chains fragmented into many pieces, but each one was huge.

It was like the chains had possessed some kind of energy before, but that energy had been completely supplanted by thunderforce, causing them to shatter. However, the thunderforce stayed in the chains.

Long Chen didn’t care why such a thing would happen. All he knew was that he had struck gold! He frantically gathered the chains, and a huge pile of them quickly appeared in the primal chaos space. Even Lei Long was buried by them.

More and more lightning beasts charged out, and they gradually became stronger. But because of this, the chains shattered at an even faster rate, delighting Long Chen.

Just as he was frantically gathering the chains, a huge pile of chains fell from the sky, almost burying him.

Long Chen was startled. He looked up to see that all the chains of the Divine Gate had been broken, and its doors had opened.

Heaven and earth rumbled. Primal chaos circulated on the other side of the gate. It slowly merged with the outside world’s energy, forming a vortex.

The moment the vortex appeared, Long Chen’s body shook. He felt a majestic energy he had never felt before spreading through his body.

Suddenly, the Divine Gate in the outside world disappeared. Within his mind-sea, the Divine Gate was still open, and the vortex continued to revolve. As it revolved, his FengFu, Alioth, Life Fate, and Enlightenment Palace Stars shook intensely. They each sent a stream of energy into the vortex.

The vortex spun even faster after receiving the energy of the four stars. A subtle resonance appeared between the Fengfu, Alioth, Life Fate, Enlightenment Palace, and Divine Gate Stars.

Although the Divine Gate Star was currently just a vortex, it still formed a resonance with the other stars. Long Chen felt some kind of energy activate within his body, filling him with power.

“Hahahaha.... What the fuck?!

Long Chen raised his head and laughed to unleash his joy. But his expression quickly changed. The endless tide of lightning beasts that had lost the Divine Gate as a target now came charging at him.

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