Chapter 1364 Divine Flame Crystals (Teaser)

Qu Dajiang’s wings flapped as he chased after Long Chen, getting closer and closer. Just as he was on the verge of locking onto him, a flame dragon appeared in front of him.

The flame dragon appeared extremely suddenly and devoured Qu Dajiang before he could react.

He was about to circulate his flame energy to resist this powerful Earth Flame Spirit Beast when it suddenly self-destructed, blowing him away.

Qu Dajiang appeared with nine flowers behind him. The self-destruction of the flame dragon hadn’t harmed him at all.

However, he now had a cold and sinister expression. With a snort, he continued chasing after Long Chen. This was the Heaven Dragon Flame Region, and the senses of flame cultivators were a hundred times sharper here than in the outside world.

“Fuck, the difference is too great.” Long Chen cursed inside when he saw Qu Dajiang still chasing. Just now, one of Huo Long’s split bodies had been close by, and Huo Long had sent it to block Qu Dajiang, even...

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