Chapter 1364 Divine Flame Crystals

Qu Dajiang’s wings flapped as he chased after Long Chen, getting closer and closer. Just as he was on the verge of locking onto him, a flame dragon appeared in front of him.

The flame dragon appeared extremely suddenly and devoured Qu Dajiang before he could react.

He was about to circulate his flame energy to resist this powerful Earth Flame Spirit Beast when it suddenly self-destructed, blowing him away.

Qu Dajiang appeared with nine flowers behind him. The self-destruction of the flame dragon hadn’t harmed him at all.

However, he now had a cold and sinister expression. With a snort, he continued chasing after Long Chen. This was the Heaven Dragon Flame Region, and the senses of flame cultivators were a hundred times sharper here than in the outside world.

“Fuck, the difference is too great.” Long Chen cursed inside when he saw Qu Dajiang still chasing. Just now, one of Huo Long’s split bodies had been close by, and Huo Long had sent it to block Qu Dajiang, even sacrificing it to stop him. But Qu Dajiang was completely fine.

Long Chen realized just how bad the situation was. Flame cultivators were true experts, and their power was far, far greater than alchemists. Moreover, Qu Dajiang wasn’t just a flame cultivator, he was a rank nine Jade Core Celestial.

Qu Dajiang was getting closer. His wings clearly had some sort of special energy within them, or there was no way he could be so fast.

Clenching his teeth, Long Chen suddenly spun around, smashing the Blazing Dragon Cauldron at Qu Dajiang.

“Hmph, nothing more than a death struggle,” sneered Qu Dajiang. He let out a single punch, not even bothering to summon his manifestation. In his eyes, Long San wasn’t worth him wasting the effort.

“Is that so?” Long Chen smiled coldly. His sleeves suddenly exploded, and blood dripped down his arm. A fierce, violent power smashed into Qu Dajiang.

Qu Dajiang was shocked. He sensed Long San’s power had at least doubled from his previous peak.

Qu Dajiang’s wrist broke and he shot back like a shooting star hundreds of miles away.

Long Chen was covered in blood after this attack. He immediately turned and fled. Just now, he had used thirty percent of the power of his immortal platforms, but his body had been unable to bear it.

Just this one attack allowed Long Chen to see the difference. Even taking such a risk had only broken Qu Dajiang’s wrist. It was barely an injury to a Celestial.

Furthermore, Qu Dajiang hadn’t even been using his manifestation, let alone his trump cards. Long Chen wasn’t his match.

“Hahaha, interesting. At just the Foundation Forging realm, you already have such power. This will make the hunt more fun.” Qu Dajiang laughed. That laughter was hair raising. It was like he was playing a game of cat and mouse, and he continued chasing Long Chen.

Long Chen’s expression sank. The situation was extremely unfavorable for him. If this continued, he really might be killed. The feeling of having power but not being able to use it was truly irritating.

However, he also knew that even if he could use his full power, his chances of victory would still be extremely low. To fight a rank nine Celestial across realms was essentially impossible.

Long Chen was constantly looking around as he fled. His eyes suddenly brightened, and he immediately changed directions.

“Long San, I’ll chase you until you know despair. There’s no place for you to go, neither the heavens nor hell!” Qu Dajiang was still getting closer. He laughed sinisterly. He delighted in seeing the expressions of despair and unwillingness on the people he killed right before their deaths.

He had barely finished speaking when Long Chen suddenly hurled himself at a large mountain. He pierced a hole into it.

At the same time, a flame sphere exploded from ahead. That was something Long Chen had thrown right before.

After the flame sphere exploded, the ground split open, and lava spurted into the air. A huge golden phoenix flew out of the lava.

The first thing the phoenix saw was Qu Dajiang rushing in its direction. It let out a heaven-shaking cry and shot at him.

Qu Dajiang had been flabbergasted by Long Chen’s sudden actions, but when he saw this golden phoenix, he immediately turned pale.

“Heaven Incinerating Flame?!”

Qu Dajiang couldn’t bother with Long Chen. He immediately turned and ran.

However, the infuriated phoenix refused to let him off. It thought that Qu Dajiang had intentionally provoked it, and it chased him.

Qu Dajiang was infuriated at being schemed against by Long San. It had clearly been Long San’s attack, but somehow the blame had fallen on him.

He wanted to say that Long San was right there, but an Earth Flame Spirit Beast’s intelligence was limited. There was no way it would understand him.

As an extremely powerful flame cultivator, he naturally knew what this golden phoenix was. And since he knew what it was, he also knew he had to run.

A man and a bird flew into the distance as quick as lightning. Only then did Long Chen come out of his hole. He carried out a head-sized crystal.

The crystal was fiery red and emitted a bewitching light. Long Chen had a delighted expression.

“This is a Divine Flame Crystal, something that contains the purest flame energy of the world! I didn’t expect to find such a treasure here.”

Long Chen hesitated for a moment. Looking in the direction Qu Dajiang had fled, he prayed inside that he could last for a bit longer.

Then Long Chen dove into the lava the golden phoenix had flown out of. Wrapping himself in flame energy, he swam down.

Dozens of meters below, he found another Divine Flame Crystal. He delightedly extracted it.

This Divine Flame Crystal was extremely miraculous. Despite containing an immense amount of flame energy, it didn’t release any heat and was lustrous like a gem. The terrifying energy within it didn’t leak out at all.

Continuing to swim down, he gathered over ten of these crystals. His smile threatened to break his mouth.

The deeper he went, the more Divine Flame Crystals he found. By the time he had reached a depth of three thousand meters, he had obtained over three hundred of them.

Huo Long was indescribably excited. It was wrapped around a Divine Flame Crystal in the primal chaos space, absorbing its energy.

The amount of energy inside it was too terrifying, and without any experience, Huo Long lost control, and a three thousand mile stretch of huge trees was incinerated.

Huo Long was horrified, thinking it had caused a huge calamity. Long Chen comforted it. Right now, the Iron Spruce Oaks in the primal chaos space were almost useless to him. Incinerating a few was no problem.

Long Chen had Huo Long focus on absorbing the Divine Flame Crystal’s energy while he continued gathering more. He needed to gather as many as possible before the golden phoenix returned.

As he dug, he suddenly noticed that in an even deeper place, there was a huge cave opening. When he went down there, he gasped.

This cave, which was thousands of meters wide, was lined completely in Divine Flame Crystals. There was no way to estimate how many of them there were.

“I’m rich!!!”

A roar erupted in Long Chen’s heart. Just a single Divine Flame Crystal was enough to cause countless alchemists to go crazy in the outside world. Then what about this many?

Divine Flame Crystals could be likened to the highest possible grade of flame spirit stones. Flame cultivators could absorb their energy to increase their cultivation speed.

Furthermore, they could be used to forge powerful flame-attribute weapons. When the Blazing Dragon Cauldron saw the Divine Flame Crystals, it immediately begged for one.

The Blazing Dragon Cauldron and Huo Long were currently absorbing the energy from one each. These Divine Flame Crystals were priceless treasures to them.

As for Long Chen, seeing these Divine Flame Crystals, his See A Treasure And Can’t Walk Away Disease struck again. He charged toward the cave’s walls.

However, he had only just moved when his expression completely changed. He sensed grave danger approaching. His intuition was telling him that the golden phoenix was rapidly approaching.

“Little treasures, don’t worry. I’ll return soon!”

Long Chen unwillingly left the cave of Divine Flame Crystals. Although he was unwilling, he had to flee. If the golden phoenix blocked his path, he’d be dead.

Long Chen hastily flew out of the lava. Just a few breaths’ later, the golden phoenix returned. It circled its territory for a moment before diving into the lava again.

Qu Dajiang was lying in a mountain cave, his whole body charred and smelling like meat that had been cooked seventy percent. If you added some cumin and hot pepper, it would definitely be enticing.

“How hateful.”

Qu Dajiang was wracked with pain. The golden phoenix itself wasn’t too powerful, but its flames were terrifying. Whatever they touched would ignite.

Although he had managed to escape, the Heaven Incinerating Flame had turned him into roast pork.

“Long San, hehe, excellent. I didn’t expect you to bring me such a windfall. As thanks, I’ll make sure to give you a quick death next time!”

Qu Dajiang smiled. But he had forgotten that his whole body was burned, smiling tugged on his facial muscles, causing him to tear up in pain.

Long Chen was flying. He found a mountain stream and immediately dug a hole, concealing the outside. Confirming there were no obvious signs of his presence, he finally relaxed slightly.

“It’s about time to condense the fifth star. Let’s see if I can refine the fifth star’s pill formula right away.”

Long Chen closed his eyes. After he had used the second volume of the Nirvana Scripture to wipe away the curse, some new memories had appeared in his mind. He finally had a chance to go through them.

“How could it be like this?!” Long Chen was shocked by what he saw.

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