Chapter 1360 Heaven Incinerating Flame

“Long San, hand over the Earth Flame Spirit Beast! That’s my battle spoil!” The other Long San quickly recovered from his shock.

“You still haven’t answered me. Why are you pretending to be me?” asked Long Chen indifferently.

“This is my mission. I’m helping you draw away your enemies. If you’re not grateful, then fine, but don’t you think taking my battle spoils is going overboard?!”

The crafty light behind his feigned anger was unable to escape Long Chen. He suddenly sighed and smiled. “So that’s what it was. Sorry, I misjudged you. Here, take the Earth Flame Spirit Beast. As an apology, please take this insignificant little gift as well.”

Long Chen tossed a certain thing at this person. That person was still on guard, but he immediately turned pale upon seeing what it was.

What Long Chen had tossed out was a tiny flame dragon. When it came flying out of his arm, it was just a foot long. But a terrifying pressure came from it.

“Bastard, you dare to scheme against me?!” That person hastily formed hand seals, summoning ten flame walls in front of him as he retreated.

However, it didn’t have any use. Huo Long devoured the flame walls in one gulp. It then lunged forward and swallowed him as well.

As soon as he entered Huo Long’s stomach, he was incinerated into nothing. He didn’t even have the power to struggle.

Huo Long returned to Long Chen’s arm. He smiled. “So I was right. These people never had any intentions of letting me live to come out of the Heaven Dragon Flame Region.”

Huo Long had devoured that person along with his soul. As Long Chen was connected with Huo Long, checking his memories as he died like this was easy.

Dan Yanxue had ordered several powerful disciples of the Divine Spear Alliance to disguise themselves as Long San and slaughter the Divine Shield Alliance’s core. Then they would blame Long San.

They truly were vicious. They had raised his power in order to prove that he had the power to kill those people.

So whether they were killed by him or not, the blame would fall on him. This plot wasn’t bad.

Long Chen thought about it for a moment. He found that the situation was growing more and more unfavorable for him. He had to think of something, or even if he could leave the Heaven Dragon Flame Region, he would be executed in Pill Valley.

“Fuck, I can only take it step by step. I don’t have the time to scheme against them. But this thing might be useful.”

Long Chen picked up the sphere the disciple had dropped. No longer tarrying, he began rushing off to the spot the Pill Fairy had marked. This time, he didn’t summon Huo Long.

Huo Long was busy digesting the energy of the sealed Earth Flame Spirit Beast. It was extremely beneficial to it.

As it digested its energy, Long Chen rushed onward. On the way, he encountered several Earth Flame Spirit Beasts that weren’t very powerful. They were all treated as snacks for Huo Long.

In three days, he finally left the lava swamp. A huge mountain range had appeared, with the mountains stretched far into the distance.

The curious thing was that there was mud on this ground. It wasn’t charred, and the rocks were like crystalline jade. It was like this place wasn’t affected by the flames.

For some unknown reason, when he stepped onto this landmass, Long Chen felt a familiar and intimate feeling.

Continuing onward, Long Chen suddenly sensed danger and hastily retreated. The ground split apart and a golden phoenix bird flew out. It opened its mouth, spurting a wave of flames at Long Chen.

Long Chen’s hair stood on end. These golden flames gave him a feeling of mortal danger. He would definitely be turned into roast pork if struck.

Long Chen summoned Huo Long to block it, but shockingly, Huo Long let out a heaven-shaking roar as it was incinerated by the golden flames.

“Flames can catch fire?”

Long Chen was shocked. That golden flame possessed the power to incinerate anything. Could it be the existence ranked third on the Earth Flame Ranking, the Heaven Incinerating Flame?

It was said that the Heaven Incinerating Flame was capable of burning anything. Metal, wood, water, fire, earth, all the five elements could be ignited. It was the only flame that was not suppressed by water, and all flame cultivators longed to obtain it.

Flame cultivators were incredibly powerful. They had stamina and power, but they also had a fatal weakness. That was water element cultivators.

Water cultivators were the bane of flame cultivators. In the same realm, they would definitely be defeated. In fact, water cultivators might even defeat flame cultivators across realms.

That was why flame cultivators would normally have other cultivators by their side, to guard against water cultivators.

However, there were always exceptions. This Heaven Incinerating Flame could burn anything and was not afraid of water energy. It was an unrivaled flame.

Yet, the Heaven Incinerating Flame was said to exist only in legend. At the very least, Long Chen had never heard of the Heaven Incinerating Flame appearing in the world. He hadn’t expected to run into it in the Heaven Dragon Flame Region.

Huo Long roared and charged at the Heaven Incinerating Flame, which had taken the form of a legendary golden phoenix.

Its body was only three hundred meters long, but it possessed overwhelming power. It charged forward, blowing a hole in Huo Long.

This injury continued to burn even after it passed. The Heaven Incinerating Flame was too terrifying. Wherever it went, it would ignite anything.

In just a few breaths’ time, Huo Long’s aura dropped by a great deal. It wasn’t a match for the Heaven Incinerating Flame. The difference between the two sides was too immense.

The thing that shocked Long Chen the most was that the phoenix was still so small, meaning it clearly had only been born not long ago. It hadn’t fully matured, but still possessed such power.

Long Chen formed hand seals and activated the Nirvana Scripture. “Heaven Earth Prison!”

The Heaven Earth Prison instantly enveloped the golden phoenix. But it was actually being incinerated, and his Spiritual Strength rapidly dropped.

At this rate, his Spiritual Strength wouldn’t even last an incense stick’s worth of time.

“No good. There’s no way to subdue this fellow. Huo Long, we’re leaving!” shouted Long Chen. He called Huo Long back into his body, and only then did the golden flames stop burning it. Huo Long’s power had dropped by more than half in just this moment.

The phoenix let out a cry and shot at Long Chen.

“Do you really think your Master Long is afraid of you?!” Long Chen was enraged. Seeing Huo Long in such a miserable state aggrieved him. A cauldron appeared in the air, and Long Chen smashed it into the phoenix.


The golden phoenix was smashed away, but Long Chen’s arms received a backlash, and his hands began to bleed.

“Fuck!” Long Chen was enraged. This injury wasn’t from the phoenix, but the result of him using his own power, which he was no longer able to control.

He had so much power but was unable to use it. He was immensely irritated.

The phoenix seemed to also be enraged by Long Chen, and it once more shot at him.

“Damnit, I refuse to believe I can’t subdue you! Be refined!”

Long Chen roared furiously, and the Blazing Dragon Cauldron opened and grew larger. The phoenix was captured within.

“Seal!” Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength poured into the Blazing Dragon Cauldron as he controlled it to refine the phoenix.

However, Long Chen was shocked to find that this Ancestral cauldron was becoming red, and then dark red as it became burning hot.

The item-spirit’s cry rang out in Long Chen’s mind. It was unable to block the phoenix’s power. If this continued, its core runes would be incinerated.

“Why is it like this?” Long Chen sighed helplessly. Even an Ancestral item was unable to refine the phoenix. Although it still wasn’t fully healed, it hadn’t even managed to last a few breaths.

Sensing its urgency, Long Chen had no choice but to open its lid and allow the golden phoenix to fly out.

As soon as it was released, it became berserk. The sky began to burn, and space began to twist and collapse. It was like the apocalypse.

“Fuck! Fine, I’m afraid of you, okay?! I can’t provoke you, but can it be that I can’t even run?” Long Chen immediately turned and fled.

The phoenix was infuriated and refused to let him off. It charged after him like a shooting star, and its speed was even greater than his own.

“What the fuck is this luck?!”

Long Chen spat on the ground viciously. He had managed to encounter a legendary existence, and yet he was unable to beat it, and now he couldn’t even run from it.

With the phoenix rapidly getting closer, Long Chen flipped through the primal chaos space to see if he had any trump cards he could use.

“Right, I still have this.”

Long Chen’s eyes suddenly lit up as he smashed a pitch-black object behind him.

“Fuck off!”

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