Chapter 1359 Devouring an Earth Flame Spirit Beast

The flame cage tightened around the flame leopard. It struggled intensely, causing the cage to constantly quiver.

This cage was an extremely powerful technique he had learned in Pill Valley. It was much more complicated than the Raging Flame Prison he had previously learned, and it was also much more terrifying.

Although the cast time was a bit long, it was the best technique to use against a mindless Earth Flame Spirit Beast. While he had been accumulating power, the Earth Flame Spirit Beast hadn’t even known that it should be running.

It crazily struggled. What Long Chen hadn’t expected was that it was making this powerful cage shudder intensely.

“This Earth Flame Spirit Beast is actually so powerful!” Long Chen was shocked. Its power was greater than what he had estimated. His Twisting Flame Deathblow was unable to instantly kill it.

However, the flame cage continued to shrink. Although it was unable to kill it, the Earth Flame Spirit Beast couldn’t budge.

“No, it’s not that the cage isn’t strong enough, but that their energy comes from the same source.”

Whether it was Huo Long or the energy he had gathered with the Nirvana Scripture, they were all flame energy.

Using flame energy to attack an Earth Flame Spirit Beast would naturally have less effect than normal. This was also why fights between flame cultivators were so boring. Their power came from the same source, so unless there was a large power disparity, it would turn into a battle of attrition.

Flame cultivators in the same realm might fight for several days without determining a winner. In the end, it depended on whose spiritual yuan and soul energy was greater. That was why no one was interested in watching flame cultivators fight.

Now Long Chen was in a deadlock against this Earth Flame Spirit Beast. He was unable to kill it, but it was unable to escape his cage.

“Huo Long, come out and eat it,” said Long Chen. Huo Long flew out of Long Chen’s arm and bit down on the flame leopard. Flames danced as it tore off a chunk of it.

This ‘meat’ was actually the flame leopard’s purest flame runes. It crazily struggled and roared, but the cage bound it, making it so it couldn’t even move, let alone strike back at Huo Long.

Seeing this, Huo Long continued to take large bites out of it. As it consumed its energy, Huo Long’s aura grew stronger, while the flame leopard began to shrink and dim.

After a while, Huo Long was no longer able to continue eating more of its energy. It needed a bit of time to digest it.

At this moment, it was possible to see the difference between them. Huo Long had to rest seven times before fully devouring it.

After devouring it, Huo Long’s aura had completely transformed. Flames constantly erupted from it, making one impossible to see its body.

Long Chen knew this was the result of Huo Long not being able to control its new power. It needed some time to get accustomed to it.

“Oh? People arrived this quickly?”

Long Chen suddenly looked into the distance. Intense fluctuations were coming from there. He knew that most likely, someone else was subduing an Earth Flame Spirit Beast.

Long Chen wanted to take a look. Putting away Huo Long, he rushed over.

After just a bit, the fluctuations grew clearer. He quickly saw several figures fighting an Earth Flame Spirit Beast.

It was a scorpion-like beast. Because they were too far, Long Chen wasn’t able to see its unique attributes, so he couldn’t tell what Earth Flame it was.

However, just from the fluctuations, he knew that its ranking wouldn’t be too low. It was at least much stronger than the Berserk Blood Flame he had consumed. Its ranking looked to be around twenty-six or twenty-seven.

Looking toward the three disciples, he was startled by the coincidence. They were all disciples from the Divine Shield Alliance.

Two of them were on the list of people he was supposed to kill. They were Foundation Forging disciples, while the third one was a Jade Core expert.

The Jade Core expert was a rank eight Celestial. The three of them were continuously forming hand seals gravely. A blood-red rune was revolving around the Jade Core disciple’s forehead, and Blood chains were flying out at the Earth Flame Spirit Beast.

The Earth Flame Spirit Beast was currently fighting against countless flame chains, which had traces of blood within it. The Earth Flame Spirit Beast was struggling so fiercely that it looked like the chains would break at any moment.

The three of them were extremely nervous. Capturing such a powerful Earth Flame Spirit Beast was extremely dangerous for them. Therefore, they were completely focused on using their Spiritual Strength to seal this Earth Flame Spirit Beast. If they failed and it broke their seal, their souls would be permanently damaged.

Long Chen could see that it was the rank eight Celestial that was intent on subduing it. The other two were just helping.

The true power was coming from the rank eight Celestial. His manifestation was activated behind him, and his Spirit Blood had condensed in the chains.

His face was pale. Capturing such a powerful Earth Flame Spirit Beast was not easy for him, and he needed to pay a huge price. The majority of his Spirit Blood had already been exhausted.

However, as long as he succeeded in capturing it, it would be worth it. Spirit Blood could be slowly recovered, but such a powerful Earth Flame was priceless to an alchemist.

Although Pill Valley also had Earth Flames of this ranking, they were just Earth Flame seeds. Their power couldn’t compare to these Earth Flame Spirit Beasts.

If he could refine this Earth Flame Spirit Beast into an Earth Flame seed, it would be many times stronger than an ordinary Earth Flame seed. It had to be known that for alchemists, the slightest difference in the power of their Earth Flames could benefit them immensely.

The disciples who had entered the Heaven Dragon Flame Region all came prepared. They had powerful sealing arts that could be backed by the Spirit Blood to capture the Earth Flames.

This kind of sealing art wouldn’t make the Earth Flame Spirit Beast feel endangered. Instead, it would feel very comfortable. Then it wouldn’t resist so fiercely.

As the rank eight Celestial poured in his Spirit Blood, the Earth Flame Spirit Beast’s struggling weakened. Chains of Spirit Blood spread like a net, wrapping over the Earth Flame Spirit Beast in multiple layers. Now it looked like it had fallen into a slumber.

“Hahaha, success!”

The rank eight Celestial was pale and exhausted, but he was ecstatic.

He only had time for one cheer of success before a flame spear suddenly pierced through his head from behind, destroying his body and soul.

Long Chen was hidden and watching, and he had long since noticed a figure stealthily approaching. With the three of them focused on the Earth Flame Spirit Beast, they hadn’t sensed this danger. As a result, when their nerves relaxed after sealing the Earth Flame Spirit Beast, the rank eight Celestial was slain.

“Who’s there?!” The other two disciples were shocked. They hadn’t been expecting a sudden sneak attack. Furthermore, their opponent had killed one of them mercilessly.

“This Earth Flame Spirit Beast belongs to me, Master Long San! You two ants aren’t worth killing. Scram!”

The sneak attackers suddenly took off his mask, revealing Long San. Those two disciples were horrified.

“Go back and report to that idiot Jiang Zijun that he should wash his neck. I’ll be taking his head soon.” That Long San sneered at the two of them disdainfully.

The distant Long Chen stared in shock. But he quickly realized that this was an attempt to frame him. It seemed that they had been given orders to kill other disciples while impersonating him. In any case, when the time came, all those people’s deaths would be pushed onto him.

Those two disciples were terrified. Suddenly, one of them took out a sphere.

That Long San immediately stabbed his flame spear forward, destroying his arm. The sphere landed in Long San’s hand, and he sneered, “You want to summon reinforcements? Truly courting death! Since you want to die, I’ll help you out!”

That Long San suddenly let go of his spear. Flames soared into the sky, and a sea of runes appeared behind him. He was also a rank eight Celestial.

Those disciples looked at each other in dismay. Clenching their teeth, they shot off in different directions.

“Hmph, crafty,” snorted Long San. He didn’t chase. Instead, he walked toward the sealed Earth Flame Spirit Beast.

The Earth Flame Spirit Beast was bound in layers of flame chains that were like a cocoon. There were multiple layers of blood-colored runes amongst them.

Seeing it, Long San smiled. This was quite a large side benefit.

Long San had just reached out to pull it into his spiritual space when it vanished.

Suddenly, a figure appeared in front of Long San.

“Long San!?”

Long Chen looked at this incomparably shocked fellow. He sneered, “Your disguise isn’t bad. So, tell me, what do you think you’re doing?”

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