Chapter 1358 Scarlet Blood Heart Flame

“There’s no saving this bastard!” Kan Dongze couldn’t help being infuriated as he looked at where Long Chen had just been.

“Don’t care so much about a dead person. They’ve also come, so as long as you keep watch of Jiang Zijun, there definitely won’t be any problems. Everyone else has their jobs as well,” said Dan Yanxue.

The reason Dan Yanxue had rushed in here ahead of the Divine Shield Alliance’s disciples was for Long Chen to be teleported away before them. That was to avoid Jiang Zijun targeting him.

With the Divine Shield Alliance’s disciples also entering, everyone began to scatter, all of them searching for their own opportunities.

“Alright, the game of cat and mouse has begun. Remember, when you find Long San, release the signal. I want to make him live a life worse than death!” shouted Jiang Zijun to the people beside him.

By the time Jiang Zijun entered, Dan Yanxue and the others had already rushed away. He knew that Dan Yanxue and the others wouldn’t just watch as he killed Long San so easily, so he decided to let them take this early lead so they could start this game of cat and mouse.

“Yes!” All the Divine Shield Alliance’s disciples scattered. They had even more people than the Divine Spear Alliance, and their chances of running into Long Chen were greater, especially with them having been given the order to hunt down Long Chen as their top priority.

As for looking for Earth Flames, that could be done slowly. In any case, the Heaven Dragon Flame Region would be open for a month. Although it was huge, and a month’s time wasn’t even close to being enough to reach its edge, they all started from the same spot. For this many people to look for one person instead of Earth Flames made it very easy for them to stumble into either of them.

Just at this moment, the large Qu Dajiang also entered.

“Brother Qu, if you encounter Long San, I hope you won’t kill him immediately. I have even better ways to handle him and make him feel just how luxurious death is,” said Jiang Zijun.

“That’s up to Long San’s luck. When I attack, my aim is to kill. But I am interested in this suggestion. Goodbye.” Qu Dajiang was indifferent. Flames erupted out of him, and a pair of flame wings appeared on his back. He rushed off like a shooting star.

The Flame Divine Palace’s disciples entered the Heaven Dragon Flame Region, all of them excitedly rushing off to find their own opportunities.

On the other side of the transportation formation, the Pill Fairy was slowly walking away when she paused and looked back.

She suddenly recalled where she had heard the name Qu Dajiang.

“Big sister, what is it?” asked Wan Qing.

“It’s nothing. Let’s go back.”

The Pill Fairy shook her head and led Wan Qing away, but worry still lingered on her face. It was no wonder she had felt Qu Dajiang to be familiar. He was Qu Chunsheng’s half-brother. One of them walked the path of the alchemist, while one walked the path of a flame cultivator. And even amongst flame cultivators, Qu Dajiang was extremely terrifying. He was a rank nine Celestial.

Long Chen had slain his brother, Qu Chunsheng, and now Qu Dajiang had entered the Heaven Dragon Flame Region. His goal was obvious.

However, they had already entered, and it was impossible for her to stop them. The only one Long San could rely on was himself.

Space shook, and Long Chen appeared atop a mountain, which composed entirely of rock. The mountain had some faint crevices in an almost honeycomb-like fashion.

This was the result of the flame energy constantly washing over it. A burning smell still lingered in the air.

Looking out from this high mountain, he saw a sea of lava around him. Well... it was more like a swamp of lava. But he couldn’t see far because the heat caused space to twist, cutting his effective visual range to about ten miles.

“For me to be able to teleport within such an unstable space, Pill Valley really cares about me.” Long Chen chortled. That ancient teleportation talisman he had just used was an absolute treasure. The talisman cultivators of today couldn’t possibly create such a talisman.

In order to allow Long Chen to get a head start, Pill Valley had given him such a precious talisman. That showed just how highly they viewed him.

“I shouldn’t be in a rush to get to the original tablet. I have to subdue some Earth Flames first. Those bastards all have stronger Earth Flames than mine. It’d be troublesome to run into them as I am now.”

Long Chen looked at his surroundings and then checked with the map the Pill Fairy had given him. He realized that he was just a thousand miles from the transportation point.

“What the? Didn’t that say it could send me up to ten thousand miles away? Tch, it’s definitely my bad luck again.”

Long Chen extended a hand, and Huo Long appeared. He jumped onto Huo Long’s back and they rushed off.

“Huo Long, share your line of sight with me.” Through Huo Long’s senses, Long Chen was able to see even further within this fiery space.

Within the Heaven Dragon Flame Region, his sight and Spiritual Strength were suppressed. But Huo Long was like a fish in water here. If he hadn’t told Huo Long not to cause a disturbance, it’d probably be roaring excitedly.

The air was filled with dense flame energy, which was the best nourishment to Huo Long. It was like dense spiritual qi to cultivators.

Long Chen rushed off with Huo Long for six hours. Within the Heaven Dragon Flame Region, Huo Long’s speed was extremely terrifying.

They had traveled a great distance, yet when he checked the map, he found that this great distance was absolutely nothing compared to the Heaven Dragon Flame Region as a whole.

They were in the midst of traveling when a roar came from below them. A huge figure charged out at Huo Long.

It was an Earth Flame Spirit Beast in the shape of a flame python. It emitted a powerful pressure.

“Huo Long, don’t stand on courtesy. Eat it.” Long Chen laughed. This was a feast for Huo Long.

Huo Long, who had originally kept its size to just three hundred meters long, suddenly grew explosively. Previously, Long Chen had told it to conceal its aura so it wouldn’t be so easily sensed. But now was the time to start drawing the attention of the Earth Flames.

The flame python’s size was less than a tenth of Huo Long’s thirty thousand meters. It was instantly devoured.

Huo Long’s body suddenly flashed as it instantly absorbed all its energy. Its aura also increased in power.

“That Earth Flame Spirit Beast probably wasn’t ranked very high. Furthermore, it wasn’t fully matured. Huo Long, let’s continue eating.”

Long Chen and Huo Long continued. With Huo Long no longer needing to conceal its aura, it began to run rampant throughout this region, seeking to draw more Earth Flames.

“Oh, we’ve been noticed?”

Perhaps it had been drawn over by Huo Long’s provocation, but a terrifying aura suddenly began to rush over to their location.

A huge flame leopard suddenly leaped out of the twisting space. It was as large as a mountain, and the pressure coming from it made Long Chen’s heart shake.

This flame leopard had copper coin-like patterns all over its body. Each one of those copper coins had a blood-colored flower at the center.

“Ranked nineteenth on the Earth Flame Rankings - the Scarlet Blood Heart Flame?”

This was a treasure that delighted Long Chen. He hadn’t expected to be so lucky as to run into a top twenty Earth Flame so quickly.

The flame leopard charged forward like a violent Magical Beast, its fur bristling. It sent a claw at Huo Long, while Huo Long met it head-on. As a result, Huo Long was blown apart into runes by the claw.

Huo Long was unable to even bear a single attack from the flame leopard. This fact shocked Long Chen.

It had to be known that during this time, Huo Long had been absorbing a huge amount of Earth Flame essence. Its power had risen greatly, and yet this flame leopard still out-classed it. It was truly worthy of being ranked nineteenth on the Earth Flame Ranking.

A fierce roar rang out as Huo Long condensed again. It attacked the flame leopard.

Fierce collisions shook the world. This was the most primitive kind of battle. There was no technique as they simply collided again and again.

Huo Long’s technique and flexibility were definitely a hundred times better than this flame leopard, but the difference in flame energy was too great for it to take advantage of that. In just a moment, it was torn in two by the flame leopard. After reforming, Huo Long’s power dropped slightly, and it let out a furious roar. It was powerless against the flame leopard.

“Huo Long, don’t panic. Stall it!” Long Chen had been closely observing the flame leopard. This natural existence was truly powerful. Ordinary Jade Core experts would be unable to even approach it before being incinerated.

It wasn’t that Huo Long wasn’t strong, but that this fellow was too terrifying. However, natural existences formed by the heavens always had a fatal weakness. They didn’t have brains.

Long Chen formed hand seals and began to chant. Countless flame runes crazily gathered at an unprecedented rate.

“This is…” Long Chen was shocked. The Nirvana Scripture was many times stronger here than in the outside world. Practically, all the flame energy suddenly became like obedient housepets rushing over to assist him.

He was surprised, but he didn’t bother with that for now. Huo Long was already starting to break apart again.

Flame chains condensed in the air, each one of them several meters thick. They came from every direction, surrounding the flame leopard.

“Pill Valley’s flame arts are truly powerful!” 

Long Chen was delighted. Sensing the power of these flame chains, Long Chen profoundly experienced the terror of Pill Valley.

“Heaven Earth Prison!” These chains suddenly became like millions of serpents, forming a huge cage that enveloped both the flame leopard and Huo Long.

Huo Long immediately vanished as Long Chen called it back. The cage now tightened around the flame leopard.

“Twisting Flame Deathblow!”

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