Chapter 1358 Scarlet Blood Heart Flame (Teaser)

“There’s no saving this bastard!” Kan Dongze couldn’t help being infuriated as he looked at where Long Chen had just been.

“Don’t care so much about a dead person. They’ve also come, so as long as you keep watch of Jiang Zijun, there definitely won’t be any problems. Everyone else has their jobs as well,” said Dan Yanxue.

The reason Dan Yanxue had rushed in here ahead of the Divine Shield Alliance’s disciples was for Long Chen to be teleported away before them. That was to avoid Jiang Zijun targeting him.

With the Divine Shield Alliance’s disciples also entering, everyone began to scatter, all of them searching for their own opportunities.

“Alright, the game of cat and mouse has begun. Remember, when you find Long San, release the signal. I want to make him live a life worse than death!” shouted Jiang Zijun to the people beside him.

By the time Jiang Zijun entered, Dan Yanxue and the others had already rushed away. He knew that Dan Yanxue and the others wouldn’t just watch as he killed...

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