Chapter 1357 Entering the Heaven Dragon Flame Region

The Pill Fairy walked gracefully over. Despite having seen her before, many of these disciples had their breath taken away by her. All the men stared worshipfully at this unmatched beauty.

The group the Pill Fairy had come with consisted of neutral disciples within the Divine Pill Hall. For her to come with them expressed that she had fully cut ties with the Divine Shield Alliance. That made the Divine Shield Alliance’s disciples sigh ruefully.

Dan Yanxue’s gaze became much sharper. She was also a beauty, and although she couldn’t count as a beauty that could cause the collapse of a nation, her figure and grand air were enough to infatuate men. However, her innate arrogance made others uncomfortable around her.

In comparison, the Pill Fairy was far more beautiful and didn’t possess any arrogance. She was warm and friendly. That was something that made others respect her naturally. What people revered wasn’t her position or her beauty, but that noble moral character.

There was no way to compare the two. Even if Dan Yanxue’s looks could surpass the Pill Fairy’s, she couldn’t learn the Pill Fairy’s noble bearing. That was an inner quality.

While others also felt Dan Yanxue to be a beauty, now that the Pill Fairy was also present, she lost her luster.

Although Dan Yanxue did her best to conceal her jealousy, Long Chen easily saw through her act.

“Big brother, be careful. I heard others will make things hard on you.” Wan Qing stood by the Pill Fairy’s side. She shyly spoke to Long Chen, seeming afraid.

Due to the scuffle in the inner sect, she was now afraid of Jiang Zijun.

Jiang Zijun’s expression sank, and he glared at her, causing her to immediately hide behind the Pill Fairy.

Long Chen walked over and gently rubbed her head. He was smiling. “Don’t worry, didn’t I tell you that I’m a descendant of the grand Warriors of the Starry Sky? My power is limitless. These fellows that want to target me are all trash. I can kill them with just a fart.”

“Big brother, you’re just bragging! I don’t believe you,” laughed Wan Qing.

The Pill Fairy couldn’t help but shake her head. Long San truly dared to say anything. Although his way of speaking was a bit crude, his unrestrained character made him feel easier to get close to.

Jiang Zijun’s expression immediately sank upon hearing Wan Qing’s laughter. Long San was looking down on them.

One of the Divine Shield Alliance’s disciples lost his temper and pointed at Long Chen, cursing, “Long San, you-!”

Pow. Long Chen swung his hand and slapped him in the face.

“Do you think the name Long San is something you can say? Call me Master Long!” declared Long Chen.

However, as soon as he slapped him, he regretted it. Long Chen had forgotten that he had reached the great circle of Foundation Forging. His cultivation base had advanced by an immense amount.

Although he hadn’t used his spiritual yuan to support his slap, the pure power of his physical body had risen greatly. With just his lightest force, that disciple’s head almost exploded.

Fortunately, the disciple’s Pill Flame had automatically protected him when he had sensed the danger. Otherwise, this slap would have killed him.

His head was deformed, looking almost like a cracked egg. He hastily used his Heavenly Dao energy to heal and consumed a medicinal pill. Although he quickly recovered, that didn’t change the fact that he had almost died just now. Long Chen’s slap had replaced his fury with terror.

“Long San, you’re courting death!” roared Jiang Zijun.

“I’ve been courting death for a long time, but no one has managed to kill me. As for you? You’re not even fit to try,” snorted Long Chen.

“Long San, be careful in the Heaven Dragon Flame Region. Jiang Zijun will definitely try to kill you inside. Although he’s not a pure flame cultivator, he can use the pressure of a rank nine Celestial and the power of his Earth Flame. You aren’t his match,” warned the Pill Fairy through a spiritual message.

“Yes, I understand. I won’t do anything stupid,” responded Long Chen in the same manner.

With the curse afflicting his body, not even the Pill Fairy could sense his true power. All she could sense was his powerful Spiritual Strength and his powerful body.

However, just those two points were not enough. His Earth Flame was ranked outside the top thirty. He would definitely be suppressed by Jiang Zijun.

“I’ll transmit the location of the Nirvana Scripture’s original tablet, as well as a detailed map of the Heaven Dragon Flame Region, to you,” said the Pill Fairy. An image suddenly appeared in Long Chen’s mind. It was a map marked with the position of the Nirvana Scripture.

“Thank you. I’ll remember this favor.” Long Chen was truly grateful. The Pill Fairy had helped him out immensely.

It had to be known that this opening of the Heaven Dragon Flame Region was for disciples to test their luck. Pill Valley didn’t offer the disciples maps.

The two of them were communicating with spiritual messages. From the outside, it looked like they were staring deeply into each other’s eyes. Suddenly, the sound of countless hearts shattering rang out.

Even Kan Dongze’s gaze turned a bit cold. Within Pill Valley, every male disciple worshipped the Pill Fairy. Thus, for her to express special treatment to Long Chen made them almost go insane with jealousy.

However, Kan Dongze’s lips then curled. He noticed a certain person looking like he was about to explode. Yes, it was Jiang Zijun.

“Don’t just look at that woman. Remember, you’re in charge of looking after Jiang Zijun in the Heaven Dragon Flame Region. Don’t let him slaughter Long San right at the beginning. If that happened, our plans would just be a huge joke,” warned Dan Yanxue.

“I know. It’ll be no problem.” Kan Dongze nodded. He didn’t need this reminder.

“Don’t forget to arrange for the others,” continued Dan Yanxue.

“It has been arranged. Once they enter the Heaven Dragon Flame Region, they’ll find their own targets. It’ll be easy for them to take Long San’s face and kill their targets.”

Dan Yanxue nodded. She no longer said anything in case anyone noticed.

Just at this moment, another group of disciples walked over, and Long Chen was slightly startled. These disciples were powerful. They had intense flame fluctuations coming off of them. Furthermore, they emitted a battle aura that the Divine Pill Hall’s disciples didn’t possess. These were flame cultivators that had seen a true bloody battlefield.

The majority of them were in the Jade Core realm, and they had extremely powerful auras. Their leader was a large man. With his sideburns and bronze eyes, he looked very ferocious. However, he seemed tired, like he had just rushed over from the outside world.

In fact, many of these people looked as travel-weary as him. They had clearly rushed over from some place outside Pill Valley, returning specifically for the Heaven Dragon Flame Region.

The opening of the Heaven Dragon Flame Region was a benefit that Pill Valley gave its disciples. It had Earth Flame Spirit Beasts that they could subdue. As for what kind of Earth Flame they got, it would be up to their luck and power.

The top twenty Earth Flames could not be exchanged with merit points inside Pill Valley. If a disciple wanted such a thing, they would need to find it themselves, usually in the Heaven Dragon Flame Region.

Even Kan Dongze, Dan Yanxue, and Jiang Zijun were using flames outside the top twenty of Earth Flames Ranking.

A portion of these people had entered the Heaven Dragon Flame Region before, but their luck hadn’t been good and they hadn’t gained any suitable Earth Flames. It had to be known that Earth Flames that were too powerful weren’t existences they could subdue. Instead, there was the danger of them dying.

According to Pill Valley’s rules, Jade Core disciples and below had three chances to enter the Heaven Dragon Flame Region. If they didn’t obtain anything in those three attempts, it could only be said that they had no destiny with the Heaven Dragon Flame Region. In the future, they probably wouldn’t have much more room for growth if they couldn’t find a powerful Earth Flame, and so Pill Valley might just abandon them.

The Pill Fairy was naturally an exception. She possessed an innate divine flame and didn’t need to subdue Earth Flames. So she wasn’t entering the Heaven Dragon Flame Region.

“Are you the Pill Fairy? I am Qu Dajiang. Well met.” The large man cupped his fists to the Pill Fairy. His voice was like a roaring flood.

Long Chen’s heart shook. Based on this person’s aura, he probably also specialized in power. He hadn’t expected there to be a flame cultivator with such a powerful physical body.

“Senior apprentice-brother Qu is too courteous,” responded the Pill Fairy.

The Pill Fairy felt like she had heard his name before, but she couldn’t remember.

After greeting the Pill Fairy, Qu Dajiang didn’t say anything else. He found a place to close his eyes and rest.

The atmosphere became a bit strange. It was like there was an undercurrent flowing within the air, making it hard for them to breathe.

Just at this moment, the transportation formation lit up, forming a large barrier. Powerful spatial fluctuations came from within the barrier.

The Heaven Dragon Flame Region was its own minor world. It wasn’t within the Martial Heaven Continent. To reach it, they had to go through this transportation formation.

“Let’s go.” Kan Dongze led his people in.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine!” Long Chen waved to the Pill Fairy and Wan Qing, clenching his fist to express victory to them as he hastily followed Kan Dongze and Dan Yanxue.

They had only just stepped into the transportation formation when the world spun around them. Long Chen felt like he had entered a stove. Waves of heat assaulted him. An ordinary person would ignite just from breathing here.

Even he had to circulate his flame energy to protect himself. Otherwise, his robes would be incinerated.

When the world stopped spinning, he saw a sea of lava. In the distance were high mountains, yet they also didn’t seem like mountains. Instead, they were like islands rolling on the lava. Everything here was filled with dense flame energy.

“Long San, hurry and go,” said Kan Dongze.

“Don’t think you can order me around. I’ll leave whenever I want,” sneered Long Chen. He crushed a teleportation talisman and instantly disappeared from their sight.

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