Chapter 1356 The Great Circle of Foundation Forging (Teaser)

Long Chen had absorbed every last drop of the Yuan Spirit Divine Pool, allowing him to finally reach the peak of the twelfth Heavenstage of Foundation Forging.

He was just one step away from the Jade Core realm. At this time, his 108,000 immortal platforms were once more compressed by some energy, turning into spheres. These spheres were covered in his original runes.

This was something that occurred when normal cultivators attacked the Jade Core realm. Their immortal platforms would turn spherical as they prepared to condense the divine core.

Right now, the only thing remaining for him to do was to strip off his original runes. Then he could step into the Jade Core realm.

These runes were like a layer of protection for the energy inside. Once they were stripped off, through the baptism of lightning, his divine core would truly form.

Right now, Long Chen was at the great circle of Foundation Forging and could also count as being at the half-step Jade Core realm. But at the same time as he was delighted over this, he was also filled with horror.

That horror was directed at the amount of energy...

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