Chapter 1355 Not Leaving a Single Drop (Teaser)

“Long San, this is my final warning! Don’t treat me as an errand boy!”

Elder Zhu was infuriated. His eyes were scarlet. Ever since he had taken over Long San, Long San had treated him like a dog, shouting at him to do this and do that. Now, he finally lost his temper.

Elder Zhu had originally been working hard to look after Long San because of his desire to become a Tower Master. Long San was his hope of soaring in the future.

He had looked after Long San even better than he looked after his father. But Long San’s attitude was absolutely infuriating. He actually treated him as an errand boy.

He always shouted orders at him. Although he knew this was a result of Long San’s confidence inflating and the signs of a heart-devil, and he did his best not to care, he had finally reached his limit. 

“This is Pill Valley’s Yuan Spirit Divine Pool. Go inside and absorb as much as you want. Once you’re done, you can scram. No one is here to look after you. I’m not waiting for you today!” roared Elder Zhu furiously after bringing Long Chen to a room. He slammed the stone...

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