Chapter 1355 Not Leaving a Single Drop

“Long San, this is my final warning! Don’t treat me as an errand boy!”

Elder Zhu was infuriated. His eyes were scarlet. Ever since he had taken over Long San, Long San had treated him like a dog, shouting at him to do this and do that. Now, he finally lost his temper.

Elder Zhu had originally been working hard to look after Long San because of his desire to become a Tower Master. Long San was his hope of soaring in the future.

He had looked after Long San even better than he looked after his father. But Long San’s attitude was absolutely infuriating. He actually treated him as an errand boy.

He always shouted orders at him. Although he knew this was a result of Long San’s confidence inflating and the signs of a heart-devil, and he did his best not to care, he had finally reached his limit. 

“This is Pill Valley’s Yuan Spirit Divine Pool. Go inside and absorb as much as you want. Once you’re done, you can scram. No one is here to look after you. I’m not waiting for you today!” roared Elder Zhu furiously after bringing Long Chen to a room. He slammed the stone door behind him and left.

Long Chen stared at him dumbfoundedly. What was with this old man? Hadn’t they been getting along perfectly well before? Could it be that he hadn’t performed well in his dual cultivation last night?

This place was under Pill Valley, and there was a deep pool thousands of meters long here. The pool was completely full, containing a terrifying amount of yuan spiritual energy.

This was one of Pill Valley’s Yuan Spirit Divine Pools, and this liquid was Yuan Spirit Divine Elixir. The Foundation Forging disciples could absorb it to establish their immortal platforms.

This Yuan Spirit Divine Elixir had been accumulating for countless years. A formation at the bottom of the pool extracted heaven and earth’s yuan spiritual energy to form it.

In truth, this Yuan Spirit Divine Elixir was not as pure as the energy within yuan spirit stones. After all, yuan spirit stones were natural treasures, while this Yuan Spirit Divine Elixir was artificial.

Pill Valley’s disciples didn’t care too much about cultivation base, and Foundation Forging disciples in Pill Valley actually worried about their cultivation bases rising too quickly, so they never used this Yuan Spirit Divine Elixir.

So while this pool might be a priceless treasure to the outside world’s sects, it was essentially useless to Pill Valley.

If Pill Valley wasn’t already so wealthy, they would just sell this off. Just the money they would get from this Yuan Spirit Divine Pool was enough to drown others.

“Not bad. It’s like this place was specifically prepared for me!”

Long Chen jumped right into the pool. He found that the pool was several miles deep, and a huge formation at its bottom was drawing energy from the world and into the pool.


The four qi seas and 108,000 immortal platforms in Long Chen’s body began to revolve. Flame energy enveloped his body and began to crazily absorb the yuan spiritual energy around him.

If Long Chen used the divine ring, his absorption would be much faster, but with the curse, he could only use his flame energy to absorb the yuan spiritual energy.

Chanting appeared. As he used the Nirvana Scripture, a blood-colored ring appeared behind him.

That was his attempt at using his flame energy to mimic his divine ring. The Yuan Spirit Divine Elixir here was not water and wasn’t affected by this ring of fire.

The ring of fire began to revolve. Although it wasn’t as effective as the real divine ring, it was still effective, like a gaping maw devouring the Yuan Spirit Divine Elixir.

The energy was then absorbed by his 108,000 immortal platforms. Long Chen’s body began to shine and emit a sacred air.

Elder Zhu had left furiously and simply sent a few people to guard the entrance, not allowing anyone to disturb Long Chen. 

He didn’t realize that his furious departure only benefited Long Chen. The huge pool began to descend at a rate visible to the naked eye.


Long Chen’s immortal platforms shook and once more rose a level. Huge waves raged in the pool.

“Haha, the tenth Heavenstage.”

Long Chen was delighted, but in an instant, his expression changed. After reaching the tenth Heavenstage, he found that circulating his immortal platforms caused his meridians to swell slightly.

“It seems my physical body still isn’t strong enough. It can’t bear the power of my 108,000 immortal platforms. Well, I can’t be bothered. In any case, I can’t use my divine ring or battle armor either. I’ll just have to be a flame cultivator for now.”

Long Chen couldn’t be bothered with the problem of his physical body right now. He continued to absorb energy.

After reaching the tenth Heavenstage, his rate of absorption also increased. The Yuan Spirit Divine Pool was dropping rapidly. Now it was dropping foot by foot.


Long Chen’s body shook once more as he reached the eleventh Heavenstage. Although Long Chen didn’t circulate the power of his immortal platforms intentionally, they activated on their own when he advanced.

Despite his best effort to control it, a burst of pain still came from his meridians. It was like millions of needles were stabbing them.

Long Chen didn’t give a damn. Clenching his teeth, he continued to absorb energy. He didn’t even know how terrifying the energy in his immortal platforms was now, but he knew that even without the Underworld Soul Ghost Curse, his body wouldn’t be able to bear using it.

His immortal platforms were different from other people’s. The runes in his body contained two kinds of energy. One energy supported his physical body, while the other was similar to the energy of his qi seas. These two energies supported each other and could unleash immense energy combined.

However, right now, he couldn’t use the first energy since his physical body couldn’t bear it. He could only use the second.


After an unknown amount of time, the water level drastically sank once more. Long Chen coughed up blood multiple times as cracks appeared on his body.

“Fuck, how dangerous. I almost exploded.”

Long Chen had almost exploded from the power of his immortal platforms when he advanced to the twelfth Heavenstage. There had been no way to control them.

His originally cylindrical immortal platforms suddenly compressed, shrinking one whole level.

When his pillar-like immortal platforms were compressed, they suddenly unleashed a terrifying wave of energy that almost killed him.

“It seems I really went a bit too far this time. If I died like this, I wouldn’t even have a place to cry.”

Long Chen shivered thinking about what had just happened. But he had managed to survive it and he continued to absorb energy.

Elder Zhu waited three days, but he didn’t see Long San come out. He became impatient.

According to reason, Long San should have come out in just a day. After all, his cultivation base was already at the ninth Heavenstage of Foundation Forging. To absorb the Yuan Spirit Divine Elixir to reach the great circle of Foundation Forging shouldn’t take so long.

However, he refused to go inside to get Long San because he felt that Long San was very likely trying to play a trick on him. He had previously said that Long San should come out on his own and that no one was serving him. If he went in to get Long San, he would be slapping himself in the face and mocked by Long San.

Elder Zhu had had his own goal in shouting at Long San. Long San’s ego had inflated dangerously, and he needed to be taught a lesson.

However, three days were too long. Just as Elder Zhu was hesitating over whether or not Long San was doing this on purpose, an explosive sound came from within, and the ground violently shook. He immediately rushed in without bothering about his previous worries.

When he opened the stone door and looked inside, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Protector Zhuo, bad news!”

“What happened?”

Elder Zhu nervously ran into Zhuo Tianxiang’s room.

“Reporting to Protector Zhuo, Long San… he… he absorbed all the Yuan Spirit Divine Elixir.” Elder Zhu’s voice quivered. He knew that the Yuan Spirit Divine Pool wasn’t very important to Pill Valley’s disciples, but it was still a huge amount of wealth.

“What nonsense! That’s impossible!” Zhuo Tianxiang was enraged. The Yuan Spirit Divine Elixir had been accumulating for over a hundred thousand years. Even a million Foundation Forging disciples wouldn’t be able to absorb it all.

“It’s true. I personally saw it. That Long San absorbed all of it, not leaving even a single drop.” Elder Zhu had an urge to cry.

When he had charged in, he had managed to see Long San absorb the remaining bit. He had personally witnessed the final dregs entering his body.

“This is impossible. That bastard must have stolen it secretly. There’s really no saving this idiot.” Zhuo Tianxiang sneered. Even if he was beaten to death, he wouldn’t believe that a single person could absorb the stock that Pill Valley had been accumulating for over a hundred thousand years.

“That’s possible, but then what should we do? How could that bastard do something so stupid?” Elder Zhu hesitated. It was true that this was a possibility. Perhaps Long San had stolen most of the elixir before making a disturbance to draw him in. All so that he could witness Long San absorbing the final bit.

However, how could Long San do something so stupid? Was he an idiot?

“Do you want me to do a body search and add some torture?” A vicious light appeared in Elder Zhu’s eyes. He hated Long San and wished that he could properly torment him.

“No need. Long San has completely fallen under his heart-devil and turned into an idiot. His path is completely different from others. When you go back, seal the divine pool and prohibit others from entering. If disciples need to enter, say the formation needs to be repaired and that they should come later. We won’t say a word for now. Let that idiot prance about, but once he has done his job in the Heaven Dragon Flame Region, we’ll eliminate him. He won’t be able to get away with any of Pill Valley’s things. Teach him powerful flame magical arts, especially moves that exchange injury for injury. Suicidal moves would be the best. Also prepare a Nine Revolution Raging Flame Explosion Pill for him, but don’t tell him the name of the pill. Just say that once he consumes it, his power will multiply by several times,” said Zhuo Tianxiang.

“Yes. Disciple will live up to your expectations.” Elder Zhu smiled sinisterly. That Nine Revolution Raging Flame Explosion Pill would allow a person’s power to crazily soar, but once its medicinal effect passed, the consumer would only have an incense stick’s time left to enjoy their life. Thinking of how Long San would definitely die made Elder Zhu feel much happier.

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