Chapter 1354 The Terrifying Pill Fairy

Xuan Jizi hadn’t had a good time in the past few weeks. Every few days, he would have to switch locations. No matter where he went, his calculations said that he was surrounded by danger.

The thing that worried him the most was that he was unable to pinpoint the origin of this danger. That was the most terrifying part of it.

For Xuan Jizi to be unable to calculate the origin of the danger meant there were two possibilities.

One was that his opponent’s cultivation base far surpassed his own, at least by a major realm. But the entire continent didn’t even have that many people on that level, and someone like him wasn’t qualified to draw their attention.

The second possibility was that his opponent had some kind of divine item screening from the heavens, making him unable to determine their existence.

Previously, Xuan Jizi had exposed the fact that he had harmed many geniuses by placing a curse on them. Countless experts were now chasing him.

Although he could use his powerful heavenly fate arts to avoid those people, he had to pass his days in fear of being caught.

One day, he suddenly managed to calculate a ray of hope for himself. He managed to go to the Pill Tower and through the Pill Tower, he was sent to Pill Valley.

Originally, Xuan Jizi had thought that he could peacefully cultivate after arriving at Pill Valley. But then Zhuo Tianxiang had appeared and asked him if he wanted to join Pill Valley.

Xuan Jizi naturally wouldn’t refuse such a good thing. He had been sent back to the Pill Tower and secretly set up as the vice Tower Master. He was to assist in uniting the Eastern Xuan Region’s powers.

That had disappointed him a bit. He had come to Pill Valley in order to find a peaceful place, but he was sent back to the Eastern Xuan Region instead.

That also wasn’t bad. At the very least, he could hide all day in the Pill Tower and didn’t need to worry about his enemies finding him. It was safe.

However, for some unknown reason, when he arrived at the Pill Tower, he felt uneasy as if danger was about to descend upon him.

Yet, no matter how he calculated things, he was unable to find anything strange.


Just as Xuan Jizi left one of Pill Valley’s transportation formations and was on the path to the next transportation formation, a disciple wearing the Divine Pill Hall’s robes blocked his path.

Xuan Jizi was startled. Before he could speak, that disciple demanded, “Are you Xuan Jizi?”

“Yes, this old man is Xuan Jizi.” Xuan Jizi was a bit vexed that a little disciple would call him so directly. But he endured it, as this was Pill Valley.

“Hmph, old man? Can you count as an old man if you spent all your years living a dog’s life?” said that disciple disdainfully.


“Shut up! I’m the one who feels that this is a pain. I was happily cultivating when I was sent to give a message to you, you old bastard. My luck really is shit. Protector Zhuo wanted me to send this to you. Hey, what are you glaring at me for? Are you going to take it or not?! Hmph, do you need to be slapped to wake up?” The disciple took out a small case. He was in the midst of handing it to Xuan Jizi when he saw Xuan Jizi glaring at him furiously. Enraged, the disciple sent a slap at his face.

“Brat, you’re asking for it!” Xuan Jizi was completely infuriated. Even Zhuo Tianxiang hadn’t been this rude to him, but this brat was brazen enough to dare to slap him.

He extended a hand to catch the disciple’s arm, intending to twist it off. Although he didn’t dare to kill Pill Valley’s disciples, especially not disciples from the Divine Pill Hall, giving them a lesson was fine.

However, just as he was twisting that disciple’s arm, he suddenly found that it was harder than steel, unable to be moved at all. Instead, it was his own hand that twitched in pain from the effort.

“Bastard, you!”

Just at this moment, Xuan Jizi saw a strange smile on the disciple’s face. A hand pierced toward his heart as quick as lightning.

It happened so suddenly and at such a close distance that Xuan Jizi couldn’t react. The disciple’s hand pierced through his chest.

Only now did Xuan Jizi realize that this disciple actually wanted to kill him. He roared furiously, his aura erupted.

However, just at this moment, all of his Heavenly Dao energy was sucked dry. At the same time, a sharp sword slashed toward his neck.

The sword easily pierced his neck, but no blood splashed. The blood seemed to have been frozen by some strange energy.


Xuan Jizi’s head was flying into the air. He just managed to see a long-haired woman.

“Sorry. Divine Flame Slaughters Devils!”

The Pill Fairy swung her white sword. Thousands of sword-images filled the air, destroying Xuan Jizi’s head and soul.

Long Chen jumped in shock. The Pill Fairy’s core flame was actually so terrifying. She killed a Life Star expert so easily.

Flames also swept out of Long Chen’s hands, incinerating Xuan Jizi’s body. After cleaning up the battlefield, the two of them immediately left.

In just a few breaths’ time, a Life Star expert had been slain.

The two of them rushed away and found a secluded area hundreds of miles away. They sat down and took a breather. At this time, the Pill Fairy and Long Chen returned to their original appearances.

“Thank you. Without your cooperation, I wouldn’t have been able to kill him, let alone kill him without leaving a trace.” The Pill Fairy had now returned to her original appearance, and her smile was like a flower blooming.

At such a close distance, this smile made Long Chen’s heart pound. He hastily said, “It was just a bit of help. The main thing is I found that old fellow displeasing. He definitely wasn’t a good person. Killing him was as refreshing as killing one of my personal enemies.”

How could it not be refreshing? Xuan Jizi hadn’t even known what was going on as he had died.

However, Long Chen was deeply shaken by the Pill Fairy’s power. He didn’t know what technique she had used to strip Xuan Jizi of his Heavenly Dao energy. Without that ability, they wouldn’t have been able to kill him.

It had to be known that even for a rank nine Celestial, to suppress a Life Star expert while at the Jade Core realm was essentially impossible. But the Pill Fairy had done it.

Furthermore, her flame had been extremely strange. The sword condensed from her flame looked completely solid. If it didn’t possess the specific smell of raging flames, Long Chen would have thought that her sword was a real weapon.

“In truth, even without me, you would have been able to kill him,” said Long Chen.

“That’s not possible. If you hadn’t trapped him, I would have ended up empty-handed. Without killing him in one blow, he would run, and I wouldn’t be able to stop him.” The Pill Fairy shook her head.

Long Chen’s heart shook. He had just been testing her, but her reply truly shocked him.

Clearly, the Pill Fairy had the ability to defeat Life Star experts. It was just that she wouldn’t be able to keep them from running.

“Why are you staring at me like that? Are you shocked?” The Pill Fairy smiled at Long Chen’s shocked appearance.

“I was just thinking, if there comes a day when we have a falling out, will you eliminate me just as easily? It seems I don’t have the ability to defeat you.”

Long Chen bitterly smiled. Now he was really worried. What if the Pill Fairy learned of his true identity? She would definitely be a terrifying opponent. Killing him probably wouldn’t be harder than killing a chicken for her, as she was an existence that could defeat Life Star experts. That was truly terrifying.

“What nonsense, we… we’re friends. Why would we fight?” The Pill Fairy reddened and looked away. That was because the way Long Chen had put it sounded like he had been asking what would happen if they broke up.

After a moment, that redness faded and the Pill Fairy said, “Xuan Jizi was too evil. If he was used by them, he would cause endless trouble. So I had no choice but to take the risk to kill him. But to you, Long San, this is great trouble. If they learn what you have done, things won’t be good for you. It’d be better for you to stay with me. At the very least, you’ll be safe.”

Then suddenly thinking of something, the Pill Fairy hastily said, “Ah, but don’t misunderstand. I wasn’t intentionally trying to cause trouble for you. I won’t tell anyone.”

“You’re overthinking it. Since I trust you, I will trust you fully.” Long Chen smiled.

“Thank you for your trust. I, Yu Qingxuan, promise I won’t betray that trust.” The Pill Fairy was very moved. Within Pill Valley, trust was something rarely seen.

“I can’t leave Zhuo Tianxiang yet. But I promise that when both sides start fighting, I will stand on your side.”

The two of them chatted for a bit longer. When Long Chen asked what the Pill Fairy’s flame was, she didn’t hide it from him. She told him that it was a kind of bloodline divine flame. It was not an Earth Flame, but a flame that was transmitted through her bloodline.

As her cultivation base increased, it would grow stronger and she would awaken innate abilities. It was a special inheritance. It was also now that Long Chen learned a thing that dumbfounded him. Yu Qingxuan was actually the daughter of the Valley Master.

This news shocked him even more than her flame.

“How old is your father?” asked Long Chen.

“2147 years old. Hehe, seeing your shock, it seems that you don’t know. The higher the cultivation bases of the parents, the purer the bloodline of their children, and the more divine abilities can be transmitted through their bloodline.” The Pill Fairy giggled at Long Chen’s shock. Now she didn’t appear to be an aloof fairy, but an ordinary girl.


Long Chen was only able to make such an appraisal. He immediately had an urge to slap himself in the face. He had said something so cheeky.

Fortunately, the Pill Fairy hadn’t realized what Long Chen was admiring, and she thought he was admiring the purity of her bloodline.

The two of them chatted for a bit longer before stealthily returning to the Divine Pill Hall. Acting rudely, he went right up to Elder Zhu and clapped his shoulder, demanding, “I want to attack the Jade Core realm, so I need a huge amount of yuan spiritual energy. Prepare it for me right now, immediately, at this moment, instantly!”

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