Chapter 1352 Heaven Dragon Flame Region

“I… I don’t know.” Wan Qing shook her head.

The Pill Fairy now came back, holding a tray of fruit.

She had recovered her calm, but Long Chen knew that she had gone out to get the fruit as an excuse. After all, she could have just retrieved some from a storage or life ring. There was no need to go to another room.

The Pill Fairy placed the tray on a table, and using a handkerchief, she dried an apple-like fruit and handed it to Wan Qing.

This fruit was an eighth tier medicinal ingredient. After eating it, a person would feel completely refreshed. It was something that could be used to nourish the soul.

Wan Qing clearly knew just how precious it was, and it took much cajoling and encouragement from the Pill Fairy for her to take it.

On the other hand, Long Chen didn’t stand on courtesy and instantly took a big bite as if it was his in the first place.

The Pill Fairy smiled at this unruliness. It was like there were no rules that could restrict him. But this unruliness seemed innate and was not something dislikable. Instead, it made him seem sincere and trustworthy instead of pretentious.

“Long San, I’m also very curious about the origin of shooting stars. Can you tell us?” The Pill Fairy picked up a crystalline grape and placed it in her mouth.

She didn’t know why, but when she was with him, it felt like there were no rules or etiquette that she had to follow. She could be carefree and chat naturally.

“In truth, you aren’t aware of it, but the stars above our heads all have people living on them. Some experts control this starfield, and those experts are the gods and immortals we talk about. According to my memories, shooting stars are instead called flying stars. They’re huge stars in movement and are actually the same as our flying boats. Gods use these flying stars to travel… Pill Fairy, don’t laugh. This is all true.”

The Pill Fairy was again unable to contain her laughter. But with her previous experience, she managed to stifle it. It was just that holding back was difficult.

On the surface, it seemed possible that shooting stars were objects used to travel through the cosmos. After all, the speed at which they flew through space made it seem like they were used for travel.

Seeing the Pill Fairy was quiet, Long Chen cleared his throat. “However, Wan Qing, don’t worry. I’m not strong enough right now, but once I become a true Warrior of the Starry Sky, I promise to buy you a shooting star to play with!”

“Shooting stars can be bought?” Wan Qing asked in amazement.

“As long as it has substance, it has value and can be bought.”

Wan Qing actually believed Long Chen’s nonsense and obediently nodded. But then she suddenly recalled that she hadn’t finished her coursework for today, and she hastily rushed off to study alchemy.

The Pill Fairy was unable to bestow her with a disciple badge of the Divine Pill Hall. However, no one had the qualifications to prevent her from accepting a worker. That was because her status was so high.

“You really know how to talk nonsense. Even I almost believed it.” When Wan Qing was gone and it was just the Pill Fairy and Long Chen, the Pill Fairy finally laughed.

“Yup. Even I almost believed myself.” Long Chen sighed. To be able to brag to the point where even you believed your bragging was also a kind of realm.

“Long San, you feel different compared to others. Being with you is interesting. With your humor, wit, and kindness, you should have many girls after you, right?”

Now that it was just the two of them, the atmosphere lightened. The Pill Fairy took out a jug of fruit wine and poured it into cups.

“I suppose. I have many beauties, but even more hot-blooded brothers.” Long Chen raised the cup and smelled the fruit wine. It wasn’t bad. He actually smelled something familiar about it.

He realized that this familiarity reminded him of the Wine God Palace. It seemed that Pill Valley had managed to secretly learn a few things from the Wine God Palace from their cooperation back then. However, the true skills still rested with the Wine God Palace.

Long Chen directly told the Pill Fairy the truth. After just their few interactions, he had surprisingly felt that he could completely trust the Pill Fairy. He didn’t bother lying to cover his identity.

The Pill Fairy stared at him, while Long Chen also surprised himself. The hand with which she was pouring the wine quivered, and her eyes contained shock, as well as gratitude.

“Thank you for trusting me.” A faint redness appeared on her face.

Long Chen quickly realized that the Pill Fairy had investigated the background of Long San. Considering the competition between the conservative faction and the radical faction, both sides definitely kept a tight watch over the other. The information behind Long San had probably been memorized by the Pill Fairy.

This information was based on Zhuo Tianxiang’s investigation into Long Chen. According to his soulsearch and investigation, Long San didn’t have any friends or lovers. For Long Chen to say such a thing now, it was clear that he wasn’t concealing anything from the Pill Fairy.

Long Chen also didn’t know why he would say such a thing. But unexpectedly, this ended up winning him the Pill Fairy’s trust. The two of them ended up closer than before.

“It’s strange for me to say this, but for some reason, when I first saw you, I felt a kind of familiarity with you. My intuition told me that you weren’t a bad person, but you were hiding huge secrets. You should have your own goal in coming to Pill Valley. That’s fine. I just hope you won’t help them. I’m not saying that because of the conservative faction, but because of Pill Valley and the entire continent. Once they gain power, the entire world will be thrown into chaos, and a rain of blood will pour over the cultivation world. Long San, you’re a good person. Otherwise, you would neither get vengeance for Duan Tianqiao, help some random girl, nor entrust your life to someone you don’t even know that well. I don’t think that we’ll be enemies. I’m not asking you to stand on my side, but please don’t help them. That would put me in a difficult spot,” implored the Pill Fairy. Under her beautiful eyes, even someone with a heart of steel would soften.

“Thank you as well. I truly do have my own goal here in Pill Valley, and I also don’t want to be enemies with you. As for my relationship with them, I’ll definitely have to give them an ‘explanation’. But I guarantee I won’t make things hard on you,” promised Long Chen.

Long Chen felt that the Pill Fairy was a very kind person. She possessed her own terrifying martial might, but she didn’t use that to bully the weak.

Moreover, she didn’t have the slightest arrogant attitude. Compared to the beauty Dan Yanxue, well, Dan Yanxue wasn’t even qualified to be compared to her. The Pill Fairy possessed a natural charismatic air.

Although Long Chen didn’t agree to leave his faction, his promise still brightened her mood.

“A gentleman’s words can be trusted. Let us clasp hands as our promise.” The Pill Fairy extended a pure, jade-like hand.

“Alright. While I’m no gentleman, I definitely won’t break my promises.”

Long Chen also extended a hand. After lightly clasping hands, this oath was fully established.

The Pill Fairy clearly became much more relaxed. “Long San, if you have any difficulties, you can tell me. As long as I’m capable of it, I’ll help you.”

Long Chen’s heart began to pound. The Pill Fairy was Pill Valley’s number one figure amongst the junior generation. Furthermore, her background was terrifying. Perhaps it really was possible for her.

“I won’t hide the truth from you. What I want is to cultivate the second volume of the Nirvana Scripture,” said Long Chen. Perhaps he could reach his goal through the Pill Fairy instead of being used by Zhuo Tianxiang.

To obtain the Nirvana Scripture from Zhuo Tianxiang’s side would be very difficult. He didn’t even know how high his chances were of succeeding. He had always been worried about this.

The Pill Fairy knitted her brows and frowned. “I have cultivated the second volume of the Nirvana Scripture, but I am unable to transmit it to you. Even if I betrayed the teachings of my ancestors and wanted to teach it to you, my cultivation base is not high enough to do so.”

Long Chen’s heart sank. Even the Pill Fairy was powerless to help. Then it seemed it would be even more difficult than he had thought to obtain it from Zhuo Tianxiang.

However, the Pill Fairy then said, “But don’t be disappointed. In just over a month, the Heaven Dragon Flame Region will be opened. Once you enter the Heaven Dragon Flame Region, you’ll have a chance to come into contact with the second volume of the Nirvana Scripture.”

“The Heaven Dragon Flame Region? What’s that?” asked Long Chen, delighted.

“The Heaven Dragon Flame Region is Pill Valley’s ancestral land. It is a corner of a broken world and a land of flames. There are Earth Flame Spirit Beasts roaming around, and disciples are able to go and try to subdue them. This is a benefit given to disciples once every three years. However, only the top three hundred disciples of the Divine Pill Hall and the top five hundred of the Flame Divine Palace are qualified to enter,” said the Pill Fairy.

The Flame Divine Palace was something Long Chen knew about. Pill Valley had alchemists and flame cultivators. The Divine Pill Hall was for the best alchemists, while the Divine Flame Palace was where the flame cultivators gathered. Elder Zhu came from the Flame Divine Palace.

“Within the depths of the Heaven Dragon Flame Region is the Flame God Tablet. The second volume of the Nirvana Scripture is inscribed on it. However, the tablet’s immortal characters are different from the immortal characters most people are familiar with these days. I’m worried that even if you see it, you won’t be able to understand what’s written,” said the Pill Fairy apologetically. Those characters on the tablet were incredibly difficult to understand. The second volume of the Nirvana Scripture that Pill Valley used was a translation of that original inscription. But most likely, there was quite a bit of deviation between their translation and the original.

“The Heaven Dragon Flame Region, eh? I’ll definitely have to take a look. Thank you, Pill Fairy. To thank you, how about I bring you out to play?” Long Chen stood up, prepared to go back to cultivating. He merely tossed out a joke.


However, Long Chen’s joke wasn’t declined by the Pill Fairy. Unexpectedly, she agreed.

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