Chapter 1351 White Flame

“Yu Qingxuan, have you really fallen for this bumpkin?! Why must you always go against me for him?!”

Jiang Zijun let out a furious roar, his eyes about to explode into flames. Long Chen and the Pill Fairy were each holding one of Wan Qing’s hands, as if they were a family. Jiang Zijun felt insane.

Originally, he had been delighted to see Long Chen try to challenge him. He would finally get a chance to kill him. But this good thing had been ruined by the Pill Fairy.

“Jiang Zijun, you are no longer the old you. Your wild ambitions have inflated, and a shadow has been cast over your heart. The Divine Shield Alliance has also lost its old flavor, and I’m powerless to do anything about it. However, I have neither any intention of changing anything, nor am I intentionally going against you. What I’m doing is simply what I want to do. My heart will always be on the side of Pill Valley. So there’s no logic in you saying I’m constantly going against you. Furthermore, your actions today have truly disappointed me. Get out of my way!” The Pill Fairy shook her head at the sinister Jiang Zijun.

The Pill Fairy had neither good nor bad feelings for Jiang Zijun. But after Long San had come, Jiang Zijun had changed, becoming foreign and loathsome to her.

The matter of Qu Chunsheng hounding Duan Tianqiao to death definitely had Jiang Zijun’s shadow behind it. Now Jiang Zijun had even drawn in an innocent girl because of Long Chen. This was truly unacceptable.

If they hadn’t spent so many years on the same side, the Pill Fairy might really become furious with Jiang Zijun. His actions were just too vile.

“Long San, I’ll kill you! All of this is your fault!”

Flames exploded from Jiang Zijun, but just at that moment, an icy-cold white flame sword pressed against his neck.

Jiang Zijun instantly stood still, and Long Chen was shocked. A sword had appeared in the Pill Fairy’s hands, a sword condensed of white flame runes.

The most shocking thing was that this flame, despite incinerating the air around it, contained a strange coldness to it.

“What is that?”

Long Chen had never seen such an Earth Flame. He didn’t sense the slightest pressure from it, and yet his hair stood on end. It definitely posed a fatal danger to him.

Regretfully, his Pill Sovereign memories didn’t have any information about Earth Flames.

“Qingxuan, I don’t believe you dare to kill me.”

Jiang Zijun had a complicated expression as the Pill Fairy held her sword to his neck. His expression was one combined of anger, pain, and despair.

“I also don’t know if I’ll kill you. But if you continue to act like this, then sooner or later, a day when you die to my hands will come. A shadow has consumed your heart, and you’ve lost the reasoning a normal person should possess. I drew my sword today not to kill you, but to warn you. If you continue on this course, I won’t hesitate next time.”

The white flame sword transformed into runes and merged back into the Pill Fairy’s body.

“Let’s go.” The Pill Fairy pulled on Wan Qing’s hand, and she pulled on Long Chen’s hand. The three of them walked away, vanishing from everyone’s sight.


Jiang Zijun punched the ground, and a large hole appeared. Jiang Zijun’s face was twisted.

“Long San, this is all your fault! Sooner or later, I’ll crush you into pieces. Just wait, you won’t get to be so pleased for long!”

The Pill Fairy’s residence was a mountain dozens of miles wide. Pavilions dotted the land, while rock gardens and flowing water could be seen everywhere. It was delicate and refined.

This was the Pill Fairy’s private residence, a place no outsiders had ever come in. Long Chen and Wan Qing were her first guests.

The dark night had descended by now, and the three of them were randomly chatting. In truth, Long Chen and the Pill Fairy were doing this for Wan Qing. They were afraid this little girl would be frightened by this foreign environment.

“Big brother, I’m a bit afraid.” Wan Qing shook Long Chen’s hand suddenly.

“Wan Qing, don’t be afraid. With big sister Pill Fairy looking after you, no one would dare to bully you. A smart, talented, and hard-working child like you will definitely have great accomplishments in the future.” Long Chen patted her head gently.

The Pill Fairy also smiled, implying she didn’t need to be afraid. But the girl shook her head. “I’m not afraid for myself, I’m afraid for you. Jiang Zijun’s so frightening, what if he kills you?”

Long Chen’s heart warmed. He hadn’t expected this girl to already be at the point of considering such things. She was actually worried for him.

He patted his chest confidently. “Don’t worry, you should know that your big brother is the renowned Master Long San. This is a secret, but in truth, your big brother has a supremely mysterious status.”

Long Chen put on a mysterious appearance. This girl was still a child, so she couldn’t tell that he was just messing around.

“Wow, amazing! Big brother, tell me, what’s your secret identity?” she asked expectantly.

Long Chen put on a show of struggling with indecision and then said, “Fine, I’ll tell you. But you can’t tell anyone else! If my secret is exposed, it’ll be bad for me.”

“Yes, I won’t tell anyone! Big sister Pill Fairy won’t tell anyone else either, right?” Wan Qing tugged the Pill Fairy’s hand.

“Yes, I guarantee I’ll keep it secret.” The Pill Fairy was also very curious. Long San had another status?

Long Chen sighed and looked up at the sky. With a hallowed light to his face, he said, “In truth, millions and millions of years ago, this world once had a king divine race within it. They wandered the cosmos, traversing all the various worlds. They could pluck the stars and moon, and sever the ancients from the sky.”

Seeing Long Chen’s solemn appearance, Wan Qing was full of worship. Even the Pill Fairy was drawn in by his story.

“They were the grandest warriors of the universe, fighting against the forces of evil to protect the entire star field’s peace. They had a grand and resounding name: Warriors of the Starry Sky. And in truth, I, Long San, am the descendant of the Warriors of the Starry Sky. I don’t know who my parents are, but I know I was sent to this world to carry out my own mission. Yes, my divine mission is to protect this world’s righteousness, to cleanse the world of its fighting, to defeat the strong and support the weak, to fight for the kind people of the world.” Long Chen clenched his fist, looking like a divine emissary.

The Pill Fairy looked from Long Chen’s strange appearance to Wan Qing who was completely enraptured with his story. That worshipful light in her eyes made it so she couldn’t hold back her laughter.

After laughing, she immediately became embarrassed. Long Chen was clearly trying to amuse the girl, and her laughter immediately threw him off.

“Sorry, it was my bad. Please, Long San, you can continue with your story...” The Pill Fairy contained her laughter.

Long Chen was a bit embarrassed. Maybe he had bragged a bit too hard this time. But Wan Qing was still staring at him worshipfully, making him feel at ease.

“Big brother, does that mean you descended from above the mortal world, just like big sister Pill Fairy? No wonder you’re both such good people. So you were gods.” The little girl looked at him worshipfully.

“Cough, it’s similar, but I’m not from the same race as the Pill Fairy. The Pill Fairy is specialized in refining pills, while I’m a Warrior of the Starry Sky, the universe’s number one warriors. Plucking the stars and moon isn’t more difficult than raising a hand. If Jiang Zijun continues messing around and I get angry, I’ll strap him to a shooting star and let him make wishes every day as he flies through the stars.”

Wan Qing was much more at ease upon hearing him put it this way. Long Chen didn’t feel right having a child worry about him.

“Big brother, you’re so amazing. Can I ask you something?”

The three of them were originally sitting on stone stools, but she suddenly jumped over and hugged Long Chen’s neck. Seeing her act so intimately with him, he smiled. “If you want anything, just ask. Your big brother will definitely help you get it. If I can’t, then your big sister Pill Fairy can definitely do it.”

Long Chen intentionally gave himself a way out by using the PIll Fairy. She couldn’t help but smile, thinking that this Long San was a bit wicked.

“This is definitely something you can do!” said Wan Qing.

“Alright, tell me.”

“Big brother… Can you pluck a shooting star for me? I also want to make wishes every day.” Wan Qing reddened slightly and was nervous, afraid Long Chen would refuse.

“Ah?” Long Chen’s jaw dropped, and his face turned green.

“Sorry, I forgot to bring some refreshments. I’ll get some fruit right now.” The Pill Fairy quickly ran out of the room, but her trembling shoulders sold her out.

If Pill Valley’s disciples were to learn that he could make the always-refined Pill Fairy laugh like this, they would definitely prostrate themselves toward him.

“Big brother, please, I really like shooting stars, and I really want one!” Wan Qing begged.

As expected, if you often walked by the river, your shoes would get wet sooner or later. After bragging and bragging and bragging, he had bragged himself to this point.

Seeing her begging expression, how could Long Chen possibly refuse? However, he was unable to accomplish this wish of hers.

But then, he suddenly had a clever thought.

“Wan Qing, you want a shooting star, but do you know the origin of shooting stars?”

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