Chapter 1348 Master Long San’s Name (Teaser)

He had killed Luo Xiao on the martial stage and then killed Qu Chunsheng outside the martial stage in one day, killing two of the Divine Pill Hall’s disciples. Long San’s name instantly shook Pill Valley.

Just as everyone thought that he would be either expelled from Pill Valley or heavily punished at least, he reappeared in front of everyone, swaggering about as arrogantly as ever. In fact, he was now even more domineering than before. Other than Dan Yanxue, Kan Dongze, and a few other exceptions, no one could call him Long San. They had to call him Master Long San.

The current Long San was truly an overlord in the Divine Pill Hall. Anyone he looked at would quiver. There were few people in Pill Valley who would dare to provoke him now.

A certain phrase began to spread amongst Pill Valley’s disciples: provoke a Yama King rather than provoke Master Long San.

That was because a recording of Long San killing Luo Xiao and Qu Chunsheng had reached every one of the disciples’ hands. The viciousness he had displayed when killing Qu Chunsheng was especially terrifying.

These disciples were mostly alchemists. Even if some...

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