Chapter 1348 Master Long San’s Name

He had killed Luo Xiao on the martial stage and then killed Qu Chunsheng outside the martial stage in one day, killing two of the Divine Pill Hall’s disciples. Long San’s name instantly shook Pill Valley.

Just as everyone thought that he would be either expelled from Pill Valley or heavily punished at least, he reappeared in front of everyone, swaggering about as arrogantly as ever. In fact, he was now even more domineering than before. Other than Dan Yanxue, Kan Dongze, and a few other exceptions, no one could call him Long San. They had to call him Master Long San.

The current Long San was truly an overlord in the Divine Pill Hall. Anyone he looked at would quiver. There were few people in Pill Valley who would dare to provoke him now.

A certain phrase began to spread amongst Pill Valley’s disciples: provoke a Yama King rather than provoke Master Long San.

That was because a recording of Long San killing Luo Xiao and Qu Chunsheng had reached every one of the disciples’ hands. The viciousness he had displayed when killing Qu Chunsheng was especially terrifying.

These disciples were mostly alchemists. Even if some were switching to flame cultivators, only a few of them had ever experienced a bloody battle. Therefore, they were completely shaken by Long Chen’s methods.

By killing Qu Chunsheng, Long Chen had broken the rules. But there was the radical faction protecting him. Furthermore, when the Divine Pill Hall’s disciples voted on the matter, practically all the neutral disciples expressed their support for Long San for killing Qu Chunsheng.

As a result, this matter wasn’t able to cause any trouble for him. The Divine Pill Hall’s disciples were able to sway Pill Valley’s decisions with their votes, and they all supported Long San. One reason was because Qu Chunsheng was absolute trash and his death delighted them, but another reason was because of the Pill Fairy. The Pill Fairy had actually had a falling out with Jiang Zijun just for Long San. That already expressed her position.

In truth, although the Pill Fairy stood on the side of the conservative faction, she had her own views. She would definitely not blindly follow the conservative faction in every one of their decisions. She always judged whether something was right or wrong from her own view and acted accordingly. Thus, everyone in Pill Valley respected her, even the opposing Divine Spear Alliance’s disciples. They didn’t view her as an enemy.

The Pill Fairy possessed a unique status and position amongst Pill Valley’s disciples. They respected her, not because of her appearance, not because of her talent, and not because of her power, but because she possessed her own charisma that could make people follow her blindly.

The Pill Fairy stood by Long San’s side, and so the neutral disciples would definitely also support him. As for the Divine Spear Alliance’s disciples, that went without saying. Who would dare to not support him?

As for the Divine Shield Alliance, even if they all voted against him, it was useless. That was because even if all the people of the Divine Spear Alliance and Divine Shield Alliance were added up, they would only make up a third of the Divine Pill Hall’s disciples. The other two-thirds were neutral disciples.

Long Chen spent three days ‘imprisoned’, and after eating some medicine, his ‘bedeviled’ appearance improved a great deal. Elder Zhu had him relax for two days and made him stop training.

It wasn’t that Elder Zhu was worried about his foundation growing unstable. Instead, he was worried that Long Chen’s confidence was inflating too much. A heart-devil was something difficult to control once it formed.

He took advantage of when he was suppressed by Jiang Zijun’s pressure, the pressure of a rank nine Celestial, to make him calm down and temper his arrogance.

Otherwise, if he continued being so arrogant, he wouldn’t listen to other people’s orders and would ruin their plans.

That was why he gave him two days of vacation. Long Chen was very obedient and acted like he had received a setback and began to adjust his condition.

In truth, after killing Qu Chunsheng, he had completely figured out Zhuo Tianxiang’s plans for him. From Elder Zhu’s words, he knew that these bastards were preparing to use him as a one-time-use weapon.

He sighed. Having acted to this extent truly hadn’t been easy. After having to endure for so long, then having to act stupid and then crazy, he was finally getting closer to his target.

During this time, sometimes Long Chen wouldn’t even recognize himself. If Boss Bao, the old man, and the others were to know he had been acting like this, they might directly beat him to death.

Long Chen was in the midst of feeling these emotions when he suddenly heard a sobbing sound.

At this time, Long Chen had unconsciously walked out of the Divine Pill Hall’s region and come to the inner sect. He was currently walking along a small path far from the main path.

He was near the end of this small path, and the sobbing sounds were coming from the end.

This was an extremely remote location that few people would come to. Long Chen was curious and took a look. The sobbing was coming from a thick underbrush.

It was very light. It seemed whoever was sobbing was doing their best to hold back. But Long Chen still heard it.

The underbrush wasn’t that high, and he saw a girl hiding within it. Her arms wrapped around her legs, with her head resting between her knees as she cried.

“Little sister, why are you crying? Who bullied you?” Seeing that frail little girl made Long Chen think of the pitiful Duan Tianqiao. His voice softened quite a bit.

The girl immediately jumped upon hearing someone’s voice. She shuddered and raised her head. When she saw it was Long Chen, she turned completely pale and no longer dared to sob.

She was only thirteen years old, and her face still had the immaturity of a child. But she was very beautiful. Her eyes were bright, and her fair face was contrasted by her cherry lips.

Seeing Long Chen, she was so terrified that she couldn’t even make a sound. She wanted to run but didn’t dare to. She just stared at Long Chen with shock.

“Am I so terrifying?” Long Chen bitterly smiled. He didn’t feel like his appearance was that frightening.

“Master Long San, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to disturb you, I…” the girl cried with terror.

So it turned out that his name was so resounding that it could even make a child cry. He smiled and comforted her, “Little sister, don’t be afraid. Big bro isn’t a bad person. What happened? Tell your big brother who bullied you, and your big brother will immediately cut their head off and give it to you as a toy.”

Either Long Chen’s words were truly amusing or his voice sounded comforting. Either way, seeing the warmth in his eyes, the girl felt that this overlord of Pill Valley wasn’t as terrifying as she had imagined.

“Master Long San, I…”

“Don’t call me Master Long San. You can call me brother Long. Tell me who bullied you and I’ll go cut off their head. It’s been three days since I’ve done anything, and I don’t know if I’ve fallen out of practice.” Long Chen smiled.

Although he was talking about killing someone, his smile was warm. The girl felt a burst of warmth in her heart. “Brother Long, I…”

She had only just opened her mouth when tears streamed down her face. She once more became choked with sobs. “Thank you big brother, it’s been a long time since anyone spoke to me and treated me well..”

“Hey, don’t cry. Talk to your big brother. I’ll help you get revenge. With big brother protecting you, no one will dare to bully you.” Long Chen patted his chest confidently. He also patted his butt and sat down in front of her.

“I just have to hide from the bully, so it’s fine. However, I encountered a bottleneck and can’t advance. My mom and dad worked so hard to raise me, expending so much blood and sweat for me. I’m carrying the hopes of my entire family, but I’m too stupid and have been stuck at this bottleneck for over a month without the slightest progress. I’m too stupid, I’m a failure…” The girl clenched her hands, her nails digging into her skin so hard that she bled. She clearly hated herself for being useless.

Long Chen sighed deeply. This girl was only thirteen years old, but her cultivation base had already reached the Xiantian realm. Based on the Heavenly Dao fluctuations coming from her, she was probably a rank six Celestial.

At such an age, she was already an inner disciple of Pill Valley. She was practically a demon-class genius. But who would have thought that behind such a bright figure was a concealed weak heart?

Perhaps in the eyes of her parents and her family, she was their pride. But a thoughtful and smart child had to endure their own bitterness.

The smarter a child, the more hopes would rest on them, and the more pressure they would be under. Just because she was smart, did she have to carry a greater burden?

Parents often had to give more attention to their children that weren’t smart, that didn’t understand why they had to work hard. So they pushed all their hopes onto their smart children. Was that fair?

“Little sister, don’t worry. Just tell me what bottleneck you encountered. Big brother is an alchemy expert, and even the Pill Fairy wants to learn my alchemy arts. If you don’t believe me, you can go ask her.” In order to make the girl trust him, Long Chen’s old habit resurfaced and he began to brag a bit.

“Really?” The girl might be an alchemy genius, but she was still an inexperienced, naive child. She looked at Long Chen with shock.

“Of course. It’s precisely because I taught her a few peerless techniques that she stood by my side when I killed that Qu Chunsheng,” lied Long Chen without batting an eye.

“Big brother, you’re amazing! Even the Pill Fairy has asked you for advice? Then you definitely have to help me!” This lass was still a little girl and instantly believed him. She pulled on his arm excitedly as if she had run into her savior.

“It’s no problem. Alchemy problems aren’t even problems in front of me.” This time Long Chen wasn’t bragging. In terms of alchemy, he was truly unrivaled.

“Big brother, when I’m condensing the pills and my Spiritual Strength merges with my Pill Flame, how am I supposed to balance the two and control them separately in order to increase the chances of succeeding with the refinement?” asked the little girl.

“This is very simple. There are seven ways to do this, but I’ll only explain three simple ones. Listen well.”

This question might be a conundrum to others, but it could not be more simple for Long Chen.

The girl was incredibly excited. The bottleneck that had perplexed her for so long was instantly broken.

“Big brother, I’m going home to refine pills. I can’t go into the Divine Pill Hall, so you have to come out and come find me, Wan Qing! Don’t forget to play with me in the future!” The girl learned quickly, and she refused to waste any time. She ran off to digest Long Chen’s theories.

Long Chen smiled and sighed. There really were no lazy geniuses.

“Master Long San, your theories are so profound. Can I also get some pointers?” Suddenly, a gentle voice rang out behind Long Chen, and his smile instantly turned stiff.

When he saw the Pill Fairy smiling at him, even with his thick skin, he felt his face burning.

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