Chapter 1347 The Beauty Saves the Hero

“Pill Fairy!”

All the disciples let out startled cries. The person who had appeared was a peerless beauty, someone who looked like an immortal in the mortal world, the Pill Fairy Yu Qingxuan.

Normally, the Pill Fairy was gentle and refined, but now that she was holding Jiang Zijun’s flame spear, she looked like a completely different person. An indescribable Dao charm was present around her.

Her beauty had made her seem friendly before, but now there was an immortal charm around her that made others feel like looking at her was a blasphemy.

Long Chen came to a sudden realization. No wonder Pill Valley’s disciples called her the Pill Fairy. It was because of her current air.

Just as the Pill Fairy intervened, Elder Zhu, who was hidden in the crowd, silently slipped away.

From the moment Long Chen had attacked Qu Chunsheng, he had been sent by Zhuo Tianxiang. Long Chen was their important chess piece and he couldn’t be damaged.

However, Elder Zhu hadn’t expected the Pill Fairy to come and stop Jiang Zijun. This was outside everyone’s expectations.

“Qingxuan, you…” Jiang Zijun was startled and infuriated. He hadn’t expected the person to ruin such a good thing for him would be the Pill Fairy.

“The karma you sow is the karma you reap. The mistakes a person makes have to be borne by them eventually. Some people are just fated to die, and no one can stop it. Back then, I said that no one was to bring up this matter again. Duan Tianqiao was a victim, and I didn’t want anyone else to harm her. Jiang Zijun, you’ve really disappointed me. Just because there’s competition, does it mean that you can use any despicable and shameless means?” The Pill Fairy shook her head, a hint of disgust in her eyes.

“Qingxuan, listen to my explanation…” Seeing that disgust, Jiang Zijun hastily tried to explain.

“There’s nothing to explain. Even if everyone’s opinions are different and there are multiple sides, is that a reason to harm innocent people who are ultimately, all a part of Pill Valley? Go back. I won’t let you use Qu Chunsheng as an excuse to kill Long San,” said the Pill Fairy.

“Qingxuan, do you know what you’re doing?! Have you forgotten your standing?! Why are you always biased toward Long San!? Do you…” Jiang Zijun almost went insane and asked if she had fallen for him.

Although he hadn’t said it in the end, the meaning was clear enough that everyone here heard it.

The Pill Fairy was a goddess in the hearts of all the male disciples of Pill Valley. She was loved and revered. But all of them knew they weren’t a match for such a goddess. To stand by her side was a blasphemy, being able to look at her from a distance was enough for them.

Jiang Zijun was extremely handsome and an alchemy genius, his talent only second to the Pill Fairy’s. He was on the same level as Dan Yanxue and Kan Dongze, who were all rank nine Celestials. In every way, Jiang Zijun was a dragon amongst men.

Although all the disciples felt a bit bitter about it, they had no choice but to admit that only someone like Jiang Zijun was qualified to pursue the Pill Fairy. After all, they were from the same faction, and that closeness benefited him. Furthermore, his qualifications were truly high.

Jiang Zijun was always the one who stood beside the Pill Fairy, and many people had long since started viewing them as a couple.

But now, the Pill Fairy had had a falling out with Jiang Zijun over Long San. For Jiang Zijun to now say such a thing, they instantly understood that Jiang Zijun had been acting completely in vain.

“I will always stand on the side of Pill Valley, on the side of Lord Brahma and Fallen Daynight. I’m already fed up with your fighting. If it weren’t for that person, I’d have already left Pill Valley to go out on my own. There are many things in Pill Valley I don’t want to interfere with. But this matter is something I must oppose.” The Pill Fairy stared at Jiang Zijun with unswerving resolve.

“Bastard, Long San, I’ll definitely tear you apart piece by piece!”

Jiang Zijun was absolutely enraged. With a furious roar, he transformed into eight flame bodies that went around the Pill Fairy to attack Long Chen.

“Fuck, what are you blaming me for?!” cursed Long Chen inside.

The eight flame bodies were extremely powerful. This was one of Pill Valley’s secret arts. Each flame body was condensed of Pill Flame, and Jiang Zijun’s Earth Flame was even stronger than Long Chen’s Berserk Blood Flame.

Eight flame bodies were attacking Long Chen now, all of them wielding spears. Even without the Underworld Soul Ghost Curse, he would need to summon his divine ring and battle armor to block.

However, the only energy he could use was his flame energy. Right now, he couldn’t care about being exposed, and he was just about to unleash all the power he could when a jade hand grabbed his arm and dragged him into the air.

The eight flame bodies missed. Seeing the Pill Fairy holding Long Chen’s arm in the air, Jiang Zijun felt like he was going insane.

He was totally devoted to the Pill Fairy and had expressed his emotions to her before. However, the Pill Fairy had always maintained a certain distance from him. On the outside, it looked like they were a couple, but the two of them hadn’t even touched clothes before.

Seeing her holding Long Chen’s arm, then looking at Long Chen’s handsome appearance, Jiang Zijun thought of how the Pill Fairy had acted differently toward Long Chen from the start.

The first time they had met in the restaurant, the Pill Fairy had asked for his name. That wasn’t something she would normally do.

Now seeing Long Chen’s pleased expression, Jiang Zijun’s hair stood on end, and flames raged in his eyes. The nine flowers behind him quivered, and flame energy erupted.


The surrounding disciples panicked and fled. Jiang Zijun was borderline insane now. Once his power was fully released, it would kill them all.

In truth, Long Chen’s expression was one of astonishment at being saved by the Pill Fairy. But in Jiang Zijun’s eyes, he was simply pretending, so he wanted to tear him apart.

“Jiang Zijun, I don’t want to fight against you. This is meaningless.” In front of the berserk Jiang Zijun, the Pill Fairy was still calm. She shook her head.

“Today, no matter what, I must kill Long San as revenge for Qu Chunsheng. If you think you’re right, then you can kill me!”

Jiang Zijun roared and put away his eight flame bodies. His aura explosively grew once more, and flames filled the sky.

Long Chen sneered from the Pill Fairy’s side, “If you want to kill me, just be direct. Is there a need to find an excuse that not even a child would believe? Qu Chunsheng isn’t your father, so why are you so angry?

“This life of mine should have been lost three years ago in the stomach of a sea demon. It can be said that everything after that is just a bonus for me. If you want to kill me, then come. Isn’t the worst case just dying? Other than a god, who doesn’t die? Since it’ll happen sooner or later, why live as a coward?

“In my eyes, you, Jiang Zijun, are a spineless coward, a pitiful insect, a hypocrite with the face of a human but the heart of a beast. Even when doing something wrong, you have to find such a grand excuse, a dignified reason. Perhaps people who don’t know you will be fooled, but considering you act like this every day in the same sect, who do you think you’re deceiving? The more hypocritical you are, the more others dislike you. So naturally, no woman would like someone like you.”

Long Chen’s words were like poison arrows piercing Jiang Zijun’s heart. They completely tore through his hypocritical disguise.

The worst part was that he said it in front of the Pill Fairy. This was completely unacceptable to the prideful Jiang Zijun.

“Long San, if I don’t kill you, I, Jiang Zijun, swear I’m not human!” roared Jiang Zijun, charging forward.

Just at this moment, a barrier of light appeared, forcing Jiang Zijun back. A stern-faced elder appeared in the sky.

“Qingxuan greets Elder Rongxian.” The Pill Fairy bowed slightly.

The Elder nodded. He said icily to Jiang Zijun, “The right and wrong of this matter is not decided by you. How can you act like this?”

“Elder Rongxian, Long San, he-”

“We saw everything. You were lacking calm when handling this matter, and you didn’t have any of the characteristics necessary for a leader. Go and face the wall for three days.” The Elder waved his hand.

Jiang Zijun’s expression became exceedingly ugly. But it seemed that he was afraid of this Elder Rongxian, and so he didn’t dare to make a sound. With a final vicious glare at Long Chen, he left.

Once he left, Elder Rongxian turned to Long Chen. “Long San, your temper is out of hand. You’ve broken the rules, and now-”

“Long San truly is young and impetuous, but it was Qu Chunsheng who intentionally infuriated him. His words were toxic, and he is at fault. Long San was wrong in killing him, but his heart was thinking for Pill Valley. He removed this scourge to protect Pill Valley’s dignity. Although it doesn’t make up for what he has done, I feel like the only problem is that Long San is too impetuous and not calm enough. He doesn’t have any of the characteristics necessary for a leader. So Long San, go and face the wall for three days.”

Another elder appeared. Behind him were Zhuo Tianxiang, Kan Dongze, and Dan Yanxue.

Clearly, this elder was also a Grand Elder, or he wouldn’t be able to say such words.

It was obvious that this Elder Rongxian had wanted to expel Long Chen from Pill Valley just now, but before he could, this Elder interrupted, alleviating his punishment to the point where he only had to face the wall for three days, the same punishment as Jiang Zijun.

“Of course, this is just a suggestion. After all, for such a major thing, it would be wrong for me to decide everything on my own. I feel like it would be best for the Grand Elders to hold a meeting and investigate this matter to its roots. After all, that girl Duan Tianqiao died in our Pill Valley, and we have to give the dead an explanation. What do you say, Elder Rongxian?” The new Elder smiled.

Elder Rongxian’s expression sank slightly. If the other side investigated the matter of Duan Tianqiao to the end, they would be unable to do anything to Long San.

With a cold snort, Elder Rongxian said that they could take their time deciding this matter and left.

“Take care.”

The Pill Fairy looked at Long Chen with a complicated expression. In the end, she only said two thought-provoking words before leaving.

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