Chapter 1346 Damn Trash

Blood-colored runes surfaced on Long Chen’s hand, and the flames instantly enveloped Luo Xiao. At that time, Long Chen released Luo Xiao’s throat, and a miserable cry resounded throughout the arena.

Everyone felt a chill. Long San was completely vicious. He had not only killed Luo Xiao, but he had also made him suffer the pain of being incinerated before his death.

Luo Xiao’s miserable cry hung in the air for half an incense stick’s time before Long Chen’s flames incinerated him into nothing. Even his soul was gone without a trace.

Behind Long Chen, the flame wolf, which had already absorbed all the flame salamander’s energy, shrank down to three meters and quietly stood behind Long Chen.

One man and one beast stood atop the martial stage. Everyone was deathly silent, and all their gazes gathered on this man whose eyes unleashed a scarlet light.

“Qu Chunsheng, you little bastard, I, Master Long San, challenge you to a life and death match right now. If you’re a man, you’ll come out and fight me to the death.” Long Chen suddenly let out a furious roar that shook the sky. His killing intent had reached a terrifying level that made others involuntarily shudder.

Qu Chunsheng was an existence that few outer disciples would know. But to old inner disciples that had investigated things in the Divine Pill Hall, he was quite well known.

They also knew why Long Chen would challenge him. That was because the one that had tricked Duan Tianqiao of her purity was Qu Chunsheng.

In truth, Qu Chunsheng’s reputation was extremely bad in the Divine Pill Hall. Many people loathed him.

He had a decent face, but the way he acted disgusted people.

Pill Valley did not prevent men and women from dual cultivating. A situation where a man had multiple dual cultivation Dao-companions was not that rare.

But the majority of those men would tell their Dao-companions about everything. They wouldn’t conceal their partners. That was because whether it was in the secular world or cultivation world, the feeling of being tricked was unendurable.

That was especially true in the cultivation world. The Dao-heart was extremely important, and being tricked like this would very easily form a heart-devil. It was taboo.

As for Qu Chunsheng, what he had cared about was Duan Tianqiao’s potential. He had helped her when she had had no support, showing care for her in every possible manner and winning her heart.

Only later had Duan Tianqiao noticed that Qu Chunsheng had other Dao-companions. She was able to accept this. But then she had heard Qu Chunsheng speaking with Jiang Zijun. Only then had she learned that Qu Chunsheng didn’t have any feelings for her. He had only gotten close to her to get another helper for the Divine Shield Alliance.

At that time, Duan Tianqiao had felt like the heavens were collapsing. She had demanded to know why Qu Chunsheng would trick her. Who would have thought that after being exposed, Qu Chunsheng wouldn’t even be the slightest bit apologetic? Instead, he insulted Duan Tianqiao for not being able to recognize kindness.

If it hadn’t been for him, she wouldn’t have been able to enter the Divine Pill Hall in her lifetime.

Duan Tianqiao had never imagined that the modest man she liked was actually such a person. She was completely disheartened and contemplated suicide.

It was the Pill Fairy that had saved her from this darkness. It took a long time for this matter to be settled.

However, just a few days ago, the day Duan Tianqiao had committed suicide, Qu Chunsheng had gone to find her in her courtyard. It was unknown what had gone down between them, but it was that very day that Duan Tianqiao killed herself.

Long Chen hadn’t known about all this. This information was what he had found out by investigating Luo Xiao’s soul before he died.

Long Chen almost couldn’t believe a man would be so shameless. His fury immediately soared, and he directly challenged Qu Chunsheng.

“You aren’t qualified to challenge me. I am an alchemist, while you have already become a flame cultivator. You’re already far below me in terms of status.”

A good-looking man with shoulder-length hair sneered from amongst the crowd.

The people around him immediately retreated, and a few of the inner disciples stared at him with a look of disgust. That was the Qu Chunsheng who used his looks to survive in the world.

In truth, with Qu Chunsheng’s talent, if it wasn’t for the backing of the Divine Shield Alliance, he would probably have long since fallen to the bottom of the rankings and been kicked out of Pill Valley.

This pretty boy specialized in picking out inexperienced but talented women from the inner sect. But with the Divine Shield Alliance behind him, no one dared to expose him to those women. However, everyone who knew about him hated him.

Qu Chunsheng sneered. Suddenly, he sent a spiritual message to Long Chen. “Do you want to know what I said to Duan Tianqiao that day? Hehe, it wasn’t much of anything. I just looked back on our experiences and the details of our romance. I then made a comparison to some other women. They were such beautiful memories. I didn’t expect her to be so narrow-minded, sigh!”


All of a sudden, the martial stage shook. After killing Luo Xiao, it was sending Long Chen out.

Coincidentally, the exit and the entrance to the martial stage were not the same places. Long Chen was transported to a place less than three thousand meters from Qu Chunsheng.

In that instant, Qu Chunsheng’s expression changed and he turned to flee. Once he was outside, he’d definitely be safe, because there were guards outside the martial arena, but not inside.

Just at this moment, someone intentionally blocked his path. They crashed into each other.

“Are you blind?! Why would you crash into me?”

That person was an inner disciple. After blocking Qu Chunsheng’s path, he acted like it was his fault. But he was actually trying to stop Qu Chunsheng.

Many people hated him and wished for Long San to get rid of this trash.

Qu Chunsheng’s expression once more changed as he felt a terrifying killing intent lock him down. That killing intent made it so he couldn’t move.

A hand suddenly pierced through his back and ripped out his beating heart.

An icy voice rang out from behind him. “How curious. How could garbage like you also have a heart? And your blood’s even red?”

The hand shot forward like a blade, splitting Qu Chunsheng apart. Long Chen pulled.

“Your guts are a bit small. That doesn’t make sense. After doing so many heartless things, how could your guts be so small? Well, people say the guts and the liver are connected, so let’s see your liver.”


“Ah, sorry, my anatomy’s not so good. It seems this is your spleen?”

Long Chen’s hands were bloody, but curiously, none of the surrounding disciples felt any pity. Instead, they felt like their hatred was finally being vented.

“Long San, tear apart this scum of Pill Valley! This bastard should be cut into a million pieces!”

Seeing female disciples being seduced by this bastard one by one had made them hate him to the bone a long time ago. Right now, watching Long San torture him allowed them to finally vent.

“Long San, stop! Release Qu Chunsheng, otherwise-!” Just at this moment, Jiang Zijun led a group of people over.

Just as Qu Chunsheng saw Jiang Zijun and a sliver of hope appeared within him, runes circulated around Long Chen’s arm, blowing apart his body. Qu Chunsheng only had a head left.

“Senior apprentice-brother Zijun, save-!”


Long Chen punched Qu Chunsheng’s jaw, making it so he couldn’t speak.

According to reason, a person would require vocal cords to speak. But an alchemist could make other parts of their bodies rub together to make sounds, so even without a neck, he had managed to cry something out.

However, without even a tongue, he couldn’t cry for help. Well, perhaps if he knew how to rub his eyelashes together to make noise, he could speak, but he didn’t know how to do such a thing.

“Your daddy Long San never gives in to threats. Do you want to try it again?” Long Chen held Qu Chunsheng’s head.

Jiang Zijun was infuriated. “Long San, you are-” 


Flames suddenly burst out of Long Chen’s hand, wrapping around Qu Chunsheng’s head. A miserable shriek resounded in everyone’s souls.

This wasn’t the cry of a physical body, but Qu Chunsheng’s spiritual fluctuations. All the disciples here had powerful Spiritual Strength and could sense his pain.

In truth, the reason why he felt so much pain was because Long Chen’s blood-colored flame hid a slight violet color within it.

That was the Soul Devouring Violet Flame, something specialized against souls. Qu Chunsheng was enduring unspeakable pain at the moment. The people closest to Long Chen felt his pain too clearly and had to fall back.

The spiritual resonance allowed them to experience Qu Chunsheng’s pain. What they were experiencing was just one ten-thousandth of what he was feeling, but it still felt like needles were stabbing their souls.

“Long San, you’re courting death!”

Jiang Zijun suddenly extended a hand, and a flame spear appeared. Nine flowers materialized behind his back as he summoned the peak manifestation of a Celestial, Nine Flowers Manifest the Heavenly Daos.

When Jiang Zijun summoned his manifestation, every disciple here turned pale, unable to even move. They were all suppressed by this Heavenly Dao energy.

Jiang Zijun’s spear shot toward Long Chen, looking as though it could envelop heaven and earth. There was nowhere for Long Chen to dodge.

Long Chen’s expression changed. He found that Jiang Zijun’s goal wasn’t to save Qu Chunsheng, but to kill him!

Long Chen tossed the head toward Jiang Zijun, but before it could even get close to him, the pressure emitting from the spear blew it apart.


Jiang Zijun’s spear possessed an apocalyptic power as it pierced toward Long Chen. Long Chen’s heart shook.

Right now, he couldn’t reveal too much power, or it would draw suspicion. But if he didn’t, he wouldn’t be able to block this attack.


Just as Long Chen was caught in an impossible situation, a jade-like hand grabbed the tip of the spear, and its terrifying Heavenly Dao energy instantly vanished.

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