Chapter 1344 Confrontation Between Flame Cultivators (Teaser)

On the outskirts of Pill Valley was a tall mountain with a grand palace built on top of it. In front of this palace was a huge martial arena.

The martial arena shone with golden light. Each brick was refined with Scarlet Flame Gold, and they were protected by powerful runes. They could withstand terrifying heat.

There was also a powerful formation around the martial arena. Right now, countless Pill Valley disciples were gathering around the martial stage.

Because it was located on the outskirts of Pill Valley, all disciples could come watch. There was a veritable sea of people around it now.

“I heard that two disciples of the Divine Pill Hall are fighting a life and death match to resolve some enmity?” asked someone.

“Yes. One of them is a rank seven Celestial who entered the Divine Pill Hall two years ago, Luo Xiao. In the last year, his alchemy arts have stagnated and he’s close to washing out. I heard that several months ago, he gave up on the Pill Dao and became a flame cultivator. His combat power is terrifying,” whispered an inner disciple who...

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