Chapter 1342 Sinister Scheming

“Long San, you killed my brother! I challenge you to a life and death battle!”

Long Chen had just walked out of the Divine Pill Pavilion when a random disciple blocked his path with a sinister expression.

Behind him were two people carrying a body. This person had insulted Duan Tianqiao yesterday while Long Chen had been chatting with her. He had said Duan Tianqiao was just a slut, causing her to cry. Thus, Long Chen had fiercely beaten that person until he no longer resembled a human. His injuries were extremely frightful, but he hadn’t killed him. He had just made him suffer some pain.

But now, that person’s soul had dissipated, and he was clearly dead. That startled Long Chen. But he quickly thought of something.

“He wasn’t dead yesterday. Him dying today has nothing to do with me,” sneered Long Chen.

Long Chen deduced that this disciple had been killed so that the other side could target him. That person’s death gave the person in front of him an excuse to challenge him.

The challenger was a rank seven Celestial at the Jade Core realm. The flame fluctuations around him were extremely intense. It seemed that he was someone who had reached the end of his alchemy path and was preparing to switch to become a flame cultivator.

Flame cultivators had terrifying power. Right now, Long Chen had only shown that he had a powerful physical body. But if he encountered a flame cultivator in a life and death battle, the little bit of power he had displayed was nothing. He would be killed in one blow.

Clearly, Long Chen’s existence was already a threat to the other side. They had sacrificed a disciple to get rid of him.

“Hmph, his death is because of the serious injuries you gave him. When we got back, his injuries worsened and suddenly erupted out of control. Do you think you can brush off your guilt with just a few words? What a joke! Long San, Qi Li was my life and death brother, closer to me than a real brother. This enmity must be avenged by me, Luo Xiao. I’ve already applied for a life and death match! Just wait to pay with your life!”

That Luo Xiao sneered and looked at Long Chen like he was already dead. He then left with his people.

“How ridiculous.” They were actually capable of using such a childish method? If they could get away with it, it would really be ridiculous.

First of all, ignoring the fact that this disciple wasn’t killed by Long Chen, even if he was, he hadn’t died at that time, and it was impossible to use this matter to punish Long Chen.

Pill Valley had countless medicinal pills. As long as a person didn’t immediately die, it would be difficult for them to die even if they wanted to.

Furthermore, he had beaten him a whole day ago. Could it be that if he died ten years later, it would still be Long Chen’s fault? This whole scheme was complete nonsense.

No matter what they tried, Zhuo Tianxiang’s side had plenty of ways to show that there were holes in this plot. They would first demand an investigation and use all kinds of delaying tactics. And in the end, without enough proof, this matter would come to an end.

Long Chen ignored him and returned to his room. On his way back, he hesitated for a moment, but in the end, he decided not to enter Duan Tianqiao’s courtyard.

He saw Duan Tianqiao quietly standing under a tree, lost in thought. He didn’t know what she was thinking, but he didn’t disturb her. He returned to his residence to study the magical arts he had learned in the past few days.

“The other side has made their move. What do you think?”

Zhuo Tianxiang was in a private room speaking to Dan Yanxue and Kan Dongze.

“It’s just a childish trick of Jiang Zijun’s. He’s just a pretty face. Anyway, this matter won’t cause any trouble for us. That Qi Li died only after returning, so trying to force the responsibility onto Long San is already very ridiculous. There’s no need to bother with it. We can just stall until this matter is forgotten. Long San’s potential is terrifying, and I feel like if we properly raise him, he’ll become an excellent chess piece. We have to protect him,” said Kan Dongze.

Zhuo Tianxiang nodded with praise. Kan Dongze’s way of handling things was very meticulous, and his observation skills were very sharp.

“I don’t feel the same. I feel like this is a good chance to launch a vicious counterattack. We shouldn’t protect Long San, but send him to go all-out instead.” Dan Yanxue shook her head.

“Oh? What do you mean?” asked Zhuo Tianxiang.

“We have myself and Dongze for alchemy geniuses, as well as our old team. That’s already enough. We don’t need to raise an alchemy genius, but a chess piece that can kill people and instantly break the balance.” Dan Yanxue raised her eyebrows slightly, a cold light in her eyes.

She continued, “That Long San might possess strangely powerful Spiritual Strength, but his alchemy arts would need at least over a year to grow to the point that he can affect the balance that way. However, I feel like that’s too slow. It’s better to have a chess piece that has immediate use.”

“You mean to…” Kan Dongze was startled.

“Yes. Have you not noticed that Long San is just a country bumpkin? After receiving our grooming, his confidence has inflated to the point of arrogance. He’ll beat whoever he wants. A bumpkin like him possesses an innate feeling of inferiority. Without anyone restraining him, he’s already become brazen. Do you not see that when he looks at us, he might look respectful on the surface, but there’s some barely concealed disdain in his eyes? It’s like he feels that he’ll be trampling over us at any time. He’s already become bedeviled,” said Dan Yanxue coldly.

“This really is the case. Long San has become insolent recently. I’ve already warned him subtly about it, but it seems that he can’t understand,” said Kan Dongze.

Conflict after conflict, they had felt that Long San’s arrogance had grown stronger. It seemed that he liked to show off, especially in front of everyone. It was very irritating.

His current display was typical of a little person who achieved meteoric success. Zhuo Tianxiang could understand such a thing. After all, after being timid and suppressed for so long, Long San’s resentment was finally being released. This display was very natural.

They didn’t know that Long Chen had intentionally displayed this just to prepare a foundation for his future actions.

“Since Long San has already been bedeviled, we should just help him out and let him become a flame cultivator. When the time comes to enter the Heavenly Dragon Flame Region, he can go crazy and slaughter all the experts of the Divine Shield Alliance. What do you think, hehe…” Dan Yanxue laughed, her icily cold face twisted in a sinister expression that gave others goosebumps.

“This is a good idea. It’s the fastest way to use him. With Long San’s Spiritual Strength and flame control, he’d definitely be a terrifying flame cultivator. Killing those alchemists would be easy. Once it’s over, we’ll push all the responsibility on Long San, turning him into the culprit so that no one can blame us.” Kan Dongze’s eyes brightened.

Even Zhuo Tianxiang was moved by this. This move was very vicious, but it was the fastest way to use Long San. This chess piece could make a tremendous impact this way.

“However, to have an alchemist with limitless potential become a flame cultivator will probably be a bit difficult.” Kan Dongze shook his head. Long San wasn’t an idiot. He wouldn’t agree.

“It’s not up to him. Someone has challenged him to a life and death battle. As long as we don’t say anything, or if we agree to it, Long San must face the battle. He’ll either have to die, or hurry and cultivate flame magical arts in a limited time to face Luo Xiao’s challenge. We just have to tell him that even dual martial-pill cultivation can reach the peak of the Alchemy Dao. Isn’t our Pill Fairy Yu Qingxuan the best example?” said Dan Yanxue. When she mentioned the Pill Fairy, fierce jealousy appeared in her eyes.

“Alright, then let’s try it. That Long San is still a youngster and he might fall for it.” Kan Dongze nodded. He knew that such a matter would be up to him, the vice alliance master.

“Long San, bad news!”

Long Chen was in the midst of studying his new magical arts when the door to his room was pushed open. Zhang Yutao ran in panickedly.

“What is it?” asked Long Chen hurriedly.

“Quick, come! Duan Tianqiao, she… committed suicide.”

“What?!” Long Chen’s expression changed.

Duan Tianqiao was in her courtyard, sitting beneath a tree. Her eyes were looking toward the east. They had lost all their luster.

There were quite a few disciples around Duan Tianqiao’s courtyard. It was unknown what they were whispering.

“Out of the way!”

Long Chen directly barged through them, arriving in front of Duan Tianqiao. Placing a finger on her forehead, his Spiritual Strength poured inside.

However, it was too late. Although her body was still warm, her soul had long since dissipated.

If he had come just a quarter-hour earlier, when Duan Tianqiao’s soul had just started to dissipate, perhaps he would have been able to use his powerful Spiritual Strength to form a spiritual formation and recall her soul. But now, no one could save her. A beautiful girl lost her life beneath an ancient tree.


Long Chen looked at Duan Tianqiao. There were no tears on her face. Her lifeless eyes were still looking into the distance like they were remembering something with longing. Long Chen felt a sad pain.

A beautiful woman was like a flower; its wilting was always regretful. That was especially true when it was a friend who died.

“This is…”

Long Chen suddenly saw Duan Tianqiao holding something in her hand.

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