Chapter 1341 Master Long

Within a private room, Zhuo Tianxiang looked at the scene recorded in a photographic jade. This scene was of Long Chen fighting fiercely in the Divine Pill Pavilion.

“Good, that’s about enough. The seed of hatred has been planted, and there’s basically no chance of Long San joining the other side. That’s the only way we can put him in an important position.” Zhuo Tianxiang nodded his head. “Yanxue, Kan Dongze, the two of you go bring Long San out. Now’s the best time to win his heart.”

Other than Zhuo Tianxiang, there were two other people in this private room. One was a gorgeous young woman with a beauty mark between her long eyebrows. She had phoenix eyes, and her chin was slightly sharp. The feeling she gave off was the opposite of the Pill Fairy’s friendly air.

Beside her was a tall, lanky man. They both had fierce flame fluctuations around them. Although they weren’t releasing those intentionally, they still gave off immense pressure.

The woman’s name was Dan Yanxue, while the man’s name was Kan Dongze. Both of them were rank nine Celestials with outstanding alchemy arts. They were the leaders of the Divine Spear Alliance.

Dan Yanxue asked, “This Long San is just a brutish man. Is it worth it for us to personally win him over?”

Her tone was arrogant, and she clearly looked down on Long San. She wasn’t willing to lower her position to pull him in.

“His Spiritual Strength has gone through a mutation. While you are at the Jade Core realm, his Spiritual Strength is already a match for yours at the Foundation Forging realm. We’ve already done a series of observations of him and didn’t find any problems. We can pull him into our faction,” said Zhuo Tianxiang.

“Fine.” Dan Yanxue agreed, but her agreement was a bit forced. As for Kan Dongze, he didn’t say a word.

Pill Valley’s prison was located three thousand meters underground. Only disciples that had violated the rules would be imprisoned here to reflect upon themselves.

Dan Yanxue and Kan Dongze were walking side by side. Kan Dongze lightly said, “With the Divine Shield Alliance’s methods, this Long San is definitely locked in the delinquent room. He’s going to be half-dead by the time we get there. It’s going to be a headache for us to bring him out like that.”

“If this Long San isn’t as useful as Protector Zhuo says he is, I’m definitely going to kill him.” Iciness flashed in Dan Yanxue’s eyes.

“This is it.”

They walked to the end of the passageway. An iron door was in front of them. This was the delinquent room, a place for disciples that were too warlike.

Disciples that had broken the rules were tossed into prison and divided based on what rules they broke. As for the fellows who liked to be berserk and fight, they would all be lumped together so that they could beat each other.

But when they arrived at the door, they didn’t hear any screams or cursing. Instead, it was strangely quiet.

“What’s going on? Could they have beaten each other to death?” Kan Dongze was startled. He slowly took out a key and unlocked it, then he heard a sound come from inside.

“Master Long, is this hard enough?” asked a fawning voice.


A slapping sound rang out and a voice raged, “Did you not eat? Use some force!”

“Yes! This little one will work harder!” That voice was full of terror.

The iron door was slowly pushed open by Kan Dongze, and a dense smell of blood flooded out. When they saw the situation in the delinquent room, Kan Dongze and Dan Yanxue could only stare.

There were over ten people that had been beaten into the walls, their shoulders and thighs all stabbed through. And the things stabbing them were the bones of their arms and lower legs.

Those people were all terrified, their mouths stuffed with shoes. They didn’t dare to make the slightest noise. Seeing Dan Yanxue and Kan Dongze walk in, those delinquents were so grateful that tears streamed down their faces. It was like they had seen their saviors.

Four people were kneeling on the ground, a wooden bed on their shoulders. One person was lying on it, with a group of men carefully serving him.

Two of them were massaging his feet, two of them were beating his legs with their fists, one was combing his hair, and the last one was even treating his nails.

A hand suddenly slapped across one of their faces. That was because that person had accidentally made a hair snap while combing it.

To the side, there were two people holding fans nervously waving them. They were being even more careful than palace eunuchs treating the emperor.

“Long San?”

Kan Dongze and Dan Yanxue exchanged a glance, both seeing each other’s shock. Kan Dongze was the one who opened his mouth.


Master Long San was in the midst of enjoying himself when he heard someone call his name. He opened an eye slightly and saw that new people had come.

“You are?” Long Chen sat up, and the people attending him immediately stood to the side, standing like wooden stakes, afraid of even moving.

“I am Kan Dongze, and this is our Divine Spear Alliance’s leader, Dan Yanxue. We came to bring you out.”

“Haha, I can leave? Amazing… Hey, idiot, I’m leaving. Aren’t you going to hurry up and put on my shoes?!” Long Chen suddenly slapped a person across the face.

Only then did these people react. They hastily put Long Chen’s shoes and robes on him, all of them excited. It was like the one being released from prison wasn’t Long Chen, but them.

Kan Dongze looked at the situation and seemed to understand something. But he didn’t say anything. He felt like this Long San definitely wasn’t ordinary.


Long Chen slapped another person across the face and raged, “I’m leaving. It’s a good thing, so why are you crying?”

“We… we… we don’t want to part with Master Long!” That person looked like he was finally sending off a Yama King, and was so emotional that tears streamed down his face. Right now, he could only make such an excuse.

“Not bad, Master Long didn’t teach you for nothing. I should stay here for a couple more days before leaving.” Long Chen nodded, acting emotionally as well.

“No! Master Long, this place is dirty and smelly, completely unsuitable for your grand existence. We will respectfully send you off!”

All the men knelt on the ground.

When Long Chen had been sent to the delinquent room, he had understood a principle. If he wanted to show off, then he had to cause as much trouble as possible. As long as he could show off his value, then the more trouble he caused, the more highly he would be viewed.

As a result, these delinquents that had intentionally been arranged to come here to beat him all ended up miserable. Compared to Long Chen, they were nothing more than sheep.

After exiting the prison and smelling the fresh air, Long Chen immediately took a deep breath.

“Many thanks. Long San will remember this favor. If either of you need anything, just ask and I will do my best,” said Long Chen.

Although he knew the two of them had come just to make him indebted to them, this was still something that he needed to follow through with. At least acting grateful was a must.

“There’s no need to be this formal. We’re all on the same side. I still have things to do, so I’m leaving. Kan Dongze will tell you what you should do.” Dan Yanxue was as icy as ever, and she left.

Kan Dongze smiled helplessly. “The alliance master, well, she has a powerful status, so don’t mind her. We naturally have to help each other out, so don’t worry about this. Just continue showing your power. For example, what you did in the Divine Pill Pavilion. Protector Zhuo always disliked your cowardly nature, so he has been secretly observing you. Your display today greatly satisfied him though. The two of us came to get you to express that you’ve already joined the core of the Divine Spear Alliance, and also to tell you that you don’t need to have any misgivings. Within Pill Valley, there’s nothing that we can’t do. Even if you provoke a calamity, we can handle it. So, don’t worry. Go ahead and provoke a calamity to prove your existence. Within the Divine Spear Alliance, there are two kinds of people that are the most useful: those with great alchemy arts, and those that can cause trouble. The Divine Spear Alliance has plenty of people with great alchemy arts, but we’re lacking geniuses who can cause trouble. That’s all I have to say. You should understand what I mean. I’m also busy, so take care.”

Kan Dongze also left, leaving behind only Long Chen.

“How interesting.”

Long Chen had finally managed to probe Zhuo Tianxiang’s goal. That wily old fox had still felt that he wasn’t reliable enough and had been continuously testing him.

Wasn’t it just causing trouble? It just so happened that this was his specialty. But that bragging, wasn’t that a bit too much? They could do anything within Pill Valley and even handle a calamity? What if the calamity was that he took away all of the Divine Pill Pavilion’s Earth Flames?

Through the battle in the Divine Pill Pavilion, Long Chen had truly shaken everyone. Now there were very few people who dared to directly provoke him.

In fact, as long as anyone dared to mock him at all, he would directly punch them. Those disciples were now afraid of him.

The disciples who thought that their fighting skills were pretty good were nothing in front of Long Chen. Long Chen also didn’t use any techniques. It was like he didn’t know how to fight at all and was just randomly swinging his arms. But because his fighting had no pattern, no one could block him.

Sometimes when the power difference was extremely great, Long Chen would lose. Perhaps that was because the other side had too many people.

But Long Chen never cared how many people were on the opposing side. Anyone who provoked him would be beaten by him. If others beat him, he would beat them back as well. There were several times where he had almost killed someone.

Once, he caused the head of a disciple to explode. Fortunately, alchemists had powerful Spiritual Strength, so his soul wasn’t destroyed. Using a medicinal pill, he gave birth to a new physical body. This was Pill Valley, so that was possible. But in any other sect, that person would have definitely died.

His punishment for doing that had been to spend a few days as emperor within the delinquent prison before coming back out. During this time, he profoundly experienced just how important it was to have a powerful backer.

In the blink of an eye, two months passed. The Divine Pill Hall’s trial once more occurred, and this time, the trial was to refine a ninth tier medicinal pill.

With the Berserk Blood Flame’s assistance, Long Chen refined a nine-ring pill, rising to rank 947th amongst the three thousand disciples of the Divine Pill Hall.

To ascend into the top thousand just two months after joining caused his name to shake the Divine Pill Hall. This speed was outstanding.

The alchemy talent Long Chen had displayed had even shocked Zhuo Tianxiang. He had originally thought Long Chen would need half a year to show any obvious improvement, but he had given him a pleasant surprise.

However, at this time, an unexpected matter pushed Long Chen to the heart of their struggle.

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