Chapter 1340 Taking a Risk


That person was sent flying, and the people with him were infuriated, swarming over at Long Chen.

“Fuck, I’ll go all-out!”

Zhang Yutao clenched his teeth and unleashed a flurry of fists. But as a result, he was immediately knocked out by a punch from the opposition. There were clearly experts in this group.

Long Chen intentionally acted like he didn’t know how to fight and was panicked. His fists just randomly flew around.

“Fuck, my balls!”

It was unknown if Long Chen was doing it on purpose, but several people suddenly held their crotches and rolled down the stairs. The pain made them feel like they were dying.

The others weren’t much better off. Long Chen’s crazy counterattack bruised them badly, and they were forced away miserably.

However, now Long Chen was also disheveled, and his robes had been torn in several spots. It clearly showed the principle that even a tiger couldn’t block a pack of wolves.


Just at this moment, an angry roar rang out. The Pill Fairy’s group had descended from the disturbance, and the roar came from that handsome man.

Just at this moment, Long Chen tossed the final enemy to the ground. He pulled up Zhang Yutao and prepared to leave.

“Hold it!” shouted the man.

“What, you want to invite me to eat? I’ve already said that since we’re not familiar with each other, we shouldn’t.” Long Chen shook his head. Without even looking at that man, Long Chen dragged Zhang Yutao away.

At this time, Zhang Yutao’s face was black and blue, and one of his legs had been broken. He fished out a medicinal pill, and his injuries healed like he had never been injured.

Zhang Yutao looked at Long Chen with shock. He hadn’t expected Long Chen to be such a great fighter.

Within the Divine Spear Alliance, Zhang Yutao was just a fighter. He was experienced in fighting, but the opposition also had experts on their side. He had carelessly been knocked out with a single punch.

As for Long Chen, he had managed to beat them back. Although his appearance was a bit wretched now, his combat power was very shocking.

“What happened here?!” roared the man.

“Reporting to senior apprentice-brother Zijun, this little brat only just became a disciple of the Divine Pill Hall, and he was arrogant, beating our people- ah!” One of the disciples got up and pointed at Long Chen, but before he could finish speaking, Long Chen punched him in the face.

“Did your parents never teach you that it’s rude to point at people when speaking?” demanded Long Chen.

“Let this matter end here. Don’t end up incurring hatred.” The Pill Fairy helplessly shook her head.

Today was her birthday. In truth, she didn’t like this kind of occasion, but she had had to come for appearance sake.

Her mood had been bad from the start, and now she encountered such a thing. Just the fact that she didn’t explode in anger already showed her restraint.

“Alright, then I’ll give the Pill Fairy face this time. Brat, just wait. We’re not done yet.” The handsome man glared at Long Chen, the threat in his words clear.

Long Chen couldn’t be bothered to care. This kind of threat was something he had gotten tired of hearing eight hundred years ago. And wasn’t he still living just fine?

“Wait for what? My Divine Spear Alliance isn’t so easy to bully! Threatening others is only the display of the powerless. Today is the Pill Fairy’s birthday, so we’ll give her face. If it was your birthday instead, Jiang Zijun, my Divine Spear Alliance’s people would immediately attack. So you should shut your mouth. Threats will just prove how much of a coward you are,” sneered Zhang Yutao, recovering his previous sharpness.

Long Chen hadn’t expected Zhang Yutao to be so fierce. If he hadn’t misjudged, this Jiang Zijun was very likely a rank nine Celestial.

The disciples here all focused on the Pill Dao, and due to the merger between their Heavenly Dao energy and flame energy, it was more difficult to determine their Celestial rank.

But Long Chen felt intense dislike for Heavenly Dao energy, so he could use that sense to tell that Jiang Zijun was very likely a rank nine Celestial. But he was not a flame cultivator, so his combat power probably wasn’t very high.

Zhang Yutao brought Long Chen away after leaving behind his tough words. Suddenly, the Pill Fairy opened her cherry lips. “Junior apprentice-brother, may I ask your name? We’re all part of Pill Valley, and knowing each other’s names will make it easier for us to greet each other in passing.”

The Pill Fairy had taken the initiative to ask for Long Chen’s name, startling the disciples behind her. The handsome man’s expression also sank slightly.

“Junior disciple is Long San. I hope senior apprentice-sister will look after me in the future.” Long Chen cupped his hands. He didn’t feel any dislike for this gentle and graceful Pill Fairy.

Other than his own beauties, his experience with other beautiful women was that they were all incredibly arrogant and narcissistic, as if this world’s men should all lie beneath their skirts.

But the Pill Fairy gave him a very comfortable feeling. She didn’t stand on airs and seemed friendly.

Seeing Long Chen leaving, the Pill Fairy involuntarily felt an emotion she hadn’t felt before.

Her intuition told her that Long San was not an ordinary person. It was as if his weak exterior hid a sleeping beast. This kind of feeling was very strange. She was lost in thought.

The other people all stared in shock as the Pill Fairy watched Long Chen leave. These disciples felt forlorn and angry. As for Jiang Zijun, veins had started popping out on his forehead.

Within the Divine Pill Hall, each disciple had a private building of their own. After Long Chen had returned to his own room, he stared blankly at the Fundamental Fighting Skills that Zhao Xiang had left for him.

On their way back, Zhang Yutao had told Long Chen that the Pill Fairy’s name was Yu Qingxuan. She was the descendant of the current valley master, as well as Pill Valley’s top beauty.

Not only was she a beauty, but she was also a kind beauty with a graceful bearing. Although she stood in the ranks of the Divine Shield Alliance, even the opposing Divine Spear Alliance was extremely respectful to her.

The Pill Fairy Yu Qingxuan simply stood in the Divine Shield Alliance’s ranks, but she never targeted the Divine Spear Alliance. As long as someone ran into a problem with their alchemy, if she had time, she would always give them some pointers regardless of their faction. She was the most respected person in the Divine Pill Hall.

That was why despite the fierce battle between the Divine Spear Alliance and Divine Shield Alliance, Yu Qingxuan’s position in the hearts of all the disciples never changed.

Long Chen wasn’t interested in this clash between spear and shield. All he was focused on was finding a way to obtain the second volume of the Nirvana Scripture.

But even after all this time, he hadn’t gotten a lead. If this continued, he would end up wasting too much time.

Right now, he had been tossed in the pool known as Pill Valley. He needed to find a way to stand out. Otherwise, acting according to normal standards would take far too long.

But if he suddenly soared out of nowhere, it would draw suspicion. He had to find a balance between the two.

After a few days of investigation, he had noticed that the struggle within Pill Valley wasn’t intense enough. If he wanted to stand out, he would need to intensify the conflict between the two factions.

“I’ll have to take a risk.”

Long Chen suddenly made his decision. He needed to quicken his pace, or at this rate, he probably wouldn’t be able to obtain the Nirvana Scripture even if he was given several years.

The next day, Long Chen began immersing himself in the Divine Pill Pavilion. While it seemed like he was studying some ancient alchemy tomes, he was actually secretly learning flame magical arts.

The Divine Pill Hall’s flame magical arts were rarely perused. Only flame cultivators would go look at them.

“Flame Spirit Merger?”

Long Chen’s heart suddenly pounded. He had found an amazing magical art that allowed him to merge with a flame spirit beast.

After using this art, he could use his body to control the spirit beast’s flame, or use the spirit beast’s body to unleash magical arts.

“Damn, what a terrifying magical art. I have to learn it.”

He was delighted and quickly recorded its contents.

“Hmph, do you think such things are for you to look through?” Just as this moment, a disciple grabbed the bone book out of Long Chen’s hands.

Long Chen was infuriated. In the past few days, some people had been continuously making things hard on him. But it was forbidden to use martial force in the Divine Pill Pavilion, so he had endured until now. However, he couldn’t endure any longer.

“Fuck your mother!” Long Chen directly smashed his fist into that person’s jaw. Grabbing his hair, Long Chen smashed the guy’s head into his knee.

“Fuck… fuck… fuck your mother!”

Long Chen accented each word with a blow. The sound immediately drew the surrounding people.

That person had already fainted. Then, Long Chen tossed him to the ground and shattered each of his limbs. That clear sound raised people’s hair.


A miserable shriek resounded throughout the Divine Pill Pavilion. He had woken from the pain.

That person’s miserable shriek had only just rung out when Long Chen stamped a foot on his mouth. This blow was exceptionally vicious, and that person’s head almost exploded.

“Stop!” Just at this moment, people from the Divine Shield Alliance rushed over.

Long Chen roared, “So, you don’t want to let me cultivate in peace? Then I’ll kill you all!”

Long Chen seemed like a furious lion. He caught one of the disciples’ punches and then pulled, forcibly ripping his arm off.


Long Chen punched that disciple in the chest, caving it in. Thereafter, he grabbed his leg and smashed him at the others.

“If you don’t want to let me cultivate, then you can all die!”

Long Chen fiercely swung that person around. Blood flew and the sound of bones breaking continuously rang out.

“Stop!” At this moment, a Life Star expert rushed over. But Long Chen seemed to be insane and ignored him. He repeatedly punched a disciple who was lying on the ground. That disciple coughed up blood repeatedly, filled with terror.

Suddenly, a large hand slammed into the back of Long Chen’s head. He immediately fainted.

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