Chapter 1340 Taking a Risk (Teaser)


That person was sent flying, and the people with him were infuriated, swarming over Long Chen.

“Fuck, I’ll go all-out!”

Zhang Yutao clenched his teeth and unleashed a flurry of fists. But as a result, he was immediately knocked out by a punch from the opposition. There were clearly experts in this group.

Long Chen intentionally acted like he didn’t know how to fight and was panicked. His fists just randomly flew around.

“Fuck, my balls!”

It was unknown if Long Chen was doing it on purpose, but several people suddenly held their crotches and rolled down the stairs. The pain made them feel like they were dying.

The others weren’t much better off. Long Chen’s crazy counterattack bruised them badly, and they were forced away miserably.

However, now Long Chen was also disheveled, and his robes had been torn in several spots. It clearly showed the principle that even a tiger couldn’t block a pack of wolves.


Just at this moment, an angry roar rang out. The Pill Fairy’s group had descended from the disturbance, and the...

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