Chapter 1339 Pill Fairy

“Reporting to Protector Zhuo, a secret letter has come from the Xuantian Dao Sect’s side.” Within a private room, an elder bowed and presented Zhuo Tianxiang an envelope.

Zhuo Tianxiang opened it and gave it a read. After that, he dismissed the elder and returned to a deeper room. This room actually had a small transportation formation.

He activated it and arrived in a luxurious hall. In it, four elders were sitting with their eyes closed.

“Disciple Tianxiang greets Grand Elders.” Zhuo Tianxiang immediately bowed to the four elders.

“Tianxiang, there’s no need to be so polite. What’s been happening in the Eastern Xuan Region?” asked one of the elders kindly.

“Reporting to Grand Elder, the Eastern Xuan Region has returned to calm. Disciple has already arranged for everything, and the disturbance has calmed down. Furthermore, due to this matter, disciple spent some resources as compensation to the sects who lost experts to the Xuantian Dao Sect. In exchange, their unity is even greater than before,” reported Zhuo Tianxiang.

That Grand Elder nodded. “Tianxiang, I trust the way you handle things. The matter of the Xuantian Dao Sect isn’t your fault. If we have to blame someone, we can only blame that useless Dan Sheng. He actually ruined such an easy thing, and you had to go wipe his bottom for him.”

“Disciple also failed. I’m ashamed,” said Zhuo Tianxiang modestly.

In truth, the Xuantian Dao Sect’s matter truly wasn’t Zhuo Tianxiang’s fault. By the time he had taken over it, it was too late. Furthermore, there had been many details that his predecessor had known but he hadn’t, causing him to be at a complete loss to do anything to Long Chen.

“Yes, to not be arrogant or prideful is correct. Are there any movements from the Xuantian Dao Sect?” asked the Grand Elder.

“The Xuantian Dao Sect seems to have run into a problem. They are currently looking all over to buy a Heavenly Qilin Soul Returning Fruit. They’ve even sent some disguised disciples over to secretly purchase the Nine Revolution Soul Replenishing Pill. As reported by the eyes I have in the Xuantian Dao Sect, the Xuantian Tower violently fluctuated several times during this short period. According to my guess, there are two possibilities: one is that Long Chen’s Underworld Soul Ghost Curse has flared up and the Xuantian Tower is unable to completely suppress it. The other possibility is that the Xuantian Tower is attempting to forcibly remove the curse for Long Chen. Either case is very dangerous for Long Chen. And the fact that the Xuantian Dao Sect is trying to secretly purchase the Heavenly Qilin Soul Returning Fruit and the Nine Revolution Soul Replenishing Pill proves that he truly is in trouble. His soul has likely been damaged. Moreover, this Underworld Soul Ghost Curse was condensed by the life energy of many Corrupt experts. Let alone a Foundation Forging disciple, even a Life Star expert would definitely die. Although the Xuantian Tower is powerful, Long Chen’s cultivation base is still too low. The chances of it removing the curse from Long Chen are next to zero,” said Zhuo Tianxiang.

The Underworld Soul Ghost Curse was one of the Corrupt path’s most insidious curses. After considering that Gui Yan had sacrificed so many experts and even stripped Life Star experts of their vitality to power it, there was no need to doubt its power.

This curse was not a poison. It had no cure. Once struck by it, the curse would sink into a person’s blood, body, bones, and soul, closely entwining with every part of them.

Each time the curse flared, it would grow stronger. If you suppressed it once, the second time it would be twice as strong. That was why Zhuo Tianxiang guessed that the Xuantian Tower was no longer able to fully suppress it.

In truth, this was just a move by Li Tianxuan. It was to make everyone think that Long Chen was still in the Xuantian Dao Sect and that he was in grave danger.

“Those afflicted by the Underworld Soul Ghost Curse are essentially unable to remove it without the Corrupt path’s unique secret arts. That little fellow Long Chen probably won’t be able to last much longer. How regretful. He likely has some large secrets. Sigh... Well, it doesn’t matter.

“Right now, our situation in Pill Valley isn’t very secure. Elder Bishi’s sudden death is queer. He still had plenty of longevity left, and there were no oddities with his body. It’s just that the flame of his soul was extinguished,” sighed a Grand Elder.

“Could it be that someone was secretly scheming against Elder Bishi?” said Zhuo Tianxiang after a moment’s hesitation.

“Don’t randomly make guesses!” chided a Grand Elder.

“Yes, disciple knows his mistake!”

The previous Grand Elder said, “Those fellows are hidebound and refuse to advance, but they definitely wouldn’t do such a thing. Having disciples fight for authority is already their limit. Furthermore, Elder Bishi’s death came with no warning or any sign of a struggle. It couldn’t be caused by an external force. Right now, the only possibility is that his Yuan Spirit dissipated in his attempt to attack a higher realm.”

Although that was their only guess, was that really possible? By the time a person reached Elder Bishi’s realm, they would always prepare everything and have guards before attacking higher realms. How could he have rashly attempted such a thing without telling anyone?

These questions could only rot in Zhuo Tianxiang’s stomach. He didn’t dare to say anything for fear of being scolded again.

“Originally, five of the Grand Elders were on our side. Now we’re left with four, and our authority has also dropped. So, Tianxiang, you have to work hard on the side of the Divine Pill Hall,” said the Grand Elder.

“Yes, disciple is dealing with it. I’ve already placed several chess pieces in the neutral power that are starting to show their use. Furthermore, that child Long San’s display is not bad. If he’s properly groomed, he’ll become a powerful piece, and we also have geniuses like Yanxue and Dongze. They are absolutely capable of competing against the Pill Fairy and the others. The current situation in the Divine Pill Hall is gradually shifting in our favor,” said Zhuo Tianxiang.

“Alright, then that’s good. Just focus on the Divine Pill Hall and don’t rush things. After all, we’re currently at a disadvantage, so above all else, we need stability. As for the matter of the Heaven Devouring Forest, we’ve given them a warning. You did well on your way through it. We can’t let them get used to being arrogant. For now, let the Eastern Xuan Region stay as is. After all, the Xuantian Dao Sect and Heaven Splitting Battle Sect are ancient sects. If we force things and put them in their place, it will cause panic. In the long run, it’s not worth it. Furthermore, those old fellows definitely won’t consent to using martial power. Just let them continue crawling for a while!” said the Grand Elder.


“Alright, you can go.”

Long Chen was brought to a restaurant by Zhang Yutao. It was by the riverside and had a wide view of the surrounding mountains.

This restaurant had wine as its main attraction, and the price of everything here was based on merit points. Of course, it was Zhang Yutao who was treating Long Chen.

Eight side dishes of delicacies paired with amazing wine made this scenery even more delightful.

Alchemists had a lower capacity for food and wine. If this was the Xuantian Dao Sect, or the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, they would definitely be drinking out of large bowls and chomping down on pieces of meat.

But here, the wine cups weren’t much bigger than a nostril. That left Long Chen a bit speechless. Were they really drinking wine, or were they drinking poison?

After just drinking a couple of cups, Long Chen could hear some footsteps from the entrance. A group of people slowly walked up the restaurant. New guests had arrived.

This was the highest level of the restaurant, and only the Divine Pill Hall’s disciples were qualified to enter it.

Long Chen looked over at the staircase. The first thing he saw was a graceful figure gently stepping onto the floor.

A beautiful figure appeared in his eyes. She had long legs, a small waist, and an abundant chest. Her hair fell naturally behind her like a waterfall, complementing her long, charming neck. That, in addition to her shapely eyebrows, almond eyes, jade cheeks, and peach face, she was a beauty that could topple a nation.

Most attractive of all were her eyes. They were like limpid autumn waters, and light flowed within them in an enchanting manner.

There was also a special aura around her. Although she was a peerless beauty, she gave off a friendly feeling, and even other women wouldn’t be able to get jealous of her looks.

The thing that shocked Long Chen was that he didn’t sense any Heavenly Dao energy nor the flame fluctuations specific to an alchemist. She was just like an ordinary mortal, but it was also like she had merged with heaven and earth. Just by existing, she possessed an indescribable Dao charm.

Seeing Long Chen and Zhang Yutao here, she was startled. She nodded slightly in greeting, and Long Chen also nodded back.

As for Zhang Yutao, he just blankly stared at her, unable to say a word.

Long Chen was about to nudge him and ask who she was when a group of people followed behind the woman. There were over ten of them, men and women. One man in particular was standing behind her; he was very eye-attracting.

He was tall and slender. With a perfectly placed nose and mouth, sword-like eyebrows, and bright eyes, he was extremely handsome.

When the man saw Long Chen and Zhang Yutao here, he frowned. “Why are the two of you here? Do you not know that this place is already reserved?”

Long Chen frowned. What was going on?

“Reserved? I didn’t hear that?” Zhang Yutao was also startled.

“Today is the Pill Fairy’s twenty-first birthday. Everyone in the Divine Pill Hall knows this. Did you come here intentionally?!”

Zhang Yutao clapped his forehead, recalling something. He immediately apologized, “Sorry, sorry, it slipped my mind! I apologize to Pill Fairy. We’ll leave immediately. Long San, let’s go eat somewhere else.”

Long Chen nodded. Since someone had reserved this place for their birthday, then they might as well go.

“Since we managed to meet by fate, why don’t the two of you come and sit with us?” asked the woman magnanimously.

“That’s okay, we don’t know each other, and we won’t be able to eat and drink freely. Congratulations on your birthday. I wish you long-lasting beauty and fortune.” Long Chen smiled and politely refused her invitation, as she had only invited them due to courtesy. He left with Zhang Yutao.

The woman was a bit surprised. Within Pill Valley, any disciple who saw her would view her like a heavenly goddess. They would be too nervous to even speak to her. But Long Chen’s gaze had been calm when he looked at her. That made her feel that this person called Long San was very peculiar.

The woman’s expression was caught by the man behind her. He remained expressionless, but a bit of iciness had appeared in the depths of his eyes as he stared at Long Chen’s back.

Long Chen had only gotten halfway down the restaurant when he suddenly encountered another group of people coming up. One of them suddenly pointed at Long Chen and cursed, “Bastard, you’re the one who beat me!”

“Fuck off!”

Long Chen hated it the most when people pointed at him, and he directly sent him flying with a kick.

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