Chapter 1338 Berserk Blood Flame

At the top of a high mountain, where the clouds gently blew by, there was a glorious palace building. This was the true Divine Pill Hall.

The Divine Pill Hall was a special place for disciples to practice alchemy. Behind the large palace building was an ancient pavilion. This was the Divine Pill Pavilion, being well-known as one of the most important places in Pill Valley. It was packed with various alchemy secret arts and scriptures. 

Long Chen was currently holding a bone book. He was enthusiastically reading it, as it was secret art named the Explosive Blaze Art.

This kind of secret art condensed flame energy into fighting skills. It possessed great power.

Long Chen had been immediately attracted to it. The art described within it contained profound principles for the transformations of flames, which made it very difficult to understand. But its power was definitely terrifying.

If he used Star Fall in combination with it, Star Fall’s destructive power would greatly increase. How could Long Chen let this chance slip by?

This was already his third day since joining the Divine Pill Hall. By the time Zhang Yutao had led Long Chen up the mountain, he had already explained the general situation. He also said that this was one of Zhuo Tianxiang’s tests for him.

In truth, from the moment Long Chen had walked through the gates, to when he fought with the opposing side, to now, Zhang Yutao and the others had always been watching.

Zhuo Tianxiang had told Zhang Yutao that if Long Chen continued being such a coward, he could simply continue being bullied. He would only be pulled into their faction once he had finally had enough and attacked back.

Furthermore, Zhang Yutao told Long Chen to maintain this kind of mood. Right now, the struggle between the two factions didn’t leave room for face.

Currently, the Divine Pill Hall had the Divine Spear Alliance and the Divine Shield Alliance. They represented the radical faction and the conservative faction respectively.

If others heard this name, they might think the conservative faction was very modest and low-key, but the truth was that in order to make sure its power remained stable, the Divine Shield Alliance’s disciples were all very arrogant.

That was because only by being arrogant and showing their power could they intimidate more people and win more authority.

In comparison, it was the Divine Spear Alliance that was weaker. Under the suppression of the Divine Shield Alliance, they found it very taxing to continue fighting. Their influence over the Divine Pill Hall’s disciples as a whole was dropping.

That was why the Divine Spear Alliance not only needed people with great alchemy arts but also someone who could draw enough influence. That was why if Long Chen continued being a coward, he wouldn’t be very useful to the Divine Spear Alliance. They needed a disciple that dared to fight.

Of course, the prerequisite was that this disciple’s alchemy skills could keep up. That was why after telling Long Chen a few things, Zhang Yutao had sent Long Chen to the Divine Pill Pavilion to study.

Long Chen wasn’t interested in the alchemy arts here. Rather it was the magical arts and Battle Skills here that he needed.

To ordinary disciples, his actions were the complete opposite of what they should be doing. The Divine Pill Hall’s disciples were alchemists who cared about alchemy. To train in fighting techniques was not proper.

But Long Chen was too lazy to bother with the strange looks people gave him. He needed to find a way to increase his repertoire of flame magical arts, because his Pill Sovereign memories only had knowledge of alchemy, but nothing of flame fighting techniques.

“Long San, let’s go. I’ll bring you to switch out your Earth Flame. Everything’s been arranged, and someone’s already holding the line for us.”

Zhang Yutao came and interrupted Long Chen’s studying. That was because Long Chen had said that he needed a better Earth Flame.

One of the main reasons that he only managed to refine three rings in the trial previously was because of his Pill Flame.

He was unable to use Huo Long’s power here, and the Earth Flame he had been given wasn’t strong enough. That was why he had asked Zhang Yutao for a stronger Earth Flame.

Now that he was helping out the Divine Spear Alliance, if he didn’t dredge up some benefits for himself, he wouldn’t be Long Chen. Furthermore, the Divine Spear Alliance had its own backing, so this was an easy task for them.

But obtaining a new Earth Flame required accumulating a certain number of merit points in Pill Valley. Normally, these merit points were obtained by refining high tier medicinal pills.

But Long Chen didn’t need to bother with this. Someone else would cough up the money for him. With someone already in line for him, he could go and directly pick out an Earth Flame.

“Long San, Protector Zhuo has said that you can select an Earth Flame below rank 30. If you want a higher level Earth Flame, it will depend on your future display,” whispered Zhang Yutao. There was envy in his eyes.

To be able to pick out any Earth Flame ranked below 30 was an immense special treatment. Even Zhang Yutao’s Earth Flame was only ranked 37th.

That was the result of him working hard all these years. As for Long Chen, he had only just arrived and he could get a better one.

“Long San, you should pick the Berserk Blood Flame ranked 32nd. I heard your Spiritual Strength is powerful. If you can suppress the Berserk Blood Flame’s berserk nature, its power will probably be even greater than the Heart Incinerating Devil Flame ranked 31st,” advised Zhang Yutao.

That truly was the best option. If the Berserk Blood Flame wasn’t so violent, it would probably be ranked 30th.

Because it was too violent, using it to refine pills would require even more Spiritual Strength. Its power was definitely greater than the Heart Incinerating Devil Flame ranked 31st, but it would take much more Spiritual Strength to use.

“Alright, then I’ll listen to brother Yutao. I trust brother Yutao would definitely make the best choice for me.” Long Chen also knew that the Berserk Blood Flame was the best option for him, so he directly gave Zhang Yutao a favor.

Zhang Yutao was overjoyed. In truth, one of Zhang Yutao’s goals was to suck up to Long Chen. After all, he was Dan Bishi’s final apprentice. Although Dan Bishi had died, could the final disciple of a Grand Elder possibly be an ordinary person? That was impossible.

Zhang Yutao’s talent wasn’t particularly outstanding. Of course, he had managed to get into the Divine Pill Hall, but the reason for this was his ability to read others and the situation. So he could already tell Long Chen was someone with limitless potential. Treating Long Chen well now would definitely have many advantages.

Zhan Yutao handled things very neatly. Even a private room had been prepared for Long Chen. When Long Chen received the Berserk Blood Flame, he directly went into seclusion to refine it.

Long Chen took out its flame seed. It was devoured in one bite by Huo Long. Although it was ranked 32nd and the Soul Devouring Violet Flame was only ranked 36th, it was just a flame seed, so suppressing it was easy. Huo Long began to extract Long Chen’s energy to undergo a transformation.

The flame seed’s power was too weak and unable to allow Huo Long to fully transform. It needed Long Chen’s energy.

As for Long Chen’s spiritual yuan, he couldn’t use it for anything other than alchemy. So he allowed Huo Long to absorb as much as it wanted.

Three days later, a blood-colored flame dragon appeared behind Long Chen, releasing a berserk aura.

“Huo Long, you have to hold back a bit. Think of a way to control your power, or refining pills won’t be fun.”

This new berserk aura of Huo Long’s was too strong, like a wild dragon who wanted to devour heaven and earth. Huo Long now had an urge to destroy this entire room. This meant that it had been greatly affected by the Berserk Blood Flame, and it wasn’t suitable for refining pills.

But Huo Long let out a quiet roar, and its blood-colored flames vanished, replaced by violet flames. It was the Soul Devouring Violet Flame.

“You… you can freely switch between them?!” Long Chen was shocked and delighted. Huo Long told him that it could repeatedly switch between the various flames it had devoured according to its memories. That meant Long Chen could use whichever flame he wanted to.

“Hehe, good. Then I’ll make sure you get to eat every single flame Pill Valley has to offer.” Long Chen rubbed Huo Long’s head with delight.

If he allowed Huo Long to devour that many Earth Flames, Long Chen couldn’t even imagine how strong it would become.

Three days later, Long Chen came out. Zhang Yutao and the others had long since been waiting.

“Long San, you’ve only just joined the Divine Pill Hall and refined a new Earth Flame. Come, I’ll bring you to a fun place so you can relax.” Zhang Yutao smiled a smile that only men could smile.

Long Chen immediately thought of something and was about to decline when Zhang Yutao dragged him away.

“Come, as a man, what are you so afraid of? If you don’t relax, how will you be ready for the greater challenges?

“How is it? Isn’t it relaxing?” Zhang Yutao looked at Long Chen with a mischievous smile.

Long Chen was sitting in a bucket. Steam filled the air, bringing with it bursts of medicinal fragrance. Medicinal energy was entering his body through his pores, completely relaxing him.

Most importantly, there were two maidens behind him gently massaging his back and rubbing medicinal elixirs on him.

The two maidens were massaging him with their spiritual yuan. This was Long Chen’s first time receiving such treatment. He couldn’t help but sigh, “You city people really get to enjoy some amazing things. Amazing.”

Through this medicinal bath, Long Chen felt his tension completely vanish. In truth, his nerves were constantly taut now that he was in Pill Valley, as he had to be on guard to not expose his status. The pressure was immense.

“Long San, I didn’t expect your body to be so buff. No wonder you’re so strong, and those fellows aren’t your match.” Zhang Yutao looked at Long Chen’s arms enviously.

Alchemists naturally had weak physical bodies. It was very rare for there to be someone with a body as well built as Long Chen’s. Even the maidens massaging him were a bit red. Long Chen’s body felt good under their hands.

“I had to fight for three years against sea demons to get this body. If I didn’t eat them, they’d eat me,” said Long Chen with his eyes closed.

“Hehe, it’s been tough on you.”

After the medicinal bath, Long Chen put his robes back on. He was completely refreshed.

“Come, it’s getting late. Let’s go eat, and later, there will be an even better program,” laughed Zhang Yutao, leading Long Chen away.

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