Chapter 1337 Duan Tianqiao

That figure was precisely the Eastern Wasteland’s alchemy genius, Duan Tianqiao.

It had been several years since they had seen each other. Duan Tianqiao‘s appearance hadn’t changed much. But there was a change in her eyes. Her life in Pill Valley hadn’t been very easy.

“Long San, you’ve finally come.” Duan Tianqiao was sitting in a pavilion. She had a massive bone book in her hands and had been in the midst of studying it.

The secular world’s books were normally written on paper or beast hide. Within sects, most ancient records were recorded with spiritual jade plates. One reason was because they were easy to use, and another was because they lasted a long time.

But they also had a drawback. That was that high level runes could not be recorded within them. That was why sects would use the bones of high ranking Magical Beasts to create bone books.

These bone books could record runes clearly. Furthermore, they even contained the spiritual mark of the expert that carved the runes, making it easier for others to comprehend them.

Duan Tianqiao was a beauty in her own right. She had delicate and pretty features, almond eyes and cherry lips. Adding on her petite figure, she was definitely lovable.

Now looking at Long Chen, she had a complicated expression. Scooting over slightly, she said, “Please, sit.

“Then I won’t stand on courtesy.”

Long Chen sat beside her. He couldn’t help saying, “Thinking about past events truly makes a person emotional.”

“That’s true. Back in the Eastern Wasteland, I remember that we were on opposite sides. At that time, you were quite fearful.” Duan Tianqiao also thought of many things that had happened in the Eastern Wasteland. She smiled.

Back then, it had been Long Chen, Chai Liehuo, and Fang Chang against Huo Wufang. The fighting between them had been very intense.

After the competition, Duan Tianqiao had left the Eastern Wasteland with the Tower Ancestor. She didn’t know what had happened later.

“Aren’t you the one who’s doing well in Pill Valley? In the future, I’ll need senior apprentice-sister Tianqiao to look after me.” Long Chen smiled.

After all, Duan Tianqiao had come here three years before him. She had to know more about the Divine Pill Hall than he did.

“I wouldn’t dare to say I could look after you, nor do I dare to accept you calling me senior apprentice-sister. Just protecting myself is difficult enough. In the monthly rankings, I’m always in the bottom thirty. I don’t know when I’ll be squeezed out.” Duan Tianqiao shook her head.

“Just being able to enter the Divine Pill Hall is amazing enough,” comforted Long Chen. It seemed Duan Tianqiao hadn’t been doing too well. Being at the bottom of the rankings of the Divine Pill Hall meant that she had to worry about being expelled at all times.

“Long San, you’ve only just joined the Divine Pill Hall, and you have two months to improve yourself. You have to take advantage of this time to enter the Divine Pill Pavilion to study. There are countless ancient tomes that will be very beneficial for you. Also, don’t join the competition between factions, or it’ll be very troublesome. You won’t even be able to focus on cultivating. If a newcomer joins a faction, they won’t be able to establish footing at all,” warned Duan Tianqiao.

Newcomers would be unable to establish footing? Long Chen instantly understood why Zhuo Tianxiang hadn’t announced what side Long Chen was on from the start. It was to give Long Chen a chance to establish his own footing. 

In truth, Long Chen’s guess was only half right. Zhuo Tianxiang wanted him to quickly establish his footing inside the Divine Pill Hall. He possessed his own unique status in the Divine Pill Hall.

But as a newcomer, if he expressed which side he was on from the start, the other side would immediately try to suppress him. It would place a target on him.

That was why Zhuo Tianxiang had decided to let Long Chen start off on his own. In any case, he had his status as Dan Bishi’s final apprentice. There was no need for him to be timid. Now he was just quietly watching him.

In any case, with Long Chen’s talent, Zhuo Tianxiang wasn’t worried about him getting kicked out of the Divine Pill Hall in two months. The radical faction was hoping for Long Chen to explosively grow under the pressure. After all, they didn’t need a useless coward.

“Alright, I understand.” Long Chen nodded.

“The two factions will use both soft and hard tactics to force you to join them. As long as you refuse to join either side and stay neutral, they won’t bully you too much,” continued Duan Tianqiao.

Why did this feel so childish? But then he thought about it. These disciples hadn’t encountered anything other than alchemy. Their intelligence was truly like that of children.

“You still don’t know how to check the rankings?” asked Duan Tianqiao.

“Uh, I really don’t.”

Duan Tianqiao asked for Long Chen’s badge and pressed down on a protruding part of its back.

The back of the badge actually flipped over, and a small mirror-like crystal appeared from inside. There were designs carved into it that he couldn’t understand.

“Rank 2306? How could your ranking be so high after only just joining the Divine Pill Hall?” Duan Tianqiao was filled with disbelief.

It had to be known that the disciples that had only just joined had low rankings. But as a special treatment for newcomers, as long as they weren’t too weak, they wouldn’t appear in the last three spots at first.

This was a chance for the newcomers to benefit from joining the Divine Pill Hall. But usually their ranking would still be in the bottom ten. That was why Long Chen’s rank shocked Duan Tianqiao.

“How are the rankings decided?” asked Long Chen. He didn’t care about his ranking. In any case, he knew he wouldn’t be at the bottom.

“The rankings are determined by the proctors through a comprehensive evaluation of the disciples. It’s very accurate. Long San, it seems your prospects will definitely be limitless. Remember to look after me.” Duan Tianqiao smiled.

“But of course. As people from the same region, we should naturally help each other.” Long Chen patted his chest confidently. Seeing Li Kang and Duan Tianqiao in Pill Valley had truly made him feel like meeting old friends.

“However, if you’re joining the neutral faction, don’t go running off to the inner sect disciples. It will draw ire from others. That’s because everything about the Divine Pill Hall is supposed to be secret. New inner disciples that join have to think of their own way to survive. If you expose what’s happening here, both factions will be offended. Thereafter, no matter how good your talent is, you won’t be able to survive in the Divine Pill Hall,” said Duan Tianqiao.

Long Chen now understood. No wonder Li Kang had said that Duan Tianqiao hadn’t spoken to him after joining the Divine Pill Hall. So there was such an unwritten rule.

He supposed that made sense. If everyone who joined the Divine Pill Hall entered the neutral faction, the conservative and the radical factions wouldn’t be able to get new members.

No wonder those maidens had offended those three fellows by warning him not to join a faction. So their words had been taboo. Now, he felt even more grateful to them.

In this age, everyone only swept their own doors of snow. Who cared if other people’s roofs were covered in frost? The number of kind people was truly low.

Even though Long Chen and Duan Tianqiao could count as old acquaintances, her telling him so much was probably also dangerous, as it could offend others. He had to remember this favor.

“Long San, try to be low-key. Hurry to the Divine Pill Pavilion. That’s where all of Pill Valley’s alchemy tomes are gathered. It would be best if you went in and didn’t come out until the next test. Cherish this time to study,” said Duan Tianqiao.

“Alright, I’ll go and take a look.”

Long Chen nodded and rose. Suddenly, over ten of the Divine Pill Hall’s disciples surrounded the two of them.

“Long San, you really are brazen. You dare to beat our people?” These people were wearing the same robes as the three people Long Chen had beaten.

Seeing these people, Duan Tianqiao paled. She was clearly afraid of them.

“Little slut, you’re even trying to form a relationship with Long San? It seems you don’t want to continue staying in the Divine Pill Hall!”


One of the disciples was in the midst of cursing Duan Tianqiao when Long Chen slapped him across his face. Half his face caved in and he flew into the distance, fainting without even being able to let out a sound.

Everyone jumped, including Long Chen. His slap was now a kind of instinct. If he hadn’t managed to hastily pull back ninety percent of his power, that person would have died.

The main thing was that Long Chen was unable to just stand there as someone in front of him pointed and cursed at a weak woman. He had almost caused a calamity for himself.

“All of you scram. If any of you targets her again, I’ll kill you all.”

Long Chen was truly infuriated now. He might be fine if they targeted him, but targeting the people by his side was unacceptable.

His furious roar drew quite a few others in the surroundings over.

“Brat, it seems you don’t want to stay in the Divine Pill Hall anymore!” roared the lead disciple.

“Fuck your mother!”

Long Chen suddenly attacked. That person let out a cold snort and dodged his hands, sending a kick at Long Chen’s ribs. He was actually an expert at close-range combat.

This attack was sharp and well-practiced. The disciples he had brought along all cheered.

But their cheering was severed halfway like a knife had cut it. Long Chen had easily grabbed that person’s leg.

“Fuck off!”

Long Chen threw him like a sand bag, doing a half spin before tossing him out.

The disciples were startled and tried to catch him. But Long Chen had thrown him so strongly that these disciples were knocked away, vomiting blood.

“Amazing! Brother, you’re so skilled! Can I know your name?” Just at this moment, a group of people walked over. They had a small spear embroidered on their collars.

“I am Long San.” Long Chen cupped his fists to these people. They were ‘his people’.

“Long San, the last apprentice of senior Bishi?” That person was delighted to hear this.

“Yes. And brother, you are?”

“Haha, this junior is Zhang Yutao. I didn’t expect to encounter you, brother Long. Come, let’s go find a place to hold a welcoming feast.” Zhang Yutao smiled.

Long Chen nodded. When he said goodbye to Duan Tianqiao, he saw her worry. He knew that by joining Zhang Yutao’s faction, he would be signing up for a lifetime of trouble.

Long Chen smiled to tell her not to worry. He had long since joined this faction, and he left with Zhang Yutao’s group.

As for the disciples that Long Chen had beaten, they watched him leave with rancor.

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