Chapter 1336 You Dare To Spit At Me?

As soon as he walked in, two Soul Transformation experts checked his badge before letting him continue.

Long Chen had originally thought that the Divine Pill Hall would be a huge classroom with disciples studying diligently. He had imagined that it would be a boring life of constantly facing strict teachers and pill furnaces.

But the scene before him was completely different from what he had imagined. This place was a wonderland. It was a large change from the hasty tempo of alchemy outside.

The green grass was like a carpet, and the air was pure and clear, almost like it could cleanse a person’s heart and soul.

As he walked along the stone path, he suddenly heard tinkling laughter. That laughter was full of delight.

Turning at the corner, he saw several maidens chatting happily in a few swings hanging from large trees.

The maidens looked young, and each of them was a rare beauty. They were playing happily.

Long Chen stood in the distance. Looking at those happy maidens, he suddenly thought of Meng Qi, Tang Wan-er, Chu Yao, Yue Xiaoqian, and Ye Zhiqiu.

If one day they could leave this world of slaughter and find a wonderland like this, he would accompany them like this every day. They would have a pile of kids, and he wouldn’t trade such a future even for the chance to become a god.

Without realizing it, Long Chen became absent-minded and simply stood there like a wooden block. The more he stared, the more fed up he became with this world.

“Oh? There’s a new junior brother there. And he looks very young and handsome. Hey, junior brother, do you want to come and play?” One of the maidens saw Long Chen. She wasn’t the slightest bit bashful or embarrassed. She even invited him to join them.

The other maidens stared at him curiously. Although three people would get to enter this place every two months, those people were mostly Jade Core experts. Someone like Long Chen with his Foundation Forging cultivation base was rare. More importantly, he was truly handsome.

Long Chen smiled and courteously said, “Thank you big sisters, but I still have some things to do. I won’t disturb you.”

Long Chen didn’t even know how long it had been since he had smiled like this. This smile of his made him look like an innocent boy from next door, and it was very warm.

He could sense that these maidens were innocent and naive. They had no malice toward him. That was why his smile was very natural and sincere.

“Hey, junior brother, wait a moment. I have a bit of advice!” said one of them.

“Advice? Please, tell me.” Long Chen was startled.

The maidens stopped swinging and walked toward Long Chen. One of them said, “Seeing what a nice boy you are, I’ll tell you this. Once you’re in the Divine Pill Hall, don’t join any faction. Just stay neutral. Otherwise, it’ll be troublesome.”

The maidens all looked around, afraid others would hear them.

“Thank you for the warning. I understand.” Long Chen was grateful. These maidens were clearly also neutral, the ones that Zhao Xiang had called opportunists. But they had taken the danger of offending both factions to warn him, and that made him grateful. At least, there were still some good people in the cultivation world.

Although they were few, it was because they were so few that they were to be treasured. But Long Chen was going to have to disappoint them. He had long since chosen his faction.

“Don’t you know it’s not good to randomly gossip?”

Just at this moment, three people walked over. The three were all men. The one who had spoken was their leader, and he was a large and sturdy man.

Long Chen immediately laughed upon seeing them. Inside the Divine Pill Hall, the male disciples wore white robes and the female disciples wore red robes.

But the ones in factions had special symbols as well. The conservative faction’s disciples had a small shield mark on their collars to express their side.

As for Long Chen’s collar, there was supposed to be a small spear on it. But he had only just joined and hadn’t gotten his robes yet.

Seeing those three, he knew that they had come to greet him and give him a display of power to get him to join their side.

The maidens all shrank back, clearly a bit afraid of these three.

“Don’t you know it’s not good to spout crap at others? Just how much shit did you eat to make your breath so smelly?” Long Chen already had a backing and was fully confident. He no longer needed to endure this.

“Brat, you’re courting death- pfft!”

That person charged forward, only to get punched in the face. His nose broke and blood splashed.

Long Chen wasn’t used to this. He found slapping people in the face much more pleasurable. But he didn’t dare to bring out his face-slaps because he was worried others would recognize him. His divine face-slapping art was unrivaled and unique. It would be too easy for others to recognize it.

“Bastard! Attack together!”

That person held his nose in pain. With a furious roar, the three of them attacked him together.

The maidens all let out startled cries, not expecting Long Chen to actually take the initiative to attack them. Things instantly blew up.

Long Chen almost laughed upon seeing them attacking him. These people really didn’t know how to fight. If they only had this little skill, they’d have long since been killed in the outside world.

Ignoring the other two, Long Chen grabbed their leader’s hair and smashed his knee into the leader’s head over and over again.

With his power, he could have made the leader’s head explode with a single kick. But to express that he wasn’t experienced at fighting, he held back.

The other two smashed their punches on his body, but it didn’t even itch. Long Chen could ignore them.

As for the one in his hands, despite how much Long Chen was holding back, he couldn’t endure and fainted.

Long Chen then tossed him to the ground. Grabbing one of the others, he tossed him over his shoulder, smashing his head into the ground.

That person’s neck broke, and he lay on the ground, unable to move. The remaining fellow’s expression changed and he turned to flee.

But Long Chen grabbed his collar and roared, “After hitting me so many times, you think you can run?!”


Long Chen held his neck like he was holding a chicken. His opponent’s feet couldn’t even touch the ground. Long Chen punched him in the face. “Brat, do you know who I am?”


“You refuse to answer? You’re a tough guy, huh?” Long Chen’s next punch landed on his eye, giving him a black eye.


“So, you have guts! You dare to roll your eyes at me?!” Seeing such a disdainful look, Long Chen helped him out and punched him again, giving him two black eyes.


“Fuck, you dare to spit at me?!” Long Chen became increasingly infuriated.

“Junior brother! He’s not rolling his eyes, he just fainted, so his eyes rolled up! And he’s not spitting at you, he’s frothing at the mouth. If you keep beating him, he’ll die.” One of the maidens couldn’t keep watching.

“Ah, is that so?”

Long Chen dropped him to the ground. His body twitched a few times before becoming still.

“Sorry, it was my first time fighting, and I didn’t have any experience,” apologized Long Chen awkwardly, scratching his head.

The current Long Chen had once more returned to the appearance of an innocent boy. It was truly difficult to associate him with the previous Long Chen. Of course, it was a bit easier considering the three people lying on the ground.

“Big sisters, don’t worry. I will remember your favor today. If you need any help in the future, just come and find me, Long San.”

Long Chen smiled at the maidens. Without even looking at the three bodies on the ground, he left.

Once he vanished, the maidens looked at each other. It was unexpected that the seemingly weak boy was so powerful.

Then looking at the three bodies, they were no longer in the mood for the swings. Not even daring to touch the three of them, they also fled.

Long Chen followed the small path forward. This winding path went around many mountains and brought him to quite a few beautiful sceneries. He saw people napping, he saw people playing chess, and he even saw maidens playing the zither. The people here all seemed very leisurely.

He could see that these people were borrowing external force to make themselves relax. They were doing their best to remove as much tension from their bodies as possible.

People also saw Long Chen walking along the path. They nodded toward him slightly in greeting, and Long Chen also nodded back.

But there were also people who icily glanced at him and then continued with whatever they were doing. There were even some who had clear hostility for him.

Long Chen estimated that these people were probably near the bottom of the rankings. His arrival was a threat to them.

As he continued forward, he saw fewer and fewer people. He also saw people with spears on their collars, marking them as people on his side.

But they didn’t express any emotion upon seeing him. They looked at him like he was a stranger.

The people with shields on their collars also only looked at him indifferently. They didn’t make any moves, which he found curious.

“Could it be that those three didn’t run into me by coincidence? They were set up? So Zhuo Tianxiang didn’t publicly announce that I was part of the radical faction, but why? Why didn’t they greet me? Are they trying to watch me for longer before deciding anything?”

Or was it that it depended on his display? If he was tough enough, they would let him join the radical faction, but if he wasn’t, they would just toss him amongst the opportunists?

Just as Long Chen was wondering about Zhuo Tianxiang’s goal and walking with his head down, he saw a pair of eyes staring at him with surprise.

“Oh, it’s been a long time. Are you still well?” Long Chen smiled and greeted that slim and beautiful figure.

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