Chapter 1334 Formally Accepting a Master? (Teaser)

Seeing Long Chen shaking his head, the disciples were startled. It was a failure? But it hadn’t looked like one.

“Only three rings?” Long Chen took out one of the nine pills, revealing it only had three rings. The rest only had two rings.

After working so hard, he had only refined a three-ring pill. That disappointed him. Had his alchemy arts regressed? Or was it due to the curse?

He hadn’t held back much just now, having used about eighty percent of his true ability. He had thought that even if he didn’t refine a top grade pill, it should be no problem refining a nine-ring high grade pill.

But either he had overestimated himself or underestimated the difficulty of refining the Soul Gathering Heart Tempering Pill. He couldn’t even tell if it was because of the curse. That was why he was a bit stunned.

“Tch, what a show-off!”

Countless disciples almost coughed up blood from seeing Long Chen’s disappointed expression.

For the Foundation Forging disciples, just forming a pill would be a huge success, even if it was just a garbage pill.

As for the Jade Core disciples, originally they had felt that just refining...

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