Chapter 133 Beginning of the Trial

That sphere of light was only a foot thick. On the outside, it looked like it was formed from countless strands of thread.

However, those weren’t threads, but countless, thin wind blades that had been compressed into a sphere.

Furthermore, there was a drop of red liquid incessantly circulating within that sphere. It was extremely odd.

That sphere shot out. All the withered leaves and branches it passed by immediately turned to ashes. As it whistled over, the terrifying gales coming from it carved a long scar in the ground.

Even Long Chen was shocked. Although Little Snow had told Long Chen that he had his own special moves now, this was the first time he had seen one.

This Qi Xin, he better block it head-on. If he dodges, I’ll really be screwed over, Long Chen prayed inside.

Qi Xin turned pale from fright in the face of this attack. He almost choked, sensing how great of a threat it was to him.

“Skywater protecting the body!” Qi Xin shouted and his spiritual qi circulated. That ball of water surrounding him changed. Strange lines spread across it, turning it into a veined pearl.

BOOM! Qi Xin had only just managed to set that up when Little Snow’s attack struck him. His attack was just like a meteorite striking the ball of water.

Heaven and earth lost all color. Time seemed to slow down. Everyone felt as if the world was no longer as real as before.

Suddenly, some people let out startled cries and quickly jumped back. That was because the land had instead become a tide of water that was rapidly spreading.

Those who were closer were directly swallowed by a wave of mud, coughing up blood as they were pushed further away.

For a moment, everyone was fleeing for their lives. Within an area of over a mile, there was no longer anyone else present.

That region had been flattened dozens of meters. At the center of the depressed circle was a deep crater. On one side was Long Chen atop Little Snow, looking at Qi Xin.

The current Qi Xin’s hair was a mess, and his clothes had also been torn. Even his aura was slightly chaotic. Obviously, blocking that attack had cost a great deal of energy.

Although he might look down on Qi Xin’s personality, Long Chen had no choice but to admit that Qi Xin truly was too strong.

That attack of Little Snow’s had contained a merger of both wind and flame. The explosive power that resulted from that merger could destroy mountains. Just from looking at the completely destroyed region around them, it was possible to see just how powerful it had been.

But such a powerful blow had been blocked by Qi Xin. Furthermore, he wasn’t even injured. That kind of strength was too shocking.

“How is it? Do you want to keep putting on a show?” asked Long Chen.

“You…! Hmph, if it weren’t for your Magical Beast protecting you, I could kill you with a single slap,” raged Qi Xin.

Although he said that, Qi Xin was actually filled with horror. He had never expected that white wolf to have such a powerful attack.

“So what? Didn’t I just say that a Magical Beast was also a part of a person’s strength? By putting it like this, are you saying you’re not even as good as a Magical Beast?” 

“Hmph, with such a powerful Magical Beast, you’re clearly just relying on your family’s power. Only a spoiled brat would show off like this,” sneered Qi Xin.

“You can show off too. Come, bring out your Magical Beast and show everyone,” shrugged Long Chen.

Qi Xin’s face darkened as his steed was just a second rank Magical Beast.

It was true that his family did possess third rank Magical Beasts, but they were precious military powers that couldn’t be easily moved out. Furthermore, those Magical Beasts weren’t flying ones, and so it wouldn’t have been convenient to bring them on this journey.

If he really did bring out his Magical Beast now, it would be swatted to death in a single blow by Long Chen’s Snow Wolf. Although he was born in a large family, even just a second rank Magical Beast was extremely valuable. He couldn’t let it die for nothing, and so he was mute in response to Long Chen’s provocation.

Long Chen’s meaning was obvious. Even if he himself was weak, with the pressure from such a steed, who would dare to easily attack him?

That truly infuriated Qi Xin. Although his combat ability was high, his actual realm was still low. That was because he had to keep himself suppressed at the peak of Blood Condensation. If he entered the Tendon Transformation realm, he definitely wouldn’t fear Long Chen’s Scarlet Flame Snow Wolf.

The atmosphere was now extremely awkward. Qi Xin wanted to attack, but he also was intimidated. Little Snow was a Magical Beast, and so it was extremely likely that it was capable of using such a powerful attack again.

But Qi Xin didn’t dare take such an attack again. Despite his arrogance, he wouldn’t want to continuously receive such blows. That wouldn’t be prideful; it’d be just asking for death.

But for him to retreat, that would be a great blow to his fame. How would he face those who relied on him?

If it was to Lei Qianshang or Tang Wan-er, then it would have been fine. They were experts on the same level, so it wouldn’t cause him to lose any face.

But if he were to continue losing in front of this nameless youth, that would definitely be too embarrassing for him. In this current situation, he couldn’t retreat, yet he also couldn’t continue. Thus, Qi Xin was in an impossible position.

Deep in the forest, Tang Wan-er was watching. In her eyes, Long Chen was acting like a spoiled brat, but she smiled.

This scoundrel does possess some ability to force Qi Xin into such a plight. Hmph, as for your debt for offending me, we’ll have to settle that slowly.

For some unknown reason, watching Long Chen gave her a kind of unknown excitement. Perhaps life in the Xuantian Monastery would not be as dry and dull as she had thought it would be.


Just at this moment, a loud, melodious bell rang out in everyone’s ears, causing everyone to become excited.

“The trial’s begun! Let’s hurry over!”

No one cared any longer about Long Chen and Qi Xin’s battle. They all hurried towards the end of the valley.

Qi Xin was relieved to hear that bell. Coldly glancing at Long Chen, he said, “I’ll remember you. I’ll definitely give you some extra ‘care’ in the monastery.”

After saying that, he didn’t even give Long Chen a chance to reply before rushing over with the crowd. Those people who were originally waiting with him also followed behind him.

Even at this time, he still didn’t forget to act powerfully. Long Chen shook his head. Jumping atop Little Snow, he gently rubbed Little Snow’s head. “It’s all thanks to you. Otherwise, the person to lose face would very likely be me.”

“Wuwu…” Little Snow rubbed Long Chen with his huge head.

“Hehe, ok, I know you still have more special moves. But we can’t kill anyone here. You have to restrain yourself a bit,” he gently comforted Little Snow.

At this time Guo Ran had already hobbled over to Long Chen’s side. Long Chen lightly said, “Don’t act like you’re so in need of pity.”

Guo Ran laughed mischievously and gave him a thumbs-up. “Boss, you really are something! Even someone like Qi Xin was helpless to deal with you!”

“Sigh, that was only because of Little Snow. Let’s hurry up and get to the trial.” Long Chen and Guo Ran followed the flow of people.

Exiting the valley, they arrived at a wide, open space. There were tens of thousands of registrants who had already arrived.

Each person also had a Magical Beast obediently lying down behind them. With interweaving humans and huge Magical Beasts over this open land, it was an extremely spectacular sight.

At the front was a huge gate three hundred meters high. It was extremely magnificent and exuded an ancient air.

Atop the gate were the following bold and ancient characters: Xuantian Monastery. The words were written in a bright gold.

It appeared that this grand gate was the entrance to the Xuantian Monastery. But Long Chen couldn’t see just where that loud bell sound had come from.

Suddenly, that huge gate began to slowly open. A large entrance tens of meters high opened up like a huge beast’s mouth.

When that gate opened, an extremely dense spiritual qi poured over.

Amazing! Long Chen thought to himself. This gate should be able to keep spiritual qi inside. Then that means this huge gate must be part of some grand formation.

No wonder all these people would work to join the Xuantian Monastery at all costs! Just this kind of dense spiritual qi is enough to allow their cultivation speeds to multiply.

Following the opening of the huge gate, a group of people walked out. They appeared to be in their twenties. They were all indifferently looking over these registrants.

The person at the front was wearing black robes. This serious man’s gaze roved around, giving a sense that he was extremely capable and experienced.

After looking over this large group, he said, “First let me introduce myself. I am the attendant in charge of welcoming you all and am also in charge of the first part of the trial to enter the monastery.

“There is also another status I have. All of us are your senior apprentice-brothers. In other words, we are all registrants who came last time.”

“Three years ago, we were just like you. We also stood there as the previous generation welcomed us.”

Many people were surprised that the people to welcome them would be the previous generation’s disciples. 

But Guo Ran was completely calm. He had clearly already known about this. Once the crowd quieted down, that person continued.

“Three years ago we were the same as you, filled with dreams and expectations. But now I will pour some ice water over your fires. This place is not at all the same as what you imagine.

“This place is extremely cruel. It won’t be at all the same as your days in your families. This place is a hell, and so if you want to retreat, there is still a chance now.”

Hearing those grim words, a bad feeling immediately arose in everyone’s hearts.

“Excuse me, but amongst the previous generation of senior apprentice-brothers, are you few the only ones who remain?” said one brave registrant.

“Yes. All the more powerful ones have already left, leaving behind only us. That is because, in our generation, we can only pad the bottom.”

“Tch, so it’s just cannon fodder people. Why’d they have to act so grand?” Some people quietly gave those people an evaluation. The reverence that they had had all mostly faded away.

That person smiled slightly and didn’t react at all to that, seeming to have expected it. Sweeping his gaze over everyone, he nodded. “The time has arrived. Take out your registration cards. We’ll be going over everyone one by one.”

Everyone hastily took out their registration cards. That group of twenty-some men split up to examine them.

Suddenly, one person pointed at a registrant. “Where did you get your registration card?”

That person panicked slightly, but he immediately hid that and icily said, “It was given to me by your monastery. Do you not even recognize it?”

“This registration card isn’t yours. Although you’ve changed your appearance, you can’t trick me. You’re someone who killed for someone else’s registration card.”

That person’s face immediately blanched. Without even thinking about it, he punched at that person. But that fist was just a fake. He had already retreated, trying to flee.

As for the man who had found him out, he smiled with ridicule and slowly raised his hand. That fleeing registrant was immediately horrified to realize that he couldn’t move anymore. The strangest thing of all was that his body began to float into mid-air. He wildly struggled and shouted, but he was unable to escape from that strange force.


Blood rained down as that late Blood Condensation expert exploded in mid-air just like that.

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