Chapter 1328 Complicated Relations

These trees truly reached the heavens. They were so huge that even the three-hundred-meter flying boat was like an insect flying past them.

The leaves of the trees completely covered the sky, making it so not even the slightest sunlight could reach them. That was why everything was black.

“Damn, they have to be over a hundred thousand meters tall! If I have a chance, I have to grab some and plant them in the primal chaos space.” Long Chen’s heart pounded as he looked at these huge trees. He had an urge to dig up a few of them right now.

But these trees were sinister and frightening. They almost looked like fiends. Bursts of evil air came through the flying boat’s protections, turning Long Chen’s scalp numb.

“What kind of trees could be so terrifying?” whispered Long Chen. Right now, including Zhuo Tianxiang, all the flying boat’s experts had solemn expressions.

One of the elders who treated Long Chen well explained, “This forest you see is one of the famed seven great danger zones - the Heaven Devouring Forest. Each tree you see is a fiendish lifeform and incredibly dangerous. Although this is just the border, we still can’t be careless. If we provoke a terrifying existence we probably won’t be able to escape.”

“Then why are we going through such a dangerous region? Why not go around?” Long Chen couldn’t help but ask.

“There are things you don’t know. After the Martial Heaven Continent went through the battle of the immortal era, it was fractured, and it left behind countless spatial abysses that cannot be crossed. If we want to return to Pill Valley, the closest path is through the edge of the Heaven Devouring Forest. Although it’s dangerous, it’s also the fastest way. If we go around, we’d have to go all the way across the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring, and it would take at least two years.” That expert kindly showed Long Chen a map.

It was an extremely detailed map of the Central Plains. The Central Plains were wrapped around by the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring in a very perfect circle.

At the center of the map was a square area marked as the Central Xuan Region. It was drawn with a specific color. It was like a huge copper coin with the Central Xuan Region being the center of it.

The Eastern Xuan Region, Western Xuan Region, Southern Xuan Region, and Northern Xuan Region were also of different colors.

This was Long Chen’s first time seeing such a detailed map. He couldn’t help being startled. The five regions were inconceivably evenly split. It was like someone had divided them up meticulously. Each of the four outer regions was the same size.

As for the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring, it was a perfect ring of blue. 

Then from the Eastern Xuan Region to the Central Xuan Region, Long Chen saw a black mark. That had to be the spatial abyss that the elder had mentioned.

Other than this black mark, there was a green mark as well. On it were the words Heaven Devouring Forest written in the deep red of old blood.

Before Long Chen could carefully look at the rest of the map, the flying boat shuddered as a thick vine suddenly bound them.

“Damnable headless creatures. We should have burned them to the ground!” cursed Zhuo Tianxiang.

That vine was several feet thick and was like a huge python that had caught its prey. It coiled around the flying boat tightly.

“Protector Zhuo, what do we do?” asked a Life Star expert.

“Ignore it. We’ll smash through it and continue forward. We don’t have time to waste,” said Zhuo Tianxiang.

Divine runes suddenly circulated around the flying boat, and a terrifying energy was unleashed, blowing apart the vine. Long Chen actually heard something akin to a startled cry.

“Increase the speed!” shouted Zhuo Tianxiang. The flying boat shot out like an arrow.

But in that instant, the entire forest went berserk. What shocked Long Chen was that these ancient trees suddenly seemed to come to life, and huge branches slammed at the flying boat.

At the same time, terrifying auras began to come from the trees. Those auras were similar to Magical Beasts, and they were not weaker than Soul Transformation experts.

Countless runes lit up on the flying boat as it charged through the ancient trees. Anything in their way was blown away.

Within the endless darkness, the flying boat continued to pierce through the forest. It was like an arrow piercing through tofu.

“Have these trees gained spirits? Why are they attacking?!” cried Long Chen.

“They’re not ordinary trees. They’re tree demons from the Spirit World, a very terrifying lifeform with immense life energy that makes them difficult to kill!”

As the flying boat continued onward, it continued to blow apart the trees. Although these trees were powerful, they couldn’t stop the flying boat.

But suddenly, a huge three-thousand-meter figure appeared at the front and smashed a fist at the flying boat.

The flying boat was actually knocked back. Long Chen involuntarily crashed forward and had to hold onto a pillar in the flying boat, or he’d smash into the edge of the flying boat.

“Human race, are you provoking my Heaven Devouring Forest?” A furious roar came from that huge figure.

The voice was like scraping metal and unpleasant to listen to. Furthermore, it was very strange. It was not the result of a mental transmission but true sound waves.

Only at this time could Long Chen get a look at the giant figure. It was a huge wooden giant. Its head was covered in leaves, and its facial features were very vague. As for its eyes, they were two deep holes.

But Long Chen sensed terrifying fluctuations coming from it. It was his first time seeing such a bizarre wooden giant.

Since these trees came from the Spirit World, the first thing Long Chen thought of was the forest divinity he had encountered in the Eastern Wasteland. It had also been a tree-shaped lifeform. But the two were very different. Her aura had been pure and graceful, while these tree giants possessed berserk auras even more violent than a Magical Beast’s.

Long Chen also thought of how he had helped the forest divinity gather flesh to activate a blood sacrifice and condense a gate between worlds.

At that time, Long Chen had been very curious. That tree divinity had clearly been terrifyingly powerful, more than strong enough to kill Magical Beasts. But she had said that if it killed creatures on its own, it would absorb their resentment and grievance along with their energy, and that was poison.

That tree divinity had also come from the Spirit World. Then based on this, did it mean that the Spirit World’s creatures were split into two types? One type was similar to the forest divinity, while another was like these violent tree demons?

“Looks like I entered the wrong part of the Spirit World last time. I probably entered the territory of these berserk tree demons and not the area of the forest divinity.” Long Chen came to a sudden realization as to why his trip with Meng Qi to the Spirit World before had been so dangerous.

Following the first wooden giant, more and more of them appeared, completely surrounding the flying boat. A strange aura of slaughter filled the air.

“It’s not that my human race is provoking you, but that your Heaven Devouring Forest goes too far. You are provoking Pill Valley,” sneered Zhuo Tianxiang. He appeared at the front of the flying boat, staring coldly at these wooden giants without the slightest fear.

“According to our ancient agreement, your Heaven Devouring Forest is allowed to take root here. This place is your domain, but my Pill Valley should have the authority to pass through it. Now, this flying boat not only has Pill Valley’s mark, but also contains such dense flame energy. So you knew this was Pill Valley’s flying boat, yet you still tried to stop us. What are you intending?”

Long Chen was shocked. Pill Valley was so powerful? Zhuo Tianxiang was actually able to use Pill Valley’s name to intimidate all these tree demons? Was that really possible?

Furthermore, what was that ancient agreement? Who had decided on it? Countless questions swirled through Long Chen’s mind. He seemed to smell some kind of bad stench.

“Your Pill Valley can pass, but you must follow the rules. You must go through our domain calmly and quietly so as to not disturb our sleeping lifeforms. Do you not know that when our children are startled awake, it will take decades just for them to fall asleep again? Sleeping is like cultivating to us. For you to not follow the rules like this, even if we killed all of you, we would be justified!” shouted the leader of the wooden giants.

“Hahaha, you really are brazen! Since you’re getting arrogant, do you want to come and try it? My Pill Valley could allow you to stay here, but it can also kick you back to the Spirit World. If you have the guts, then come. Let’s see who has more guts between us.”

Zhuo Tianxiang laughed and returned into the flying boat, shouting, “Prepare the Heavenly Flame Cloud Arrow! If they dare to stop us, release it!”

Those Life Star experts didn’t tarry. There was a three-meter sphere within the flying boat, and they pressed their hands against it. Flame runes appeared in the air as they poured the energy of their Pill Flames into the sphere.

Receiving this much energy from so many Life Star experts at once, the entire flying boat shuddered. The front of it opened up, and a huge ball of light appeared, still growing. A terrifying heat instantly set the air on fire. The trees within ten miles were incinerated.

The tree giants retreated. Although Long Chen couldn’t see their expressions, he could guess that they were definitely filled with fear.

Over ten Life Star experts, who were also alchemists, had condensed all their energy together. The destructive power within it was unimaginable.

“Let them through. Send word that no one is to block the flying boats of Pill Valley!”

Just at this moment, a voice rang out from the depths of the forest.

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