Chapter 1327 Heaven Devouring Forest


“Call me Protector Zhuo. And stop calling yourself I in front of me. Call yourself junior or this little one. Do you not even understand such simple manners?”

Atop a grand flying boat with Pill Valley’s insignia, Zhuo Tianxiang coldly chided Long Chen.

Starting in the Eastern Xuan Capital, Long Chen had gone with Zhuo Tianxiang through several transportation formations. But there were some places that could not be connected with transportation formations and required flying boats.

On the way, Zhuo Tianxiang and the other people from Pill Valley all ignored Long Chen, the winner of the Pill Tower’s competition. In the end, Long Chen couldn’t help but open his mouth, but he was immediately chided.

Through this anger, Long Chen could tell that Zhuo Tianxiang still didn’t like him. Although his disguise was perfect, Zhuo Tianxiang still saw the shadow of Long Chen on him.

However, on this trip to Pill Valley, if he didn’t find a good supporter for himself, he probably wouldn’t be able to establish himself within, let alone get an opportunity to touch the Nirvana Scripture.

“Cough, disciple wishes to ask… according to what I remember from when the Tower Ancestor left, this badge was supposed to last ten years. Why did it expire… cough, great Protector Zhuo, why do I count as late?” asked Long Chen.

“Hmph, what do you know? It might be valid for ten years, but the first three years are the most important period to build a foundation in Pill Valley. After missing that golden time, there’s little value in raising you. Did you think we’d waste so much effort on bringing someone useless to Pill Valley? If your Spiritual Strength didn’t just make the cut, then after missing those three years, even with this badge, you wouldn’t have the qualifications to enter Pill Valley,” said Zhuo Tianxiang coldly.

Hearing Zhuo Tianxiang mention this golden time, Long Chen suddenly recalled that the Tower Ancestor seemed to have mentioned something similar, which was why he had wanted Long Chen to go with him. But Long Chen had refused.

Fuck, what a con. He thought he could use this badge to show off his stuff in Pill Valley, but now, why did it feel like he didn’t have any status at all?

“Long San, listen well. It’d be best if you could memorize every word I’m about to say.”

Zhuo Tianxiang looked at the little brat in front of him. For some unknown reason, the image of that person who had slapped him in the face always appeared, and he had an urge to kill this brat.

But he had no choice but to admit that Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength was stunningly powerful and extremely rare. If he was properly raised, he could definitely become an alchemy genius. Of course, that was the only reason he was bringing him.

However, before bringing him, Zhuo Tianxiang had his own plans for him. He continued, “With your current power, you simply aren’t qualified to enter Pill Valley. I simply feel that your Spiritual Strength is not bad. If you work hard, and if I go all-out to raise you, perhaps you will be able to become…”

Long Chen sneered inside. Once again, Zhuo Tianxiang was playing this kind of game with him. Just looking at him, Long Chen knew what he was thinking. But on the outside, he acted respectful, as if he was afraid of missing a single word.

“Bringing you into Pill Valley is my favor to you. But it’s also part of my duty. You have to listen to me once you enter Pill Valley. If you’re obedient, there will naturally be benefits to you. But if you start to get arrogant, let me tell you, your death will be very wretched. To tell you the truth, if you show your Pill Flame to any of Pill Valley’s disciples, you’ll make them all collapse in laughter. Within Pill Valley, even geniuses need powerful support. Without anyone to look after you, you won’t have anything. Do you understand?”

From the very beginning, Long Chen had understood this old fox’s intentions. He wanted Long Chen to be devoted to him. It seemed Pill Valley’s interior was also not completely united.

“Disciple understands. Disciple will never forget Protector Zhuo’s kindness and favor. If I betray this oath, let me be struck by lightning!” swore Long Chen.

Being hit by lightning was nothing to Long Chen, so he didn’t care if it really happened. But to an ordinary cultivator, this could cause a heart-devil during tribulation, and it was one of the most frightening oaths.

Seeing him swear such a heavy oath, Zhuo Tianxiang and the others were all moved.

“Protector Zhuo, if there’s anyone you want to kill, I will help you.” Long Chen patted his chest. But inside he was thinking, “Don’t worry, I’ll definitely help slash you a few times with my saber.”

Zhuo Tianxiang’s expression was a bit rigid. Now that Long Chen had expressed such sincerity, he didn’t feel right continuing to mock him. He lightly said, “Good. Just properly listen and I definitely won’t mistreat you. But if you don’t do as you’re told, I can take back what I’ve given you at any time.”

Zhuo Tianxiang’s words were a mix of the carrot and stick. But Long Chen was already bored of such a game.

“Your Spiritual Strength is too stiff now, and you’re unable to refine pills. This is Spirit Activation Pill. It will allow your soul to recover its old flexibility, and at that time, I’ll see your alchemy skills.” Zhuo Tianxiang handed Long Chen a pill.

Long Chen immediately consumed it. He entered one of the flying boat’s private rooms to calmly digest the medicinal energy.

After he was gone, one of the Life Star experts couldn’t help ask, “Is this Long San really of use?”

“I don’t know yet. His soul is in a strange state. It’s not powerful, but vast like a sea. Even a late Soul Transformation alchemist wouldn’t possess such soul energy. Since soul energy is the foundation of alchemy, this Long San’s innate talent is definitely demon-class. But we still don’t know how his control, alchemy technique, and comprehension are,” said Zhuo Tianxiang.

“To be able to take first place in the Pill Tower’s competition, he should be not bad, right?”

“The Eastern Wasteland’s Pill Tower is just some poor desolate shop. Can they raise any outstanding disciples? Even if Long San is an alchemy genius, without anyone to properly raise him, he wouldn’t have any outstanding skills. Once his soul’s reactivated, we can test him and see if he has the potential to enter the Divine Pill Hall. If he doesn’t, then there’s no need to waste the effort. Just send him directly to the Pill Order Department,” said Zhuo Tianxiang.

“Protector Zhuo, you’re not going to personally tutor him? Your alchemy skills outclass all of ours,” asked a Life Star expert.

“I don’t want to. For some reason, I don’t like looking at that brat. I’m going to rest and think about how I’m going to give my report, and how I’m going to handle those pedantic bastards’ questions,” sighed Zhuo Tianxiang, retreating to his own room.

Three days later, Long Chen came out of seclusion. In truth, the stiffness of his soul was just part of his disguise. But to properly act, he only came out after three days.

The Pill Valley experts immediately had Long Chen refine pills after coming out to see his technique and control.

The alchemy ability Long Chen displayed was on the same level as when he had refined pills in the Eastern Wasteland’s Pill Tower. Those Pill Valley experts shook their heads. These alchemy arts were too low in grade.

They sighed disappointedly. Long San was already a bit too old, and he had spent so much time refining pills with these techniques. To have him start practicing Pill Valley’s alchemy arts would require him to completely tear down and rebuild his foundation. It was impossible to change such habits without a few years.

However, the comprehension ability that Long San displayed then completely stunned them. He would correct the flaws in his technique in just a few tries and completely adapt to new abilities in just a little while.

They immediately began to teach him the most basic alchemy arts of Pill Valley, and Long San only took half a day to completely fix his old habits. His old habits and techniques didn’t affect his alchemy at all.

In just two days, Long San had completely learned Pill Valley’s foundation alchemy arts. He could remember any pill formula with just a look. And when refining pills, he would only make a mistake once. He would never make the same mistake twice.

Those Life Star alchemists were all shocked. They began to gradually teach him higher difficulty techniques and skills.

Long Chen was just cooperating with them. With his Pill Sovereign memories, he should be the one teaching them. But winning their trust was a step by step process.

On the way, one of these experts gave him an Earth Flame seed. Long Chen had no choice but to admit that Pill Valley really had too much money. They just randomly gave him the existence ranked forty-first on the Earth Flame Ranking.

He refined the Earth Flame seed and told Huo Long not to devour it. For now, it was the flame he would have to use to cover up his identity.

With this Earth Flame and everyone’s guidance, Long San’s alchemy arts progressed at astonishing speed each day. These alchemists were all incomparably excited and praised him as an alchemy genius.

Even Zhuo Tianxiang was drawn out. He hadn’t expected to have found such a treasure. Long San was actually an alchemy genius with shocking comprehension. Thus, Zhuo Tianxiang gave him a top grade King item medicinal furnace as encouragement.

Long San immediately cried tears of gratitude and swore to work hard for Pill Valley. He acted however Zhuo Tianxiang directed him.. That loyalty was like Long San would attack whoever Zhuo Tianxiang asked him to with no questions asked.

But he found that while Zhuo Tianxiang smiled, that smile was forced. He still couldn’t conceal his dislike for Long San.

Long Chen knew that no matter how he disguised himself, there would at least be some shadow of his true figure following him. It seemed Zhuo Tianxiang hated him too strongly. Even if he knew Long San wasn’t Long Chen, he still didn’t like him.

“Damnit, I have to think of some way to escape his sight. His suspicions of me still haven’t been completely erased. What should I do?”

Being stared at by this bastard all day was very uncomfortable. It felt like a poisonous snake was behind him, capable of biting him at any moment.

The flying boat continued onward. It was midday with the sun high in the air when the sky suddenly darkened. Long Chen jumped in shock.

“Slow the boat down. We’ve reached the Heaven Devouring Forest.” Zhuo Tianxiang’s voice was a bit heavy, and even his expression became solemn.

The flying boat slowed down. Long Chen realized that this darkness was actually a thick forest.

“These are true ancient trees that reach the heavens!”

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