Chapter 1325 An Unfavorable Start of the Apprenticeship

The Pill Tower was located in the southern part of the Eastern Xuan Capital. As for the Huayun Sect’s branch sect, it was located in the northern part of the city. The two of them were about as far from each other as possible.

When Long Chen arrived at the Pill Tower, he was stunned by its grandeur. They really had too much money.

The tower stretched into the clouds, and it was too high to even see its top. It was made of rainbow gold that was incredibly dazzling under the sunlight.

There were 108 high towers in the surroundings of the main Pill Tower, like stars around the moon. It was a powerful visual effect.

“Tch, a bunch of counterfeit medicine sellers actually make this much money. How completely unprincipled,” cursed Long Chen as he looked at the soaring main tower.

They really were rich. Long Chen estimated that just the cost of the materials spent on the main tower was greater than ten Xuantian Dao Sects.

He had investigated Pill Valley’s medicinal pills and the pills that circulated on the market. Their quality was not bad, but the medicinal pills that Pill Valley enjoyed a monopoly of had basically all been modified to reduce their medicinal effect. It was clear that Pill Valley had intentionally decreased their effect to make more money from the people.

It was no wonder Pill Valley was so powerful. This kind of wealth was truly enough to suffocate countless other sects.

“Hey, little fellow, what are you doing looking so shifty-eyed?”

Long Chen was at the entrance to the Pill Tower and appraising its splendor when a cold shout rang out.

Several of the Pill Tower’s disciples were guarding this entrance, and they found Long Chen displeasing to the eye.

Naturally, men would hope to be more handsome than others. While Long Chen’s face had been changed to no longer be so handsome, it was definitely not ugly. His tall figure was also attractive. However, his robes were broken down, and there wasn’t the slightest grandness around him. He didn’t look much better than a beggar.

If his aura didn’t show that he was a Foundation Forging disciple, these disciples would have probably kicked him away already.

“Haha, brothers, please forgive me. I’m actually one of Pill Valley’s disciples and came from the Eastern Wasteland. I encountered a crisis in the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring and almost died, so I only managed to get here now,” said Long Chen.

“Pill Valley’s disciple?” Those disciples’ expressions immediately changed. They were just disciples of the Pill Tower. It was unexpected that this poor-looking fellow would actually say he was from Pill Valley. They couldn’t quite believe it.

“Everyone, please don’t mind my broken robes. I still have a few snacks in my pocket, so I’ll trouble you to report that the Eastern Wasteland’s Pill Tower’s competition’s champion, Long San, has arrived and is asking for help. I hope you won’t laugh at me for this little gift.” Long Chen handed over several small bottles. Each of them was filled with liquid.

“High grade soul nourishing elixir?” Those disciples were startled. They had definitely been suspecting this fellow of being a swindler, but seeing this soul nourishing elixir, they immediately felt more trust toward him.

They had Xiantian realm cultivation bases. This high grade soul nourishing elixir was extremely precious to them, and what they needed most at this moment. 

Seeing that this poor fellow was actually able to take out this much, their opinion of him immediately rose several levels.

They immediately put away the soul nourishing elixir. Seeing their experienced movements, Long Chen knew that they were experts in doing that. They probably accepted quite a few bribes like this normally.

“Yes, just wait here. I will go alert the higher-ups!” Money could make even ghosts work. Very quickly, a middle-aged man was brought over.

“You say you are from the Eastern Wasteland’s Pill Tower? Do you have any proof?” The middle-aged man frowned upon seeing Long Chen. He clearly found Long Chen’s appearance to be a bit hard to accept. How could a Pill Tower’s disciple end up looking so destitute?

“This is the identity badge I obtained for taking first at the competition.”

Long Chen handed over a golden badge to the middle-aged man. That was what he had obtained in the Pill Tower, and it was a token of Pill Valley.

“Come with me!” That middle-aged man’s expression softened slightly upon seeing it.

Long Chen followed him into a courtyard. After two long corridors, they arrived at the main tower.

When he entered the main tower, he saw that the inside was even greater than what it appeared to be. There had to be a spatial formation present. Inside the tower was actually a lake, and there was a beautiful island at the center. This scene was like one out of a painting.

They had only just stepped onto the green island when they saw a group of people standing there. The middle-aged man beckoned to Long Chen to not move.

“Protector Zhuo, the Xuantian Dao Sect is acting carefully, and Li Tianxuan hasn’t given us any opportunity. We won’t be able to do anything to the Xuantian Dao Sect temporarily.” A voice rang out.

Protector Zhuo? Long Chen acted like he was just curious and tilted his head over. He saw over ten people up ahead speaking in a small pavilion at the core of the island. What surprised Long Chen was that it was Zhuo Tianxiang and the other people he had brought from Pill valley.

“Do you not want your life? Lower your head!”

Long Chen had only just taken a glance when the middle-aged man hastily gave him a spiritual message.

Long Chen acted panicked and lowered his head. He couldn’t understand. It had already been weeks since that matter. What were these people still doing here?

“Let them be arrogant for now. Have you done everything I told you to do?” asked Zhuo Tianxiang.

“Everything’s arranged. All the sects who helped us received a discount on the medicinal pills they want to buy. As for the sects whose Life Star experts died, we’ve given them their compensation. It’s just that…”

“It’s just that you think this compensation is a bit painful?” said Zhuo Tianxiang lightly.

“Yes. Is there a need to compensate them so much?”

“Hmph, during exceptional times, we have to use exceptional methods. After being caught unprepared by Li Tianxuan, we have to win those people over. Otherwise, wouldn’t their hearts turn cold?” snorted Zhuo Tianxiang.

“As expected, Protector Zhuo is farsighted. Disciple cannot compare.”

Long Chen rolled his eyes. How shameless. Had this person done this just to suck up to Zhuo Tianxiang?

“There are still many things you need to learn. Since Dan Sheng has died and the higher-ups don’t have a suitable replacement yet, you can be the temporary Tower Master here. Whether or not you can keep this position will be up to your own skill.” Zhuo Tianxiang also looked down on this person’s boot-licking. He really didn’t have any skill in this regard.

“Many thanks!” That person hastily bowed in thanks.

Zhuo Tianxiang waved his hand. “Report on things happening in the other areas.”

“The ancient races and ancient family alliance have decided to temporarily not do anything to the Xuantian Dao Sect. Most likely, they are afraid of them now. As for the Bloodkill Hall, I sent people to communicate with them, but their reply was vague. All they said was that their target is Long Chen. I can’t tell their attitude.”

“Hmph, those shameful fellows are just like prostitutes wanting memorial arches erected for them. They actually care about some stupid rule of only assassinating people in the same realm. There’s no need to bother with those idiots. What about the Corrupt path?” snorted Zhuo Tianxiang.

“The Corrupt path is infuriated by their defeat, but the strange thing is that they aren’t preparing any large movements. I can’t see through what they’re intending.”

Zhuo Tianxiang was silent for a moment. “There’s nothing strange about it. I heard the Corrupt path has given birth to countless demon-class geniuses in the past few years. Each one of them is shockingly powerful. That female called Leng Yueyan especially, she’s a demon amongst demons. Perhaps in the Corrupt path’s eyes, Long Chen isn’t a big threat any longer.”

“As for the Martial Heaven Alliance’s side, they sent news. Now the timing’s awkward. In the future…”

“There’s no need for you to say it. Have them lie low, and once this gust dies down, we’ll continue where we left off. Have you been able to find Xuan Jizi?” asked Zhuo Tianxiang.

“That fellow is being targeted by everyone, and so we couldn’t find where he’s hiding. That fellow has harmed too many people, and after the Xuantian Dao Sect exposed their proof, countless other experts appeared and exposed even more of his wicked deeds. No one dares to form a relationship with him for fear of being implicated.”

“If you can contact him in secret, it would be good. After all, he was once a disciple of Heavenly Fate Island. His ability to see through fate is very powerful, and we need such a helper. Furthermore, I’m sure he hates the Xuantian Dao Sect as well. Working together with us is his only option. But remember, it must be kept secret,” said Zhuo Tianxiang.


“Alright, since everything’s arranged, I have to return to Pill Valley to give my report.”

Zhuo Tianxiang had a conflicted expression. This report wasn’t so easy to give as Pill Valley had been slapped viciously by Long Chen.

The reason Zhuo Tianxiang hadn’t left even after all this time was because he was cleaning up his mess, doing his best to deal with the aftermath and reducing the damage as much as possible.

That way, he would have more confidence when he returned to Pill Valley. After all, it wasn’t his fault that this matter had been ruined, but that he was simply unlucky. No one else would have been able to do better than him.

“Congratulations Protector. Eh? Bastard! Weishan, who said you could come in?!” Only at this moment did someone notice Long Chen and the middle-aged man.

Zhuo Tianxiang and the others’ expressions sank. They had been in the midst of discussing such a secret matter, but someone had been eavesdropping. Killing intent instantly filled the air.

Long Chen’s face turned green. What kind of heaven-defying luck was this? Was he about to be killed to keep things quiet? How could he possibly be that unlucky?!

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