Chapter 1324 Target: Pill Valley

According to Meng Qi, Little Snow’s soul would be gently nourished by all the spirit beast diagrams of the Myriad Spirit Diagram.

It had to be known that each image of the Myriad Spirit Diagram contained the inheritance of an ancient beast, and there were endless profundities within.

According to Cloud, within the specific image of the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow, there was an extremely large space where it could comprehend its ancestors’ inheritance.

While the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow was also an ancient beast race, and its divine abilities were inherited through its bloodline, its current bloodline had grown sparse. By Cloud’s generation, many of their inherited divine abilities had been lost.

But the Myriad Spirit Diagram contained their complete inheritance. Even if Cloud could only comprehend a portion of them, its power had still soared to the point where it could fight with a rank nine Celestial.

Little Snow’s crystal core contained its essence. It was the Eastern Wasteland Bell that had gathered Little Snow’s soul into it. Little Snow was now in a state similar to a fetus, which made it the best time to nourish his soul.

This kind of unconscious nourishing had no bad side effects. Furthermore, Meng Qi said that as her power increased, she would be able to unlock more secrets of the Myriad Spirit Diagram. When the time came, Little Snow’s soul might grow to an unimaginable point through the Myriad Spirit Diagram’s nourishing.

Meng Qi understood Long Chen the best. Little Snow’s matter had been a sore point for him. Now with the Myriad Spirit Diagram, at the very least, she could soften that pain.

“Long Chen, when are you planning on leaving?”

At the top of a mountain, Tang Wan-er helped Long Chen tidy his collar just like a warm wife looking at her husband who was about to leave for a long time. She was unwilling to part with him.

Long Chen looked at Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er. His heart ached. After only just gathering for such a short time, he had to go again.

The Underworld Soul Ghost Curse was too powerful. The first volume of the Nirvana Scripture was only able to suppress, but not expel it. He needed to take a trip to Pill Valley.

Right now, the Xuantian Dao Sect had entered a temporary time where they could grow without any enemies attacking them. It was the best time for them to raise their strength.

If Long Chen couldn’t expel the Underworld Soul Ghost Curse, his cultivation base wouldn’t be able to grow. The Dragonblood Legion was rapidly growing, but he hadn’t advanced an inch. How could this be acceptable?

That was why he needed to take advantage of this precious time to obtain the second volume of the Nirvana Scripture. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to face the future.

He had actually wanted to leave a few days ago, but he hadn’t been willing to part with Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er. But not leaving was also not an option. This peace was just temporary. He knew that whether it was the ancient races, Pill Valley, or the Corrupt path, they weren’t going to leave things as they were. When they attacked next time, it would probably be a thunderous blow. He had to raise his power as much as possible before that happened.

Furthermore, the Xuantian Dao Sect was only a power in the Eastern Xuan Region. The Central Plains were too huge, and there were still many unknown powers he might have to face.

Chu Yao and Ye Zhiqiu also weren’t in this region. There had never been a chance to see them. Chu Yao was someone he worried about especially. For him, someone as kindhearted as her had stepped into the vortex that was the cultivation world without hesitation.

Back when they had first left Phoenix Cry, she had left her familiar home, her little brother that she cared about, everything. It had all been for Long Chen. Now they had been apart for years, and he only missed her more.

He couldn’t keep waiting. He had to increase his power, as he wanted to see them again as soon as possible. Therefore, he had to control himself and couldn’t hesitate any longer.

“Long Chen, no matter what you do, we will always support you. In truth, you’ve already done very well. No one could do better than you, so don’t blame yourself.” Meng Qi gently rubbed Long Chen’s cheek.

Both Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er, and even the entire Dragonblood Legion, were aware that right now, Long Chen was carrying too many things on his back.

He had his own bitterness in his heart, but he didn’t bring that up. On his own, he carried the entire Dragonblood Legion. They all saw how tiring that must be for him.

He was the pillar of the Dragonblood Legion, the soul. Behind his many layers of defenses, there was a soft heart that needed to be cared for and protected. But they were only able to offer him very little.

Long Chen felt ashamed of himself when it came to Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er, while they felt ashamed of themselves. They felt themselves to be useless and unable to help him. What they needed to do right now was let Long Chen do what he had to do in peace. They had to encourage and comfort him.

The three of them hugged tightly like chicks shivering in the middle of a storm. They nestled up against each other, sharing and taking each other’s warmth. Only that could bring them some comfort.

In truth, the undercurrents of the cultivation world were bloody and violent. The cultivation world was far crueler, far more merciless than a storm.

Long Chen gave everyone a general outline of their future cultivation. He also gave all the medicinal wine they would need to Meng Qi. It could allow the entire Dragonblood Legion to cultivate quickly without their foundations growing unsteady.

In truth, Li Tianxuan had already arranged for everything in the resources department. They were all the best possible resources. But this medicinal wine could allow them to cultivate twice as fast with half the effort.

At the very least, in the Jade Core realm, the entire Dragonblood Legion would be receiving the treatment a rank nine Celestial would. These resources that could have lasted tens of thousands of years were all used in this one realm. It could be seen how Li Tianxuan placed everyone in the Dragonblood Legion.

As for when the Dragonblood Legion advanced to the Soul Transformation realm and above, that was the future. They would have to take things step by step.

That very night, Long Chen gathered with the Dragonblood Legion, Hua Shiyu, Zhao Ziyan, Mu Qingxuan, Wang Zhen, Su Mo, and the other people he trusted for a big celebration. Once everyone had collapsed, taking advantage of the darkness of the night, Long Chen stealthily slipped off the mountain.

Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er stood at the gates of the Xuantian Dao Sect, watching as that familiar figure slowly faded. Their tears slowly dripped down their faces.

“Big sister, why do we have to cultivate? Why can’t we live as we please? I don’t want to be apart from him so much!” Tang Wan-er held Meng Qi tightly.

Meng Qi wiped off her tears and patted Tang Wan-er on the back. She softly said, “Long Chen is carrying too many things on his shoulders. He doesn’t want to part with us either, but he carries more responsibility. He’s doing this so that one day, we can all be together without any worries. His current effort is for us, so we also have to work hard on cultivating. We can’t hold him back. We have to be his arms so we can help him.”

“Yes, you’re right. I’m going to work hard. I’ll help Long Chen.” Tang Wan-er nodded, a determined expression flashing on her face.

Long Chen stealthily slipped off the mountain in the night. One reason was for safety. The Xuantian Dao Sect would tell its people that Long Chen was currently sealed within the Xuantian Tower, and the Xuantian Tower was using its power to suppress the Underworld Soul Ghost Curse. No one could disturb him.

The other reason was because he had been afraid of seeing Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er when he was leaving. He didn’t know that they had only been faking that they were drunk and had secretly watched him leave.

After leaving the Xuantian Dao Sect, he found a secluded place and took out a mirror. Using some medicinal elixir, he changed his appearance and stared at his reflection.

“Hehe, Master Long San is back.”

Long Chen smiled mischievously. This appearance was the same face he had used in the Eastern Wasteland’s Pill Tower. But this time, he made his face appear more mature. After all, three years had passed.

Right now, the face changing elixir he had used was of an even higher level. Even Life Star experts wouldn’t be able to see through his disguise. In fact, Long Chen had even disguised his eyes, dampening the sharpness that a martial artist would possess.

Changing his robes, he checked over himself and didn’t see any flaws. He continued on his way.

The Eastern Xuan Capital. It was the most ancient city in the Eastern Xuan Region, whose history stretched too far back for anyone to calculate. In the dark era, it had received a destructive blow and had almost been completely destroyed.

After the dark era, the Eastern Xuan Capital had been reconstructed in accordance with its old style. Although the buildings were no longer the original buildings, it still possessed an ancient air.

All the various large sects had branches within the Eastern Xuan Capital. This was a good place for them to engage in business and for them to stay in contact. The Pill Tower and Huayun Sect’s strongholds were also present.

As the largest city in the Eastern Xuan Region, it had a very high population, and countless experts were always coming and going. In this region, ancient race experts were often parading themselves ostentatiously.

“Are you blind?!”

Long Chen was just in the midst of aimlessly strolling when someone in front of him almost crashed into him. He hastily dodged, but as a result, that person disdainfully cursed him.


That ancient race expert had barely finished speaking when a large hand slapped across his face.

With an explosive sound, half his face caved in, and he flew into the distance. Countless people let out startled cries and hastily dodged.

When he finally stabilized himself, he roared furiously and turned to get his revenge on Long Chen, only to find that he had vanished as if he had never existed.

“Human race bastard, if you have guts, get the hell out here!” he roared. But after he said this, he noticed countless experts glaring at him.

It had to be known that basically all these people were from the human race. Cursing like this was equivalent to cursing them all. Furthermore, there was even a distant Life Star expert present. That ancient race expert immediately left dejectedly.

In a small alley, Long Chen watched as that idiot left. He looked at his own hand and shook his head.

“Ah, this reflex is bad. I didn’t even want to slap him before I slapped him. No, I must change this, or I’ll be exposed.”

Tidying up his robes, Long Chen entered a nearby restaurant and ate a bit. After asking around for the Pill Tower’s position, he paid his bill and went straight to the Pill Tower.

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