Chapter 1321 Terrifying Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow

“Boss, maybe you should let me go instead,” said Gu Yang worriedly. He was worried Meng Qi wouldn’t be a match for Luo Minghao. Right now, in the Dragonblood Legion, Long Chen was under the effects of the curse and couldn’t fight, Wilde was in slumber, and Yue Zifeng’s soul was in his sword. The strongest ones in the Dragonblood Legion should be he and Tang Wan-er.

Long Chen shook his head. “If you want to find someone in the Dragonblood Legion who can fight against a rank nine Celestial, right now the only one is Meng Qi.”

Long Chen was aware of the truth, as was Tang Wan-er, or she’d have long since attacked.

“What’s so good about Long Chen? There’s no need for a flower to waste away in manure. It’d be better for you to join my ancient family alliance!” Luo Minghao looked at Meng Qi with adoration.

“This bastard must want to die!”

All the Dragonblood warriors were infuriated by Luo Minghao. He was clearly humiliating Long Chen by inviting Meng Qi right in front of him.

Long Chen indifferently looked at Luo Minghao. He had seen many people like him who relied on their talent, their cultivation base, and their background. They viewed others as beneath them.

From the Eastern Wasteland to the Central Plains, Long Chen didn’t even know how many such people he had killed. He had already grown numb.

Meng Qi shook her head and sighed, “I didn’t want to kill anyone, but why did you have to be so loathsome? And you’re so sinister too. Despite knowing that Long Chen is under a curse and can’t fight, and his cultivation base is still at the Foundation Forging realm, you continuously try to humiliate him. If Long Chen wasn’t cursed and his cultivation base was at the Jade Core realm, you wouldn’t even be fit to carry his shoes. Your strutting around has angered me, so you should be careful. When I attack, it won’t be to exchange pointers with you, but to take your life!”

Meng Qi’s voice clearly rang in everyone’s ears. Her voice was like immortal music, but everyone could feel her fury and killing intent.

“Take my life? Hahaha, what a huge joke. Do you want to bet? How about if you lose, you become my Dao-companion?” sneered Luo Minghao.


Meng Qi formed a hand seal, and eight-colored runes appeared behind her. Suddenly, her soul energy erupted.

When Meng Qi summoned the manifestation of a rank eight Celestial, all the Life Star experts’ expressions changed. Even they felt their souls shake. That meant Meng Qi’s Spiritual Strength was so strong that it could even threaten them.

It had to be known that this was just the release of her aura, not an attack targeted toward them. From this, it could be seen that Meng Qi’s soul energy had been condensed to an extremely terrifying level.

Just as Meng Qi summoned her Cry of the Heavenly Daos, a huge figure appeared behind her. It was humanoid and thirty meters tall, with a sword in one hand and a pair of wings on its back. It immediately slashed its sword at Luo Minghao.

“Hmph, a little rank eight Celestial dares to challenge me?”

Lu Minghao let out a single relaxed punch and didn’t even summon his manifestation. There was a violet ring on his finger, which was a powerful soul item. It unleashed violet light that wrapped around his fist.


The sword was easily blocked by Luo Minghao. But his expression suddenly changed, because his soul item was actually not able to completely absorb Meng Qi’s spiritual attack. He immediately felt like a million needles were stabbing his mind, and he almost shrieked.

The illusory figure once more slashed out its sword. Its movements were nimble and quick, as if it came from an expert of the Sword Dao who was unleashing consecutive strikes.

“Nine Flowers Manifest the Heavenly Daos!”

Luo Minghao immediately summoned the peak manifestation of a Celestial. Heaven and earth trembled as all the Heavenly Dao energy in the world was stripped away. All the experts present felt the amount of Heavenly Dao energy they could use sharply drop.

This was the most domineering aspect of rank nine Celestials. As long as they summoned their manifestations, they would be able to suppress all other Celestials.

Luo Minghao once more sent out a fist, and this time, there were countless Heavenly Dao runes wrapped around it.

In front of this terrifying Heavenly Dao energy, the illusory figure Meng Qi had summoned instantly shattered.

But just as it did, they felt something was off. Why had the sky suddenly darkened?

“What’s that?!”

Just at this moment, they realized a huge figure had appeared in the sky.

A claw smashed down, its speed so great that space rumbled. An ear-piercing sound came from it.


It happened so suddenly that Luo Minghao didn’t even have time to use a weapon. He could only form a hasty hand seal, condensing a nine-colored runic barrier in front of him.

That runic barrier was incomparably tough, as it was one of the special defensive arts of a rank nine Celestial. But the claw suddenly unleashed strange fluctuations, and the shield was instantly pierced. The claw continued at Luo Minghao without pausing.

“What?!” Now Luo Minghao was really shocked. He had never expected one of his strongest defensive moves to be so easily broken.

His body suddenly began to shine. He punched, unleashing a huge fist-image as he flew back.

That fist-image was shattered by the claw, and then the claw landed on Luo Minghao’s body. He immediately vomited blood.

Everyone here was shocked by this sudden change. Before they could even understand what was happening, Luo Minghao had been injured.

He had only just been sent flying when space shuddered. A huge beak devoured Luo Minghao.

“Heavens, it’s the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow!”

Meng Qi stood atop Cloud’s head. Its wings were spread, and countless runes revolved around them. It suddenly skyrocketed into the air.

It opened its mouth, and a large earthen pot was spat out of it. That pot seemed ordinary to the eye, and yet it released a terrifying pressure. It was actually an Ancestral item.

The pot shrank, and a figure flew out of it. It was Luo Minghao, but now he was disheveled and covered in injuries. Blood dyed his robes. It looked like he had been cut by millions of blades.

Now Luo Minghao no longer had his old arrogance. Instead, there was fear in his eyes. When he had been swallowed into Cloud’s stomach, he had entered a strange space, and within it were countless invisible threads constantly cutting the space. He had been almost turned to dust by these threads.

After a moment’s struggle, he suddenly realized he was helpless against this power, and he became covered in wounds.

If he hadn’t had an Ancestral item, he’d have definitely died in Cloud’s stomach. Now that he had escaped death, he became covered in cold sweat.

“Spirit Net Traps All Life!”

He had only just escaped when the world shuddered. An invisible spiritual net covered the air around him. He instantly felt like his body was bound by Spiritual Strength and he became unable to move.

After obtaining the Myriad Spirit Diagram, Meng Qi had only managed to activate a portion of its power and obtain a small part of its inheritance. But it had still increased her power by a terrifying amount.

As for Cloud, having entered the Myriad Spirit Diagram, it had obtained its ancestor’s complete inheritance, and was no longer the old Cloud.

Countless runes lit up on its wings, and Cloud seemed to split into two. It was like everyone’s vision had blurred, and a second identical Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow appeared. That second Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow shot at Luo Minghao.

Luo Minghao hastily tried to use his Ancestral item to block, but he realized his Spiritual Strength was greatly restricted by Meng Qi’s soul art, and his speed had dropped by half.

The earthen pot had only just managed to appear in front of him, but he couldn’t even activate any of its power before Cloud’s attack struck him.


Space shuddered. The second Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow vanished, while Luo Minghao and his earthen pot were blown into the distance. Luo Minghao slammed into the ground and continued all the way out of the Xuantian Plaza.

According to reason, such a huge impact would definitely smash a hole in the ground. But just as Luo Minghao had been about to hit the ground, the Xuantian Tower had lit up, and a golden light had appeared on the bricks.

The ground was fine, but Luo Minghao violently vomited blood, not even knowing how many of his bones had broken.

Everyone was shocked. A rank nine Celestial was actually being beaten so one-sidedly?

The sky suddenly dimmed and Meng Qi stood atop Cloud’s head, slowly descending. Cloud’s huge body shone with rainbow light, making it look like a rainbow starry sky.

“Despicable! To actually use external power, and what a brazen beast!”

Seeing Luo Minghao being beaten, one of the Life Star experts of the ancient family alliance flew out in front of Cloud, attempting to block it.

But he was instantly killed by a golden light from the Xuantian Tower.

“Within my Xuantian Dao Sect, try to follow the rules. If you want to die, just say it directly and I’ll help you,” announced Long Chen.

Cloud’s power even shocked Long Chen. Right now, It was truly terrifying.

Atop Cloud’s head, Meng Qi had completely bound Luo Minghao with her Spiritual Strength. Suddenly, Cloud slammed down toward the ground.

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