Chapter 1320 Meng Qi’s Fury

From the moment Deng Cang had opened his mouth and said that the Martial Heaven Alliance would be paying the compensation, Long Chen had known what this bastard had been intending.

He was planning on using the reward of the battle on Devil Spirit Mountain, the reward belonging to the Xuantian Dao Sect, to appease the ancient races and Pill Valley. He wanted to take the Xuantian Dao Sect’s resources to use as a gift for others.

Although he had long since been prepared for such a thing, he was still infuriated. For someone to be shameless to such an extent, he supposed he should admire it.

Deng Cang’s expression sank. “Long Chen, you-!” 

“Shut the fuck up. Do you believe me when I say if you piss me off any more, I’ll kill you right now?!” raged Long Chen.

At this time, Long Chen’s eyes were about to spit flames. His killing intent had risen to his peak. He really did want to use the Xuantian Tower to kill all these people.

“The experts of the Xuantian Dao Sect shed their blood and sacrificed their own lives to kill the Corrupt path’s experts. Now, you want to stretch your greedy claws to their accomplishments? Are you even human? Let me make you a promise right now, whether it’s Pill Valley, the ancient races, or even your damn Martial Heaven Alliance, anyone who dares to touch that reward will have to repay it back ten thousand times!”

Although Long Chen was only a Foundation Forging disciple, when he was enraged, his killing intent caused even these Life Star experts to turn cold.

Although his cultivation base was low, his combat power was immense, comparable to a rank nine Celestial. Most importantly, he had the Dragonblood Legion with its limitless potential. No one thought he was making an empty promise.

“Haha, I really did see something marvelous this time. The Martial Heaven Alliance is no longer the old Martial Heaven Alliance. The disorder within makes me sigh!” At this moment, Yue Qingshan, who hadn’t said anything this whole time, finally opened his mouth.

“Deng Cang, don’t you think you’re going a bit too far? Your paternal aunt, Deng Huaqin, is Zhuo Tianyi’s mother, and Zhuo Tianyi is Zhuo Tianxiang’s paternal cousin. Don’t you think it’s a bit improper for you two relatives to work together to con the Xuantian Dao Sect? I can’t bear to watch it any longer.”

Yue Qingshan’s words caused a huge uproar. Whether it was the Righteous experts, the ancient race experts, or the ancient family alliance’s experts, they all looked oddly at Deng Cang and Zhuo Tianxiang. They hadn’t expected the two of them to have such a hidden relationship.

“Fuck, no wonder you always helped them. So it’s a mouse and a snake sharing the same hole. How did you even have the face to show yourself and act as a mediator? Deng Cang, shouldn’t you just kill yourself out of shame?” Guo Ran was the first to break into curses.

At first, Guo Ran and the others had thought that Deng Cang had been sent to smooth things over by the Martial Heaven Alliance. But now it turned out he had been colluding with Pill Valley from the start.

Deng Cang and Zhuo Tianxiang’s expressions were ugly. They hadn’t expected such a secret was known by Yue Qingshan.

It had to be known that even within their families, only very few people knew this secret.

“Absolute nonsense!” raged Deng Cang.

“Deng Cang, are you questioning my trustworthiness as a businessman? Alright, then I’ll prove that as a businessman, I never spout nonsense. Let’s start with your Deng family’s history. It all began when Deng Yaoqi was taken in as a disciple of Pill Valley…”

Hearing the name Deng Yaoqi, Deng Cang’s expression once more changed. He hadn’t expected the Huayun Sect to know the matters of his Deng family so clearly. If he allowed Yue Qingshan to continue speaking, he would be doomed.

“I, Deng Cang, have always acted in an open and aboveboard manner. I am never biased, nor would I help any relatives-”

“There’s no need to praise yourself just yet. I am just wondering why the Martial Heaven Alliance would send you for such a major affair. Considering your relationship with Pill Valley, even if you were capable of being unbiased, you aren’t fit to be the mediator.

“Furthermore, anyone with a head can see that you were continuously targeting the Xuantian Dao Sect from the start. Do you think we’re all idiots? Deng Cang, you look down on others too much. This matter isn’t as simple as you think. Do you think that by suppressing this matter in secret, it would make everything disappear? You’re wrong.

“Even if I hadn’t brought up your relationship, the countless experts paying attention to this in the dark would have uncovered this eventually. This matter has shaken the entire Eastern Xuan Region. For you to selfishly abuse your position to target the Xuantian Dao Sect- ah, don’t argue just yet. I’m not a judge, so I don’t care about these things.

“All I’m saying is that you should prepare yourself. Whether the Martial Heaven Alliance wants to be just this time or whether they have to bend to public pressure, you, Deng Cang, will definitely not have a good ending. If I were you, I wouldn’t waste your little time remaining on arguing. The Xuantian Dao Sect will definitely send a complaint to the Martial Heaven Alliance, so you should think about how you want to pass the rest of your life.”

Deng Cang was pale as paper. Now he was really afraid. At first, he had just received a simple request from Pill Valley to act as a witness in this matter.

Originally, Pill Valley was planning on eradicating the Xuantian Dao Sect, and they had invited Deng Cang to avoid having the Martial Heaven Alliance interfere.

All Deng Cang had to do was say that he thought all the blame rested on the Xuantian Dao Sect, and he was ‘powerless’ to do anything about their destruction.

But things didn’t go according to Pill Valley’s plan. Now, Pill Valley hadn’t been able to obtain anything, so Deng Cang had set his sights on the Xuantian Dao Sect’s reward.

This reward was currently still in the Martial Heaven Alliance. Due to the fact that the Xuantian Dao Sect had also killed people from the ancient races and Pill Valley, they hadn’t immediately sent it.

That was because once they sent it, they would be accepting that the Xuantian Dao Sect had made great merit this time, which would also be accepting that Li Tianxuan had been right to kill those experts from Pill Valley and the ancient races. That was why the reward had been pushed back to until this matter was over.

Yue Qingshan hadn’t come with any intention of criticizing the Martial Heaven Alliance. After all, from a business standpoint, amicability made you rich. Making enemies everywhere wouldn’t make you rich. But Deng Cang had gone too far, and Yue Qingshan hadn’t been able to help himself.

“Deng Cang, don’t worry. The Xuantian Dao Sect will definitely investigate this matter to the end! I really want to know just what kind of existence the Martial Heaven Alliance is. If it’s the sum of the Martial Heaven Continent’s Righteous path, then why would they instead help outsiders suppress their own people? I don’t think there’s any need for such an alliance to exist. Or perhaps I should say, how many people like you, Deng Cang, are in the alliance? Is the change in the Martial Heaven Alliance related to certain powers infiltrating the alliance?” asked Long Chen indifferently.

Yue Qingshan nodded inside. Each one of Long Chen’s words was pointed right at the vitals of the Martial Heaven Alliance. If they didn’t give the Xuantian Dao Sect an explanation, they would have to bear the fury of the Righteous path.

This was different from Pill Valley. The Martial Heaven Alliance was an existence elected by the Righteous path. It only existed to unify the Righteous path’s powers against the Corrupt path.

The operation fees of the Martial Heaven Alliance were paid by the taxes of each Righteous sect. And so it was those very sects that the Martial Heaven Alliance depended on.

Now that Deng Cang and Zhuo Tianxiang’s relationship was exposed, the fact that the Martial Heaven Alliance had worked together with Pill Valley to suppress the Xuantian Dao Sect would definitely cause huge waves in the continent. This was something none of the Righteous sects would allow.

Just a few sentences from Long Chen caused terror to appear on Deng Cang’s face. He could already tell just how serious this matter was. He thought of Dan Teng and how he had been killed to show Pill Valley’s innocence.

For a moment, everyone was silent. The Xuantian Dao Sect’s side icily stared at these sanctimonious fellows with disdainful expressions.

The faces of Pill Valley and the ancient races had been slapped thoroughly. They didn’t even have the slightest ability to counterattack now. Their only choice was to scram.

Staying here didn’t give them any hope, but leaving would cause them to lose all their face. They were stuck.

“Long Chen, weren’t you struck by the Corrupt path’s Underworld Soul Ghost Curse? How are you completely fine?” asked a Righteous expert suddenly.

“Does it have anything to do with you? Do you have some problem with me being alive?” sneered Long Chen. This person was a true idiot. He was asking to be cursed!

That Righteous expert’s words immediately brought everyone’s attention to Long Chen. That Underworld Soul Ghost Curse was one of the Corrupt path’s most vicious curses. Those who were cursed would definitely die! For Long Chen to still be alive, could it be he had already undone the curse?

“Long Chen, I heard you have the ability to fight rank nine Celestials. I wonder if that’s true or false? Do you dare to have a battle against me? Don’t worry, I, Luo Minghao, will not bully you. You are in the Foundation Forging realm, so I will also suppress my cultivation base to the Foundation Forging realm. If you can receive three blows from me, it will count as your win.”

At this moment, the rank nine Celestial from the ancient family alliance finally opened his mouth to challenge Long Chen to a battle.

Furthermore, this Luo Minghao’s tone was exceedingly arrogant. To say he would only use three moves, he was intentionally humiliating Long Chen.

“My Xuantian Dao Sect has never had any conflicts with your ancient family alliance. Are you trying to pick a fight?” Long Chen didn’t even look at Luo Minghao. He spoke directly to the leader of the ancient family alliance’s group.

“For young disciples to exchange pointers is completely normal. Where did this hostility come from?” said that elder indifferently.

Long Chen’s gaze was cold. He was just about to speak when Meng Qi flew into the air, wearing a bright dress that made her seem like a pure fairy.

“If you want a fight, I’m willing to accept your challenge. With Long Chen’s status and position, not just anyone is qualified to challenge him,” said Meng Qi. Her voice was beautiful, but her eyes were cold.

Meng Qi had a calm and peaceful nature, but some people were just too hateful. Despite knowing Long Chen was afflicted with a curse and couldn’t fight, they intentionally wanted to humiliate him.

Luo Minghao was instantly captivated by Meng Qi’s beauty. Thinking of how intimately Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er had treated Long Chen, inconcealable envy appeared in his eyes. With a cold snort, he also flew into the air.

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