Chapter 132 Little Snow vs Qi Xin

That person’s punch was incredibly powerful. It boomed like lightning, restraining others. This person was clearly an expert.

Long Chen coldly snorted and was just about to move when a roar came from below him and a huge claw reached out to block it.

“Little Snow!” Long Chen was surprised. He was connected to Little Snow’s soul, and so Little Snow could sense Long Chen’s fury.

BOOM! Little Snow’s claw collided with that person’s fist, causing terrifying energy to explode out. With a muffled shout, that person was sent flying.

Little Snow was a third rank Magical Beast, and even amongst third rank Magical Beasts he was exceptional. Although not specializing in power, he wasn’t something that ordinary experts could withstand.

Little Snow opened his mouth and spat out a wind blade that sliced even space apart. That wind blade went straight for that horrified person.

“No, Little Snow!” Long Chen was greatly alarmed. But it was already too late as Little Snow’s attack had already been shot out.

Little Snow could sense Long Chen’s anger, but he didn’t have Long Chen’s wisdom. Little Snow didn’t know what it meant to have misgivings and so he directly shot out a wind blade.

That huge wind blade was like a death god’s scythe. An ear-piercing sound came from it as it shot over. Even the land was shaking, causing everyone to be terrified.

No one had expected Long Chen’s Magical Beast to take action on its own. And it was even more shocking that this Magical Beast was at the third rank, and was a terrifying existence even amongst third rank Magical Beasts.

Other people’s Magical Beasts had spiritual imprints on them so that they wouldn’t dare disobey their master’s orders.

But Little Snow wasn’t the same. Long Chen had formed a kind of companionship between the two, which wasn’t really a slave imprint. Thus, Little Snow had his own thoughts.

It was precisely because his soul had no restrictions that Little Snow could grow so quickly and possess such great power.

Once a Magical Beast had a spiritual imprint placed on them, their combat ability would sharply decline, perhaps even greater than fifty percent. But that was something that couldn’t be avoided, as Magical Beasts devouring their masters was not an uncommon affair. No one dared to do as Long Chen did.

So Little Snow’s attack wasn’t like another steed’s attack, but a true third rank Magical Beast’s attack.

That person’s face turned green from fear because he was horrified to notice that it felt as if his body had been ensnared in mud, and taking even a single step had become difficult, let alone dodging.

Everyone present let out startled cries. If this continued, that person would definitely die. The monastery definitely did not allow disciples to kill each other.

In a distant forest, Tang Wan-er who had just been watching the ruckus was given a fright. She had just been planning on getting revenge on Long Chen and hadn’t noticed that he had a third rank Magical Beast by his side.

“This is bad!” Although she found Long Chen crude and irritating, maybe even feeling some resentment, Tang Wan-er didn’t want him to be expelled just like this.

“Spiritwater Shield!” Suddenly, an icy shout rang as a figure appeared before the wind blade. Extending his hand, a huge, blue shield immediately appeared.

The shield was ten meters in diameter and was somehow formed from water. It looked just like half a huge water drop.

BANG! The wind blade collided with the water shield. Water droplets splashed out hundreds of meters.

When the rain of water finally fell, people recognized who had appeared.

“Qi Xin!” 

Seeing that Qi Xin had managed to block Little Snow’s attack, Long Chen sighed in relief. But at the same time, he was greatly shocked.

He truly was a monster-class figure. He was actually able to block Little Snow’s attack.

“Hmph, you’re just relying on a housepet. It’s not worth anything,” Qi Xin indifferently glanced at Long Chen.

His words were definitely an act. For him to say such a thing after blocking Little Snow’s terrifying attack, Long Chen was certain he was just trying to show-off.

“A powerful housepet is also a part of one’s strength. Could it be that if you weren’t able to break through your opponent’s armor, you’d demand they had to take off their armor and pants?

“Even idiocy should have its own limits. With just your intelligence, you also have intentions on Tang Wan-er?

“You’re clearly a martial artist, yet you put on a scholarly costume. Why don’t you take imperial exams instead of wasting your time here?

“Do you know what it means to be a sissy? Do you know what it means to be a pretentious fool? Ah, looking at your expression now, I’d say you’re understanding a bit.”

Long Chen’s rude ridicule caused the entire crowd to be deathly silent. No one would have thought Long Chen had the boldness to scold a monster-class genius.

“Haha!” Hiding in the forest, Tang Wan-er who was secretly watching couldn’t stop herself from laughing and hastily covered her mouth.

“Although this Long Chen is also extremely hateful, that Qi Xin also isn’t some good person; he’s a complete hypocrite. Ah, this must be what it means for evil people to attract other evil people.” Tang Wan-er laughed to herself. The two maidens following beside her glanced at each other and shook their heads helplessly.

Tang Wan-er might be laughing, but Guo Ran wanted to cry. He even had some regret in making Long Chen his boss. He had an urge to bash in his own head.

After he had completely refused to join Ye Zhiqiu’s faction only to then join Tang Wan-er, Guo Ran had thought Long Chen had finally fixed his head and was overjoyed.

But as soon as they had joined Tang Wan-er’s faction, they had immediately received an attack from another monster-class figure. Just what was this boss Long Chen doing?

Qi Xin’s face was dark. In all these years, not even the elders in his family had dared say even half of these things to him. And outside his family, he was an object of worship, so when would he ever have to receive such ridicule?

“For you to provoke me like this, do you know how much suffering will be the price?” asked Qi Xin icily.

“Provoking? No. I’d never do something so senseless. Being jealous of a romantic rival, fighting stupidly, acting like a strong fool, those are all things only an idiot like you likes to do. Even if I wanted to, I wouldn’t do such things.” Long Chen shook his head extremely modestly.

Everyone felt their hearts become cold. Just what background did this kid have to ridicule Qi Xin so brazenly?! Wasn’t he planning on growing within the Xuantian Monastery? Was he stupid, or did he really have the strength to back up such words?

“Arrogant brat, let me see if you have the qualifications to say such a thing!”

Qi Xin naturally wasn’t able to restrain himself anymore. That was especially the case when it was in front of this many people. If he didn’t teach Long Chen a lesson, his reputation would drop to an all-time low.

Coldly snorting, Qi Xin began to slowly walk towards Long Chen. With each step, his aura slowly rose. Even the ground began to tremble with each step he took.

Everyone knew Qi Xin had been infuriated this time. His current aura was even more terrifying than when he had been fighting against Lei Qianshang.

Speaking of which, Lei Qianshang and Yue Zifeng were both present. Now they were carefully watching, wanting to see just what kind of trump cards Long Chen did have to dare provoke Qi Xin.

The stealthily watching Tang Wan-er hesitated for a moment but still didn’t decide to come out, muttering to herself, “It’s not as if either of these two are good people. He won’t be beaten so easily, so it’s better to just keep watching for a while.”

Originally, Tang Wan-er had just been planning on playing a trick on Long Chen, looking to see if either Lei Qianshang or Qi Xin would take action to find trouble for Long Chen. After all, who had asked him to curse and scold her?

But this matter had blown up greater than she had ever imagined and was now out of her control. If Long Chen truly was beaten seriously because of her, she also would feel sorry for him.

But she had a faint feeling that Long Chen wasn’t that easy to deal with, and so she wanted to watch for a while first.

Seeing what was going on, everyone quickly withdrew. No one wanted to be implicated or injured during their fight. After all, that was a monster-class expert.

“Guo Ran, you should also withdraw. No need to fight with me.” Long Chen saw that Guo Ran was still right behind and hadn’t retreated back. He truly was moved that Guo Ran would stay. Not just anyone would dare to face off against a monster-class expert.

“Boss, I want to leave, but my legs have turned to mush. I can’t walk.” Guo Ran wanted to cry.

“Oh my god.” Long Chen kicked Guo Ran in the butt, sending him flying hundreds of meters away.

After kicking Guo Ran away, Long Chen jumped onto Little Snow’s back and arrogantly said to Qi Xin, “Come at me, kid.”

I know you like showing off, so today I’ll let you realize that your skill is far too lacking and your acting just makes you look like a fool, thought Long Chen.

Qi Xin snorted and stamped on the ground, charging at Long Chen like a sharp blade.

But as soon as he moved, a wind blade shot at him from Little Snow. Although the power wasn’t as great as last time, Qi Xin didn’t dare take it head on. There was no need for him to face Little Snow directly. He just needed to subdue Long Chen.

Qi Xin dodged to the side, but as soon as he dodged, another wind blade shot over. He could only dodge once more and was unable to advance anymore.

What shocked Qi Xin was that Long Chen was just sitting on Little Snow’s back, telling him to shoot out more wind blades. Although each individual wind blade didn’t have much power, they were extremely numerous, causing his movements to be a mess.

Watching Qi Xin dodge left and right, Long Chen suddenly loudly announced, “Everyone watching, there’s a monkey performing a show here. Those who have money should offer some payment for the show.

“I wouldn’t mind getting a couple of thousand gold coins, but if you only have one or two to spare, that’s also fine. 

“Look at how amazing this dance is, that somersault! Let me tell you, this isn’t something that can be achieved without years of dedication and drilling!” 

Atop Little Snow, Long Chen continued controlling Little Snow’s attacks while commenting on Qi Xin’s ‘dance’ as he dodged. Everyone’s eyes bulged as they saw him treat Qi Xin as a monkey putting on a play.

“Kid, you’re asking for it!”

Qi Xin was finally truly infuriated. Water Qi exploded out of his body and filled the sky. His Water Qi was like a translucent casing over his body. It completely blocked all of Little Snow’s wind blades, and he charged at Long Chen.

“Little Snow, be a bit more vicious,” snorted Long Chen coldly. To increase the frequency of Little Snow’s attack, the power had to be dropped. But now that Qi Xin was charging over, he let Little Snow use his unique skills as he wished.

Little Snow roared, his fur standing on end as terrifying power exploded out of him. Opening his mouth, a round sphere shot out straight at Qi Xin.

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