Chapter 1319 The Peak of Shamelessness

This result was something that many people couldn’t accept. Seeing these disciples advance to become rank three Celestials in one go made all their eyes red.

But this wine came from the Wine God Palace, and Long Chen said it was a precious remnant of the Wine God and the last bit remaining in this world. He had actually wasted such a thing on workers in order to prove his innocence.

Everyone knew that Long Chen wasn’t a Heaven-Seizer. They simply said that for their own profit.

This way, not only could they suck up to Pill Valley, but they could also prevent the Xuantian Dao Sect from rising. Furthermore, they also hoped to learn this secret.

But now that this secret was public, it didn’t bring them the slightest benefit. And in the future, they would have no excuse to target the Xuantian Dao Sect.

“Are you an idiot? This wine comes from the Wine God Palace. How could it possibly be faked?” Sneered Tu Qianshang.

Now Tu Qianshang realized what the High Priest had meant by telling him to testify for Long Chen. It seemed that he was helping Long Chen bear the brunt of this problem.

This so-called Heavenly Dao Wine never existed. This wine Long Chen had taken out might be able to deceive others, but it couldn’t deceive Tu Qianshang who came from the Wine God Palace. He knew Long Chen had done something to this wine.

But he naturally didn’t expose him and instead helped him cover it up. No matter what Long Chen said, all he had to do was fully support him.

“But when the Dragonblood Legion first started rising a few years ago, you still didn’t have any relationship with the Wine God Palace! How do you explain that?” demanded someone. The times didn’t match.

“Fool, I’ve already told you the origin of this wine to prove my innocence. Don’t act like this is an interrogation. I’m not your father, so why do I have to tell you my secrets? As for why the High Priest would treat me like this, you should go ask him,” sneered Long Chen.

The truth was that Long Chen had a hundred different excuses to cover this up. But he couldn’t be bothered, so he directly used the most head-on approach.

A lie was a lie, and the more you spoke, the more holes would appear in your story. Thanks to his years of experience, Long Chen wouldn’t make such a foolish mistake.

He decided to directly destroy all of their options. If they wanted to ask anything, they could go ask the High Priest. He wanted to see just who would dare to do such a thing.

Seeing Long Chen directly push the problem to the Wine God Palace’s High Priest, everyone was at a loss for words.

Go demand an answer from the Wine God Palace? Was that a joke? Not even Pill Valley had such guts!

Although the Wine God Palace did not participate in the outside world’s struggles, everyone could tell how strong they were just from how they had expelled Pill Valley from the Grand Xia Ancient Nation. Pill Valley no longer dared to take a step within the Grand Xia. So just what sect would dare to be so brazen?

Back then, even though they had been trying to capture Long Chen, Pill Valley still hadn’t dared to enter the Grand Xia. They had only been bold enough to seal the border, so it could be seen how afraid Pill Valley was of the Wine God Palace.

Zhuo Tianxiang’s expression became exceedingly ugly. Now he couldn’t find any trouble for Long Chen.

Pill Valley and the ancient races had been slapped in the face once more. This time, the entire Eastern Xuan Region had known of this matter, so they would truly lose face.

“I’ve already made the secret of the Heavenly Dao Wine public. What are you still doing here? Hurry up and scram. Are you planning on staying for dinner?” Long Chen looked at Zhuo Tianxiang indifferently.

Back when he had first started cooperating with the Wine God Palace, Long Chen had discussed this with the High Priest. He had left himself this path.

That was because Long Chen had known that the Dragonblood Legion’s secret would be exposed sooner or later, and the Wine God Palace was the best shield for that. That was why this time, Long Chen hadn’t had any misgivings about raising the Dragonblood Legion’s power all at once.

These experts still hadn’t recovered from their shock. It was like they were in a dream. Although they still felt like there were many suspicious points, they weren’t qualified to force Long Chen to answer their questions.

“Long Chen, even ignoring the Heavenly Dao Wine, what about my Pill Valley’s Nirvana Scripture? That’s a secret art that my Pill Valley does not transmit to anyone. Where did you learn it from?!” demanded Zhuo Tianxiang suddenly.

When fighting Gui Yan, Long Chen had used the Nirvana Scripture, so Zhuo Tianxiang was aware of it.

The Nirvana Scripture was something only the top disciples of Pill Valley could learn. It not only required great talent, but also a specialized expert to guide you. But Long Chen was actually able to use it.

“Does the Nirvana Scripture belong to Pill Valley? Is there any proof? I obtained the Nirvana Scripture in one of the trials of the Immemorial Path, so does it have any relation to you?” sneered Long Chen.

The Nirvana Scripture was something he had learned in the Eastern Wasteland’s Pill Tower. But back then, he had used a fake status, Long San, and also changed his appearance. No one would link the two.

Furthermore, it was true that he had only truly used it in the Immemorial Path and after. So there was no way to tell he was lying.

The Immemorial Path was an extremely ancient existence. Its history stretched into the immortal era, which was even more ancient than the dark era. There was no way to say anything about it for sure, so it was possible for him to have learned the Nirvana Scripture inside.

“I don’t believe you! Speak, what trial did you obtain it from, and how?! Don’t think I’m so easy to trick!” sneered Zhuo Tianxiang.

“Idiot, this is my personal secret. You’re not my son, so why should I tell you? Just telling you that I obtained it in the Immemorial Path is already giving you face. But as always, I give you an inch, and you take a yard! You’re truly courting death. I will no longer answer any of your questions. All I have left for you is one phrase: fight, or scram!” Long Chen couldn’t be bothered. This fellow really was an idiot. Now that he had already resolved the problem of him being a Heaven-Seizer, Pill Valley had lost the right to try and make things hard for him.

Furthermore, on his side, there was the Huayun Sect, Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, Heavenly Sword Gate, and Wine God Palace, as well as the Xuantian Tower. Even if Long Chen slapped Zhuo Tianxiang on the face again, he wouldn’t dare to counterattack.

But now they were too far apart, and with his previous experience, this fellow would definitely be prepared, so the chances of succeeding were too low. Otherwise, Long Chen would have definitely slapped him again.

Everyone was silent. The people from Pill Valley, the ancient races, and the Righteous path all looked at each other in dismay, not able to say a single word.

So many of them had come in such an overbearing manner. They had shaken the entire Eastern Xuan Region. It was unknown how many smaller powers were paying attention to the situation here in secret.

Now, after having so many of their experts slain by the Xuantian Dao Sect, they were unable to do anything and were instead viciously slapped in the face. If they left just like this, they would become laughingstocks.

For the people from the Righteous path, it wasn’t that bad. But Pill Valley and the ancient races would lose all their face. Those two powers had come to find justice, but instead of that, they were kicked off the mountain like dogs.

However, there was no longer any justifiable reason for them to target Long Chen. They were helpless.

“Cough, this matter is actually just a misunderstanding. Everyone, there’s no need to be so hostile.” Deng Cang suddenly coughed, saying, “Since it’s a misunderstanding, why must we fight? In the end, the Xuantian Dao Sect truly acted improperly…”

A strange smile appeared on Long Chen’s face, and he didn’t say anything. He just looked at Deng Cang, allowing him to continue. He wanted to see what kind of crap he was about to spout.

Seeing Long Chen didn’t retort, Deng Cang thought that Long Chen had reserved himself, and he became much more confident. He cleared his throat and continued.

“Although everyone came in an overbearing fashion and said that they would destroy the Xuantian Dao Sect, those were just words of anger and can’t be taken literally. As for the Xuantian Dao Sect, you refused to answer and immediately killed people. This is against the reputation and harmony of the Righteous path. Although it is mostly confirmed now that Long Chen isn’t a Heaven-Seizer, he should have announced his secrets earlier to avoid so many experts losing their lives. It’s not like his secrets were things that could not see the light of the day…”

Deng Cang shook his head with pity at the end.

Secrets had to be made public? If not, it was right for others to kill you? Deng Cang, do you have the slightest sense of shame? Long Chen cursed inside, but he still didn’t say anything.

“Now isn’t the time to continue looking into who was right and who was wrong. This was all just a misunderstanding. However, this misunderstanding caused the ancient races, Pill Valley, and the Righteous path to lose many experts. In the end, someone must pay for the debt.

“Furthermore, no matter how you put it, the Xuantian Dao Sect has some responsibility for these matters. So, I will represent the Martial Heaven Alliance to mediate things.

“We will let this matter go, and the Xuantian Dao Sect will not have to pay any compensation-”

“What bullshit! So many of our people died! If they’re not going to compensate us, who is?!” roared an expert from the ancient races. On the other hand, Zhuo Tianxiang was expressionless and just calmly listening.

“Let me finish. Although the Xuantian Dao Sect has some responsibility in this matter, they also lost quite a few experts in Devil Spirit Mountain. So, this matter of compensation will be paid by my Martial Heaven Alliance.” Deng Cang smiled.

“The Martial Heaven Alliance will compensate us?” The ancient race experts were stunned.

Even the other experts were stunned, including the Xuantian Dao Sect’s Elders. Only Long Chen and Li Tianxuan smiled ever so slightly. That smile was one of disdain.

“Correct. The Xuantian Dao Sect killed many of the Corrupt path’s experts, which is a great deal of merit. But they also killed experts of the ancient races and Pill Valley. Their conduct gravely damaged the unity of the continent, so the Martial Heaven Alliance has decided to neither punish nor reward them. Their reward and punishment cancel out, and their original reward will be split amongst those experts who died. How does this sound?” said Deng Cang.


Suddenly, Long Chen raised his head and laughed thunderously, his voice full of fury and killing intent.

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