Chapter 1318 An Explanation

The Reincarnation Mirror was one of the Xuantian Dao Sect’s core treasures, and it had amazing abilities of its own. The Reincarnation Mirror even had the ability to deduce the past and future based on the Heavenly Daos. This matter’s cause was instantly exposed.

Zhuo Tianxiang was incomparably infuriated. He had asked all of the already dead Dan Sheng’s women about this matter, but due to insufficient time on his part, he hadn’t been too clear about these testifiers.

When Dan Sheng had targeted Long Chen back at Devil Spirit Mountain, he had sworn to Pill Valley that when it came to the testifiers, there would definitely be no problem.

But what he meant by there would be no problem was that after he captured Long Chen, he would kill the testifiers and only leave behind a recording of them testifying against Long Chen.

Once those people were dead, Dan Sheng would even push the blame on the Xuantian Dao Sect, making the story that the Xuantian Dao Sect had killed those people to try and cover up the truth.

Regretfully, Dan Sheng’s life was cut short by Li Tianxuan, and he hadn’t accomplished his mission. As for Zhuo Tianxiang, he hadn’t known about this plan of Dan Sheng’s, causing him to make a huge mistake today. He had ended up conned by himself.

“Someone must be trying to target your Xuantian Dao Sect to do this. Perhaps your Xuantian Dao Sect simply offended someone. I had no idea about this matter.” Zhuo Tianxiang immediately cut off his own ties to this matter. Pill Valley definitely could not be given the name of someone who framed others. Otherwise, they would lose all their face.

In the Four Nations Ancient Remnant, Pill Valley could say that Dan Teng’s plot against Long Chen was due to a personal grievance. At most, Pill Valley would say that Dan Teng was at fault and execute him. That would count as an explanation to the Righteous path.

But now it was different. Zhuo Tianxiang had come under his status as Pill Valley’s law enforcer. If he accepted that this was done by Pill Valley, it would truly be the entire Pill Valley framing others.

“Haha, you didn’t know about it? If you didn’t know, why did you so stubbornly insist that I’m a Heaven-Seizer? You even hunted me down so openly! Are you all idiots, or do you just believe anything that others tell you? Then do you believe me when I say I’m your long-missing father?” sneered Long Chen. Did he think people were stupid enough to believe this excuse?

“Long Chen, perhaps there is some misunderstanding. Either way, Zhuo Tianxiang is a senior from Pill Valley. You should pay attention to your tone!” chided Deng Cang, helping Zhuo Tianxiang from his conundrum.

“Can a senior randomly accuse anyone of anything? Sorry, but I’m not taking that crap!” scoffed Long Chen.

“Long Chen, do you know who you’re speaking to?” Deng Cang’s expression sank. He now attempted to use his status as part of the Martial Heaven Alliance to suppress him.

“Don’t try to act so magnanimous. You’re not the one who was hunted down. Today, I am announcing that the Xuantian Dao Sect is rising! You’ve seen our trump cards, and you’ve seen our attitude clearly. If you want to die, then come at any time! My Xuantian Dao Sect will accompany you to the last warrior, to our last drop of blood! So either fight, or scram!”

“Fight or scram!”

“Fight or scram!”

“Fight or scram!”

Following Long Chen’s voice, the Dragonblood Legion all raised their arms and cheered, their voices shaking the sky. At the same time, the cries of every disciple in the Xuantian Dao Sect filled the sect.

Their cries transmitted their stubborn battle intent. Although these disciples’ cultivation bases were low, they were incredibly united, to the point that even these Life Star experts’ expressions changed.

They were all the higher-ups of their sects, and some were even their sect masters. But they had never seen a single sect’s disciples be so united. They were all crying in unison. This overflowing battle intent and fearless drive could not be faked.

“This matter can end here. My Pill Valley will investigate what happened and who was intentionally harming your Xuantian Dao Sect. We will definitely find justice for you.”

Zhuo Tianxiang finally reacted. Pushing this matter to the side, he continued, “However, are you not going to give us an explanation for the strange advancements of your Dragonblood Legion?”

Zhuo Tianxiang could only use this one point to turn things around. If Long Chen refused to answer, then there was no way the Righteous path would accept it.

This secret was something everyone wanted to know. Before this, Pill Valley had wanted to take this secret for themselves. But now, that was no longer possible, so they could only share it with everyone.

Whether or not Long Chen actually told them, it would be beneficial to these people. Just how was it that Long Chen, someone with no background, was able to raise the Dragonblood Legion? If they learned this secret, they could also upgrade their own disciples.

“That’s right, this is a problem that threatens the very unity of the Righteous path. It threatens the peace of this world, so you must tell us.”

Following Zhuo Tianxiang, other Life Star experts began to echo his sentiment.

“Unity and peace? Are you joking with me? When has the Righteous path ever been united or peaceful? When you see others rising, you’re even more evil than the Corrupt path. It’s like you think when we get stronger, we’ll dig up your ancestors’ tombs,” sneered Long Chen. Seeing their self-righteous expressions, he felt like he might vomit.

“Hmph, don’t waste time. Today, if you don’t tell us, it will prove you’re a variant Heaven-Seizer!” cried a Life Star expert in the crowd.

“A bunch of idiots. Aren’t you just greedy for the secret of my Dragonblood Legion? Alright, then today I’ll open your dog eyes. Look closely.”

Long Chen clapped his hands, and over twenty of the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples walked out. They were young, only sixteen or seventeen.

But their robes were not the robes of a disciple. They were workers of the outer sect, and their cultivation bases were only at the Bone Forging realm. Within the Xuantian Dao Sect, their age and cultivation bases couldn’t count as talented. They weren’t even qualified to become outer sect disciples.

“Come. Each person can get a bowl. Drink!”

Long Chen took out a jug and gave them bowls filled with wine. As soon as this wine appeared, its fragrance filled the air. Just by smelling it, a person’s pores would open and it would completely relax them.

These Life Star experts’ hearts’ shook. This wine was definitely something only the Wine God Palace could make. These people hadn’t tasted a drop in all their lives.

Those disciples looked at Long Chen with worship. He was the idol of the entire Xuantian Dao Sect, and just being this close to him made them quiver.

They immediately drank their bowls. Even if this bowl had been full of poison, they’d have still drunk it without hesitation.


All the workers suddenly began to shine. Heaven and earth rumbled as Heavenly Dao energy gathered around them. As they bathed in the Heavenly Daos, they slowly began to condense runes.


This scene shocked everyone. These workers had been nothing more than ordinary cultivators, but now they had condensed Heavenly Dao runes.

Suddenly, a sea of runes appeared behind these disciples. That was the specific Cry of the Heavenly Daos unique to Celestials.

This scene was absolutely stunning. They had never seen such a thing. It had to be known that Celestials were the favorites of the heavens, and their number was dictated by the qi flow of the world. They were not made by artificial power. That was why the Dragonblood Legion’s rise had alarmed these sects.


“What?! They have become rank two Celestials?!” Even this person’s voice was shaking, because two kinds of runes had now appeared behind these workers, and their Heavenly Dao energy strengthened once more.

Everyone was stunned. There was a chance for a rank one Celestial to advance to become a rank two Celestial, but that chance was very low.

But now, over twenty workers had become rank two Celestials at the same time.


Just at this moment, a third kind of rune appeared behind these disciples. Their Heavenly Dao energy strengthened once more as they became rank three Celestials.

These workers were dumbfounded. They stood there like statues, not daring to move.

Everyone was deathly silent. This completely toppled their understanding of this world. They had seen a group of workers go from ordinary cultivators to rank three Celestials in one go right in front of them.

“Now you’re rank three Celestials. But this isn’t your final target. The Dragonblood Legion was once like you, and all drank this wine in order to have their current accomplishments. That’s why they are your future. Today, you were fortunate. I gave all my remaining Heavenly Dao Wine to you. Now, there’s no more Heavenly Dao Wine in this world,” said Long Chen. The wine jug in his hand shattered to pieces. The jug was completely empty.

“Many thanks, senior apprentice-brother Long Chen! We will never forget your favor!”

Those workers immediately knelt on the ground. Tears streamed down their faces. This fortune had come so suddenly that they couldn’t even believe it.

“Alright, you can go now. Starting today, you are no longer workers, but inner sect disciples. Congratulations!”

Long Chen smiled and sent those disciples away. Toward the people staring at the fragments of the jug lifelessly, he said, “This wine was something the High Priest of the Wine God Palace gave to me. He told me this is the Wine God’s most ancient inheritance, the blessing of the Wine God. But you were so shameless as to continuously frame me as a Heaven-Seizer. Now that the truth is revealed, do you have anything left to say?”

This wine was something he had added crushed rank one, rank two, rank three, rank four, and rank five Heavenly Dao Fruits into. That allowed these disciples to instantly become rank three Celestials.

But so much energy couldn’t be digested at once. That would completely ruin their foundations and also waste the Heavenly Dao Fruits. So he only allowed them to become rank three Celestials for now.

“I don’t believe you! This is definitely a lie you made up!” An expert suddenly let out an unwilling roar.

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