Chapter 1317 What is Called a Foundation

“What is improper with it? I really am laughing. Do you think you’re the bailiff in charge of catching this world’s criminals? That you have to interfere with everything that goes on? Who gave you that authority? No matter what happens, you have to control it. Don’t think that controlling the lifeblood of a few sects is enough to control the world. Do you think that others are fools? The sects that your Pill Valley is able to control are nothing more than minor powers currying favor. Any sects with a real backbone and a real foundation won’t bend to your will.”

Long Chen laughed and walked off his stage. He walked through the Life Star experts, coldly looking at them. “Perhaps you still don’t know what a foundation is. Or perhaps the foundation that you understand is a different thing than what I’m talking about. The thing that you call foundation is nothing more than a sect’s karmic luck, trump cards, and power. Perhaps those are what you’re most afraid of. But today, the foundation I’m talking about is not one of those three things.”

After saying that, Long Chen suddenly extended a hand and slapped Pill Valley’s law enforcer, Zhuo Tianxiang, across the face.

Pow!  An explosive ringing sound shocked everyone. No one would have imagined that Long Chen would attack now.

As for Zhuo Tianxiang, he had been focused on Long Chen’s words and preparing a way to argue against them. He hadn’t been on guard at all. Long Chen finished speaking just as he arrived in front of him, and then slapped him without any warning.


Zhuo Tianxiang’s hand suddenly became covered in flames, and he thrust it at Long Chen. But Long Chen just stood there as if he couldn’t see Zhuo Tianxiang’s attack.


Darkness once more covered the world, and boundless divine might locked onto Zhuo Tianxiang. He froze in the air, not daring to move.

“Do you see? This is a foundation. I can slap you, while you don’t dare to kill me. If you kill me, you will be killed by the Xuantian Tower. Now do you understand what a foundation is? It’s a heart that is willing to fight to the death fearlessly, one that dares to continue charging forward despite all obstacles. Now I’ve brought my foundation out. I am willing to exchange my life for yours, so I don’t hesitate to slap you. But you are hesitating because you don’t have that courage, because you are afraid of dying.”

Long Chen stood with his arms clasped behind his back, calmly lecturing Zhuo Tianxiang whose face was twisted into a sinister expression.

For a moment, everyone was deathly silent. Within this darkness, there was only light covering Long Chen and Zhuo Tianxiang. Everyone’s gaze was on them.

Under the divine light of the Xuantian Tower, their expressions, even each hair on their bodies could be clearly seen.

Long Chen’s expression was completely calm. He hadn’t even unleashed his aura, and yet that arrogant appearance that looked down on the rest of the world deeply shook the hearts of the people.

Under the illumination of the Xuantian Tower’s light, he appeared even more handsome, and his eyes shone like stars, filled with a feeling of wildness and danger. That posed a fatal attraction to young women.

Meng Qi, Tang Wan-er, Hua Shiyu, Zhao Ziyan, and the other women all felt their hearts involuntarily pounding hard. This wild domineering display had a special kind of attraction to it. No one else could replicate his air; it was unique to Long Chen.

Even some of the young female disciples from the ancient family alliance were attracted by Long Chen’s appearance under that light. They had never seen or heard of someone with such a unique air.

For Long Chen, someone at the Foundation Forging realm, to consecutively slap Life Star experts in the face toppled their understanding of cultivation.

Most importantly, the only thing to compare him to was Zhuo Tianxiang with his sinister expression. Even someone ordinary would become exceptionally handsome in comparison.

Tu Qianshang, Boss Bao, and the others nodded in praise. This was how real men should act. They should be domineering and dare to do what they wanted.

But Li Tianxuan was speechless. When Long Chen’s temper got the best of him, he really was capable of doing anything. Despite being in control of the situation, he still took this risk.

Ling Yunzi had a smile on his face. The current Long Chen was still the same Long Chen from the 108th monastery. His fearless character, one that seemed to be saying that the heavens were the younger brother while he was the big brother, hadn’t changed.

But the person who had to have a headache because of Long Chen had become Li Tianxuan. When Ling Yunzi thought of all the things from back then, he felt many emotions.

In the past few years, his cultivation base had advanced by leaps and bounds thanks to the Annihilation Sword Dao he had comprehended from Long Chen’s body. He had risen to a height that even he would have never imagined.

During these years, he had experienced countless things and gone through several metamorphoses. His own character had changed; he was like a completely different person.

But Long Chen, despite having experienced so much slaughter, despite having killed his way from the Eastern Wasteland to the Central Plains, had still retained his original heart. That was something that made him sigh with emotion.

Long Chen coldly stared at Zhuo Tianxiang, while Zhuo Tianxiang clenched his teeth and raised his arm several times. As long as he slammed his hand down, Long Chen would definitely die. But he didn’t dare to, because he knew that when Long Chen was killed, the Xuantian Tower would annihilate him out of existence.

Kill him? He didn’t dare to. Don’t kill him? He was unwilling. For a moment, he felt like he was going insane.

“Do you see? This is a foundation. Starting today, my Xuantian Dao Sect is rising, No matter who tries to stop us, they will have to bear our merciless attacks. If anyone wants to doubt our determination, you can come and try us. The foundation I’m talking about isn’t meant to just frighten you,” sneered Long Chen. He turned and went back to his seat. As for Zhuo Tianxiang, in the end, he didn’t dare to attack. He just watched as Long Chen left.

“Deng Cang, this is the attitude of your Martial Heaven Alliance?!” demanded Zhuo Tianxiang.

Deng Cang helplessly said, “Suppressing the weak through power isn’t something we would do. I trust that the Xuantian Dao Sect will give you a satisfactory answer.”

Deng Cang had once more kicked the ball back to the Xuantian Dao Sect. Long Chen sneered, “I’ve already given my answer. When it comes to the ancient races, they simply deserved it. After hunting me down for so long, our Xuan Master ‘accidentally’ killed some of them. Now, neither side owes the other anything.

“As for Pill Valley, Dan Teng intentionally made a plot to harm me. Although he was executed by Pill Valley, Dan Sheng then continued to try and kill me. He also died ‘accidentally’ to the Xuan Master. I’m not going to look further into why he was targeting me, so that matter is also over. What further answer is required?”

If Long Chen had said this at the start, everyone would have scoffed at him and cursed him, helping Pill Valley condemn him. But after the intimidation of the Xuantian Tower, none of them dared to make a sound.

If you wanted to talk reason, the first thing you needed was power. Otherwise, a tiger wouldn’t talk reason with a rabbit. Now, Long Chen had displayed the power of a lion, and his words contained enough weight.

“Alright, then even if we first set aside those two points, what about your status as a Heaven-Seizer? Why would so many people claim that you are a Heaven-Seizer and they even come from the same sect as you? Don’t you feel like you should give an explanation to the Righteous path?” demanded Zhuo Tianxiang.

Right now, it really was difficult to quibble with the first two points, and so he could only turn to Long Chen’s status as a Heaven-Seizer.

Just this one point was enough to get Long Chen killed. And even if he wasn’t killed, the Xuantian Dao Sect would become the world’s enemy and be destroyed quickly. No one would be able to protect them, so Zhuo Tianxiang’s goal would still be achieved.

Long Chen smiled slightly, long since knowing he would say this. “Where are those people saying that? Let them come out and testify!”

“Hmph, you want them to come out? Fine!” Following Zhuo Tianxiang’s voice, over ten disciples wearing the robes of the Xuantian Dao Sect walked out.

“Everyone, we can testify that Long Chen is a Heaven-Seizer, a variant Heaven-Seizer. We personally witnessed the change in the Dragonblood Legion…” Those disciples all began to raise suspicious points. Some even said that they had personally seen Long Chen extract other people’s Spirit Blood after killing them and inject it into the disciples of the Dragonblood Legion. They had seen those Dragonblood warriors’ Celestial ranks advancing right there and then.

“Long Chen, do you still have anything to say? These disciples are all people from your Xuantian Dao Sect, correct? For them to accuse you, we also didn’t dare to completely trust them, so we even investigated their souls and found that they aren’t lying. That’s why we wanted to capture you, for the safety of the Righteous path. Is there anything wrong with that? If you don’t believe me, you can do your own soulsearch to check their memories,” said Zhuo Tianxiang confidently.

“Ha, changing memories, hypnotizing people, spiritual witchcraft, I stopped playing with such things a long time ago. It seems I really overestimated you. Is your Pill Valley just a group of pigs? You think changing a few memories is enough to get me killed? Don’t you know that everything in the Xuantian Dao Sect is under the view of the Reincarnation Mirror?” sneered Long Chen.


Just at this moment, a scene appeared in the air. This scene showed the testifying disciples being drawn out of the sect in secret, either by mysterious experts, by the bait of wealth or resources, or even by attractive females. All the scenes were there.

“Damnit, that girl’s so attractive. Why didn’t she come seduce me? Aiya!”

Guo Ran was in the midst of sighing emotionally when Tang Wan-er kicked him away. This little fellow was becoming unbridled once more and saying whatever was on his mind.

Guo Ran hastily quibbled, “What I mean is that if she came to seduce me, I would display to her what an iron heart and unchanging faith are! I would show my undying loyalty to boss-”

“Shut up! If you keep talking, I’ll send you to sister Qing Yu.” Long Chen almost coughed up blood.

Guo Ran’s impromptu performance made the atmosphere Long Chen had worked hard to build weaken. Long Chen really wanted to slap him.

“Oh grand law enforcer Zhuo, the Reincarnation Mirror is one of my Xuantian Dao Sect’s core divine items. You wouldn’t suspect that we would fake such a thing, right?” Long Chen looked at Zhuo Tianxiang.

At this time, Zhuo Tianxiang’s face alternated between red and white. He looked like he had just eaten a pile of dogshit and couldn’t swallow it, nor could he spit it out. For a moment, everyone was silent, all their gazes on Zhuo Tianxiang.

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