Chapter 1316 The Xuantian Tower Displays its Might

Everyone knew that Deng Cang was trying to distract Boss Bao. In truth, now that things had progressed to this point, no one wanted to fight. They didn’t dare to.

When they had first come, they had thought that with so many of them gathered, a declined sect like the Xuantian Dao Sect wouldn’t be able to resist at all.

But first the Xuantian Tower had revealed its power, and then the Huayun Sect, Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, Heavenly Sword Gate, and Wine God Palace had joined in. If there was a fight, rivers of blood would flow.

So if Boss Bao really did attack and kill that person, it still wouldn’t cause a fight, because no one else wanted to. That person would have died for nothing, and no one would stand up for him. At most, they would criticize Boss Bao with a few words.

That was why Deng Cang had to open his mouth and return to the main point. He could see that suppressing the Xuantian Dao Sect today was no longer possible. The best thing to do was to resolve this problem first.

“Sorry, I was sleeping just now and didn’t hear what the ancient races said. Can you repeat it?” asked Long Chen. In truth, he had heard it, but he simply needed some time to organize what he was going to say. 

That ancient race expert repeated himself. “The Xuantian Dao Sect killed so many experts of the ancient races. It was clearly intentional, backed by vicious motives. They have to give the ancient races an explanation, otherwise… hmph!”

Long Chen sneered inside. This person really was an idiot. Not only had he repeated the same threat, but even his tone was the exact same. It seemed the ancient races were very used to threatening people like this.

“Then there’s no need for any explanation. Why don’t you explain what that otherwise is. That will make it simpler. Just tell us, otherwise what?” Long Chen asked disdainfully.

“You…” The ancient race expert became gloomy. He hadn’t expected Long Chen to directly respond in the most forceful way.

“Long Chen, this brother from the ancient races was just saying some words of anger. You should still respond to the main point of the question,” said Deng Cang. Although his words seemed to be that of a mediator, Long Chen could hear that he was trying to force him.

The Martial Heaven Alliance had actually sent such trash to mediate this matter. He was completely biased against Long Chen.

But since they wanted to play, he would play with them. When had he ever been afraid of such a thing?

“Alright, since the Martial Heaven Alliance wants to act as a mediator to resolve our conflicts, my Xuantian Dao Sect will accept your kindness. Let’s not beat around the bush. Today, I'll let the entire Righteous path see just who is in the right. I trust that at least half of the people here have secretly activated a photographic jade. There’s no need for you to act so secretively. My Xuantian Dao Sect’s formation has been recording everything from the start, and once today’s matter is over, we will spread it throughout the Central Plains. Hehe, since everyone here is a big figure, I’m sure you’ll be recognized. So, fellow from the ancient races, let me ask you this: when you say that the Xuan Master intentionally killed your people due to vicious motives, what did you mean?”

“Isn’t that obvious? It’s because of you that Li Tianxuan intentionally acted so viciously,” said the ancient race expert without hesitation.

“Hahahahaha…” Long Chen suddenly raised his head and laughed. His laughter contained a viciousness of a bloodthirsty beast.

“So you know it was because of me? Weren’t you the ones who were hunting me down and trying to kill me? Was I supposed to sit there and let you kill me? You really are idiots. If I had Fatty Tu’s cultivation base, I’d go for a stroll through your ancient race’s land and see just how many idiots I could kill. I, Long Chen, always follow the principle of if others don’t offend me, I won’t offend them. The enmity between myself and the ancient races stems completely from your side. 

“In the Immemorial Path, it was the ancient races who were too overbearing and tried to kill me for my treasures that made me counterattack. The enmities of the Eastern Wasteland were concluded in the Eastern Wasteland, but even now that I’m in the Central Plains, you still want to target me. 

“You once more attacked me in the eastern sea, and I was forced to attack back.

“In the Four Nations Ancient Remnant, you plotted against me, and so I once more slaughtered your people.

“This time at Devil Spirit Mountain, you attacked me again. For me, a single Foundation Forging disciple, you mobilized so many Life Star experts. Do your ancient races even have any face left?

“Because I killed your disciple, you felt like it was only natural to send your senior generation after me. But once my sect master saved me by killing those people, you demand an explanation?

“You idiots, do you think the world belongs to the ancient races? Only you are permitted to kill others, but others aren’t permitted to kill you? Is there such an idiotic logic in this world?”

Long Chen’s words contained all his fury. His enmity with the ancient races had started back in the Immemorial Path. They had gone too far, continuously going after him. Anyone would have gotten angry, let alone someone like Long Chen with his explosive temper.

“But in any case… you killed people from the ancient races. That’s unacceptable…”


One of the ancient race experts had only just finished speaking when a golden light shot out from the Xuantian Tower. A terrifying pressure descended, and that ancient race expert instantly couldn’t move. He could only watch as he was annihilated by the golden light.

“Is it unacceptable? Then I want to know, after I kill all of you, what will happen?” Li Tianxuan opened his eyes at this time.

“Bastard!” The ancient races were infuriated by Li Tianxuan’s actions. They all took out their weapons and unleashed their auras, about to start killing.

“Haha, the fight’s starting!” Boss Bao and the others were delighted. They had been waiting for this moment for a long time.


Just at this moment, the sky darkened and the world was thrust into darkness. A light beam from the Xuantian Tower enveloped all the ancient race experts.

Under that terrifying pressure, those ancient race experts all quivered and knelt on the ground.

They had no choice but to kneel. In front of that divine might, if they didn’t kneel, they would immediately turn to dust.

“My Xuantian Dao Sect might have declined, but our karmic luck hasn’t been severed. With the Xuantian Tower present, anyone who tries to show off their power within the Xuantian Dao Sect will be an absolute joke.” Li Tianxuan’s voice resounded within the darkness. His voice was like a god’s.

Within this darkness, the Xuantian Tower was the absolute ruler. It was using the Xuantian Dao Sect’s karmic luck to form this domain. As long as Li Tianxuan willed it, it would be able to annihilate everyone here.

That included everyone from Pill Valley, the ancient races, and the ancient family alliance. They were all shocked. They hadn’t expected that not only was the Xuantian Tower undamaged, but the Xuantian Dao Sect still possessed such terrifying karmic luck. They had looked down on them too much.

At this time, the power the Xuantian Tower had displayed was enough that crushing them would be like crushing ants.

Even Qi Yunao with his divine magical staff felt his heart shuddering. If the Xuantian Tower unleashed its power, he had no confidence that his staff would be able to save his life.

Now Qi Yunao realized why the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect had been ranked last amongst the three sects of the heavens back in their golden era. Their foundation was a far cry from the Xuantian Dao Sect’s.

As for the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, their foundation should be even more terrifying. It was just that everyone had been fooled by their declined appearance. Now they finally realized how terrifying their foundations were.

“Uhh… are we still killing?”

Boss Bao and the others had already taken out their swords. But seeing the ancient race experts kneeling there, they didn’t know if they were supposed to kill them or not.


The light beam vanished, the darkness scattered, and that terrifying pressure lifted. The world returned to its original color. But everyone was still shocked.

Only now did the ancient race experts stand up, pale as paper. They no longer had their old arrogance. Just now, they had felt like they had brushed against death.

Seeing them so ashen, not even daring to let out a fart, the Dragonblood warriors all had contemptuous expressions.

No wonder the rumors were that the ancient races were experts at bullying the weak but cowards in the face of the strong. They were just paper tigers that looked strong, but were more cowardly than anyone.

The power of the Xuantian Tower had shocked everyone. Even the people from the Martial Heaven Alliance were shocked. They had all underestimated the Xuantian Dao Sect.

Thinking of how they had said they would raze the Xuantian Dao Sect to the ground and erase their name from the Central Plains, they realized what a huge joke it had been. This slap was truly vicious.

“Ancient races, I’m warning you that you should do your best not to provoke my Xuantian Dao Sect, or me, Long Chen. We’re not as easy to bully as you think. For you, whoever’s fist is stronger is who’s right, correct? We can do just that right now. My Xuantian Dao Sect’s fist is not weak; it’s just that we haven’t unleashed it in all this time. But if there was a suitable target, my Xuantian Dao Sect wouldn’t mind unleashing this fist to prove our power,” said Long Chen coldly.

This was the best time to intimidate the ancient races with their power. They had to express their attitude here to shake the hearts of these shameless fellows.

After finishing up with the ancient races, Long Chen turned to Zhuo Tianxiang. He sneered, “As for Pill Valley, I simply want to say that you are more shameless than the ancient races. The ancient races were at least direct and acted openly. But you, you had to set up all kinds of schemes and sinister plots. You actually listened to that idiot Xuan Jizi and wanted to steal my treasures. Dan Chu’s words from the Four Nations Ancient Remnant already said all this. Back then, Dan Teng lost his own life to show Pill Valley’s supposed innocence. But instead of learning your lesson and reserving your greed and shamelessness, you decided to unleash your anger on me. Dan Sheng made up some random excuse and attacked me without giving the Xuantian Dao Sect any notice or giving me any chance to explain my innocence. So what if we were forced to kill you shameless idiots? For you to have the face to come demand justice from my Xuantian Dao Sect, is Pill Valley always this shameless?”

“What bullshit! It’s no random excuse. We received reports from the people within your very Xuantian Dao Sect, people who care about the world! They demanded that we investigate the truth. What about that is improper?!” raged Zhuo Tianxiang.

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