Chapter 1315 Weapons Drawn and Raised

“The Fierce Yang Butcher, Tu Qianshang!”

Countless people let out startled cries upon seeing that figure. The ancient race experts’ expressions sank.

In this world, the people who hated Tu Qianshang the most were the ancient races. When the ancient races had been hunting him down back then, he had killed a countless number of them, causing them to lose face. It was one of their most humiliating records in all of history.

Now that Tu Qianshang arrived, he shocked everyone because he had actually advanced to the Life Star realm.

It had to be known that after his brother had been killed and he had been hunted down by the ancient races, a heart-devil had been planted within him. Even after cultivating for so many years in the Wine God Palace, he hadn’t been able to resolve it. Even in that battle outside the Grand Xia Ancient Nation, Tu Qianshang had still been at the peak of the Soul Transformation realm.

It had to be known that Tu Qianshang was a rank nine Celestial. In the Soul Transformation realm, he had cut down Life Star experts. Now that he had advanced to the Life Star realm, there might not be a single person here capable of stopping him.

Not only did the ancient race experts’ expressions sink, but even the expressions of Pill Valley’s people became unsightly.

The medicinal wine cooperation between Wine God Palace and Pill Valley had been forcibly ended by the Wine God Palace, and they had even expelled the Pill Valley from the Grand Xia, swearing to never cooperate with them ever again. Back then, that had shaken the Central Plains and caused Pill Valley to lose face.

Although the Wine God Palace hadn’t explicitly announced the reason why they were ending this cooperation, and Pill Valley had also done their best to conceal the truth, saying that it was just a conflict of techniques, anyone with brains could tell that it was Pill Valley that had done something contemptuous, which had caused the Wine God Palace to furiously expel them.

The Wine God Palace’s nature was extremely well-known in the Central Plains. Their disciples were a bit sanctimonious and prideful, and being wine fanatics made their styles different from the cultivation world’s norm. However, the character of their disciples was something everyone had to admire. Anyone who could sincerely go and give them a few pointers to their wine would receive a pleasant surprise.

Not just anyone would be presented with a gift of wine, but as long as they came to the Wine God Palace, their disciples would treat them to their wine. Any cultivators that had had contact with the Wine God Palace felt great respect for those wine fanatics.

So the character of the Wine God Palace’s disciples was known to be worth gold, but in comparison, Pill Valley’s reputation wasn’t so good. It was just that their power was too great, and no one dared to say anything.

Pill Valley’s movements against the Xuantian Dao Sect had now not only caused their old enemy, the Huayun Sect, to arrive, but even the Wine God Palace had come to interfere. This completely ruined their original plans.

“Long Chen, I’ve come to support you. Have you prepared the wine for me yet?” Tu Qianshang didn’t even look at the others and went directly to Long Chen.

“Don’t tell me you came so far but didn’t even bring any wine?” Long Chen was delighted to see Tu Qianshang, but he put on a dissatisfied expression.

“You shameless fucker, I came so far and so fast to help you that I lost ten pounds, but you want me to bring my own wine!? Hmph, I admire how you can be so shameless as to say such a thing,” cursed Tu Qianshang.

Long Chen understood Tu Qianshang far too well. Although he looked carefree, he was actually very sharp. The more courteous you were with him, the more he would feel like you weren’t worth talking to.

By not treating him as a big figure, he would feel like you didn’t have any plots involving him. Tu Qianshang’s temper was just as explosive as the bosses, but the difference was that in his eyes, there was no such thing as seniority. As long as you could get along with him, he wouldn’t care about whether you were older or younger. Everyone he got along with was his brother.

But others didn’t know this. So seeing Long Chen speaking so brazenly to Tu Qianshang, and seeing Tu Qianshang act like that was normal, they found it inconceivable.

Tu Qianshang was known as a vicious figure. Even after secluding himself in the Wine God Palace, his story still continued to be told in the cultivation world.

The Fierce Yang Butcher. He was a textbook example of a vicious figure. Countless people used him as a target for themselves, and some even had statues of him to worship.

“Tu Qianshang, did you come to represent the Wine God Palace or yourself?” Zhuo Tianxiang finally couldn’t endure it any longer and interrupted the two of them from their cursing bout.

“I’ve come officially. The High Priest sent me to testify on behalf of Long Chen. Of course, if anyone’s neck is itchy, I can act personally and help them out if they want. I, Tu Qianshang, will definitely welcome any challenger.”

Countless people sucked in a cold gasp of air upon hearing the High Priest’s name. Even the Wine God Palace’s High Priest was supporting Long Chen?

“What are you testifying?” asked Zhuo Tianxiang.

“What am I testifying? Hmph, is there a need for me to even say it? Just ask Long Chen and you’ll know,” sneered Tu Qianshang. But inside, he grumbled, “How am I supposed to know what I’m testifying?”

Tu Qianshang had only come due to the High Priest’s instructions. The High Priest had said that there was no need for him to bother with anything. He just had to follow Long Chen’s lead.

“Brother Qianshang, come here and sit. Don’t waste time talking to them. In a bit, let’s have a good drink.” Boss Bao beckoned to Tu Qianshang. The bosses were like soul brothers with Tu Qianshang. It was just that they hadn’t had a chance to meet before.

As fellow hot-blooded men, they all admired Tu Qianshang’s accomplishments back then, and they instantly felt like family.

The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect ignored ordinary people, but they warmly welcomed real men.

“Alright, then once this matter’s done, we’ll drink. I’ll let you taste some of my new wine. It’s definitely strong enough,” laughed Tu Qianshang.

The eight of them instantly became brothers. They wished for the people in front of them to hurry up and leave so that they could drink.

The atmosphere became extremely awkward. Originally, these people’s plan was to thunderously stomp the Xuantian Dao Sect to the ground. But before they could even start criticizing and denouncing them, experts appeared by Long Chen’s side one by one, each more terrifying than the last. Now even Pill Valley was unable to control this matter.

The ancient races were still full of killing intent, but it was no longer as intense as before. They no longer dared to say that they would destroy the Xuantian Dao Sect today, because looking at the current situation, the chances of them succeeding were basically zero.

“Cough, with so many experts here now, it just so happens we can discuss what happened clearly. I’m sure everyone will be able to tell who is right and who is wrong!” Deng Cang helplessly opened his mouth.

All he could do was thicken his face and press on. Due to Long Chen’s continuous obstructions before, even his words were much more careful now. He no longer started off by declaring the Xuantian Dao Sect was in the wrong.

“What is there to say? The Xuantian Dao Sect killed so many experts of the ancient races. It was clearly intentional, backed by vicious motives. They have to give the ancient races an explanation, otherwise… hmph!” sneered an ancient race expert. The ancient races didn’t have that many misgivings about the Huayun Sect since their resources were in their own hands.

As for the Xuantian Dao Sect, the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, and Tu Qianshang, they were all the ancient races’ enemies. Naturally, the ancient race experts weren’t afraid to offend them.

Deng Cang nodded. He looked to Li Tianxuan only to see him had his eyes closed. He didn’t say a word, nor did he express any opinion.

Deng Cang was infuriated inside. He had come to represent the Martial Heaven Alliance. His job was to mediate things, but Li Tianxuan’s attitude irritated him.

However, he couldn’t express that anger, or it would be equivalent to joining Pill Valley’s side to target the Xuantian Dao Sect. In truth, that was precisely what he was doing, but he still had to act like he wasn't.

Since Li Tianxuan refused to do anything, Deng Cang could only say, “Long Chen, you’re the leading role in this. How are you going to give the ancient races an explanation?”

Deng Cang turned to Long Chen and almost exploded in fury. Long Chen had his head down and was snoring.

“Long Chen, wake up.” Tang Wan-er laughed inside and pushed him gently. This fellow was truly evil; however, she had no choice but to cooperate with him.

“Ah, is time up? Good, then I announce that everyone can scatter!” Long Chen stood to leave.

“Bastard, can you not be serious?! Do you think acting like a fool will allow you to slip away? You think everyone here is an idiot?!” roared one of the sect leaders.

He was the leader of a sect called Clear Wind Valley. In the past, this sect had had some relationship with the Xuantian Dao Sect. When the Xuantian Dao Sect was in its golden age, they had been nothing more than one of their subordinate powers. By holding the Xuantian Dao Sect’s leg, they received their protection, or they’d have long since been devoured by other powers.

Later the Xuantian Dao Sect had declined, and Clear Wind Valley had started to go against the Xuantian Dao Sect, even mocking and sneering at them.

In fact, the mines they had offered the Xuantian Dao Sect back when they had been subservient to them had been forcibly snatched back. They were now enemies.

“Are you not idiots? If you aren’t, then is there anyone in this world stupid enough to be an idiot? Fuck, you should count your blessings that I’m still at the Foundation Forging realm. If I was at the Life Star realm, not one of you would live to leave this mountain,” sneered Long Chen as he took his seat again.

For some reason, when that guy mentioned idiots, Long Chen became particularly angry. These people were truly idiots. It was a pity that his own power was still too low. Otherwise, he’d kill them all.

These idiots from the Righteous path would never be able to soar like the Xuantian Dao Sect. As they fought amongst themselves, even in their own sect, they were all like unrivaled heroes. Yet, when they fought the Corrupt path, they were like dogs, not even possessing the bravery to bark.

All they could do was scheme and fight amongst themselves. Unable to rise themselves, they did their best to stop others. If they weren’t idiots, what were they?

“Long Chen, don’t worry. As long as you say the word, I’ll help you cut down that idiot.” Boss Bao’s eyes immediately began to shine, and his hand was already touching the hilt of his sword.

That person’s expression immediately changed. He felt himself being locked down by an invisible aura. Boss Bao clearly wasn’t joking.

“Long Chen, peace and harmony is to be prized. You should still reply to the ancient races’ question!” said Deng Cang hastily when the atmosphere tensed.

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