Chapter 1314 The One Whose Sword Shakes Ghosts and Gods

Ling Yunzi slowly walked forward, each step perfectly being the same distance. Even the rhythm of his movements was the exact same.

All the Life Star experts present found it hard to believe that a Soul Transformation expert could be so terrifying. He killed Life Star experts without using the slightest effort. Most terrifying of all, there weren’t the slightest Heavenly Dao fluctuations around him. He clearly wasn’t even a Celestial.

“I remember! He’s the Heavenly Sword Gate’s Ghost Sword, Ling Yunzi! He specializes in the Annihilation Sword Dao!”

Someone suddenly let out a startled cry as he finally recognized Ling Yunzi. As soon as Ling Yunzi’s name was mentioned, all the Life Star experts’ expressions changed.

“That fellow whose sword is said to shake ghosts and gods, a sword which can exterminate the heavens and slay divinities?!”

“I hear whenever he faces opponents, life and death is always decided in just one move.”

Countless whispers spread throughout the crowd as they looked at Ling Yunzi with reverence.

The Heavenly Sword Gate only accepted sword cultivators, and so it had very few disciples. But each of them was a figure capable of shaking heaven and earth.

In the past few years, a genius had appeared in the Heavenly Sword Gate. Despite having long since passed his golden age of cultivation, he still managed to soar like a shooting star, and was claimed to be a superhuman genius amongst sword cultivators.

Although Ling Yunzi rarely left the Heavenly Sword Gate, his name was still very famous in the Central Plains. That was because when he had been over a hundred years old, he had still only been at the Xiantian realm. For him to be able to suddenly rise at such a late stage in his life toppled the cultivation world’s laws, so there were naturally many people who knew of his strange existence.

At the same time as people were shocked, they found it curious how Long Chen knew Ling Yunzi, and would even call him sect leader. In the Central Plains, very few people knew Ling Yunzi’s past.

“I’ve long since stopped being your sect leader. If my gate master were to learn of it, he might think I am conspiring some plot.” Ling Yunzi smiled.

Ling Yunzi arrived in front of Long Chen. He saw that the youth from back then had matured. Although his general figure hadn’t changed, there were more lines on his face. He had become more determined than ever. Ling Yunzi couldn’t help but feel emotional.

“In my heart, you will always be the sect leader of the 108th monastery,” said Long Chen. He was also emotional.

Countless memories flooded back into their mind. Thinking of those things, they felt like they had happened a lifetime ago.

“Ling Yunzi, are you here to represent the Heavenly Sword Gate?” asked Zhuo Tianxiang uneasily.

The Heavenly Sword Gate was a terrifying sect. They had very few people, but even Pill Valley didn’t want to provoke them.

That was because each person in the Heavenly Sword Gate was a terrifying sword cultivator with unimaginable power.

Fortunately, the Heavenly Sword Gate’s disciples were focused on cultivating the Sword Dao and never interfered in the matters of the mundane world. They didn’t have any relationship with Pill Valley, and they also hadn’t had any conflicts. However, Ling Yunzi’s arrival worried him.

“My Heavenly Sword Gate’s disciples don’t set foot in the mundane world. I came here purely for personal reasons, and it has nothing to do with the Heavenly Sword Gate, so you can be at ease. Even if I die here, the Heavenly Sword Gate won’t find any trouble for you. Long Chen and I have had past dealings, and if he is in trouble, I must help. If a battle starts, I’d ask you all not to have any misgivings about the Heavenly Sword Gate and fight as you please. I, Ling Yunzi, will also not have any misgivings about your statuses. We can have a happy slaughter without any worries!”

Ling Yunzi’s words caused a chill to run down these people’s spines. He was definitely a vicious character, no different from the madmen of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect. A happy slaughter? Without your life, what was there to be happy about?

“Is Zifeng still alright?” Ling Yunzi asked Long Chen.

Long Chen immediately understood that a big reason Ling Yunzi had come here was for Yue Zifeng.

Although the two of them had never formally taken the title of disciple and master, that relationship was still there. If it hadn’t been for Ling Yunzi’s pointers, Yue Zifeng wouldn’t have advanced at such a terrifying rate.

“He’s fine for now. His soul is sealed in his sword and unable to return to his body. That’s a bit troublesome, and we aren’t able to help,” said Long Chen.

“Good. We can discuss anything else once this matter is over. Little fellow, you really are not bad. Your ability to cause trouble grows greater and greater over time.” Ling Yunzi patted Long Chen on the shoulder.

After that, Ling Yunzi exchanged polite greetings with Li Tianxuan, Boss Bao, and the others. According to age, Ling Yunzi was the junior, so he used the etiquette of a junior when greeting them, embarrassing Li Tianxuan and Boss Bao.

“You are Long Chen’s elder, so we are brothers. Stop with the useless pleasantries, because we won’t return them. Wouldn’t you just be wasting your time?” grumbled Boss Bao. The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s people disliked this kind of unnecessary and elaborate detail the most.

On the other hand, Li Tianxuan asked Ling Yunzi if he wanted to come and help oversee the Xuantian Dao Sect since he had once been a member of the sect. He wanted to entice Ling Yunzi back.

But Ling Yunzi merely smiled without saying anything. That was equivalent to politely declining. He obviously had his own plans for his future.

As the Huayun Sect, the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, and Ling Yunzi arrived, this matter grew more and more complicated. Pill Valley’s overbearing act was forcibly suppressed now, and their confidence was starting to flag.

With the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s madmen and Ling Yunzi here, the power difference had changed. The Xuantian Dao Sect was gaining more and more power. The Huayun Sect was especially troublesome to deal with when it came to the situation.

As for Li Tianxuan, he seemed to be ignoring Pill Valley’s people and was simply quietly conversing with Ling Yunzi, Yue Qingshan, Boss Bao, and the others. It was like everything before them had nothing to do with him. He had left everything to Long Chen.

As for Long Chen, he was lightly tasting a bowl of fresh tea Meng Qi had given him. Behind him, Tang Wan-er was gently massaging his shoulders. Long Chen was so comfortable he was about to start snoring.

That appearance of his infuriated Zhuo Tianxiang. In all his life, he had never seen anyone so arrogant. He was treating all of them as nothing but air.

The eyes of the ancient family alliance’s youngsters were burning with envy, almost spurting out flames.

Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er were both beautiful women who looked like fairies that had descended into the mortal world, but they were actually being so gentle to Long Chen. This scene made them almost go insane.

They were heaven-shaking geniuses, but they had never even seen such beautiful women like Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er.

Although they also had a few beautiful women amongst them who could count as peak beauties found only once every thousand miles, they still didn’t compare.

Heavenly geniuses were all proud and arrogant figures. They felt that this world’s beauties should belong to them alone.

For them to see a Foundation Forging disciple receive such a blessing made them clench their teeth. If looks could kill, Long Chen would have died a thousand times over.

“Since everyone has come, let’s discuss the problem of the Xuantian Dao Sect…” Finally, the Martial Heaven Alliance’s Deng Cang broke the awkward atmosphere.

But as soon as he spoke, a cold smile appeared on Long Chen’s face. Just now, he had sensed a very concealed fluctuation. Without the sharp senses of the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, he wouldn’t have sensed it.

Just before Deng Cang had spoken, Pill Valley’s Zhuo Tianxiang had sent a spiritual message to him. According to reason, a concealed spiritual message between experts of their caliber could not be sensed. Even Life Star experts like Li Tianxuan wouldn’t be able to sense it.

But the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art was extremely sensitive to malicious intent. And since he could sense it, that meant that these two were scheming against him, because that was the only reason the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art would sense it.

Now Long Chen knew why Deng Cang was targeting the Xuantian Dao Sect and refused to speak up for them. It seemed he had one foot in a different camp.

“Sorry, my Xuantian Dao Sect doesn’t have any problems. Let’s discuss their problems instead.” Long Chen didn’t give Deng Cang any chance to continue speaking. There was no way he would fart out something good, so he might as well not let him fart at all.

“Long Chen, do you even know what respect is?! Do you think you’re qualified to butt in here!” roared Deng Cang, infuriated at being interrupted by Long Chen continuously.

Boss Bao was immediately enraged and reached for his sword on his back. Li Tianxuan was speechless. This kind of temper flared up a bit too quickly, wasn’t it? He quickly stopped him. “Don’t be in such a rush. Long Chen can handle it!” Li Tianxuan bitterly smiled as he stopped the bosses. He knew that if he didn’t stop them, these fellows would start killing now.

“I regret to inform you that it just so happens that I do have the qualifications. Right now, my word is the word of the Xuantian Dao Sect. If you want to resolve this problem, you’ll have to listen to me. If you don’t want to listen to me, then it’s also very simple. There are two options. One: fuck off, two: fight. You can choose for yourself.” Long Chen smiled coldly.

He could already see that a portion of the people sucking up to Pill Valley had started to retreat as soon as the Huayun Sect arrived. Clearly, having weighed the pros and cons, they had decided not to offend either party.

Those people wouldn’t be interfering if a battle started. At most, they would just shout from the sideline.

And the arrival of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect and Ling Yunzi had shaken the confidence of another portion. They were afraid of the bosses as they were truly vicious figures. The slightest carelessness would cause these people to lose their lives.

To suck up to Pill Valley, they would offend the Huayun Sect and lose their lives. That wasn’t worth it.

So now the ones who had been shouting for a battle had silently disappeared. Only the ancient race experts still had sharp killing intent in their eyes. Both the Xuantian Dao Sect and the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect were their mortal enemies. If they could be annihilated in one move, it would be for the best.

To the ancient race experts, Pill Valley had given them a good opportunity. Not only could they kill their enemies and display their might, but the deaths of these people would be the responsibility of Pill Valley. The Martial Heaven Alliance wouldn’t even be able to find trouble for them.

“Little brat, stop being so arrogant! If you want a fight, then let’s fight! Today, the ancient races will raze your Xuantian Dao Sect to the ground!” roared the ancient race experts. They wanted to start fighting right now.

“Are the ancient races so amazing? Back in my day, I don’t even know how many of you I killed. I never felt you to be so tough.”

Suddenly, a disdainful sneer came from the sky. A large figure appeared. He was like a fat bloodthirsty butcher, icily staring at the ancient race experts.

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