Chapter 1313 The Sword Shakes the Heavens

Just as Qi Yunao had unleashed his attack, he realized that Long Chen had long since vanished from where he had been. Long Chen was already back in his seat, causing his attack to miss.

“That slap was your lesson for blindly babbling. In the future, you should think about the consequences before you randomly fart. Don’t you know, doing so will increase your chances of getting slapped?” lectured Long Chen from his seat.

In truth, Long Chen was delighted to have actually pulled off this slap. When walking over, he had intentionally stared at Qi Yunao while looking like he was in the midst of formulating an argument. Qi Yunao had actually fallen for it. This slap had been truly satisfying.

In front of this many people, he had slapped a Life Star expert. He had never managed to pull off such an amazing posing moment before.

The most important things were the details. From the moment he slapped him and returned, he had looked absolutely tranquil and natural, as if he was completely used to this. That was what caused such a stunning result.

Guo Ran’s eyes were green, and stars seemed to be shining in his eyes. If he had been the one to do this slap, he might have already fainted from ecstasy.

“Bastard, Long Chen, if I don’t kill you, I swear I’m not human!”

Qi Yunao almost went insane. He was the leader of the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect, and his seniority was even greater than Li Tianxuan. But he had been slapped in the face by a tiny little Foundation Forging disciple. This was even worse than killing him.

A violet-gold magical staff appeared in his hands. A terrifying pressure caused everyone’s expressions to change.

“The Violet Gold Soul Devouring Staff!”

This Violet Gold Soul Devouring Staff was the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s divine item. It was extremely famous. Everyone jumped upon seeing him take it out. Was he planning on immediately using a divine item?

That staff had only just appeared when a golden light shot out of nowhere and struck the staff. Qi Yunao’s body violently trembled, and he was blown into the distance.

“This first attack was a warning. Next time, you will be directly destroyed!”

A voice suddenly resounded through heaven and earth, shocking everyone. It was like the voice of a god.

“It’s the Xuantian Tower! Wasn’t it said that it was injured during the dark era and already broken down?!”

Suddenly, a person cried out as he noticed that the golden light had come from the peak of the Xuantian Tower.

The Xuantian Dao Sect’s number one divine item was the Xuantian Tower, while the Reincarnation Mirror was number two. After all, the Xuantian Tower was left behind by the first generation patriarch.

But rumor said that it had been half-crippled in the dark era and could only maintain karmic luck. Wasn’t it supposed to be unable to attack?

The Xuantian Tower had only unleashed a single insignificant attack, but it had blown Qi Yunao away. Not even the Violet Gold Soul Devouring Staff had been able to resist.

Everyone was stunned. They hadn’t expected that the Xuantian Tower was still fine.

If it was truly fine, then considering that it was where all the Xuantian Dao Sect’s karmic luck was gathered, the power it could unleash was unimaginable.

“Li Tianxuan, you’re so brazen to become enemies with the entire Righteous path just because of the support of the Xuantian Tower?” asked Zhuo Tianxiang coldly. Today, so many unexpected things had happened that he was growing uneasy.

Long Chen sneered, “You keep bringing up the entire Righteous path. Who do you think you are to represent the Righteous path? You’re from Pill Valley, and Pill Valley is situated outside the cultivation world. Does the Righteous path have anything to do with you? If you want to make up bullshit, there’s no need to be so obvious with it. Even a child wouldn’t be tricked by such idiotic lies. Is your head only full of crap?”

Zhuo Tianxiang was truly sinister to continuously attempt to incite friction between the Xuantian Dao Sect and the rest of the Righteous path.

“Hahaha, well said. Pill Valley is just a group of shameless idiots.” Suddenly, a heroic and domineering voice rang out.

“Who’s there?! Get out here!” One of Pill Valley’s Life Star experts flew into the air to see who was talking.

“Fuck your mother, do you think this is a place you can speak?”

Suddenly, Sword Qi soared into the air, splitting the sky. A terrifying will caused the world to quiver. This Sword Qi was incredibly domineering, capable of killing man or god.

Everyone present was stunned by this Sword Qi. This sword wasn’t even aimed at them, yet its pressure caused a stabbing pain in their souls.

That Pill Valley expert standing in the air hastily formed hand seals, and a huge flame blade condensed in the air, meeting the Sword Qi.

But shockingly, that flame blade was unable to bear a single blow from the Sword Qi. It instantly exploded, not even managing to slow it down. The Sword Qi then slashed through the Pill Valley expert, annihilating him.

“If anyone else is unconvinced, come out and fight!”

A group of people walked into the Xuantian Plaza. The one at the front was Boss Bao, and the ones behind him were the other bosses of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect.

Behind the seven bosses were Bao Buping and Chang Hao. What delighted Long Chen was that the seven bosses had all advanced to the Life Star realm. The space around them was constantly fluctuating as a result of them having just advanced and not being able to control their auras yet.

As for Bao Buping and Chang Hao, they had advanced to the Jade Core realm. But their auras had already stabilized.

“The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect!”

The seven bosses’ arrival elicited startled cries, and people involuntarily took a few steps back, terror appearing in their eyes.

Within the Righteous path, the sect that evoked the most fear was the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect.

That was because the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect was full of suicidal madmen. There was no way to reason with them. They would start fighting all-out with a single wrong word.

Furthermore, they were all existences that were unrivaled in the same realm and incredibly domineering. Their killing power was frightening.

“Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, what do you think you’re doing?!” Zhuo Tianxiang’s expression sank.

“Are you blind? We came to kill. Having just advanced, our hands are itchy and we want to play around with a few people. It just so happens that there are many people here, and we can kill until we’re satisfied. Do you have any opinion of that?” said Boss Bao disdainfully.

“Are you supporting Long Chen?” demanded Zhuo Tianxiang.

“That’s why I said Pill Valley is just a pack of idiots. You obviously know already, so why ask? If we didn’t come to support Long Chen, why would we have come so far? I really look down on your Pill Valley. You clearly want to control the world, yet you don’t express it and just play your little schemes in the dark to make those spineless sects submit to you. Is there a point to this? If you want to become a king, do it openly. As for this pattern of slowly boiling a frog, do you really think others can’t see through it?” sneered Boss Bao.

Zhuo Tianxiang’s expression changed and he shouted, “Pay attention to your tone! Know that my Pill Valley’s status is transcendent! Do you think we care about your mundane world?!”

“Just shut up. You probably can’t even believe your own words. You know what you’ve done, and others know what you’ve done. It’s just that no one dares to provoke you by saying it. However, my Heaven Splitting Battle Sect happens to be full of men who stand while pissing. If you don’t like it, then let’s fight!” After finishing speaking, Boss Bao ignored Zhuo Tianxiang and walked over to Long Chen.

“Little fellow, we’ve come to support you. Act as you please. It would be best if there was a big battle in a bit, and we can kill until rivers of blood flow.” Boss Bao patted Long Chen on the shoulder with an excited expression.

That expression made other people’s skin crawl: madman, definitely a madman. That expression clearly showed that he wanted to kill everyone.

When people came to support others in a dispute, their goal was always to mediate things to avoid a fight. But as for the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, it was like they were afraid others wouldn’t fight without them coming.

“Scram! This isn’t somewhere the likes of you can come!”

Boss Bao and the others had only just sat when a furious roar rang out from the distance. They saw several Life Star experts blocking a white-robed man.

This man looked to be in his thirties. He was handsome, and his white robes were like snow. He had a single sword strapped to his back. He was graceful, seemingly untouched by dust.

But his cultivation base was only at the Soul Transformation realm, so he was immediately noticed. Seeing that he was only at the Soul Transformation realm, they thought that he had come to watch the fun, so the closest people immediately moved to kick him out.

“Get out of my way.” The white-robed man frowned slightly.


The Life Star experts were infuriated, and one of them sent out a punch at the white-robed man.

Suddenly, a cold light flashed. Before anyone could understand what was happening, that Life Star expert came to a sudden stop, and then his body slowly split apart.

As his body split, the white-robed man walked through him.

“Sect leader!”

Long Chen was shocked to see this white-robed man. He was the original sect leader of the 108th monastery, Ling Yunzi.

Ling Yunzi smiled and walked over to Long Chen, treating the Life Star experts around him as nothing.

“Die!” Seeing Ling Yunzi look down on them, a murderous light appeared in the Life Star experts’ eyes. Seven of them attacked at the same time.

Ling Yunzi’s mouth curled ever so slightly. His hand reached toward his back.

The moment his sword came out of his sheath, light exploded, as bright as the sun. A terrifying destructive will shot out.

Seven muffled bangs rang out. When the light faded, Ling Yunzi’s hand was slowly letting go of his sword hilt.

Li Tianxuan, Yue Qingshan, Zhuo Tianxiang, and all the other experts’ pupils shrank. They had been unable to track Ling Yunzi’s sword. As for other people, they had been unable to even see him unsheathe his sword.

The sound of seven bodies hitting the ground rang out. They no longer had the slightest life. Ling Yunzi continued onward, still treating the Life Star experts around him as nothing.

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