Chapter 1313 The Sword Shakes the Heavens (Teaser)

Just as Qi Yunao unleashed his attack, he realized that Long Chen had long since vanished from where he had been. Long Chen was already back in his seat, causing his attack to miss.

“That slap was your lesson for blindly babbling. In the future, you should think about the consequences before you randomly fart. Don’t you know, doing so will increase your chances of getting slapped?” lectured Long Chen from his seat.

In truth, Long Chen was delighted to have actually pulled off this slap. When walking over, he had intentionally stared at Qi Yunao while looking like he was in the midst of formulating an argument. Qi Yunao had actually fallen for it. This slap had been truly satisfying.

In front of this many people, he had slapped a Life Star expert. He had never managed to pull off such an amazing posing moment before.

The most important things were the details. From the moment he slapped him and returned, he had looked absolutely tranquil and natural, as if he was completely used to this. That was what caused such a stunning result...

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