Chapter 1311 Expert Reinforcements Arrive (Teaser)

These ten people were wearing light blue robes. The front of their robes had a large immortal character embroidered onto them: Alliance. Around this character was a dark blue circle, and it represented the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring.

This was the sign of the Martial Heaven Alliance. These people were all Life Star experts, and their robes were not the same as the Martial Heaven Alliance’s people that had appeared at the eastern sea. Their statuses were clearly even higher.

The leader was an icy-faced elder with electric eyes. He gave off immense pressure. His chin was a bit long, and he gave off a very unfriendly feeling.

“It’s not that I, Li Tianxuan, am putting on airs, but that there are many people who aren’t qualified for me to personally receive them. The Martial Heaven Alliance is naturally an exception.”

Li Tianxuan suddenly materialized in front of this group of experts. Behind him were all the higher-ups of the Xuantian Dao Sect, the experts above Foundation Forging.

Li Tianxuan might be able to ignore the people from Pill Valley, the ancient races, and the ancient family alliance, but he had to treat the Martial Heaven Alliance with sincerity. After all, the Xuantian Dao...

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