Chapter 1311 Expert Reinforcements Arrive

These ten people were wearing light blue robes. The front of their robes had a large immortal character embroidered onto them: Alliance. Around this character was a dark blue circle, and it represented the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring.

This was the sign of the Martial Heaven Alliance. These people were all Life Star experts, and their robes were not the same as the Martial Heaven Alliance’s people that had appeared at the eastern sea. Their statuses were clearly even higher.

The leader was an icy-faced elder with electric eyes. He gave off immense pressure. His chin was a bit long, and he gave off a very unfriendly feeling.

“It’s not that I, Li Tianxuan, am putting on airs, but that there are many people who aren’t qualified for me to personally receive them. The Martial Heaven Alliance is naturally an exception.”

Li Tianxuan suddenly materialized in front of this group of experts. Behind him were all the higher-ups of the Xuantian Dao Sect, the experts above Foundation Forging.

Li Tianxuan might be able to ignore the people from Pill Valley, the ancient races, and the ancient family alliance, but he had to treat the Martial Heaven Alliance with sincerity. After all, the Xuantian Dao Sect was under the administration of the Martial Heaven Alliance.

The Martial Heaven Alliance was the sum of the Righteous path’s powers. It administered the entire Righteous path, and its goal was to point the blades of the Righteous path toward the Corrupt path.

The Martial Heaven Alliance was where all the wealth of the Righteous path was concentrated. Each year, each Righteous sect would send some of their resources to the Martial Heaven Alliance as a tax.

Those resources were used for the daily costs of the Martial Heaven Alliance and their reward system. Anyone who had achieved merit in the battles against the Corrupt path could apply for a reward from the Martial Heaven Alliance.

Once the Martial Heaven Alliance investigated and collected proof, if the circumstances were verified, they would give out rewards in accordance with how much damage a person or sect had done to the Corrupt path. The possible rewards and criteria for them were very explicit.

In the past, the Martial Heaven Alliance had always been fair, just, and open with their actions. Their conduct had won all the Righteous path’s trust and support. They had been the most solid support of the Righteous path.

But in the past few years, a few problems had gradually appeared in the Martial Heaven Alliance, causing some friction between it and the Righteous sects.

Previously, the Martial Heaven Alliance had only been in charge of overseeing the overall battle strategy against the Corrupt path. But recently, they had slowly started to interfere in the competition between sects, causing quite a bit of dissatisfaction amongst the smaller sects.

After all, it was unavoidable to have some conflicts between sects. That was very normal. But if a third party decided to interfere, the flavor changed.

For example, if two brothers fought, no matter how they fought, they were still brothers. Once their fight was over, they would remain brothers.

But when two brothers fought, and an outsider came and was biased to one side, perhaps even helping that side defeat the other, the conflict would immediately escalate. They would become enemies.

There were now quite a few sects that had been harmed heavily because of the Martial Heaven Alliance’s meddling. That was what caused the Righteous sects to accuse the Martial Heaven Alliance of misconduct and begin to refuse to cooperate with them.

Seeing how much fury they had incited, the Martial Heaven Alliance had stopped interfering with the sects. It could count as lowering their heads.

But it seemed that after lowering their heads, the Martial Heaven Alliance also became dissatisfied with the Righteous sects. They felt like their good intentions had been spat on, and they began to entirely stop caring about the Righteous sects.

In the past few years, they had even lost their original initiative in the fight against the Corrupt path. Now, they were only fulfilling their basic mission mechanically. They simply handed out the rewards. Other than major events, they wouldn’t appear anymore.

As for this time, the Xuantian Dao Sect’s fight at Devil Spirit Mountain had shaken the Central Plains. Other than requiring a huge amount of resources as a reward, they had also killed experts from Pill Valley and the ancient races. The Martial Heaven Alliance had no choice but to appear. After all, the Xuantian Dao Sect was one of their members.

Considering how this matter involved Pill Valley and the ancient races, huge waves could erupt from this. So they had come to investigate. The Martial Heaven Alliance’s position in the Righteous path was unshakeable. Even Pill Valley and the ancient races wouldn’t want to offend them. Offending the Martial Heaven Alliance was equivalent to offending the entire Righteous path, so the consequences would be heavy.

With someone from the Martial Heaven Alliance appearing, Li Tianxuan had no choice but to personally appear. More and more experts were appearing in the Xuantian Plaza, and this matter was growing even more complicated.

Seeing the people from the Martial Heaven Alliance, the ancient races’ experts’ expressions changed slightly. For the Martial Heaven Alliance to appear here, it seemed that they had come to smooth things over. Turning something big into something small and then waving off that small thing was their specialty. The ancient races had come prepared to destroy the Xuantian Dao Sect, but with the Martial Heaven Alliance’s people here, it seemed that wouldn’t be possible. 

Seeing Li Tianxuan appear, the expression of the Martial Heaven Alliance’s elder softened slightly. After all, this was giving face to the Martial Heaven Alliance.

The elder nodded. Turning to the people from Pill Valley, the ancient races, and the ancient family alliance, he said, “I am Deng Cang, the vice regional master of the Eastern Xuan Region’s alliance.

The Eastern Xuan Region he mentioned referred to the eastern region of the Central Plains. The Central Plains were so large that they were split into five regions, north, south, east, west, and the central region.

Looking up from the sky, the five regions of the Central Plains were like a copper coin. At the middle was a square, which was the Central Xuan Region. The rest was evenly divided into four regions, while the Xuantian Dao Sect was within the eastern region.

Deng Cang continued, “I came specifically for the matter of the Xuantian Dao Sect. Yes, the Xuantian Dao Sect truly has some fault in this matter…”

Long Chen frowned. What was this old man doing? If the first thing he did was declare them guilty, how was he supposed to fix it?

He stealthily glanced at Li Tianxuan, only to see the latter give him a special look. Long Chen instantly understood.

“I’m sorry, but vice regional master Deng, my Xuantian Dao Sect is unable to accept that we did anything wrong,” interrupted Long Chen.

The other experts were stunned that Long Chen would be so brazen. This vice regional master Deng Cang had clearly come to help him, but why was he being this rude?

“Long Chen, don’t be rude! Apologize to vice regional master Deng Cang,” shouted Li Tianxuan immediately.

Long Chen shook his head. “Xuan Master, I’m sorry. Disciple simply has a temper. Right is right, and wrong is wrong. As for manners, that’s for later. The most important thing is that our Xuantian Dao Sect did nothing wrong, so my apologies vice regional master Deng Cang, I had no choice but to interrupt you.”

Long Chen and Li Tianxuan’s cooperation was flawless, not allowing Deng Cang to have a way to vent his fury. If he expressed his anger now, it would seem like he wasn’t magnanimous.

“What nonsense! Are you saying that it’s right for you to kill others?!” shouted one of the Life Star experts standing behind Zhuo Tianxiang.

“Is it really fun to help a dog eat shit?” sneered Long Chen. This boot-licking ability was too low-level. It was nauseating.

“Long Chen, don’t be rude!” chided Li Tianxuan.

“My apologies, Xuan Master. I’m unable to be polite to those who eat shit all day and then spout that shit to others,” said Long Chen helplessly.

“Brat, you must want to die!” raged that Life Star expert.

“Old bastard, in another three years, my boss will be able to kill you like killing a chicken! Do you want to try offending him some more?!” Guo Ran finally couldn’t bear it anymore and cursed the Life Star expert.

The rest of the Dragonblood Legion was also infuriated. It was clearly this group of ‘guests’ that had established a heaven-encompassing net to hunt down Long Chen. Could it be that others were supposed to just be killed obediently without counterattacking?

Long Chen and Guo Ran’s arrogance immediately infuriated all the experts. Just as they were about to start cursing them, another group of people arrived.

“Hahaha, the youngsters these days are truly good. They have guts and intelligence, and bravery in spades. It wasn’t a waste for me to come such a long way to see today’s heroes.”

Everyone was startled and hastily looked back. They saw a group of over ten people slowly walking into the Xuantian Plaza.

The person at the front looked like a kindhearted elder in his fifties. His medium build was a bit pudgy. He didn’t look like a cultivator but an elderly shopkeeper instead. That magnanimous smile was something that put others at ease.

The group behind him was wearing luxurious robes and had graceful airs. Amongst them, a young man gave Long Chen a thumbs up.

Long Chen immediately felt like flowers were blooming in his heart. He hadn’t expected them to come at this time. Now it was going to be lively.

“The Huayun Sect!”

Quite a few people’s expressions changed. Pill Valley’s law enforcer, Zhuo Tianxiang, immediately became gloomy.

They had always been mortal enemies. Pill Valley had almost monopolized the medicinal pill market, while Huayun Sect had almost monopolized the entire business sector. Both sides were behemoths with unimaginable wealth.

Almost all the Righteous path’s medicinal pills were obtained from Pill Valley. But the rest of their resources came from the Huayun Sect.

Pill Valley controlled the fate of the medicinal pills in this world, while the Huayun Sect controlled the fate of the other resources. No sect could afford to offend either of them.

But now, Pill Valley had come here first, and the Huayun Sect’s experts had come later. The significance behind this was all too clear, causing these experts’ expressions to change.

If they only sucked up to Pill Valley, they would offend the Huayun Sect. Their business routes would essentially be severed, and they would be unable to buy or sell their resources. In that case, they would be doomed.

The entire Martial Heaven Continent’s business network was controlled by the Huayun Sect. Losing their support would require you to create your own trading channels, but the rest of the marketplace was in the Huayun Sect’s hands, and without any connections, you would go cold and hungry.

The Huayun Sect was always lowkey and paid great attention to their reputation. Furthermore, the Huayun Sect’s disciples were all followers of the Wealth God. They conducted their business fairly with all parties, and their reputation was undoubtable.

But now, the Huayun Sect and Pill Valley were fighting, dumbfounding the people that had come to suck up to Pill Valley.

Now there were two sides to suck up to, but sucking up to one would cause you to lose the other, and losing either one would spell doom for them. They panicked, not knowing what to do.

Even Deng Cang found this surprising. He had never imagined that the Huayun Sect would send people at this time. This didn’t match their lowkey style.

“Yue Qingshan, what do you think you’re doing?”

Finally, Zhuo Tianxiang opened his mouth.

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