Chapter 131 Invited by Both Beauties

That clear voice was extremely pleasant to listen to, but there was not the slightest bit of emotion within it. Those words were just like ice shards.

Both Long Chen and Guo Ran turned to look at her with shock. Unbeknownst to them, Ye Zhiqiu had already arrived beside the two of them.

Ye Zhiqiu’s actions attracted everyone’s attention. They all stopped conversing to watch.

Everyone was filled with disbelief that Ye Zhiqiu would go out of her way to go invite Long Chen.

She was called the ice beauty for a reason! She was extremely indifferent to others, and her words were few and far between. She rarely ever spoke with others.

But now this ice beauty had invited Long Chen to join her. That was completely shocking. And of course, along with that shock was also intense jealousy.

Looking at Long Chen’s sword-like eyebrows and bright eyes, he wasn’t that eye-catching. They couldn’t help but feel upset. Their first thought was that the ice beauty had chosen an ordinary person.

That had happened extremely suddenly. Guo Ran was the first to recover and hastily said, “I’m with boss, so can I…”

“You can come as well.” Ye Zhiqiu’s expression didn’t fluctuate in the slightest.

Guo Ran almost jumped in excitement. Pulling on the still blankly staring Long Chen, he said, “Boss, quickly thank sister Zhiqiu!”

Only then did Long Chen recover from his shock. Shaking his head, he said, “I appreciate your kindness sister Ye, but I’m accustomed to being alone and I’m afraid it won’t be convenient for you if I join you. I really am sorry.”

For a moment, everyone thought they had misheard. They looked at Long Chen like he was an idiot. Wasn’t he too foolish?

Guo Ran was on the verge of crying. He wanted to shout that he was willing, completely willing, but a complimentary subordinate like him didn’t have the qualifications to agree to anything. He almost fainted.

Hearing Long Chen’s response, Ye Zhiqiu’s expression didn’t change in the slightest. Nodding, she didn’t say anything else. It was as if Long Chen’s refusal wasn’t the slightest bit out of her expectations.

“Perhaps sir should think about whether he wants to join this sister’s faction?”

Just at this moment, a soft voice rang out. The beautiful fairy-like Tang Wan-er had also come over.

A huge uproar exploded now. Just what kind of dogshit luck did this kid have for these two beauties to both personally try to pull him in?

Lei Qianshang’s eyes narrowed as he icily glared at Long Chen. Although he didn’t say anything, there was definitely fury within his eyes.

Qi Xin was indifferently watching from the distance, his expression completely calm. But no one noticed that his hands were now tightly clenched into fists.

Only Yue Zifeng was the most indifferent, frowning as he was lost in thought.

“What? Do you not want to?” Tang Wan-er tilted her head slightly, dimples appearing as she laughed. Her bright gaze rippled over him, causing other people’s hearts to jump.

“I want to, I want to!” Long Chen hadn’t even had a chance to reply before Guo Ran crazily shouted.

They had already lost a chance just before. Now that fortune had come for them again, Guo Ran really might want to kill himself if he didn’t grab this opportunity.

Tang Wan-er indifferently glanced at Guo Ran and shook her head. “You’re just an extra, so your word means nothing.”

Guo Ran’s excitement was immediately extinguished. But he was still staring fixedly on Long Chen with a begging expression.

Looking at this beauty, Long Chen also couldn’t keep his heart from pounding. Tang Wan-er had a kind of special aura that was incredibly alluring. Even Long Chen wasn’t an exception.

But for some reason, he kept feeling this woman was familiar. Furthermore, he always had a kind of agitated feeling whenever he looked at her.

In the end, Long Chen shook his head. To the side, Guo Ran almost fainted. He even had an urge to beat Long Chen.

Shaking his head, Long Chen sighed, “I want to.”

As soon as he said those three words, Long Chen’s expression immediately changed as he looked at Tang Wan-er with shock. A strange red light was currently fading from within her beautiful eyes.

Heart Bewitching Art!

Long Chen was completely shocked. As soon as he had opened his mouth to decline, completely different words had naturally popped out.

By the time he had realized, it was already too late. He really had never imagined Tang Wan-er to be a master in soul arts. Without being on guard against it, he had immediately been tricked.

“Wow, wonderful! Congratulations on joining our faction!” Tang Wan-er’s beautiful eyes narrowed into two crescent moons in an exceptionally enchanting manner as she excitedly congratulated him.

“This isn’t proper,” Ye Zhiqiu lightly said to Tang Wan-er. She had managed to see through some clues.

“What’s wrong about it? Everyone saw that he agreed with his own mouth to join my faction. Sister, do you want to fight with me?” laughed Tang Wan-er.

Ye Zhiqiu stared at her for a while. Then glancing at Long Chen, she didn’t say anything, simply bringing her faction away.

Long Chen stared at this crafty Tang Wan-er and whispered, “You’re too excessive. How can you use such a despicable method?”

Tang Wan-er looked like a fox who had just stolen eggs as she was filled with pride in herself. Bringing her mouth closer to Long Chen, she used a voice only the two of them could hear:

“Brat, where did that shameless heart you had back when you arrogantly scolded me go? Now that you’ve landed in my hands, hehe…” Tang Wan-er’s voice was filled with delight in getting revenge.

“It’s you!” Long Chen almost jumped up as he realized why he kept feeling this woman was familiar.

That day when Long Chen had relieved himself in the river, she was the woman who had flown over and criticized him.

Back then, Tang Wan-er had been using her hand to cover her face, and she had flown over too fast for Long Chen to notice her figure.

Furthermore, not only was her face covered, but her voice had also been muffled slightly and filled with anger. So Long Chen had only felt that her voice was somewhat familiar.

But now that she said this, Long Chen immediately realized who she was. He had an extremely bad feeling now. Perhaps he had really jumped into a trap now.

Long Chen was just about to say something when Tang Wan-er interrupted him, predicting what he was about to say. “You’ve already agreed to join my faction. Unless I somehow fail to obtain a core disciple spot, it’s impossible for you to back out now. If you forcibly try, you’ll have violated the rules and be expelled from the monastery!”

Long Chen was shocked. There was such a stupid rule?! Guo Ran hastily said, “Boss, please stop wasting time! It’s such a rare thing for sister Wan-er to come to us first!”

“Ah, now we’re all on the same side. You’re already one of us. We definitely won’t treat you wrongly. You understand, right?” Tang Wan-er last point about being ‘treated wrongly’ had been said with a special meaning.

To other people’s eyes, Tang Wan-er was flirting with Long Chen, causing countless people’s eyes to turn red.

“Ok, now all my spots are filled. When I split up all the resources, there will definitely be a portion for you. I’m very optimistic for your future.” Tang Wan-er laughed lightly as she walked away, leaving behind only a refreshing fragrance.

Long Chen looked up to the sky at a loss. Just what kind of disaster have I created? How did I end up jumping into this girl’s hands?

Even just peeing brings me grudges. Isn’t that too much? Long Chen felt he really was too unlucky.

But compared to Long Chen who was filled with remorse over his actions, Guo Ran was smiling radiantly.

“Boss, don’t be like this! Do you know how many people want to beat you up for having such an expression?” Guo Ran’s gaze swept over those jealous people who were about to go crazy.

Long Chen didn’t care about those gazes though. “Were her words true? Once I choose a faction, I can’t back out?”

“It’s true. The Xuantian Monastery has many rules, some of which really are odd. So you need to study more in the future,” said Guo Ran solemnly.

Touching his spatial ring, he took out a scroll and handed it to Long Chen. “These are the Xuantian Monastery’s 1087 rules. You should read through them carefully.”

Long Chen skimmed over it and saw that the Xuantian Monastery truly had many rules. For example, after joining a faction, you could not leave. That was to test their disciples’ judgement and loyalty.

Men and women could form romantic relationships, but they had to maintain their chastity.

For battles on the same level, it was forbidden to take the opponent’s life or to cripple them in any way. However, challenges could be sent out whenever without any punishments.

There were all kinds of different rules, some of which were so odd that Long Chen was dumbstruck. But after reading through it all, Long Chen understood that this was all in order to increase the competition between disciples.

That was a kind of selection by elimination. If your cultivation base was lacking, then you could only suffer other people bullying you here. Under that kind of endless humiliation, you either had to abruptly soar or completely collapse and be crushed.

Long Chen could tell that these rules greatly favored the powerful. So if he wanted to live comfortably, he would have to work hard to make himself stronger so he could stand atop other people’s heads.

He might not like standing on top of others, but he also didn’t like being trampled under by others. It was true that you couldn’t always do as you like.

The main goal Long Chen had in coming to the Xuantian Monastery was to gather medicinal ingredients. By relying on the sect, he wanted to gather everything he needed for the Alioth Pill.

After all, the larger a sect, the greater their inheritance was, and the chances of him obtaining rare medicinal ingredients would increase. Otherwise, the condensement of the second star was still an incredibly distant dream.

The Xuantian Monastery was a stepping stone for Long Chen to train in the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art. Although he didn’t know what level of technique the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art had reached, he believed it definitely surpassed his wildest imaginations.

“Boss, let’s go somewhere else. Being stared at by this many people always makes me feel a bit uncomfortable.” Although Ye Zhiqiu and Tang Wan-er had left, the majority of people were still just standing there.

Those people were all glaring over here, most likely staring at Long Chen. Their gazes were filled with jealousy and provocation, filling Guo Ran with trepidation.

He definitely didn’t have Long Chen’s ability to stay unperturbed in front of this much hostility.

Long Chen also didn’t like being glared at by this many people. Brushing his butt, he brought Little Snow into the distance. But they had only gone a mile when they were blocked by others.

“Brat, I’ll give you one chance. Kneel down and apologize to my brother.” A man icily blocked Long Chen’s path.

That man was tall and muscular with a powerful aura. Not far from him was a battered person. That was Chang Li who Long Chen had beaten up.

“Be careful, boss. This is one of Qi Xin’s people. His cultivation base is extremely powerful,” whispered Guo Ran.

Long Chen glanced at this person as well as the distant Qi Xin who was being revered by his group. He coldly smiled.

“If you don’t want to die, then fuck off. I’m already really pissed.” Long Chen shook his head. He really was pissed. Anyone who had fallen into a trap like he had would be irritated.

“I don’t care if you’re pissed. How about I beat you until you feel better?”

A cruel smile appeared on that person’s lips. He punched at him without any warning. With that single fist, he completely sealed off any of Long Chen’s escape paths.

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