Chapter 1309 An Aggressive Start

That cold cry rumbled through the land, and sharp pain twinged in people’s ears. This shout clearly contained Heavenly Dao energy.

This cry spread to every corner of the Xuantian Dao Sect. All the disciples’ hearts shook. Whoever it was, the owner of the voice actually directly demanded the sect master to come and greet them.

Furthermore, hearing that it was a law enforcer from Pill Valley, they knew that Pill Valley had sent a bigwig.

“Zhuo Tianxiang? What a nauseating name[1]. Does he not know I’m in the midst of eating?” cursed Guo Ran disgustedly. He had obviously misheard.

“Our sect master is busy and has no time to greet you. You can come up on your own, or you can scram!” shouted Long Chen lazily.

Finishing his wine, he said, “Let’s go. Today’s going to be lively.”

Countless people gathered in the Xuantian Plaza. Long Chen was seated at a central position, the place where Li Tianxuan had once sat.

“Boss, this spot’s really good. We can actually look down on everything.” Guo Ran stood behind Long Chen. From here, it was possible to see everything within the Xuantian Plaza. It was definitely a refreshing view.

Today, Guo Ran and the others were profiting from Long Chen to stand here. It had to be known that this place was reserved for Hall Master-level experts, and it had to be ones with especially high prestige.

Long Chen waited here for whoever it was that had arrived to come. Did they really expect he would go down to greet them? They weren’t worth so much.

“What brat dares to spout such big words?” Another person shouted from below the Xuantian Dao Sect’s mountains, but this person was not Zhuo Tianxiang.

“I am Long Chen. Stop wasting time helping a dog crap. If you want to come, then come. If you don’t, then scram. After giving you face, are you not going to give me this face?” shouted Long Chen rudely.

Of course he was rude. The Xuantian Dao Sect had its own lines of sight, and on his way here, he had long since gotten a view of these aggressive fellows.

“Li Tianxuan, is this how your Xuantian Dao Sect treats guests?” Zhuo Tianxiang’s voice rang out once more. His voice was very cold and angry.

As Pill Valley’s law enforcer, he didn’t represent a Pill Tower, but the true Pill Valley. That was a supreme existence. Anywhere he went, others would flock to him. But now that he arrived at the Xuantian Dao Sect, no one came to greet him.

“There are two types of guests. One is a precious guest that naturally must be treated well. We’d even go meet them a thousand miles away just to express our sincerity. But the other type of guest is a crap guest. They’re basically dogs in human clothing, and they’ll bite others who approach them. For such a guest, let alone our sect master, we won’t even send a single disciple to greet them. Being bitten by a dog isn’t good,” replied Long Chen indifferently.

His reply was as sharp as a blade. Zhuo Tianxiang had no way to reply because Pill Valley had truly come to suppress the Xuantian Dao Sect.

If Li Tianxuan came out to greet him, it would be expressing his own weakness. That was why Li Tianxuan had left this matter to Long Chen. With his understanding of Long Chen, he knew Long Chen was much more proficient at greeting such guests.

And as expected, just by opening his mouth three times, they were infuriated. Li Tianxuan truly had to admire Long Chen for this ability. Even dead people could be angered back to life by Long Chen, and then with another word, they would choke to death.


Suddenly, the Xuantian Dao Sect’s formation quivered. An expert had actually punched the Xuantian Dao Sect’s mountain gate. It was obviously a display of power.


That Life Star expert had only just destroyed the gate when a golden light shot out. In front of countless people’s shocked gazes, that Life Star expert turned to dust.

It happened so suddenly that none of them could react. That Life Star expert hadn’t even sensed the danger before dying.

They were all appalled. They had never expected the Xuantian Dao Sect to be so tough. Were they planning on fighting to the end? They didn’t want to discuss this at all?

“Those who harm a single grass of my Xuantian Dao Sect will be annihilated without exception!” Long Chen’s voice once more rang out, this time domineering and merciless.

Long Chen’s mouth curled into a cold smile. Although he couldn’t see what was happening, he could guess what had happened. Did they truly think the Xuantian Dao Sect was a fangless old tiger? Today, he’d teach them just how sharp their teeth were.

Li Tianxuan had used the sect’s grand formation to kill that Life Star expert. This attack expressed his standpoint. It also showed Long Chen his determination.

“You’re looking to die!”

Someone roared furiously from below the mountain, infuriated by Long Chen’s arrogance.

“With dogshit like you present, is there any need to look[2]? Let me say it again, either come up or scram. Of course, if you want to test my Xuantian Dao Sect’s determination, that’s fine too. Go ahead and do your best to damage the sect. We will warmly welcome you,” said Long Chen indifferently.

This sharp exchange was already a fight. There was no need for pleasantries, nor was there any need for mercy. That would just be foolishness.

Only by displaying your peerless methods and powerful attitude would you be able to obtain more bargaining chips when negotiating. Otherwise, you would already be losing before talks even began.

“Hmph, then let me see just what kind of nest the Xuantian Dao Sect is.”

Zhuo Tianxiang’s voice rang out. Very quickly, many experts arrived in the Xuantian Plaza. Long Chen was a bit surprised to see just how powerful Pill Valley was. They had actually brought over a thousand Life Star experts.

These Life Star experts represented over a thousand sects. This kind of display was truly awe-inspiring.

Now that they came, Long Chen saw that the leader was a middle-aged man who appeared to be in his forties. His robes were a fiery red. He wore a violet-gold crown and had a golden band as a belt. There was an image of a medicinal cauldron on the front of his robes. On that cauldron was Pill Valley’s specific mark.

He also had dark gold runes embroidered on his sleeves. That was a symbol of his status. Long Chen had seen that kind of symbol before, but he didn’t know what it meant.

This overbearing middle-aged man was Pill Valley’s law enforcer, Zhuo Tianxiang.

Everyone he had brought had reached the Life Star realm. They were all existences capable of being masters of their own sects. Each of them represented a sect.

The majority of these people had come to suck up to Pill Valley, and another portion had come due to their past relationships with the Xuantian Dao Sect. The remaining portion had come as extras. To put it more frankly, they had come to watch. After all, such a huge event hadn’t occurred in the Central Plains in a long time.

Zhuo Tianxiang stared daggers at Long Chen who sat at the highest position of the Xuantian Plaza.

“What are you looking at? After seeing my boss, shouldn’t you kowtow? My boss won’t always bless you with such a chance,” said Guo Ran coldly.

Long Chen almost snorted. Tang Wan-er couldn’t help but turn away and laugh, while Meng Qi shook her head. There was really no saving this little fellow. He couldn’t learn good habits, but bad habits were mastered easily. This way of talking was truly just like Long Chen’s.

Zhuo Tianxiang’s expression sank. At first, he hadn’t even wanted to speak to Long Chen, because that was an insult to his status. He was trying to force Li Tianxuan to come out, but before he could, he almost exploded because of Guo Ran.

“Little brat, did your family elders never teach you manners?!” Suddenly, one of the Life Star experts charged forward, appearing in front of Long Chen, a hand reaching for his throat.

Just being forced to come in here like this had infuriated them, but then seeing Long Chen sitting high above them and looking down on them, their fury blazed.

They were Life Star experts, possessing grand statuses. But Long Chen dared to play with them? Of course the Life Star experts were infuriated. So one of them lost control and immediately attacked. He would capture Long Chen to win back his lost face.

At the same time as he charged forward, he unleashed his domain, making it so Long Chen and the others couldn’t move.

But before his hand could reach Long Chen’s throat, Meng Qi formed a hand seal. Two soul runes appeared in her eyes, and a spiritual arrow shot out at that person.

The Life Star expert was extremely surprised. He hadn’t expected a weak little woman like Meng Qi to be able to unleash an attack within his domain.

But with a cold snort, he didn’t dodge. Instead, an image of a small person appeared on his forehead.

That was his Yuan Spirit. Meng Qi’s attack struck his Yuan Spirit and shattered, but the Life Star expert’s expression completely changed. Pain wracked his soul, as if millions of needles were stabbing him.

His mind became blank for an instant. He hastily circulated the power of his Yuan Spirit to resist.

Meng Qi’s attack had contained a special soul-piercing effect, but in the end, he was a Life Star expert with a powerful Yuan Spirit.

If her attack had landed on a Soul Transformation expert, then with her current cultivation base, that Soul Transformation expert would be wracked with pain for at least a breath’s time.

But against a Life Star expert, her power was still clearly lacking. The effect only lasted for the blink of an eye.

The Life Star expert immediately recovered his consciousness. But in that time, he noticed a cyan brick growing larger and larger in front of him. Then, it solidly collided with his face.

His nose broke and fresh blood splattered. He flew back with a pained groan.

Everyone was startled. First, they were startled by Meng Qi’s power. Her Spiritual Strength was so powerful that even a Life Star expert was affected.

But then when they looked at the Life Star expert again, they were once more shocked.

At this time, his face had completely deformed. His nose was gone, and there was a deep brick imprint in his face. Blood continued to pour out. It was impossible to recognize his original face any longer.

“Boss, your aim was a bit off. In terms of up and down, it’s still good, but the left and right don’t match,” critiqued Guo Ran.

[1] Zhuo Tianxiang sounds like “add crap to the table”.

[2] Shit sounds like death (xi vs shi) this is like the fifth time he’s made this pun in response to this.

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